Hockey Dog Names: For Pups Who Can’t Get Enough Ice Time

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Are you locked in your house during hockey season? Do you and your pup have matching jerseys? Well, aside from that being super cute, it looks like you and your pup are both hockey fans. If you’re going to adopt a new dog soon, our list of hockey dog names should suit your needs for a dog name perfectly.

Hockey dog names are not only sporty, but they’re also unique and unusual in comparison to traditional names. Whether it’s your favorite sport or you’re noticing your pup has a talent for sliding around on ice, it looks like this genre may be perfect for them.

You don’t need to stress out about finding a name anymore because we’ve collected some of the best hockey dog names you could find. In this article, you’re going to be given a chunky list of names to go through. To make things easier for you, we’ve divided the list into two categories: male and female. However, we suggest you go through both lists as there are many names which can be given to either gender.

#1: Female Hockey Dog Names

dog on skating rink

She’s a lady, that’s for sure, but who says a lady can’t love sports? Your girl loves to chase you on the ice while you’re practicing your shots. But also, if you’re a fan of hockey, then there’s no better way to pay homage than to name your best friend after your favorite sport.

  • Boston: though it’s a beautiful name for a girl, it’s also a name based on your favorite sport, hockey. You know the team the Boston Bruins, and they’re an all-star team. Your girl is no different. She’s a fighter, she’s muscular, and she’s full of energy.

  • Bunny: like with any sport, there are groupies following the players around. In hockey, they’re called bunnies. If you’re a hockey player yourself, well, you already have a four-legged groupie that follows you everywhere you go.

  • Butterfly: no, we’re not talking about the insect. What we’re talking about is a fancy hockey stance. The butterfly is the stance a goalie makes when blocking a puck. In other words, there’s nothing that can get past your girl; she’s built like a tank, and she makes sure you’re protected.

  • Carolina: your pup is a country girl—she’s sweet, she’s loving, and she’s a big fan of the family. Carolina is the name for a pup that just loves attention from those around her. Plus, it’s also the name of the Carolina Hurricanes.

  • Carrie: if you’re a fan of country music and hockey, well, this is the name for you. Miss Carrie Underwood is the wife of hockey player Mike Fisher. If you want to give your pup a sweet and warm name, this is a great choice.

  • Dot: this is the face-off circle, but it’s also a cute name for a girl that has a colored fur patch around her eye or is covered in spots.

  • Hart: everyone loves watching award night, and the Hart Trophy is given to the MVP every year. In your eyes, your pup is the biggest award you’ve ever been given, so why not name her after this prestigious honor.

  • Hattie: it’s a shortened word for the phrase hat-trick, and it’s when one player scores three goals in one game. Your girl is one stubborn gal, and she’ll keep going at something until she achieves her goal. Does it drive you nuts? For sure, but you have to admire her persistence.

  • Ice: Well, this is an obvious one, but it’s definitely a cute name. What do hockey players skate on? Ice! It’s stable, it’s solid, but if you’re not careful, it’ll have you landing on your bum. Sounds a lot like your mischievous pup, right?

  • Kelly: if you’re a fan of Canadian hockey players, then you all about Kelly Hrudey, a former NHL player. He made it to the Stanley Cup finals, and we all know what an achievement that is. Your girl is going to achieve great things, so better name her after a great player.

  • Star: team names can change from time to time, but the base stays the same. You probably know about the former Dallas Stars team, the Minnesota North Stars. Well, at the end of the day, they’re still stars, right? And so is your girl.

  • Sydney: not only is it a beautiful city in Australia, but it’s also the name of the famous Canadian hockey player, Sydney Crosby. He’s handsome, he’s strong, and he’s talented—sounds like your pup, right? The good thing is that the name works well for both genders.

  • Tilly: one thing about hockey is that it’s full of fights. A fight in hockey is called a Tilly. Now, this doesn’t mean your pup is into fighting other dogs, but she is a pup that never gives up and always pushes her way to her goals.

  • Vegas: well, if you’re a true hockey fan, then you know the newest team on the NHL is the Vegas Golden Knights. Your pup may be the first one you’ve ever had, but you know that she’s going to be amazing. She has a bright future ahead of her.

  • Winnie: if you’re a fan of Canadian hockey, then you know about the Winnipeg Jets. Well, if you’re a fan of the team, why not name your girl Winnie? It’s cute, it’s sweet, and yet, it’s all about hockey.

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#2: Male Hockey Dog Names

dog wearing hockey costume

Maybe your pup is a Canadian breed, or maybe he just loves sliding around on the ice. Too bad he can’t wear skates or else he’d be living on the ice. Whether he’s a fan of cuddling next to you on the couch during hockey season or you’re a big fan of the sport, why don’t you give him a hockey inspired name?

  • Chippy: your pup is a chip off the old block, right? One element of hockey is chipping. It’s when the players are irritated with one another and start trash talking. Your pup may have a mean temper or just loves to voice his opinion at any given moment. If so, he deserves the name Chippy.

  • Coach: Well, in any sport, you always have a coach. They’re there to encourage you, make sure everything runs smoothly, and of course, to make sure the team wins. Your dog isn’t that different. They push you forward and make sure that you succeed with them by your side.

  • Crosby: now, we’ve mentioned Sydney Crosby under female names. However, you may not like the name Sydney. But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the name altogether. Crosby is another great name for your pup. It shows that your pup is strong, reliable, and a guy-guy.

  • Cujo: no, Stephen King’s Cujo wasn’t named after a hockey player. However, there is an All-Star NHL player whose nickname was inspired from the crazy Saint Bernard, Cujo. Cujo is a goofy and loving name for any pup that has a big heart. But it’s also a great way to pay homage to the NHL.

  • Deke: your pup is full of mischievous acts. In fact, you spend most of your time trying to make sure that he’s not getting himself into trouble. A deke is a play that’s made to trick an opponent. It’s the perfect name for a pup who always has a trick up his sleeve.

  • Geno: This short and unique name is the nickname of a Russian player, Evgeni Malkin. He was MVP in many tournaments and a very strong and reliable player overall. This name is perfect if you have a Russian dog or one that you can always count on.

  • Gretzky: how can we make it through this article and not mention Gretzky? If you’re a true hockey fan, which we think you are, then you know exactly who Wayne Gretzky is. He’s one of the most famous and internationally known hockey players to ever touch the ice. If your pup is noble and proud, well, he’s a Gretzky.

  • Grinder: no, we’re not talking about the dating app here. A grinder is a player that’s known for their work ethic and physical strength. It’s someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands, or should we say their paws, dirty. If your pup is a working dog, name him Grinder.

  • Hurricane: if your dog runs insanely fast, he probably looks like a hurricane. But this name is also based off of the Carolina Hurricanes.

  • Kaner: This is the nickname of another NHL superstar, Patrick Kane. He was born in the US and has represented the country in many a championship, from which he often emerged victorious. A great name for your canine superstar—perhaps for a Golden Retriever.

  • Mucker: there’s always one person on the team that pushes the game forward; this person is called a mucker. Your pup, well, he loves to make sure everyone is doing their job, and there’s no funny business happening. Sounds like he would have made a great mucker.

  • Oshie: does your pup have squishy jowls that you just can’t get enough of? Oshie has that Sharpe vibe to it. However, Oshie is actually the name of the Olympic hero and NHL player, TJ Oshie. If you have a brave and mushy pup, Oshie will bring it out of him.

  • Puck: Well, without a puck there wouldn’t be much hockey now, would there? Everything relies on the puck. Maybe your life has completely changed because of your new pup; he’s your puck.

  • Slap Shot: well, this isn’t a name that’s based on a famous hockey player; rather, it’s a hockey move. A slap shot is when the puck is hit by the blade after a backswing. Your pup is never at a loss for words; in fact, when he does have an opinion to say, he makes sure you hear it.

  • Sniper: sounds a little aggressive, doesn’t it? But actually, once you find out the meaning, it’s not what you think. A sniper is a goal scorer whose only job is to score goals. If your pup is a hunting dog, then this name is perfect for him. He has his eye on the prize, and there’s no stopping him.

  • Teemu: you’re probably thinking that this doesn’t sound very hockey-like. However, you’d be surprised. Teemu is actually the name of the Finnish former hockey player, Teemu Selanne, who’s one of the greatest hockey players of all time. That’s quite a title, but for a pup that wants to rule the world, it’s the perfect name.

  • Zamboni: when the hockey game is over, the great Zamboni comes out to clean and level the ice. It takes all the knicks out and makes the ice shimmer perfectly again. They’re not the fastest, but neither is your pup. They love to take it easy, but when they have a job to do, they do it.

Wrap Up

orange dog playing hockey

After going through this list, you noticed the large selection of hockey dog names that are available to you. With that being said, you probably now have your little list of names that really connected to you. Though you may like all of these names, you’re going to have to choose just one!

Now that you have a couple of names to choose from, it’s time that you test it out on your pup. See how your pup responds to the names, and eventually, you’ll land on the right name.

If you end up choosing a name from this list, we’re ecstatic about that! If not, at the very least we hope that this article has inspired you with a name for your pup.

Please share your opinion and suggestions about this article with us. Which name from the list above caught your fancy? Have you come up with other great hockey names for dogs that should’ve been included in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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