Hipster Dog Names: The Cool Dog on the Block

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Anna Smith
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You just adopted a cool new pooch to add to your family. They’re quirky, yet have a cool style about them that’s completely natural. Well, you’re going to have to match that personality with the right name—something clever that shows off your creativity, yet a name that stays true to them. This is when hipster dog names come into play.

Hippie dog names are different, they’re creative, and usually, they make people laugh (not at you, but with you). Sure, you can name your dog something generic, but where’s the fun in that? Exactly! This is your one chance to have complete power over what you’re going to name your dog.

So, look no further because we’ve collected the best hipster dog names that would be great for any dog with a hipster owner or just someone who is looking for a different name.

In this article, we’re going to show you a large variety of hipster dog names. We decided to divide the names up into female and male categories, making it easier for you to scroll through. But remember, usually hipster dog names are unisex, so, you have free range to pick any name you want.


Female Hipster Dog Names

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Whether your female dog thinks she rules the roost or enjoys watching you play a game of chess, you’ll be able to find the best name for her on this list. Some names are gentler, while others are quirky; regardless, there’s a name for every hipster pup out there.

  • Alma: this name is short for Alma Sonriente, which means “smiling soul.” A perfect name for a pup that’s always in good spirits.

  • Amber: this is a great hipster name and is ideal for pups who are seen as precious. Why? Well, Amber is tree resin which is fossilized. It turns into a deep golden orange. So, if you also have a Golden Retriever, this will fit her perfectly.

  • Chelsea: many hipsters are naming their dogs after cities or neighborhoods which can make for a great and rare name as well. If you’re a fan of London, this would be a great way to honor your favorite city. But you don’t just have to stop at Chelsea. Cities such as Dakota and Surrey are great names as well.

  • Clementine: Clementine is a tangerine that grows in Africa and the Mediterranean. It’s a deep orange-red and sweet tasting. Maybe your pup has orange-red fur, or maybe she’s extremely sweet. Clementine suits her perfectly.

  • Esme: she thinks she’s more than a dog. If she had it her way, she’d be at the cafe with you instead of playing with other dogs. Esme is a great name for a pup that thinks she’s better than everyone else. Her name means “love” but let’s be honest, she’s a snob.

  • Frankie: when you think of the name Frank, you picture an old man. But when you think of the name Frankie, you picture a pup that’s preppy and spirited. Or if you’re a fan of Frank Sinatra, well, this is a great name to name a pup.

  • Frida: ideal for a girl who’s spicy and sensual—a pup that has an exotic look to her. It means “beautiful, beloved, or peace.” But more than that, it’s the name of the famous Spanish painter, Frida Kahlo.

  • Harper: if your dog is a vocal one—one that just loves to tell you how she’s feeling or what she’s thinking about—then Harper is the name for her. It’s originally an English name and means “someone who plays the harp.” Yes, it’s not overly deep, but it’s also the name of the author of To Kill a Mockingbird; that’s a pretty hipster book.

  • Juniper: have you ever seen a Juniper tree? Google it. This is a Latin name which means “young or youth producing.” She’s larger than life and has enough energy to fuel your home. Though you think at some point she’s going to get tired, she can’t; she’s in the midst of her youth—too much to miss out on!

  • Oakley: this used to be a traditional boy’s name; however, in recent years, more females are being given this name as well. Now, the meaning isn’t very exciting. It means “the oak”—yawn. But it’s a cute and young name for a female pup.

  • Quinn: now, this name is typically for boys; however, it makes for a great girl’s name as well. If you’re a fan of DC comics, then why not name her after Harley-Quinn? Or perhaps you’d rather choose from a list of superhero dog names?

  • River: we all know what a river is but very few of us have thought to use it as a name. That’s what makes it hipster. Your pup is completely chill and relaxed. Whatever you do, she follows and goes with the flow. Get it? River? Flow? See, it really is a great name if your pup is one that, well, just likes to live life.

  • Sadie: this is definitely an old-school name, but it’s making a comeback. Many hipster names are old names that are revitalized and brought back into the mainstream community. If you have a mixed breed, Sadie is a trendy and fresh name.

  • Siri: hipsters love their phone, and one thing they love more than anything is Siri, their intelligent personal assistant. Whatever you need, she’s there. Whenever you call her, she comes running. That’s Siri. She loves her owner and just wants to make them happy.

  • Sloane: maybe you don’t want to name your dog Beyonce, but what about her sister, Sloane? This is a Gaelic name which means “little raider.” Though she’s a lady, she doesn’t have a problem voicing her opinion or getting dirty. She’ll stand by you in a fight and go through thick and thin–a little raider.

Male Hipster Dog Names

dog wearing cap

When thinking about hipsters, most of us imagine their dogs to be wearing a plaid doggie jacket or with a bandana around their neck. But if you’re going to dress your dog like that, which is perfectly fine, he needs to have a name which fits the entire look.

So, here are some great hipster dog names that would suit any male dog.

  • Atticus: sounds so prestigious, right? Look at the Greek mythology if you’re looking for a hipster name. They’re great for dogs who are courageous, brave, and proud. Try out other Greek mythology names such as Argo and Hermes or check out our article on Greek mythology names for dogs.

  • Boone: this is an English name and means “good or blessing.” You may have gone through quite a lot to get your dog, or he has a heartbreaking story to his past. If he’s in your arms, then he’s a blessing, right?

  • Dash: now, this could be a name for a dog that’s extremely quick and agile on his feet or, if you want to be ironic, if you have a lazy Bulldog; the name Dash would certainly create a few laughs at the dog park.

  • Duncan: if you have a complete goofball of a dog, then Duncan is his name. It’s a great name for mixed breeds or if you have a silly and edgy dog. If you want to make it even more unique, change the spelling.

  • Ezra: no one really knows where this name came from. It’s an American name and means “protector, strong, and beautiful.” A great name for a male pup that catches attention wherever he goes. It can also be given to female dogs.

  • Henry: it’s actually a name that’ll give your dog a regal essence about him—great if you have a dog that thinks he’s more human than anything else. It’s a German name which means “ruler of the household.” It’s also a name that was used by eight kings in England, so why not name your little king Henry?

  • Huxley: this is an Old English name meaning “Hugh’s meadow.” It’s a strong and sturdy name—great for a Pitbull or the Cane Corso, breeds with some muscle. Plus, it’s ode to the famous science-fiction author, Aldous Huxley.

  • Knox: there was a mother who gave birth to a ten-pound baby, naming him Knox. Kind of the perfect name, right? If you have a big, chunky pup, give him a cuddly name such as Knox.

  • Lee: maybe you’re a Spike Lee fan and want to pay homage to the great director. The meaning of Lee isn’t really something special—it’s a side of a hill. So unless your dog has mountain goat-like qualities, ignore the meaning.

  • Lennon: if you’re truly a hipster, then you’d know about the Beatles and all their hits. Lennon was one of the most famous members of the Beatles. But there’s more to this name than John Lennon. This name is Gaelic and means “lover.” So, if your pup is a hit with all the ladies or avoids getting into fights with other dogs, well then, he’s Lennon.

  • Oliver: usually, hipsters are known for having smart dogs. Now, if you choose to name your dog Oliver, you’re showing that your dog is intelligent, observant, and quiet. When you think of this name, you picture the dog wearing a tie with glasses. If you’re interested in the meaning behind the name, Oliver means “olive tree” in Latin, and biblically, is associated with peace and fruitfulness.

  • Peyton: this can also be used as a female name. This name became popular because of the football player Peyton Manning. It means “noble” in Latin. If you want a similar name, you can change it to Payton, which is a variation of the Irish name Patrick.

  • Piper: this can be both a male and female name. This is a perfect name for a pup that’s bubbly, active, and talkative. If your dog is a sweetie without a mean bone in his body, this is his name.

  • Sirius: this is the brightest star in the Earth’s sky. It’s a star in the constellation Canis Major which is also known as the Dog Star. Perfect name for a dog that is wise and godly, don’t you think?

  • Theo: is short for Theodore. It’s a great name for a heartwarming and love-filled pup that jumps and plays around all day. It’s a playful name, yet, a proud one too.

  • Veggie: we all know that most hipsters are some sort of vegetarian or vegan. Well, if animals are your friends and not food, how about naming your dog Veggie? It’s unusual, it’s hipster, and well, it’s great.

  • Wilder: hipsters are always known for using words which are seen as archaic—words we’d hear in old Victorian movies. The word “wilder” is pretty archaic. However, it’s a great name for a pup that likes to wander off—a pup that you always have to keep your eye on. Wilder means “to drive astray.”

Wrap Up

hipster dog wearing glasses and shirt

Not that easy to pick a name, right? With so many great names on this list, it’s hard to choose just one.

If you’re struggling between a couple of names, write the ones you like on a piece of paper and try them out for a couple of days. See which name come more naturally to you when you say it, how your dog responds, and if it genuinely suits them. Eventually, over the next couple of days, you’ll decide on a name.

Whatever name you choose, whether it’s on this list or not, we know it’ll be the perfect name for your dog. We hope this article helped to inspire you on the name for your pup. This list of hipster dog names is quirky and different, which is what makes it an interesting option in comparison to the regular, overused dog name.

Which name did you settle on? If you have other hipster dog names that you think people would love, we’d love for you to share it with everyone! Leave your feedback in the comment section below. You may also be interested in continuing your search for the perfect name with our article on hippie dog names.

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