Hip Hop Dog Names: For Dogs with Attitude

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Do you love dancing to hip-hop music? Do you know all the words to every hip-hop song out there? Well, you’re a hip-hop fan without a doubt. Now that you have a new pup in your life, you’ve been trying to figure out a name for them. Well, why not look at hip hop dog names?

Your dog has the attitude to carry a hip-hop name, so it works out well for both of you. Plus, you secretly want to call out “Dre” or “Iggy” in public. Let’s face it—hip-hop practically defines “cool” so you just can’t go wrong with these names.

So let’s start with finding you a name for your pup! In this article, we’re going to be showing you the best hip-hop names available. The names are divided into female and male categories. That way you can quickly scroll through them. But we recommend you read through both lists, as many of the names are gender-neutral.

Female Hip Hop Dog Names

hip hop poodle

Everyone thinks hip-hop is a guy’s thing, but they’re wrong. Your pup is one fierce lady, and she’s not afraid to show it. She has attitude and barks whatever’s on her mind. You may want to pay homage to one of your favorite female hip-hop artists or just because she’s full of uncontrollable sass.

  • Africa: if you love electro-funk music or your pup has a quirky kick in her step, Africa is an unbelievably adorable name. Africa is the “father of electro-punk,” and if you love the continent of Africa, you knock two birds down with one stone.

  • Bands: this name can work for either a male or female pup. Bands is a slang term for a roll of money. Your puppy, well, she loves the luxurious life of fluffy dog beds and homemade meals. Can you blame her?

  • Banks: this is one hip-hop/rapper that loves to make drama. Your pup is no different. She likes to speak her mind everywhere she goes, so you need to keep her on a tight leash. She’s a pup with a lot of energy.

  • Cardi: she’s the hip-hop/rap queen with a quirky and fun personality. Does she resemble your pup? People are in awe of your pup’s energy and can’t seem to get enough. And we don’t blame them.

  • Ciara: your pup is a girl that’s full of sass. She loves the dog park and knows how to put the male dogs in check. She’s not putting up with their attitude, and they know it.

  • Diamond: diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Though this sounds like a feminine name, it isn’t. Diamond is after Michael Diamond who’s the founding member of the Beastie Boys. She may be a lovely little lady but now and then she fights for her right to party…at the dog park.

  • Dime: this name isn’t after a famous rapper or hip-hop artist. Rather, it is a slang term used in the industry. A “dime” is a hot female. Your girl seems to get a lot of attention at the dog park, and it’s because she’s beautiful—a dime.

  • Estelle: can you be her American boy? Estelle is a strong name, yet, shows femininity and grace. Your pup is agile on her feet and loves to act like a lady.

  • Kelis: she’s one popular girl at the park. Every other dog is trying to get a moment to play with her. She’s fun, she’s a challenge, and she’s cute. Give her a name with a little sass to it.

  • Lauryn: girls you know you better watch out, cause guys are only about that thing—a lyric that everyone knows. Lauryn is an artist of depth and love for everyone around. If your pup is ultra-sweet and loves everyone who wants to say hello, name her Lauryn.

  • Lil Mama: this is an amazingly cute name for a Pitbull. Any dog which has a tough exterior will automatically look like a squishy, lovable pup with the name Lil Mama. It’s a strong name but will only make you go “awww” when you hear it.

  • Missy: after the famous and talented Missy Elliot, of course! Missy is a spectacular name for a full-bodied pup full of soul. She gives off her sassy disposition while also keeping herself looking like a lady.

  • Nicki: sound the alarm! Nicki Minaj has no problem doing that. She’s one real lady, and she’ll dish you the truth. Your pup seems to have a lot in common with her. She doesn’t let just any dog near her or any eager person who wants to pet her. She gives them a run-down and makes sure they’re worthy to be around her.

  • Smalls: if you have a large pup that likes to think she’s a lap dog or a teacup Chihuahua, then you’re going to love this name. Smalls is the nickname of Biggie Smalls. This is a great gender-neutral name.

Male Hip Hop Dog Names

dog dancing hip hop

You love hip hop music, and you’re not ashamed. Surprisingly, your pooch has also grown accustomed to head nodding while one of your favorite hip-hop songs come on the radio.

He likes solid beats, and luckily, you know all the best songs. So, here are some memorable hip-hop names that you should consider for your pup. You can choose a name based on your favorite hip-hop artist or after an artist you’ve noticed he likes the most.

  • Benji: what’s an essential factor in hip-hop? Money. In most rap/hip-hop songs, you’ll hear at least one line about money. Well, Benji may sound country; however, it’s a slang term for a one-hundred dollar bill.

  • Biggie: if you’re a fan of ‘90s hip-hop then you know all about Christopher Wallace, aka Notorious B.I.G. He was a big man, who knew how to spit out lines. Your pup is a giant teddy bear with a heart of gold. Biggie would be a cute name.

  • Bow Wow: of course, you can call your dog Bow for short. Bow Wow was a rap/hip-hop artist of the ‘90s. We can’t help it—his name is so catchy!

  • Bronx: Did you know that hip-hop began in an area called Bronx in New York? Not many people know that, and that’s why this is a subtle way to pay tribute to your love for hip-hop. Plus, this name is super cool.

  • Busta: Busta Rhymes is famous for being one of the fastest rappers in America. Your pup is always yapping, and in fact, you’re not sure if he’s ever been silent for more than 30 seconds when he’s not sleeping. He has a lot to say!

  • Drake: your pup may try to act tough, but he’s a huge softie. Well, if anything he sounds more and more like Drake by the minute. Sure, he’s a tough looking guy, but his song is all about heartache and heartbreak. Your pup may have a mean face, but he’s a giant softie.

  • Em: you know Eminem—everyone knows Eminem. He’s the legendary rap god. Whether you’re 35-years-old or 16-years-old, everyone knows the lyrics to some of his most favorite songs. He’s that much of a legend. Well, if your pup is seen as the leader of the pack, he’s an Eminem.

  • Flex: he loves to show off in front of other dogs. He wants to make sure he’s the biggest dog at the park—the one all the lady pups look at when he walks by. In the hip-hop community, flex is a slang word for showing off. Your puppy is flexing.

  • Hook: you can’t get enough of your pup—you’re addicted to him. Well, a hook is the catchy part of a song that has you singing it over again and again. You should name him Hook since you have him on your mind all the time.

  • Ice: this is a short version of the name Ice Cube. Ice was a member of the famous rap group N.W.A. He has a fierce face, he’s a strong guy, but you can see he has a tender heart. He sounds a lot like your pup. It’s an excellent name for a Pitbull or a Miniature Bull Terrier.

  • Jay: you have 99 problems but your pup ain’t one! How could we forget that famous line from Jay-Z? Another old-school artist, Jay-Z is a low-key name for a puppy that loves to hang out and observe.

  • Kanye: if you don’t know him for his outlandish antics, then you at least know him for his music. He changed the rap/hip-hop game and even married a Kardashian. He’s a little weird and speaks his mind no matter what. Sound a little bit like your pup.

  • Kendrick: a rapper full of soul and depth, Kendrick is no joke in the rap/hip-hop genre. He’s an intelligent and emotional guy and is sounding a lot like your pup. Your pup may act tough, but through his actions, you see he’s full of love.

  • Offset: if you know about Cardi B then you should know about Offset. They were once hip-hop royalty. A cute name if you have two pups, one male and the other female.

  • Puffy: this rapper has changed his name so many times, you don’t even know what his name is today. Well, Puffy, also known as Sean Combs, P. Diddy, and Puff Daddy is an artist that’s full of soul and perspective. He’s a guy who comes across as an old soul. Just like your pup.

  • Sir Barks-a-Lot: puppy got back! You probably know the song Baby Got Back by Sir-Mix-a-Lot—how can you not know this song? Sir-Barks-a-Lot is a great play-on-words for a pup that loves to bark any chance he gets.

  • Snoop: you probably expected this name on our list, and you guessed right. We couldn’t leave this name out—it’s a classic. Snoop Dogg is another famous rapper who’s made some legendary beats.

  • Wu: now we’ve been talking about rappers but what about rap groups? If you’re a true hip-hop fan, then you know about the Wu-Tang Clan, one of the best rap groups out there. Perhaps your pup has a couple of friends he hangs out with—his tiny gang.

  • Yo: Simple, to the point, and there’s no denying the connection this one-syllable word has with the world of hip-hop. You can also call your dog Yoyo if just Yo is too short.

Wrap Up

hip hop dog

You love music, especially hip-hop music. On the weekends, you spend your nights listening to hip-hop music whether you’re at home or the club. You know all the best hip-hop songs, even some underground hip-hop artists no one else knows.

Hip-hop music lets you laugh, enables you to cry, and allows you to relax on the dance floor. What better way to pay homage to your favorite musical genre than to give your pup a legendary hip-hop name? Whichever name you decide, we know your puppy is going to love it.

Whether you decide your pup should be called Dre or Nas, we know you’re going to pick the best one for your puppy. If your final choice is a name from our list, let us know! We love seeing the names our readers choose for their pets, especially if it’s one from our list.

Here’s a tip to make the name search even simpler for you: write down the names that catch your eye. After, look at the list of names you wrote down and test them out on your pup. See how your puppy reacts to each name as there will be one name which will catch their ear. That’s when you know you’ve found the right name.

Do share the name you decide on in the comments section below. You probably have a lot of potential hip-hop names in your head as well, so we’d love it if you could share that also. Finally, check out our article on music for dogs, in case you want to help your dog explore the genres and settle on the one they like most.

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