Gun Names for Dogs: 35 Bulls Eye Names for Your Hound

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Anna Smith
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Love hunting? Then you know that there are two things a hunter cannot do without: guns and dogs. The hunting dog is a gun owner’s best friend; they are fearless, agile, and always ready for action. Such loyal and adventurous companions deserve an equally rough moniker. This is why we are presenting you with the best list of gun names for dogs.

Regardless of your choice of sport, you can rest assured that these puppies are not going to shy away from a bit of noise. Hunting breeds are known to instinctively follow the sound of a gunshot and love being in the center of the action, so whether you’re just going to practice at a shooting range or actually go hunt down some game, these dogs are going to be by your side—much like your gun.

This article celebrates those fearless canine adrenaline junkies. We will give you a list of names inspired by famous guns, divided by gender (yes, there are plenty of cool gun names for female dogs as well). Surely there’s a perfect name for your pooch somewhere in there!

Gun Dog Names for Females

dog on a hunt

Are you lucky enough to have a badass female hunting dog by your side? Well, for your femme fatale, only these cool gun dog names for female dogs will do:

  • Beretta. What a lovely name for a girl of an Italian breed, wouldn’t you agree? But it’s a great name too even if your dog isn’t an Italian breed. Elegant but hardy, quick but stable and precise, if your dog shares all these admirable traits with the famous Berettas, pick this name.

  • Carbine. These long and relatively light guns have a long history. The earliest versions were very popular in the 19th and early 20th century, originally used by cavalry. Modern-day successors have little in common when it comes to appearance and functionality, but are still very popular as a personal firearm. Perfect for dogs that have matching elegance and agility.

  • Heckler. A German gun. This weapon is sure to inspire awe in any gun enthusiast. Beautiful to look at, precise, and durable, the Heckler is a mighty firearm for all your needs. For a dog who’s great for hunting and protection alike.

  • Misfire. If you’re superstitious, it might be a good idea to name your dog this, just to make sure you’re not jinxed.

  • Perazzi. Perazzi is an Italian made shotgun, considered to be of the finest quality and great accuracy. Not many hunters use, or even own this gun because it is wildly expensive and more of a status symbol than a wear and tear field weapon. Hence, it’s usually used only in competitions. If you have a purebred hunting dog of reputable pedigree and you paid a small fortune for her, this is your perfect name.

  • Pew Pew. Because guns go pew-pew! At least the kids say so.

  • Picatinny. This is something that provides a mounting platform for gun accessories. Sound like a cool moniker for a feisty hunting girl.

  • Shelly. A play on words; a good name for a very eager and action-loving girl.

  • Sig. From Sig Sauer, a Swiss-German firearms manufacturing company, probably best known for their SIG Sauer P220 model. When you think of a pistol, this is probably what you’re imagining. A name for popular hunting breeds.

  • Wildcat. This pretty little gun is aimed at the female population. Clad in black and pink, but far from benign, this name is perfect for a dog that might look sweet and delicate, but when you see her in action, you will definitely change your mind.

Gun Dog Names for Males

German Wirehaired Pointer hunting

There is no shortage of cool gun dog names for males, but we’ve gathered all the best ones here for you:

  • AK. When you say AK, you usually mean AK-47, the famous Kalashnikov rifle. Originally designed by Mikhael Kalashnikov, this Russian automatic rifle became legendary for its sturdiness and versatility. A good all-around gun dog like a German Wirehaired Pointer (there is some sweet irony in naming a German pup after a Russian gun) would be a perfect candidate for this moniker.

  • Arquebus. This long gun has a long history. It was used as a defense weapon during the early 15th century, more as a hand cannon than a gun. Those early firearms were mounted on the walls of German cities and fortresses, and soon evolved into a handheld weapon. Needless to say, this gun is a predecessor of many popular firearms of today. A Pointer would be a good match for this moniker, since this breed has been around for quite some time and helped develop various other hunting breeds.

  • Colt. This American firearms manufacturer reigned the market from the mid-19th century to the World War I era. There is hardly anything more beautiful than the Colt’s iconic revolver. The Colt was a cowboy’s best friend and a reliable weapon for a standoff. The name, as such, is perfect for a dog you consider your best friend.

  • Damascus. Referring to the Damascus steel, a lost craft that produced legendary swords with distinct patterns. Today we use this term for carbon-enriched steel that is forged in a way which gives the recognizable patterns to the original swords. For a dog with a distinctive coat pattern.

  • Derringer. Originally the “Philadelphia Deringer,” this name came to be a synonym for any pocket gun that is neither a revolver nor a semi-automatic. Derringers are small and easy to use, and no matter what brand actually stands behind the nickname, it has been a favorite concealed weapon for over a century and a half. What they lack in size, Derringers make up for in beautiful design and effectiveness, just like some small hunting breeds.

  • Gauge. The gauge refers to a barrel diameter measurement. Sounds cool as a name for a big, rough hunting dog.

  • Glock. Here is another famous gun from the Austrian company Glock. Glock was developed in the early 1980s as a new gun for the Austrian Armed Forces. This polymer framed, semi-automatic pistol was so cutting edge at the time that this gun initially received a lot of resistance. Nevertheless, soon it became very popular and proved its worth. Today, the Glock is still a very popular choice for many officers and civilians alike. Matching this gun’s fame and effectiveness, a natural-born hunter would be the perfect candidate for this name.

  • Hammer. A part of the gun that strikes the primer, igniting the propellant and firing the projectile. For dogs that know how to keep you going.

  • Hush Puppy. A nickname for the Smith and Wesson Mk 22 Mod 0, a gun which was modified, so it makes less noise while firing. Just to make it clear, less noise in this context is still enough to damage hearing if you’re unprotected. If your dog needs to be trained to bark less, check out our article on the best anti bark device.

  • Luger. AKA “Pistole Parabellum”; this is yet another iconic gun produced in Germany. This gun is a great weapon for shooting at long ranges as it is one of the most accurate of all autoloading pistols of the time. It is also called the “natural pointer,” which reminds us of…well, the Pointer.

  • Mauser. When it comes to hunting, it’s impossible not to mention the Mauser 98, a German-made gun that is practically the founding concept for most present-day sporting bolt action rifles. The design of this rifle is so well rounded that the basic idea is still copied today, even though the Model 98 was made more than a century ago. This gun type is very widely spread and, inspired the looks of many multimedia representations, almost always followed by the Beagle, so we’re going to roll with it and say this is a perfect name for this adorable bunny catcher.

  • Musket. This old timer is now a thing of the past, but every gun enthusiast must know how important this firearm was for the development of modern-day rifles. These muzzle-loaded guns were capable of piercing heavy armor, which was a huge advantage at the time. You won’t go wrong naming your powerful hunting dog after this beautiful firearm.

  • Muzzle. A muzzle is the front end of the gun barrel through which the bullet (or any projectile) exits. This makes a great name for a brave dog that always runs ahead of you in hunts.

  • Parker. Parker is a famous American shotgun with a long history. It is said by many that this is the best shotgun ever made, and many hunters love it. Any good, versatile hunting dog can proudly carry this moniker for sure.

  • Ramrod. Early firearms such as muskets and Arquebuses used the ramrod to push the projectile up against the propellant such as gunpowder. A ramrod is actually just a long metal or wooden stick with adjustments to fit the barrel.

  • Remington. The oldest gun manufacturer in the USA has a tradition over two centuries long. If you are a hunter, you probably own at least one of their guns. They are still the largest producers of rifles and shotguns in America and are well respected amongst gun owners. This is a good name option for a large gun dog breed.

  • Ruger. Sturm, Ruger & Co or “Ruger” for short, is another American brand, founded after the Second World War. It is currently the top-selling American firearms manufacturer, and that is no surprise. Whether it’s a rifle, shotgun, pistol, or a revolver, all their guns are near perfection. Perfect for a popular hunting breed.

  • Savage. Savage stands for a cheap bolt action rifle that is inexpensive and easy to use. This doesn’t make it a bad gun, though. It is reliable and accurate, although not much of a looker. As a plus, it’s a cool name for a hunting dog. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is dubbed “the ugly dog” although it’s one of the best all-around gun dogs in existence. We think these two are a match made in heaven.

  • Sturm. The co-founder of Ruger. Sturm is best known as a financier and the designer of the company’s famous logo, but he was much more than that. Sensitive and artistic, but also somewhat eccentric, his partner Ruger called him “a bull in the woods” because of his strength and an unusual love for green suits. A dog with a lively and intelligent nature would be a perfect homage for this historical figure.

  • TOZ. This sporting rifle was developed in Tula, Russia, more than 80 years ago. It is a simple rifle—reliable and hard to break—or what we would popularly call a “point and shoot.” Beginners and trainees love this rifle because it’s trouble-free and easy to use and maintain.

  • Uzi. Major Uziel Gal designed the first Uzi in the late 1950s, hence the name. This durable and sturdy Israeli gun is as lethal as it looks. A perfect dog to carry this name would be a big, strong hunting dog who means business.

  • Vulcan. Want a monster name for your doggo? Look no further. The M61 Vulcan is not really what you would think of when you say “gun.” This is actually a rotary cannon that fires six thousand rounds per minute! This beast is more often seen in movies than real life action, but the name is still cool as heck. For unstoppable hunting dogs.

  • Walther. Talking about European guns, this one definitely must be mentioned. Walther was a predecessor of the Glock, serving as an official Wehrmacht gun since World War II. Too bad it served in the forces of such an infamous bunch, because this gun was really a solid firearm.

  • Wesson. From Smith and Wesson, the American firearms manufacturer founded in the 19th century. There is much to say about the guns made by this company—most things good. If you are an enthusiast for all things made in the USA, you will naturally choose this moniker for your dog.

  • Winchester. Is there a gun more famous in the States than a Winchester Model 1873? Also known as «The Gun that Won the West,» this rifle has an iconic place in the US history. For amazing hunting dogs that will also go down in history.

Wrap Up

hunting with a dog

Dogs were domesticated a long time ago. We are still not exactly sure when and where, but experts estimate that we have been living together with dogs for over 10,000 years.

The beginning of this relationship was symbiotic. We offered security, food, and shelter, while dogs provided us with protection and served as livestock guardians and hunting companions. They were so effective at this that scientists speculate we wouldn’t be where we are today without dogs.

Dogs have always been there for us to help with hunting through harsh terrain, defending against hostile animals, and protection of what we both value most—our family.

This natural connection between humans, dogs, and weapons is what got us through the harsh conditions over the millennia. And it’s still strong and healthy.

Even if you don’t own a hunting dog or a gun, the names we presented in this article are a cool and a fun option, so don’t hesitate to pick one for your new pooch. No matter the breed and size, your dog is always going to protect you. A dog’s heart can win any battle.

Did you find the perfect name for your dog from the list above? Let us know which beauty caught your eye in the comments section below! Oh, and when talking about the relationship between man, gun, and dog, naturally we can’t forget beer. So check out our article on beer dog names too.

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