Great Dane Dog Names: Monikers for the “Apollo of Dogs”

Great dane lying on grass
Anna Smith
Written by Anna Smith

The Great Dane is one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world thanks to the popular Hanna-Barbera Cartoon show Scooby-Doo and their size. But despite their size, this gentle giant exudes nobility, which is why they are also referred to as the “Apollo of Dogs”. This is probably why they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and why you’re in search of Great Dane dog names.

Even though they were originally bred to hunt wild boar, they probably won’t do too well nowadays. The ferociousness needed to hunt wild boar was bred out of the Great Dane, and they are now gentle dogs who get on well with other canines, pets, and members of their family. However, their bark and size are impressive enough to stop burglars. These dogs are loyal friends, companions, and intimidators. These all-rounder dogs deserve a proud and noble name.

If you’ve recently adopted a Great Dane, you’re probably looking for dog names that go well with this breed. Look no further because we have Great Dane dog names you can choose from below.

Male Great Dane Dog Names

reat dane on the bank of the river

Male Great Danes are the top dogs. Few can take them on and live to tell the tale. Check out the list of names below that symbolize that, and we’ve got a couple of great suggestions too if your Great Dane is a gentle giant.

  • Achilles – Greek hero of the Trojan War.

  • Aesir – one of the two main tribes venerated by pre-Christian Norse.

  • Akiram – a Muslim baby name that means “more generous” or “merciful.”

  • Alaska – the United States’ largest state.

  • Albion – a titan in Greek Mythology.

  • Alrik – a German name that means “noble leader.”

  • Amigo – if your dog is your best friend, this is a great name.

  • Anzo – German for “giant.”

  • Apache – brave Native Americans.

  • Apollo – Greek mythology’s god of healing.

  • Astor – from Occitan astur, meaning “hawk.”

  • Atlas – the titan in Greek Mythology who held the Earth on his shoulders.

  • Atom – a small unit of matter. An ironic name for a big dog.

  • Baldur – A German name that means “lord of men” or “warrior.”

  • Baloo – the big bear from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

  • Baron – means “son of strength” in Hebrew.

  • Beast – because Great Danes are large animals.

  • Big Ben – after the famous tower in London.

  • Bison – large beasts that roam the North American grasslands.

  • Bjorn – a German name that translates to “bear.”

  • Boomer – another word for a big ship.

  • Bouncer – strong bar or club bodyguards.

  • Bruiser – somebody with a tough and aggressive personality.

  • Bruno – German meaning “bearing armor.”

  • Brutus – means “heavy” in Latin.

  • Bubba – affectionate way of addressing a brother.

  • Chaos – destruction or disarray. Because their large size may cause this, even though it’s unintentional.

  • Chumlee – Pawn Stars’ cuddly teddy bear.

  • Cinder – partly burned coal. Good name for a black or dark-coated Great Dane.

  • Clifford – the 25-foot gentle giant from Clifford The Big Red Dog.

  • Colossus – something big.

  • Comet – a very fast Great Dane.

  • Conan – as in the iconic character, Conan the Barbarian.

  • Cyclone – very strong winds.

  • Daiki – Japanese for “giant tree.”

  • Dane – great name for a Great Dane!

  • Dax – a French baby name after a small town in southwestern France that dates back to before the Roman occupation.

  • Da-Xia – “big hero” in Chinese.

  • Digger – a bad habit your Great Dane needs to stay away from. Check out our article on how to keep dogs from digging.

  • Dingo – Australian wild dog.

  • Donovan – means “strong fighter.”

  • Dozer – diminutive for “bulldozer.”

  • Duke – high ranking nobleman.

  • Durango – an SUV manufactured by Dodge.

  • Earnest – means “intense” or “sober’.

  • Elvis – in honor of The King, Elvis Presley.

  • Falcon – a big bird of prey.

  • Fender – short for “defender.”

  • Fenrir – the giant wolf in Norse mythology. He is Loki’s son.

  • Fred – a tall Scooby-Doo character.

  • Gator – short for alligator, a big reptilian animal.

  • Godzilla – a big fictional beast of Japanese origin, but still great for Great Danes.

  • Goliath – gigantic biblical character.

  • Grizzly – after a big bear found in North America.

  • Gunther – an old German name that means “war” or “battle.”

  • Hagrid – the gentle giant from the Harry Potter books.

  • Harley – after the motorcycle manufacturer.

  • Heimdall – one of Thor’s best friends in the Avengers movie. Also, the god who can see into the future and has super hearing and eyesight.

  • Hercules – the Roman hero and god.

  • Hondo – a hero from the film written by Louis L’ Amour.

  • Hooch – slang for moonshine.

  • Hoover – from the German and Dutch name Huber meaning “a large measure of land.”

  • Hugo – German name that means “bright mind and spirit.”

  • Hulk – the big green superhero from the Avengers.

  • Humphrey – means “giant peace.”

  • Igor – Russian baby name that means “warrior of peace.”

  • Indivar – strong sounding Sanskrit name that means “blessing.”

  • Jumbo – a slang term that usually refers to a big person.

  • Jupiter – the biggest planet in our solar system.

  • Kahu – this is what the Maoris call the majestic Harrier Hawk.

  • Kahuna – a wise man in Hawaii.

  • Kelly – Gaelic for “warrior.”

  • Kouta – Japanese for “giant of peace.”

  • Liam – means “resolute defender.”

  • Loki – Thor’s brother. A great name for a mischievous Great Dane.

  • Machete – broad sword-like blade used during combat.

  • Maestro – somebody “great” or “distinguished.”

  • Magni – one of Odin’s sons. His name means “great.”

  • Magnum – a powerful gun.

  • Marmaduke – Great Dane from the comic strip of the same name.

  • Maverick – a free-spirited strong dog.

  • Max – means “greatest.”

  • Mimir – is a Norse mythology figure who was known for being wise and knowledgeable.

  • Moby – after Herman Melville’s whale of a novel, Moby Dick.

  • Montaro – means “big boy.”

  • Montezuma – the last Aztec emperor in Mexico. Plus, the name sounds menacing.

  • Moose – solid and big. An animal that deserves respect.

  • Mufasa – leader of the lion pride in The Lion King.

  • Neptune – God of the sea.

  • Nomad – a Great Dane that likes to roam and explore.

  • Nuke – intimidating name for an intimidating dog.

  • Oakley – big and strong like the mighty oak tree.

  • Odin – Norse warrior god.

  • Onyx – a gemstone that is black in color. A great name for black Great Danes.

  • Orion – mighty hunter and son of Poseidon.

  • Panzer – a German tank used during World War II.

  • Phobos – is the personification of fear in Greek Mythology.

  • Polaris – the North Star that shines big and bright.

  • Predator – to make your Great Dane even more imposing.

  • Prince – in honor of the Great Dane’s noble demeanor.

  • Rambo – a fictional tough guy with military skills.

  • Reis – Israeli for “giant.”

  • Rhino – because they’re big and strong like the mighty rhinoceros.

  • Rion – a pagan giant.

  • Samson – the gentle giant from biblical times who was blessed with super strength.

  • Scooby-Doo – we have to put this in here. After all, he’s a famous Great Dane.

  • Scrappy-Doo – Scooby’s more courageous nephew in the series.

  • Sergeant or Sarge – a rank in the police or military.

  • Shaggy – also a Scooby-Doo character.

  • Shredder – hopefully, you can discourage your dog from this type of behavior.

  • Shrek – after the big lovable ogre in the movie with the same name. It is derived from the German word schreck that means “fright” or “terror.”

  • Singer – Great Dane in Nicholas Sparks’ The Guardian.

  • Stallone – in honor of actor and tough guy Sylvester Stallone.

  • Stein – means “rock” in German.

  • Tank – a big vehicle used for war.

  • Texas – a big state in the USA.

  • Titan – someone who is god-like.

  • Utah – a vast state located in Western United States.

  • Velikan – a cool name that means “giant.”

  • Viper – an intimidating name for a big dog.

  • Vishal – “giant” in Sanskrit.

  • Whopper – a very big burger.

  • Wolfgang – German for “wolf’s path.”

  • Zeppelin – a large airship used mostly during the early 20th century.

  • Zeus – god of thunder in Greek Mythology.

  • Zulu – a member of a South African people that live in KwaZulu-Natal province.

Female Great Dane Dog Names

gray great dane

Female Great Danes are no less awe-inspiring than their male counterpart. They deserve a proud, powerful name.

  • Ada – German name that means “nobility.”

  • Akiva – a Hebrew name that means “to protect.”

  • Ariadne – King Minos’ beautiful daughter in Greek Mythology.

  • Arwen – Half-elven character from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

  • Athena – Zeus’ daughter and goddess of wisdom.

  • Bathilda – Female warrior. Also sounds very intimidating.

  • Beda – Welsh name that means “warrior.”

  • Beyla – Norse name that means “bean.”

  • Bianca – Italian name that means “white.”

  • Chunky – don’t worry we’re not calling your dog fat. We just think she’s a big girl.

  • Daphne – one of the characters in Scooby-Doo.

  • Denali – the biggest mountain in North America.

  • Diana – as in Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman, the most famous Amazon warrior.

  • Dima – Russian for “strong fighter.”

  • Duchess – high ranking royalty.

  • Eiffel – as in the Eiffel Tower, one of Paris’ greatest landmarks.

  • Eir – is a Norse goddess of great medical skill. Her name means “help or “mercy.”

  • Eureka – what you say when you have a big idea.

  • Evenstar – another name inspired by Arwen from Lord of the Rings.

  • Frauke – A German word that means “little lady.” An ironic name for a Great Dane.

  • Grida – Norse for “giant of peace.”

  • Guinevere – King Arthur’s wife.

  • Hariasa – the Germanic goddess of war. In Norse mythology, she is the Valkyrie who watches the warriors to see who is worthy of going to Valhalla.

  • Helga – means “holy” or “blessed” in Old Norse.

  • Ira – Hebrew name that means “watchful.”

  • Jewel – perfect for your precious best friend.

  • Juno – goddess and wife of Jupiter.

  • Kali – a symbol of motherly love in Hinduism.

  • Kefira – Hebrew name that means “lion cub.”

  • Koa – a big tree in Hawaii. If you like this name, check out our list of Hawaiian dog names.

  • Maia – the daughter of Atlas. It also means “courage” and “bravery” in the Maori language.

  • Monsoon – weather in Asia where it rains all the time. Good name for a big noble dog.

  • Mooshka – a term of endearment.

  • Morgana – “dweller of the sea” in Celtic.

  • Morrigan – an ancient goddess of war.

  • Moxie – great name for a brave dog.

  • Mystique – after one of the heroines in X-Men or if your dog is a bit mysterious.

  • Nanna – means “daring” or “brave” in old Norse.

  • Nayla – an Arabic name that means “successful.”

  • Nikita – Greek name that means “victor.”

  • Nova – as in Super Nova or how your dog shines brightly in your life.

  • Olympus – where the Greek gods lived.

  • Philomena – Greek name that means “loved.”

  • Queenie – the most royal of dogs.

  • Raven – a noble sounding name that suits a dark coated Great Dane.

  • Rebel – for mischievous Great Danes.

  • Sable – nice noble name for a black female Great Dane.

  • Sahara – the biggest desert in the world.

  • Schatzi – German name that means “treasure.”

  • Sheba – short for The Queen of Sheba, a queen in biblical times.

  • Sierra – Irish name that means “dark.” Great name for a black coated Great Dane.

  • Skadi – a Norse giantess and goddess.

  • Storm – great name for a dark-colored Great Dane. Also another heroine from X-Men.

  • Syn – The Norse goddess of watchfulness. She guards doorways and the truth.

  • Talia – Hebrew word for female “lamb.”

  • Tanfana – Norse goddess of growth, largeness, and harvest. Amazing name for a Great Dane.

  • Taryn – has English and Welsh origins. This name means “thunder.”

  • Trude – German for “fighting woman.”

  • Ursa – a Latin name that means “bear.”

  • Valkyrie – female warriors in Norse mythology.

  • Velma – the genius character in Scooby-Doo.

  • Venus – Roman goddess of love.

  • Walda – German name that means “ruler.”

  • Willa – feminine form of William; means “valiant protector” in Old French.

  • Zara – Russian name that means “princess.”

  • Zelda – means “grey battle.” Cool name for Great Danes with grey coats.

  • Zena – fictional warrior princess.

Wrap Up

Great dane staying on road

The Great Dane is a majestic dog breed that has origins in Northern Germany. Its original name, Deutsche Dogge, means German Mastiff. This is a powerful breed that was originally bred to fight wild boars and wolves. They were also used to hunt bears and deer at the noble courts of the land.

Fortunately, Great Danes today are known for their big heart despite their imposing size. They are very affectionate and like to act as the “baby” of the family. They are reserved but devoted, confident, gentle, and friendly. They make ideal family pets because they are easy going and mild mannered.

Great Danes tend to be stuck with scary names to make them seem tough or ruthless, but we all know that that’s not true. So don’t be afraid to try more timid names for your Great Dane. While their deep astounding bark might intimidate visitors, they will surely fawn over your Great Dane once they get to know your dog’s lovable personality.

Are you thinking about getting a Great Dane? Did you like any of the names we’ve gathered for Great Danes? Tell us by leaving your comments below. You might also want to check out our related article on big dog names.

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