Golf Dog Names: Hole in One!

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

If you’re reading this post, then chances are you are an avid fan of golf. You may either play the game or simply admire the exploits of popular golfers like Tiger Woods. And you’re also a canine lover who’s looking for the right golf-inspired name to give your dog. Here’s a bit of good news for you: there are many golf dog names that you can choose for your canine friend.

It’s fun to name your dog after your favorite sports—you’ll be reminded of the good and exciting games every time you call your dog, and since dogs are man’s best friend, watching a game play out on TV with your dog while cracking open a cold one is the best feeling in the world. It just fits.

In this post, we will list down some of the best golf dog names to give your pal. Aside from the meaning, we’ll also give interesting bits of trivia regarding these golf canine names. We promise you that by the end of this post, you will have picked at least one name that matches the personality of your beloved canine pet!

Names Inspired by Famous Golfers

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The easiest route in picking golf-inspired dog monikers is to simply run down a list of the best players to ever grace the greens. We’ve made it easier for you with this list:

  • Arnold or Palmer — the name is in reference to the American golfer who, along with Nicklaus, formed the “Big Three” of the US golf scene in the ‘60s. Arnold Palmer was known for his charisma. His name may thus be fitting for affectionate dog breeds such as the Chihuahua and the Golden Retriever.

  • Ben Hogan — before Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer came along, Ben Hogan was the undisputed best golfer in the minds of many golf enthusiasts. This golf legend won 9 majors and is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. For brevity’s sake, you can just use Hogan to call your canine.

  • Bubba — after Bubba Watson, the American lefty who won the Masters in 2012 and 2014. The name is also widely used in the United States as a term of endearment for a boy. Thus, this is a good name to give to a male puppy.

  • Corey — after the American golfer Corey Pavin, who was a member of the US Ryder Cup multiple times in the ‘90s. Pavin may not be the most popular golfer ever, but he has a unique nickname—Bulldog. Do we need to explain why you should use his name for your own pet?

  • Jack — this name is more appropriate for a male dog. It’s also the name of the man who’s widely considered the best ever. Nicknamed the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus was known for his skill and strength. As such, you might want to give this name to a working dog like a German Shepherd or a Great Dane.

  • Mickelson — after Phil Mickelson, who has dominated the golfing scene this decade with wins like the 2014 British Open. Like Nicklaus, Mickelson is known for his strength and consistency so his name may be appropriate for a big, male dog.

  • Pepper — Dottie Pepper is not as accomplished as the other golfers mentioned in this list, but her name is cute enough to be used as a dog name. Pepper is traditionally used for someone who’s small or with a fiery temper. Is your dog small? Do they have a bad temper? Why don’t you name them pepper?

  • Tiger — this is perhaps the first name that will come into the minds of most people. Tiger Woods is arguably the most popular golfer ever and the man who brought the game to the mainstream. The only player to win four consecutive majors, Tiger Woods is also considered the current face of the sport. The beauty of this name is that you can give it to either a male or female dog.

  • Vijay or Singh — named after the Indo-Fijian pro golfer who made it big in the 2000s. Vijay Singh was not the most gifted golfer, but he made up for it with his hard work, often staying late at the golf course to improve his game. Because of that quality, you might want to give this name to a hard working dog breed like a Doberman.

Golfers’ Nicknames

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Golf is not only a sport widely popular around the world, but it is also a sport where its players are given unique nicknames. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the more interesting and distinct monikers given to golfers which you may want to give your dog, too:

  • Aza — from the name of the Spanish female golfer Azahara Munoz, who like Mi Hyun Kim was once named Rookie of the Year in the LPGA Tour. Interestingly, the name Aza is of African origin, and it means ‘powerful.’ You can give this name to a strong, female dog.

  • Bam Bam — this is the nickname of the lady golfer Brittany Lincicome who is known for her powerful swing.

  • Fuzzy — a play on the initials of the American golfer Frank Urban Zoeller. In contemporary times, the term fuzzy is used to describe something that is soft and furry. Thus, this nickname can be an appropriate name for a dog with a soft and furry coat.

  • Huck — the nickname of Tom Watson who was one of the top golfers in the ‘70s and ‘80s. It is also a shortened version of the name Huckleberry. It’s a cute and irreverent version of Chuck, too. And if you think that Huck is a name too old-fashioned for your pet, then think again—it was named one of the hottest baby names for 2013 by a top baby name website. So it’s really something you should consider for your canine companion!

  • Jumbo — this is a nickname given to another big golfer, Japanese Masashi Ozaki, who made golf widely popular in Japan. A Golf Hall of Famer, Ozaki is Japan’s answer to Arnold Palmer. His nickname can also be given to a big dog.

  • Monty — a name that’s more suited to male dogs, this comes from the nickname given to golfer Colin Montgomerie. He was an accomplished golfer in the ‘90s and noted for his great play in the Ryder Cup.

  • Peanut — the nickname given to South Korean golfer Mi Hyun Kim due to her small stature. Standing just a shade over 5 feet, Kim debuted in the LPGA Tour in 1999. She went on to win Rookie of the Year honors. This is a good name to give to a cute little female puppy.

  • Porky — this was the nickname of the 1950s golfer Oliver. He was called porky because of his size (he weighed more than 250 pounds despite being under 6 feet tall). Porky can also be a good name to give to an oversized dog.

  • Radar — the nickname of American golfer Mike Reid because sportswriters thought his drives always make it to the greenways. The nickname is short, unique, and meaningful enough to be given as a name to dogs.

  • Thunderbolt — the nickname of the 1950s golfer Tommy Bolt, who was notorious for his temper in the greens—also known for his showmanship during his time with the tour. It is a good name to give to a quick-footed canine.

  • Tutta — the nickname of female golfer Suzann Pettersen doesn’t really mean anything, but it’s short, easy to pronounce, and to remember—three things that you want from a dog name. Pettersen is no slouch in the greens, too, having been a multiple major winner in the LPGA Tour.

Other Golf Related Names to Consider

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Golf is not only a sport that has been played by many individuals with unique personalities—it is also a sport where certain terms are used. Those terms have become quite familiar to many people through the years.

#1: Golf Slang

There are many golf terms which can be given as names to dogs such as:

  • Ace — also known as hole-in-one, it is a golf term that describes the act of getting the ball from the tee into the hole in one stroke. It is a rare and exciting feat for any golfer. Of course, you may also know ace as a word that means top or best. You might want to give the name to your favorite dog regardless of the breed.

  • Albatross — you may know albatross as those large seabirds, but in golf, it pertains to three shots under par. In the United States, it is also referred to as double eagle. Like the ace, it is a rare score.

  • Bertha — this is the name given by the golfing goods company Callaway to a particular line of golf clubs. It’s also a name that suits large dogs. The name is from a German word which means bright one. In contemporary times, it is a name that is linked with large machines.

  • Birdie — this term means scoring one under par. It could be an appropriate name for a dog who gets excited by the mere sight of birds.

  • Bogey — a French name which means bow strength, this term is used in golf to pertain to one above par. Bogey is relatively common, especially among amateurs. Most golfers would be happy to have a bogey-free round. It is a good choice for a dog name because it is short, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember.

  • Caddie — this is a great name for a dog. If you are not familiar with the caddie, then you should know that it is a term that refers to the person who not only carries the bag and clubs of a golfer, but also gives practical tips and moral support to the player. The caddie is also very smart, having knowledge of the golf course. As such, the name Caddie is fitting for a service dog.

  • Condor — this is a term for scoring four under par. It is also known as the lowest individual hole score ever been made. While unrelated to golf, the name is also that of the large bird belonging to the vulture family and native of the Andes region. The name connotes strength and virility, making it a great given name for a big dog.

  • Dimple — this is the tiny, circular indentations found in a golf ball. It’s also a Hindu name typically given to girls, and could be a good moniker for a small female puppy.

  • Fairway — it’s the part of the golf course which is near the tee. It is a simple area for golfers to hit the ball. Before this term was used in golf, it was used to signify the navigational channel of a river.

#2: Golf Brand Names

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Even certain golf product brand names sound good enough to be used as dog names. Don’t believe us? Then read on and learn the meanings of these unique names:

  • Callaway — this name of Latin origin and it means “pebbly place.” In golf, the name is associated with the largest manufacturer of golf clubs in the world.

  • Mizuno — this Japanese sporting goods manufacturer is known in the golfing world for producing well-designed and manufactured golf clubs.

  • Parsons — or even PXG, after the brand Parsons Xtreme Golf which makes some of the finest golf clubs and equipment in the world. We like the name Parsons because it rings a bell. PXG is a good choice, too, because it is short and unique.

  • Ryder — in golf, the Ryder Cup is a biennial tournament pitting the best golfers from the United States and Europe. Happening every two years, the Ryder Cup was named after the English business tycoon Samuel Ryder who supported the tournament in its formative years. Ryder is also a nice name that connotes bravery—something dogs are known for.

  • Wilson — like Mizuno, Wilson is a maker of sporting goods. Its line of golf clubs and equipment are known for its excellent design and build quality. Wilson is also a common name given to boys. If you are looking for a dog name that you won’t likely forget, then Wilson should be on your shortlist.

Wrap Up

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As you have learned, golf offers plenty of great names for dogs. From golfer names and nicknames to common golf terms, there’s just plenty of name ideas that you can get from this popular sport. Now, have you picked a golf-related name for your pet? Share your choice with us in the comments below! Check out our article on sports names for dogs next if you need more inspiration.

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