Golden Retriever Dog Names: Fun and Unique Names for Your Pet

Golden Retriever puppy
Wyatt Robinson
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When you’re getting yourself a Golden Retriever pet, you’re in for exciting times. Golden Retrievers are well-loved for their beautiful blonde coat and their gentle temperament. With such a beautiful pet, you should do a good job of finding the right name for your pet among thousands of Golden Retriever dog names, right?

Golden Retrievers are such a joy to be with. When you find the right name for your pet, you’ll have so much fun calling your pet’s name over and over again. Whether you’re training your pet or you’re playing with your Golden outdoors, we’ll make sure to help you find the most fitting name to call your Golden Retriever.

In this article, we’ll first give you all that you need to know about the Golden Retriever. Then we’ll give you name suggestions based on the Golden Retriever’s famous coat color. Since the Golden Retriever originated in Scotland, we’ll also give you a list of Scottish names. Golden Retrievers were originally bred as sporting dogs, so in reference to their ancestry, we will also share with you a short list of hunting-related names you can choose from. Lastly, we’ll give you some excellent tips to help you care for your Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever — Knowing The Breed

Golden Retriever's head

According to the American Kennel Club, the Golden Retriever is among the top three most popular breeds. Golden Retrievers are sporting dogs that can grow to significant size. Males can grow as tall as 24 inches, while females are just a little shorter, at around 22.5 inches. They can grow as heavy as 75 pounds for males and 65 pounds for females.

The Golden Retriever began as a Scottish gundog, bred and trained to accompany their owners on hunts. Today, Golden Retrievers are considered serious workers. They’re great at hunting and doing fieldwork, and they’re also excellent guide and search-and-rescue dogs.

That doesn’t mean, though, that the Golden Retriever is all work and no play. In fact, these beautiful dogs have an exuberant nature, and they do know how to have fun. You’re probably going to be the one who’ll get tired first when your Golden Retriever wants to keep playing with you.

The breed’s name came from the Golden Retriever’s lustrous coat of gold, which is dense and water repellant. The outer coat of Golden Retrievers is quite firm but not coarse. There are some Goldens with straight hair; others have wavy hair.

On their head, paws, and front legs, the coat of Golden Retrievers is even and short. However, they do have feathering on their underbody as well as on the back of their forelegs, the back of their thighs, the front of their neck, as well as on the underside of their tail.

A Golden Retriever’s rich coat can be any shade of gold. Young puppies may have a golden coat of a lighter shade which can darken as the dog grows older. Coat colors for Golden Retrievers range from very light gold or cream to dark gold.

These beautiful dogs have friendly yet intelligent eyes. The Golden Retriever’s broad head, straight muzzle, and short ears are considered hallmarks of the breed. Golden Retrievers are also known for their smooth and powerful gait.

When it comes to personality, Golden Retrievers are among the most outgoing dogs. They’re extremely trustworthy, and they’re very eager to please. Golden Retrievers are known to have a joyous approach to life, and they usually maintain their puppy-like and playful attitude even when they’re already elderly.

The Golden Retriever’s love for play is well-known, and you can entertain them for hours just playing fetch. Despite their playful nature, Golden Retrievers are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and bravery, which is why they’re excellent choices as therapy, guide, and search-and-rescue dogs.

Golden Names for Your Lovely Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever and the sun

Names symbolic of the color gold are popularly used for Golden Retrievers. It’s a way to celebrate your pet’s rich coat color. And who can deny the beauty of a Golden’s lustrous coat?

AltinTurkish for gold
Amberperfect for amber-colored Golden Retrievers
AneiraWelsh for gold
Apricota cute name based on a golden fruit
ArankaHungarian for gold
AurelianoLatin for gold
AurelioSpanish for gold
AurieRomanian for gold
AurivilleFrench for gold
AurniaIrish for gold
Bananaa fun, fruit-based name
Blazeperfect for Golden Retrievers with blazing colors
Blondiea classic fun name for Golden Retrievers
Buttercupa cute name based on a yellow flower
Buttera silly name for cute yellow dogs
Caramela fitting name for Golden Retrievers
Cheddara cute food-based name
Cheeriofitting for cheerful Golden Retrievers
Cheese Puffa fun, food-based name for Goldens
Cheetoa cute name based on the golden-colored snack
ChrystaGreek for yellow
Cinderbecause your Golden Retriever's coat has the color of fire
Cinnamona fun name for reddish Goldens
Copperperfect for male Goldens with copper-colored hair
Crimsonan excellent name for Goldens with a reddish coat
DahabArabic for gold
Doritoanother silly snack-based name for funny dogs
Emberperfect for Goldens with rich colors
Fritoa cute food-based name for male Goldens
Gingeran adorable name for ginger-colored dogs
Goldiea classic name for golden-colored dogs
Goldilocksa cute name for your female Golden Retriever
Goldwinmeans golden friend
GyldenDanish name meaning golden
GyllenNorwegian name meaning golden
HatiHindi for gold
Honeybeebecause your cute Golden retriever is as yellow as the honeybee
Honeynuta silly name for a fun-loving Golden Retriever
Honeyperfect for honey-colored Golden Retrievers
Ingotbecause your dog looks like an ingot of gold
JinChinese for gold
Karatbecause gold is measured in carats
KinJapanese for gold
KulaHawaiian for gold
Luckybecause gold is a lucky color
Mangoa fun name based on a yellow fruit
Marigoldbecause Marigolds have the same color as Golden Retrievers
Midasbased on the mythical character whose touch turned everything into gold
Mustardanother cute food-based name
Nachoanother food-based name that's fitting for Goldens
Niamha golden-haired Irish mythical princess
Nuggetjust like a gold nugget
OraSpanish for gold
OriannaLatin for golden
Orielmeans golden
OrleansFrench name meaning golden
PazHebrew name meaning golden
Peachan adorable name for Goldens
Pumpkina sweet name for your pet
Rosesimple and yet fitting for reddish-haired Golden Retrievers
Rubyperfect for reddish Golden Retrievers
Rustya great name for male Golden Retrievers
Saffrona pretty spice-based name for your pet
Sandyperfect for sandy-blond Golden Retrievers
Sunflowerbecause your Golden Retriever is as yellow as this beautiful flower
Sunnya fitting name in reference to the Golden's sunny personality and coat color
Sunrisean excellent name for Golden Retrievers
Sunshineperfectly describes your Golden Retriever's coat

Unique Scottish Names for Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever with his tongue out

Golden Retrievers were first bred in Scotland, specifically for their ability to retrieve game when their owners are on a hunt.

Golden Retrievers can find the fallen prey, retrieve it from water or land, and bring it back to their owner. This is also one of the reasons why Goldens are so comfortable playing in the water.

Here are several unique Scottish names you can choose from to honor your pet’s ancestry.

AbhainnMeans river, in reference to the Golden Retriever's love for water
AifricMeans pleasant, in reference to the Golden Retriever's pleasing personality
AilithMeans seasoned warrior, because your Golden Retriever is as brave as a veteran warrior
AlaisterMeans defender of mankind, because Goldens do their best to protect their owners
AlanaMeans beautiful, because your dog deserves such a pretty name
AodhMeans fire, also in reference to the sun god in Celtic mythology; a great name for reddish-hued Golden Retrievers
AodhagánMeans little fire—another excellent name for reddish-golden dogs
ArabelMeans lovable, because yours is the most lovable pet in the world
BeathanMeans life, in reference to the Golden Retriever's exuberant love for life
BlairMeans battlefield, a perfect name for Golden Retrievers who are trained to assist in search-and-rescue operations
BláánMeans little yellow one, a cute name for yellow Golden Retrievers
BoydMeans yellow-haired or blond, a perfect Scottish name for Golden Retrievers
ComhnallMeans hound of valor, in reference to the Golden Retriever's bravery
DavyMeans beloved, a fitting name for the pet you love the most
GreerMeans watchful or vigilant, in reference to the Golden Retriever's alertness and vigilance
MaighdlinMeans magnificent; perfectly describes your dog’s magnificent coat
MoragMeans great, because a Golden Retriever is a great pet
MungoMeans dearest friend; perfect for loyal companions like Golden Retrievers
RuairiMeans red king—another strong name for reddish-gold dogs
ValanMeans healthy or strong—a great description for your healthy pet
ZenaMeans helper of mankind—a beautiful name for Golden Retrievers, especially for those that are trained as search-and-rescue or guide dogs

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Hunting-Related Names for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever hunting

Golden Retrievers are excellent companions when you’re out on a hunt. Here are several names that are based on the Golden Retriever’s love for and ability to hunt.

Ammoshort for ammunition, because Golden Retrievers are excellent gun dogs
Apollobased on the mythological god of archery
Arrowin reference to one of the best weapons for hunting
Artemisbased on the Olympian goddess of the hunt
Bombshellwhether you use it in reference to an artillery shell or to describe your Golden Retriever's beauty, it's still a cute name for a hunting dog
Bramblea strong name for male Golden Retrievers, because they're excellent at getting out of brambles when they're chasing game
Buckshotin reference to the lead shot that is typically used in shotgun shells specifically for hunting game
Bulleta great hunting-related name that perfectly describes the Golden Retriever's speed during hunts
ChaseGolden Retrievers love the chase involved in hunts
Gunnerbecause Golden Retrievers are some of the best gun dogs on the planet
Huntersimply because Golden Retrievers are excellent hunting dogs
Magnumin reference to the popular firearm
Pistola great hunting-related name for male Golden Retrievers
Riverin reference to the Golden Retriever's love for water
Scoutbecause Golden Retrievers are great hunting scouts
Sniffin reference to the Golden Retriever's ability to sniff out prey
Sniperanother excellent name for Golden Retrievers trained to hunt
TriggerA strong name for Golden Retrievers who love to hunt

Caring for Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever puppies eating

Golden Retrievers are excellent pets, but they do need your care and attention. Here are some tips to help you give the best care for your beloved pet.

  • Use only high-quality dog food. When choosing your pet’s food, make sure that you buy one that’s appropriate for her age. Commercially made high-quality dog food are usually labeled to indicate whether they’re for puppies, adults, or elderly dogs. You may want to buy food products that are specifically made for Golden Retrievers.

  • A tendency to become overweight. Golden Retrievers have a high tendency to become overweight and obese, especially if they don’t get sufficient exercise. Hence, you’ll need to watch your pet’s weight and calorie consumption.

  • Avoid giving fatty foods to your Golden. If you do give your pet human food, make sure you do it only sparingly. Cooked bones and foods high in fat content are to be avoided. And if you have to give your pet treats, do so only in moderation and only to aid in training.

  • Schedule your pet’s meals. Puppies up to 12 weeks old have to be fed 4 times daily. Those that are 3-6 months old already need to be fed only thrice a day. From 6 months to 1 year, your Golden Retriever needs to be fed only twice daily. When your pet grows older, then you can feed her only once every day.

  • A fresh supply of clean water. As with any pet, you need to make sure that your Golden Retriever always has access to clean, fresh water. Make sure that you change the water at least once daily. Stainless steel bowls are preferred over plastic water bowls.

  • Regularly brush your pet’s hair. Golden Retrievers tend to shed moderately. To prevent dead hair from accumulating, try to brush your pet’s hair with a slicker brush at least twice every week. You may need to brush your Golden’s hair every day when she’s shedding heavily.

  • Regularly clean your Golden Retriever’s ears. Golden Retrievers have a higher risk of getting ear infections because their ears are floppy. Hence, you’ll need to regularly make sure that your dog’s ears are cleaned, especially after your pet goes swimming.

  • Regularly trim your dog’s nails. When you hear a clicking sound whenever your pet is walking on hard surfaces, that’s a sign telling you that your pet’s nails already need trimming.

  • Regularly brush your Golden Retriever’s teeth. Never use toothpaste that’s made for humans when you’re brushing your Golden Retriever’s teeth. Regularly brush your pet’s teeth to prevent dental problems.

  • Golden Retrievers need to be exercised daily. Just like with any other sporting breed, your pet needs plenty of exercises every day. You can go for bike rides or long runs with your pet, or you can take her on hunting trips. Brisk walking for 20-30 minutes every day is also a great exercise for Golden Retrievers. If you’re not fond of walking or running, you can play fetch with your Golden Retriever, and it will still enable her to get the daily exercise she needs. Try playing fetch using tennis balls or Frisbees.

  • Let your Golden Retriever swim. They’re actually great swimmers, plus swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise for Goldens. Take your Golden Retriever to a lake and let her have fun in the water; just make sure that you’re watching her at all times.

  • Schedule regular visits to the vet. They’re generally healthy, but there are certain health conditions that are associated with the breed such as elbow and hip dysplasia. Heart diseases, eye conditions, and ear infections are also common to the breed. Make sure that your pet gets her regular vet check-up.

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Wrap Up

Golden Retriever sitting on grass

Golden Retrievers are one of the best dog breeds that you can get, especially if you are looking for a sporting dog. They are popular for a reason. They’re fun to be with, loyal, athletic, playful, and outgoing. Plus, they’ve got a sunny and gentle temperament, which makes them excellent family pets.

Do you have a favorite Golden Retriever name? How did you come up with your Golden Retriever’s moniker? Do share your comments and suggestions with us. You might also be interested in learning how to teach your Golden Retriever something they got their namesake from—how to fetch.

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