Goddess Names for Dogs: Primordial, Profound, and Powerful

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Anna Smith
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The arrival of a new pup marks the beginning of one of the most rewarding experiences of one’s life. From the moment they step foot in your house, you know that your life will never be the same. Since it is such a profound moment, naturally you should choose an uncommon and extravagant name for your new pup. If the love you instantly feel for your new furry companion transcends logic, exploring the fantastical realm of mythological deities for names is highly recommended; how about some goddess names for dogs?

Goddess names are recommended for multiple reasons—they usually have a deep meaning, they sound exotic, and they are recognizable without being too common. Keeping in view the age-old bond between man and canine, picking names that have been handed down through the ages is a good way to go.

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We understand that finding a supernatural name that suits your pup’s personality is not an easy task. You can count on us for help. In this article, we are going to stack up a massive collection of Olympian names as well as that of other goddesses from the rich territory of world mythology.

Goddess-Inspired Names for Dogs

Goddesses of every religion and faith are awe-inspiring, holy, and respectable. Giving the name of these deities to someone as special as your little bug is a great idea in itself. In the list below, naturally, most of the names are for girl dogs, but you can find some great unisex dog names as well. Scroll down the list to find the best name for your newly-welcomed fuzzball.

Greek Goddesses

You’ll never run out of good names inspired by Greek goddesses to choose from because there are simply so many of them.

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If your pup is passionate about love just as well as she is about life, you may find a suitable name for her in this Greek goddess list.

  • Alectrona: Greek goddess of the sun; she was the daughter of Rhode and Helios. You can shorten it to ‘Alec.’ It makes a nice unisex dog name too.

  • Aphrodite: Goddess of beauty and love; this name would definitely suit a cutie pie.

  • Artemis: Twin sister of Apollo; she is recognized as the virginal goddess of the hunt.

  • Ate: It is the name of the Greek goddess of folly and mischief. If you have a mischievous pup, you can proceed with this name.

  • Athena: Daughter of Zeus; she is the goddess of art, poetry, and wisdom.

  • Atropos: One of the three goddesses of fate and destiny. She is responsible for cutting the strings of fate.

  • Bia: A crisp name, inspired by the moniker of a Greek goddess of raw energy and force.

  • Brizo: A short and easy name; the inspiration behind this name is the prophet goddess, famed for protecting fishermen and sailors.

  • Calliope: She is the daughter of Zeus and known as the muse of epic poetry.

  • Calypso: We know this Greek goddess for her adventurous story of detaining Odysseus for many years.

  • Ceto: This name belongs to a primordial sea monster goddess.

  • Circe: The name of a revengeful goddess of magic, who used to transform her enemies into beasts.

  • Clio: This goddess is one of the nine muses. She is the muse of history.

  • Clotho: This Greek goddess has the power to spin the thread of people’s lives. She is the youngest of the ‘Three Fates.’

  • Demeter: A name inspired by the Greek goddess of harvest, agriculture, and fertility. How about using this name for a farm dog?

  • Dike: A catchy term derived from the name of the Greek goddess of justice.

  • Doris: An epigrammatic term that belongs to a sea nymph.

  • Eileithyia: This goddess was mentioned by Homer as the ‘goddess of childbirth’ or the goddess of the pains associated with childbirth. Since this name is long, how about shortening it to ‘Eilei’? It’s a beautiful name.

  • Eirene/Irene: A lovely name derived from the goddess of peace.

  • Electra: One of the seven goddesses borne of Pleione and Atlas.

  • Enyo: A minor goddess of destruction and war.

  • Eos: This name belongs to the goddess of morning or dawn.

  • Erato: A short and sweet term that belongs to the muse of erotic poetry.

  • Eris: The Greek goddess of chaos. It makes a great name for a naughty pup; it can also be an ironic name for a well-behaved pup.

  • Euterpe: The muse of poetry and music.

  • Fury: In mythology, she is known as the goddess of vengeance. It’s a great name for a fierce guard dog.

  • Gaia: Also known as ‘Mother Earth.’ Great name for a hunting dog.

  • Galene: This name belongs to the Greek goddess of calm seas. The perfect name for an emotional support pup.

  • Harmonia: A beautiful name that belongs to the Greek goddess of concord and harmony.

  • Hebe: A name that belongs to the Greek goddess of eternal youth.

  • Hecate: Greek goddess of magic, ghosts, witchcraft, and necromancy. Handpick this name if you get fascinated by such things.

  • Hekate: A name inspired by the Greek goddess of childbirth and wild places. Great name for a hunting dog.

  • Hemera: A name derived from the moniker of a Greek primordial goddess of daytime.

  • Hera: Goddess of all the goddesses, marriage, and women.

  • Hestia: A goddess that governs many good things, like—family, home, state, domesticity, hearth, and architecture.

  • Hygea: As the name indicates, she is the goddess of sanitation, cleanliness, and health.

  • Lachesis: One of the three goddesses of destiny, along with Atropos and Clotho. Why not pick these names for an all-female litter of three?

  • Leto: The goddess of motherhood.

  • Maia: This name belongs to a Greek goddess of the fields. This makes a great name for a hunting or farm dog.

  • Merope: One of the seven Pleaides.

  • Metis: Titan goddess of wisdom.

  • Nemesis: A name inspired by the goddess of retribution.

  • Nike: The name of a winged goddess of victory.

  • Nyx: This name belongs to a primordial goddess of the night.

  • Peitho: She is the Greek goddess of seduction and persuasion. Does your furry friend have the deadliest pair of puppy dog eyes?

  • Persephone: Goddess of the underworld. She used to be innocent and kind-hearted until Hades tricked her.

  • Pheme: Goddess of gossip and fame. Great name for a celebrity dog.

  • Psyche: In Greek mythology, she was known as an immortal lady who later on became the goddess of souls. Keeping in view her strong-mindedness, pick this name for a determined and loyal dog.

  • Rhea: The goddess of nature; great name for a hunting dog.

  • Selene: This soft-sounding name belongs to the goddess of the moon. She is also known as ‘Luna’ or ‘mother of vampires.’

  • Sterope: One of the seven Pleiades

  • Styx: As the name suggests, she’s the goddess of the river Styx.

  • Thalia: A concise term that is associated with the muse of idyllic poetry and comedy.

  • Themis: The goddess of natural law and divine order.

  • Thetis: She’s not just the goddess of water but also a prophet and a shapeshifter.

  • Tyche: The goddess of fortune and prosperity. It’s the Greek mythology equivalent to the classic dog name ‘Lucky,’

  • Urania: The goddess of astrology and astronomy.

Roman Goddesses

Many Roman goddesses are depicted as powerful and fierce, but also kind and gentle.

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Roman mythology was hugely influenced by the Greek mythology, so many of the deities they worshipped were the same, but the Romans had a few exclusive names as well.

  • Anona: This moniker belongs to the Roman goddess of harvest.

  • Aurora: The Roman goddess of sunrise.

  • Bellona: The Roman goddess of war.

  • Ceres: The Roman goddess of grains and agriculture. Perfect for if you are planning to bring in a new farm dog to protect your fields.

  • Diana: A term popular for multiple reasons (Princess Diana), this is also the name of a Roman goddess of wild animals and the hunt. How about using this name for a hunting dog?

  • Flora: The goddess of spring and flowers.

  • Juno: A name derived from the goddess of women in Roman mythology.

  • Mania: The name belongs to the spirit goddess of craziness, madness, and frenzy. If your canine companion tends to be overenthusiastic at times, this name is for her.

  • Minerva: This Roman name was inspired by the goddess of wisdom.

  • Pax: An easy-to-call name for your four-legged buddy. The name was inspired by the Roman goddess of peace.

  • Venus: A Roman name inspired by the goddess of love.

Celtic Goddesses

As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Celts had their own fair share of stories and theories regarding the world above. The Celts did not write their myths down on paper, but their stories survived all the same over the years because many people dedicated their lives to spreading them through word of mouth.

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If your pup is elegant, inspirational, and has a touch of mystery to her, you should choose a name from the list below.

  • Aine: The goddess of summer

  • Cerridwen: A Celtic goddess of magic, art, poetry, music, and astrology.

  • Epona: The protector of mules, horses, and donkeys. Great name for a herding dog, wouldn’t you say?

  • Gwenn: The goddess of motherhood.

  • Morrigan: A crow goddess of death and war.

  • Sabrina: She was a river goddess.

  • Sheila: She was the goddess of fertility.

Nordic Goddesses

According to the mythology, there are nine realms in total, and Asgard—the realm of the gods—is just one of them. Nordic goddesses may be powerful, but they are not almighty beings in the sense that they rule over only one of the realms.

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If your pup is down to earth yet no less inspirational than the other pups, choose one of these names:

  • Freya/Freyja: A sophisticated name that belongs to a Nordic goddess of beauty, love, wealth, and war.

  • Frigg: This name stands for ‘beloved.’ Frigg is the Norse goddess of marriage, wisdom, childbirth, and motherhood.

  • Hela: The goddess of the dead.

  • Indunn: The Nordic goddess of springtime and youth.

Egyptian Goddesses

Egyptian goddesses—unlike Greek and Roman goddesses who are often involved in humanlike intrigues such as love, hatred, and betrayal—are almighty beings who stand above human fallacies.

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They stand to watch over humans and dole out help or judgment as needed—that makes their names perfect for smart, capable, and watchful dogs.

  • Bast: The Egyptian goddess of cats.

  • Hathor: An Egyptian goddess whose realms of influence include music, dancing, and fertility.

  • Isis: A famed goddess of the Egyptian mythology.

  • Maat: The Egyptian goddess of balance, truth, and justice.

Hindu Goddesses

The stories of Hindu goddesses are closely interwoven with the world’s creation, the final judgment of right from wrong, and rebirth. If your dog is active, involved, and creative, here are a few names that may be suitable for her:

  • Durga: A terrible goddess known to have twelve arms. Each hand holds a different weapon.

  • Gauri: The goddess of marital felicity and longevity.

  • Kali: This word means ‘the black one.’ Kali is the goddess of death and rebirth. Handpick this term if you own a black canine.

  • Lakshmi: The goddess of wealth.

  • Parvati: Parvati stands for ‘she of the mountain.’ She is the goddess of devotion and love.

Other Goddesses

Each country or civilization usually has stories and theories of the realm of gods and goddesses of their own, so even if you couldn’t find a suitable name for your dog from the lists above, don’t despair.

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The list continues here to the far ends of the world.

  • Aja: A goddess of forests from the Yoruba mythology.

  • Anat: A goddess of fertility and war; she belongs to Semitic mythology.

  • Ariadne: Cretan goddess of fertility.

  • Cybele: If your pup enjoys nature, we recommend this name. Cybele is the Anatolian goddess of wild, mountains, and caverns.

  • Dione: Chthonic goddess of prophecy.

  • Gabija: This word stands for someone diligent and careful. In Lithuanian mythology, this name belongs to the goddess of fire.

  • Inanna: Of Sumerian mythology, she is the goddess of fertility, love, and war.

  • Ostara: Inspired by Germanic mythology, this name belongs to the goddess of spring.

  • Oya: Belonging to the Yoruba mythology, she is a warrior goddess.

  • Rhiannon: A goddess of horses from Welsh mythology. Great name for a herding dog.

Wrap Up

Choosing an extravagant name for your dog from the pantheon of mythology is a cool idea, especially for those who want a unique and traditional name. Still, there is one thing you must pay heed to—find a name that is fairly short and easy to roll off your tongue.

Summing everything up, mythology is a vast domain, and most of its names consist of multiple syllables. When it is about the name game, one to two syllabic words are highly recommended. That’s why we have focused on recommending shorter names in this article. We also hope that the inclusion of additional info like the meanings or their realms of influence has helped you in finalizing the best term of endearment for your bestie.

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Have you ever tried a goddess name for your pet? If yes, what was that name and why did you pick that particular name? If you have some other goddess name suggestions, feel free to share them with us. Post all your views in the comments section below.

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