Funny Dog Names: Amusing Names for Your Goofy Best Friend

John Walton
Written by John Walton

Some dogs are the quintessential example of grace. But then there are dogs that are basically a circus act on four legs. Whether you are a proud owner of one of those whimsical pooches or you just have a good sense of humor, choosing from our list of funny dog names when looking for the perfect moniker for your dog is a great way to brighten your day.

An inspiration for a funny name can be found anywhere. Just look at the world from your dog’s perspective; he/she definitely sees the world from an optimistic perspective, and that is exactly why he/she brings so much joy to your life.

Laughter helps us heal, makes people around us more relaxed, and helps us connect with others. This is what inspired us to make this article and help you find a suitable name for your lovable goofball.

Scroll down for a list of the funny names we’ve made for you to choose from. It is divided into several categories, starting with names inspired by movie or cartoon characters. We also thought funny human names for dogs are a great idea; after all, he or she is a part of your family. Then we have names inspired by your dog’s personal traits, and names inspired by food.

Funny Names Inspired by Characters from Movies and Cartoons

dog with a snowman on its head

Comic relief characters are usually sidekicks and support, but often they become more famous than the leads. This is because we grow so fond of their whimsical personalities that they outshine more conventional values like bravery or a handsome physique. You know your dog’s heart is full of joy and that is all that matters.

Here are some funny male dog names and funny female dog names for your goofy friend that will make you smile:

#1: Names for Male Dogs

  • Artoo Dogtoo. A comical spin for your beloved sidekick.
  • Baloo. The bear from The Jungle Book; this name is perfect for a big dog with a happy-go-lucky attitude.
  • Barkey the Bear. A perfect name for a big dog that likes to hike. Don’t miss out on our article on best dog carrier for hiking.
  • Casper. If your boy has a white coat and is forever childlike, maybe you should consider this name.
  • Chewbarka. Perfect for a dog that is so hairy that even you have trouble seeing which end is which.
  • Cousin It. A perfect name for a Yorkshire Terrier.
  • Django. He might not be chained, but when he gets unleashed, everyone has a good laugh.
  • Donkey. Daring, witty, and a bit cynical. This character from Shrek is funny but also very intelligent. Perfect for a dog that knows when to fool around, and when it is time to be all about business.
  • Dumbledog. A wizard of the Ancient School of Comedy.
  • Elmer Fudd. He really likes chasing wabbits, and it is personal.
  • Ferdinand. A story about a bull that would rather smell flowers than fight. Perfect for a large breed dog, with a gentle character and a sensitive nose.
  • Furdinand. Similar to the one above, but for a dog with a lush coat.
  • Genie. From Aladdin; a perfect name for a dog that always appears in the most inconvenient places.
  • Groucho Barks. He might not be much of a looker, but he has a hilarious bark.
  • Jabba the Mutt. If you are a proud owner of a mix-breed pupper that has an incurable obsession with food, this is a great name.
  • Kronk. Remember him in The Emperor’s New Groove? Just like this character, your dog seems clumsy and goofy, but everyone ends up rooting for him.
  • Maximus. From Tangled; a perfect sidekick and grumpy in a funny way.
  • Mushu. The clumsy dragon from Mulan. Does your dog wipe everything from the table with his tail and wreck your living room every time he romps around? Look no further)
  • Nibbler. The cute alien from Futurama; an ideal name for a dog that would eat just about anything that comes his way.
  • Olaf. A lovable sidekick snowman from Frozen.
  • Pumbaa. Warthog from the same cartoon. Clumsy, brave, and hilarious.
  • R2Dog2. He makes funny noises and eats just a bit too much, which leaves him looking a bit roundish.
  • Skybarker. Just like Luke, he is brave, he is blond, but he has something that Luke can only dream of—a bark that rings for miles.
  • Thumper. The bunny from Bambi. Because your dog does that cute hind leg wiggle every time you scratch his belly.
  • Timon. Meerkat from The Lion King; perfect for a small, playful dog.
  • Winnie the Poodle. Perfect for a sweet-tempered Poodle.

#2: Names for Female Dogs

white dog holding a green ball in its mouth

  • Femshep. Short for Female Commander Shepard; perfect for a herding girl. Check out our article on the best herding dog breeds.
  • Kazooie. A large female red bird from the video game Banjo-Kazooie. Perfect for a female Spaniel or Retriever.
  • Maggie. You have a sweet but quiet girl that always has a ball in her mouth.
  • Miss Piggy. Your dear missy is a lady with lush curves. She is also full of love, but has a strange obsession with frogs.
  • Miss Prissy. This goofy hen from Bugs Bunny is adorable in her own clumsy way.
  • Wilma. From Scooby-Doo, she is goofy and lovable. Such a perfect name for a female Great Dane.

Funny Human Names for Dogs, With a Spin

Dog looking like Sherlock Holmes

It is becoming very trendy to give dogs human names, but we think it would be even cooler if they were punny as well. Here are some human names for dogs inspired by celebrities, with a comical twist.

#1: Names for Male Dogs

  • Al Poochino. If you have a dog that is charming and funny, consider naming him after this famous actor.
  • Bark Twain. A cute name for an intelligent, playful dog that has a lot to say.
  • Brad Sit. This is a cute punny name because you can always include the “Sit” command while introducing your dog.
  • Chief Crazy Nose. A good name for a hound, because they never lift their noses off the ground.
  • Droolius Caesar. A perfect fit for a Great Dane, because they are unmatched in grace and beauty, but they do drool a lot.
  • Fuzz Pawlrdrin. Your dog is no astronaut but howling at the moon is one of his favorite pastimes.
  • Houndini. No leash or fence can hold your magical hound.
  • Kanye Westie. Perfect for a Westie with a joyful character.
  • L.L. Drool J. Perfect for a Molosser type of dog like a Mastiff or a St. Bernese.
  • Shakespaw. A funny name for a dog who likes to shakes paws with everyone he meets. He has good manners and likes to show off.
  • Sherlock Bones. Your dog has a thing with hiding bones and toys. Oh, and rediscovering them after a very long time.
  • Sir Francis Bacon. There is no better treat for a Good Boy than a piece of bacon. Just make sure to watch his weight, because those puppy eyes are hard to say no to.
  • Sir Licks-a-Lot. Because kisses are what makes the world go round.
  • Snoop Dog. What does that doggy‘s posterior do best? Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!
  • Weird Pawl. If you have a dog with a curly coat, who is also kind of socially awkward, this is a good name to consider.
  • Wyatt Derp. If your pupper has a prominent mustache but also a goofy nature, maybe you should name him after this American icon.

#2: Names for Female Dogs:

pug wearing wedding dress

  • Britney Ears. You keep thinking she is going to grow out of her ears eventually, but it never happened.
  • Calamity Jane. Your girl is sweet and loving. However, she leaves a trail of destruction behind her. Don‘t worry; it will get better with some training. We have some tips for you in our article on how to house train a dog.
  • J-Paw. A funny spin on J-Lo for your funny little dog friend.
  • Lady Dogiva. This countess rode naked through the streets of Coventry on a public protest.
  • Mae Westy. This is a great name for a West Highland White Terrier that likes to sing along.
  • Mariah Hairy. You have a gorgeous girl with a long coat? Why not name her after this charming singer?
  • Mary Puppins. If you have a sweet girl that is great with kids, consider giving her this name.
  • Mia Barker. She is gorgeous but will give you an earful in every possible situation.
  • Queen Elizabark. For a royal canine.
  • Sinéad O’Collar. Perfect for a hairless dog breed, such as the Chinese Crested Dog or the Xoloitzcuintli.
  • Vera Fang. After Vera Wang, a designer famous for her wedding dresses. A good name for an all-white dog.

Funny Names Inspired by Your Dog‘s Character and Appearance

white dog lying on coach

No one makes you smile and laugh more than your dog. Dogs are naturally funny because their existence is so optimistic and effortless. Here are some names that accentuate your dog’s delightful features.

  • 2munch. A perfect name for a very food-driven dog.
  • Barkley. He always has something to say.
  • Bean. A cute and funny name for a mini-sized dog.
  • Beanie Baby. Your puppy is so small that she can fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Bitsy. Perfect for a female of a tiny breed, such as Yorkie or Chihuahua.
  • Blizzard. When he starts running, he is unstoppable like a force of nature.
  • Brownie. Because he is your sweetling and has a brown coat.
  • Bustamove. After a famous rap song from the late 80‘s; a funny name for a sassy female.
  • Couch Pawtato. Your dog always has somewhere to be, and that somewhere is the couch.
  • Dice. For a spotted dog.
  • El Nina. She runs like the wind and breaks everything in her path.
  • Gimme. Your dog is always hungry and likes to beg for food.
  • Killer. Funny if your dog is a gentle soul that likes to avoid conflict.
  • Lady Lump. Your lovely girl is charmingly padded.
  • Laptop. Your dog‘s favorite place to be is in your lap, receiving lots of cuddles.
  • Licker. He or she loves to shower you with kisses, just to make sure you know how loved you are.
  • Liquorice. A suitable name for a black Great Dane.
  • Messie. She is very messy but you don‘t want to call her that to her face.
  • Mocha. A funny name for a brown girl with white patches on her coat.
  • Moon Moon. He is derpy but is definitely always invited.
  • Moose. A funny name for a Newfoundland with a chocolate coat.
  • Muddy Buddy. If your dog is just a glorified piglet and likes to roll in mud, this name fits him perfectly.
  • Muttilda. A funny name for your beloved friend.
  • Panda. For black and white dogs with an eyepatch.
  • Pawl. Your dog has huge paws and he/she is adorable.
  • Princess Pee. She is your princess but potty training is not going super well. You may want to read this how to potty train a puppy article.
  • Proton.  (If you have a tiny dog with a positive attitude, this is a perfect name.
  • Puddles. A good name to diffuse all the stress during potty training.
  • Purdy. Like “pretty,” but in a goofy version.
  • Screwball. He likes to screw around and there is always a ball involved.
  • Socks. If your dog has white “socks” on his hind legs.
  • Sticky. A good name for a needy dog that never leaves your side.
  • Stilleto. A perfect name for your girl if you have a passion for fashion.
  • Stinker. Let‘s just say that what comes from the rear end of your dog can be categorized as military-grade nerve gas.
  • Stretch. The way your dog sleeps makes you think he is made of rubber.
  • Stubs. Perfect for a breed with short legs, such as the Dachshund.
  • Subwoofer. For a dog with a deep and mighty bark.
  • Tank. If you have a giant breed of dog, this can be a good, funny name.
  • Tiny Tim. If you have a small dog with a joyful character, look no further.
  • Turbo. He or she is so hyperactive you are considering using them as an alternative energy source.
  • Underdog. Your dog prefers to be sneaky and his favorite places are under the table or the armchair.
  • Zilla. Calling her Godzilla might be a bit too much, but this might be perfect for a female of a giant breed.

Funny Dog Names Inspired by Food

two golden retrievers eaing hamburgers

Many dogs are very food-driven. Although it might be a hassle to train your dog not to beg at the table, motivating your dog with food is the easiest way to train them. A food-driven dog will do anything to get his/her favorite snack, and this can be used to your advantage during positive reinforcement training.

Here are some names inspired by dogs‘ favorite snacks.

  • Abram-Ham. Because your pooch is slim, tall, intelligent, and loves ham.
  • Butterball. She is incredibly sweet, just like butter.
  • Chilipepper. Perfect for a small red-coated dog.
  • Gravytrain. Because he loves to eat and is not feeling any shame.
  • Hamburglar. Ham mysteriously vanished from your table more than once, and you know who to blame.
  • Noodles. A funny name for Poodles.
  • Oreo. A funny name for a black and white dog.
  • PB&J. Peanut butter is a healthy treat for dogs, as long as it contains no sugar. If this combination is your favorite too, why not make it your dog‘s name?
  • Pumpernickel. A type of German rye bread; perfect for a dog with a brown coat.
  • Pup Tart. Like Pop tart, but sweeter.
  • Ramen. Funny name for a Japanese breed, like a Shiba Inu or an Akita.
  • Sir Loin. He is a gentleman and a gourmand who deserves a noble name.
  • Weinerful. A funny name for a Hungarian Viszla.
  • Woofles. Like waffles, but with a touch of dog.

Wrap Up

funny dog with its mouth on head

A funny name is a good way to show your humorous side, or that you are completely OK with your dog‘s not-so-graceful attitude. Maybe your dog is never going to be a peacock, but he will always be the one making you laugh. That goofy-looking Good Boy is your loyal companion—an eager sidekick and a bundle of pure love always ready to please you.

You two are a perfect fit—you both know how to look on the bright side of life and make the best out of every situation. Laughter is what helps us go through the thick and thin. Many people could learn from you.

Embrace your dog’s blunderous side, go have fun together, and make sure to choose a name that will bring you lots of laughs. Which name from the list above do you think has the potential to do that? Do you have any other ideas and suggestions? Share a good laugh with us in the comments section.

Before you go, do check out our article on designer dog clothes. Your cute and funny dog deserves cute attires.

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John Walton

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