French Names for Dogs: Find a Franco Name with a Certain «je ne sais quoi»

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Anna Smith
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French people love canines. There are multiple famous dog breeds with French origin—including the French bulldog, the poodle, the basset hound, and the Dogue de Bordeaux. If your canine companion is a sophisticated French breed, picking a name for them out of a list of French names for dogs will not only solve the name game quickly, but it will also be a respectful nod to their esteemed heritage.

There is a bevy of reasons why you should try giving your dog a French name. It is world’s most romantic language; no one can deny that there is a certain classy vibe and sophistication attached to it. Secondly, French names can be a great choice even if you do not have a French dog. French words are fun to pronounce. They roll off the tongue really smoothly. Practice a bit to polish your accent, and you will sound like an haute couture Francais(e) every time you call out to your dog.

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In this article, we have compiled a massive collection of French names for your canines. However, we understand that most of our readers are not French. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have not just categorized the names by gender, but we have also added meanings and references where possible.

French Names for Male Pups

Giving some thought to the dog naming process is highly recommended. When looking for a name for your male pup, you want a term that would improve the responsiveness of your dog and the communication between the two of you.

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Keeping that rule in mind, we have canvassed a comprehensive list of unique, French male dog names. Not only do they sound mesmerizing (we’re talking about the language of love after all), but French names are also uncommon, especially if you live in the USA, so your dog won’t have a problem distinguishing his name even if he’s surrounded by many other dogs at the time.

  • Adieu: A well-known French word that means ‘bye.’

  • Alsace: The name of a French province.

  • Amoureux: A French word for ‘lover.’

  • Amoux: This French word stands for ‘eagle wolf.’ Try this name for a hunting dog.

  • Andre: This word means ‘brave.’ It would suit any pup since every canine comes with his own story of bravery and valor.

  • Armand: It means ‘soldier.’ How about picking this name for your hunting dog?

  • Aron: This word means ‘mountain of strength.’

  • Aubin: A perfect moniker for a ‘white’ dog.

  • Baldoin: This French word means ‘brave friend.’ No one deserves this name better than your dog.

  • Balon: French word for ‘balloon.’ It’s a great pick for a swift or an always-happy dog whose paws don’t touch the ground.

  • Beau: This French word stands for ‘handsome.’ Is your buddy handsome enough to bear this name?

  • Beaufort: A name derived from a type of French cheese.

  • Bleu: This is the name of a very special French cheese. We recommend this name for dogs with grey hair.

  • Bonbon: It stands for ‘candy’ in French.

  • Bonheur: This word stands for ‘happiness.

  • Bonhomme: It literally means ‘good boy.’

  • Bordeaux: A French wine; its pronunciation is ‘boar-doe.’

  • Boulette: This word is derived from Boulette de viande, French for ‘meatball.’ Does your dog love meatballs?

  • Brie: An easy-to-utter name inspired by French cheese.

  • Cadeau: It is the French word for ‘gift.’ Try this name if you think your pup is a gift from above.

  • Café: A word derived from coffee.

  • Cassoulet: A name derived from a famous sausage and bean soup from France.

  • Cesar: ‘One with lots of hair.’ Isn’t it apt?

  • Chanceux: In French, we use this word to define someone as ‘lucky.’

  • Charly: This word stands for ‘man’ in French.

  • Clovis: A term inspired by the name of the famous King of France.

  • Copain: This word stands for ‘a male friend.

  • Descartes: René Descartes is the inspiration behind this name.

  • Dix: In French, Dix is used to recount the number 10. 10 is a special number for dogs. It’s reminiscent of the 101 Dalmatians.

  • Durand: It means ‘enduring and courageous.’ A well-suited canine name.

  • Eiffel: Of course, the inspiration is the world-famous Eiffel Tower. It’s a name everybody will recognize, but still unique because it’s rarely given to a dog.

  • Felix: The word stands for ‘lucky.’ Every dog owner is lucky to have a pup.

  • Flocon: Inspired by flocon de Neige, which means ‘snowflake.’ Perfect for a white dog.

  • Franco: ‘Of France’ or ‘someone or something that is related to France.’ Use this name, especially if you own a French breed.

  • Francois: The word means ‘free’—quite suitable for canines who are free-spirited.

  • Fredric: A French word to define a peaceful ruler.

  • Gamine: In French, we use this word to describe ‘a playful child’; that makes it an ideal name for an energetic canine.

  • Garcon: French word for ‘boy.’

  • Guy: It means ‘fighter’ in French. How about giving this name to K9 dogs?

  • Henri: This word stands for ‘ruler’ in French. It’s a strong, inspirational name.

  • Heureux: French word for ‘happy.’

  • Hugo: Inspired by the name of the French author ‘Victor Hugo.’

  • Jacques: It is the French equivalent of ‘Jacob.’

  • Jacques: As in Jacques Torres

  • Jerard: ‘Someone who rules by a spear.’

  • Joey: It means ‘joyful.’ Use this term if you believe your pooch to be the best cure for depression.

  • Leo: This word stands for ‘lion.’ A highly recommended name as every pup is brave as a lion.

  • Leon: Another French word for ‘lion.’

  • Louis: The inspiration behind this name is the famous Frenchman Louis Pasteur.

  • Luc: A word that means ‘light’ in French. Because dogs never fail to bring light to our dreary days.

  • Marquis: As in Marquis de Sade.

  • Marvel: This French word means ‘to amaze or to admire.’

  • Maxim: It stands for ‘the greatest’ in French.

  • Monet: A crisp French name inspired by the famous Frenchman Claude Monet.

  • Morris: It means ‘dark skinned.’ Try this name for a dark-haired dog.

  • Napoleon: Everyone knows who Napoleon is. An apt name for a petite dog.

  • Noel: ‘Christmas.’ Your dog doesn’t have to be born on the 25th of December to bear this name. If he is always cheerful and festive, this name is a good fit for him.

  • Noir: It means ‘black.’

  • Orville: This word stands for ‘a town of gold’ in French. Perfect for Golden Retrievers.

  • Pako: It means ‘free.’

  • Pascal: The word stands for ‘mischievous.’

  • Pepin: It means ‘little seed.’ Try this name for a cute, petite dog.

  • Pierre: This French word stands for ‘rock.’ How about using this name for a rough and tough dog?

  • Pistache: French word for ‘pistachio.’

  • Quincy: A catchy name that means ‘the fifth son.’

  • Ray: It means ‘regal’ in French.

  • Regis: ‘Someone who rules or manages things.’ Great for a future leader of the pack.

  • Ricky: This word defines someone as ‘strong and powerful.

  • Rififi: As the word means ‘trouble,’ use this name for a pup whose curiosity gets him into all sorts of trouble.

  • Rodin: Inspired by the name of a French artist.

  • Romeo: A name that would suit any dog who is ‘brave, loving, and strong.’

  • Russell: It stands for ‘little red one.’ Pick this name for your red puppy.

  • Theo: It means ‘gift from God.’

  • Tigre: Is your dog fierce and fearless like the ‘tiger?’

  • Victor: Inspired by the name of the famous author Victor Hugo who wrote ‘Les Misérables.’

French Names for Female Pups

Dogs are said to have an easier time picking up on names that contain one or two syllables—especially if the name has long vowels and hard consonants.

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Keeping that in mind, we have rounded up some catchy French terms for your female pup. Let’s have a look:

  • Aimee: This word is used to describe someone as ‘beloved.’ It would definitely suit a beloved four-legged family member.

  • Amie: This is the perfect word for your four-legged buddy; as it means ‘friend.’

  • Anais: The word means ‘grace.’

  • Belle: For those who own a ‘beautiful’ female dog.

  • Bibi: This word describes something (or someone) as ‘alive.’

  • Bijou: This catchy word stands for ‘jewel’ in French.

  • Bisoux: French word for ‘kiss.’

  • Blanche: It stands for ‘white’ in French.

  • Camille: This name stands for ‘a spotless virgin.’ Perfect for a pure, unsullied pup.

  • Catan: The word means ‘baby doll.’ The name can be a good fit for pups as cute as a toy.

  • Celeste: This word stands for ‘heavenly.’

  • Chamonix: It means ‘the beauty of nature.’ If your dog thrives in a natural setting, this is the perfect name for her.

  • Chanel: A stylish name inspired by the world-famous French perfume.

  • Cherie: This word defines someone as ‘beloved.’ Who could be more beloved than your snuggle bug?

  • Chloe: It means ‘green shoot.’ It’s a popular and elegant-sounding name.

  • Citron: French word for ‘citrus.’ Would make a catchy term for a yellow dog.

  • Coco: French bean or chocolate.

  • Copine: It means ‘female friend.’ That makes it a perfect fit for your girl dog.

  • Coquette: This French word stands for ‘a flirty girl.’

  • Corbie: Inspired by the name of a French river.

  • Cristal: A name taken from a type of French wine.

  • Éclair: A popular type of sweets.

  • Esme: ‘Someone who is loved and esteemed by others.’

  • Estelle: It means ‘a shining star.’

  • Etoile: It means ‘a star’ in French.

  • Fay: A name derived from the fae folk. Is your dog ethereal and flighty like a fairy?

  • Felicite: It means ‘someone lucky or happy.’

  • Fille: A catchy term that means ‘girl’ in French.

  • Fleur: A beautiful French word for ‘flower.’

  • Frizette: It means ‘curly wig’ in French. How about trying this name for a pup with curly hair?

  • Jolie: It means ‘happy’ in French.

  • Leona: Perfect for a female dog that resembles ‘a lioness.’

  • Lucie: It means ‘light.’

  • Lulu: Every dog is a warrior, so pick this moniker inspired by the name of a famous warrior.

  • Malbec: A catchy and unique name, inspired by a type of French wine.

  • Margo: Try this moniker for a white canine. It means ‘pearl.’

  • Marie: Inspired by Marie Curie—a scientist famed for discovering radiation. Perfect for a relentless and fearless dog that does what she has to even if it’s potentially dangerous.

  • Martel: A catchy term that means ‘hammer.’

  • Merlot: A term derived from the name of a French wine.

  • Mignon: We recommend using this name for a small and delicate pup as it stands for ‘delicate’ or ‘cute.’ It is pronounced as ‘menyon.’

  • Mimi: It means ‘faithful.’ It is also a slang for ‘cute.’ Is there a more suitable name for your dog than this one?

  • Mousette: ‘A little mouse.’

  • Ninon: It stands for ‘grace or favor.’

  • Papillon: French word for ‘butterfly.’ There’s also a dog breed that goes by this name.

  • Paris: Why not use the name of this romantic city of France?

  • Princesse: How about picking this name for your princess-like pup?

  • Reine: The word means ‘Queen.’

  • Rhubarb: A cute name that means ‘vegetables’ in French.

  • Rosette: It stands for ‘a rose.’

  • Sacha: This word means ‘the defender of man.’

  • Silvie: It means ‘from the forest.’

  • Soleil: In French, we use this term to refer to the sun.

  • Sorel: It means ‘red-brown.’

  • Vivien: A beautiful name that stands for ‘lively.’

  • Vulcan: A name derived from the moniker of a French butterfly.

  • Zoe: It means ‘life.’ The perfect name for a female pup who is always lively.

Wrap Up

Welcoming a new four-legged friend into your house is always a special experience. How would you call them? What name would go with their personality? There are countless dog naming options around, but the trends are ever-changing. Finding a name that’s far-removed from those everyday dog names is what most pet parents aim for these days. If that is the case, why not try some French names for dogs?

The French culture inspires style and sophistication in all of us. Most importantly, French words tend to carry a pleasant, melodious tone to them. Try speaking out loud, and you will see how fluently they roll off of your tongue.

French-Bulldog puppy playing with a toy

At the end of it all, we feel confident that the list we’ve created above must have come in handy in your quest to find the perfect French name for your canine companion. We hope you’ve managed to find a nice term that suits your dog’s style and personality.

Have you ever tried a French name for your pup? What was the name? We hope it is already a part of our collection; if it is not, please share it with us. We would also gladly receive any feedback on this article. Did you find it helpful? Just pen down your views in the comments box below.

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