Flower Names for Dogs: A Beautiful Name for a Beautiful Dog

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Anna Smith
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So, you’ve just added a new member to your family. We are certain that you would want to begin bonding with your new pet as quickly as possible, but before you can do that, you’ll have first to provide them with a name. That being said, we understand that this can be a very overwhelming task. You want to choose a name that says a lot about your dog. Additionally, you want a name that gets across a proper image of your dog. And lastly, you want a name that is distinct. Flower names for dogs check all those boxes, don’t you think?

There are tons of flower names available to choose from—some of them so well-known that the mere mention of it will conjure the image of a beautiful blossom, whereas others are more obscure and less common. Nonetheless, all flower names are beautiful, and they can effectively evoke a sense of uplifting tranquility in whoever hears it.

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Each flower also signifies different meanings and significance; therefore, we’re sure that you’ll find one that carries a meaning that suits your dog’s personality or characteristics perfectly. Contrary to popular belief, flower names are not just limited to a specific gender. There are plenty of unisex flower names too.

We have compiled a detailed list of flower dog names to make your search easier. These lists consist of distinct and meaningful names that your dog would gladly answer to. We’ll start the article off with a list of popular flower names—those that everyone is familiar with, but are nonetheless unique as a dog’s name. Then we’ll move on to unisex flower names. If not even that manages to fulfill your needs, we’ve got some less common names for you to browse through.

Popular Flower Names for Dogs

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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that most everyone loves flowers. Just the sight of them as we pass by a beautiful garden can lift our spirit. While all flowers are beautiful, not all of them are equally recognizable. Some flowers have features that are more distinct and memorable than others, and these are the characteristics that have made them popular. It is a good idea to name your dog after a flower that everyone recognizes, and right here, we’ve got a few examples:

  • Azalea: The azalea is now one of the most recognized flowers for landscaping in the US as well as other countries. It would make a great name for a dog you find very beautiful, as it symbolizes ‘excellence and feminine beauty.’

  • Begonia: This name means ‘pure innocence.’ It rolls off the tongue nicely. Also, begonia comes in all sorts of colors, so it’s a nice pick for a beautiful and cheery dog.

  • Belladonna: This is the name of a flower which is famous for being poisonous despite being so beautiful the name literally means ‘beautiful lady.’ It is also called The Nightshade. This is a wonderful name for your pooch if you are in search of something different and uncommon.

  • Daffodil: This is another outstanding flower name. It is Wales’ national flower. In the language of flowers, it symbolizes respect, rebirth, and new beginnings. It would certainly make a great name for a female pup.

  • Dahlia: Dahlia means ‘dignity and elegance.’ It would go well with any dog that has the ability to carry herself about elegantly—such as a showy poodle or a proud Doberman.

  • Daisy: Daisies have white petals and a yellow center. If you have a dog that is sweet with a gentle personality, this could be a great name for her. The meaning of this flower is synonymous with ‘quiet support and purity.’

  • Iris: Although not yet as popular as the others, this name is starting to gain ground. The name means ‘rainbow’ in Greek. It would make a great name for a dog that’s cheerful and always full of surprises.

  • Jasmine: This is an aromatic and delicate flower. It is a name derived from Yasmin—a Persian word which means ‘gift from God.’ If you truly believe that your canine companion couldn’t possibly be anything but a heaven-sent gift, then Jasmine is an ideal name.

  • Lily: Lily is a name often given to white dogs. It can also be great for any dog that possesses a pure heart. It is derived from a Latin word lilium. The flower symbolizes ‘beauty, innocence, and purity.’

  • Petunia: Dependent on the color of the flower, it could mean different things. The most common meanings include ‘passion, respect, and love.’ This would surely make a great name for a dog that respects and loves you wholeheartedly

  • Rosie: We would recommend Rose instead, but it’s way too common a name already, so we thought we could tweak it a little. This is a flower that comes with many meanings, depending on the color. A red rose naturally symbolizes love, yellow roses convey a friendly greeting, whereas white roses are usually presented to commemorate a new chapter in one’s life.

  • Tulip: As one of the most beloved and recognized flowers, tulips in general mean ‘perfect love.’ Individually, red tulips are linked with true love while purple is associated with royalty. These flowers are neither too romantic nor too bright or too small. It is great for a dog that is just right.

  • Violet: This beautiful purple flower symbolizes ‘loyalty’—a love that’s everlasting and unwavering.

 Unisex Flower Names for Dogs

black dog and buttercups

Most of the names mentioned above sound feminine, don’t they? That’s well and good if you’ve got a female canine companion, but what if yours is a male? Does he not deserve a flowery name? He certainly does. Here’s a collection of unisex flower dog names for your best bud:

  • Anemone: No, we’re not referring to the sea anemone. This is a flower which means ‘anticipation.’ It also symbolizes relaxation and would make an ideal name for any dog that you look forward to snuggling with on the couch after a long day at work.

  • Bluebell: The bluebell has been known to mean ‘gratitude and humility.’ True to its name, this isn’t a very well-known flower, despite being so beautiful. It would make a great name for a puppy who has a humble disposition. Additionally, they are linked with gratitude and constancy.

  • Buttercup: This flower is famous for being bright yellow. The meaning of buttercup is ‘joy and lightness.’ This name is so catchy, it’s commonly used as a term of endearment. Both male and female dogs will be able to wield this name with pride.

  • Clover: Everyone will tell you that a four-leaved clover is a powerful symbol of ‘good luck.’ Although this name is very recognizable, surprisingly, it is not a very mainstream name. Why not give your dog this name and possibly draw some good luck into your home?

  • Geranium: Derived from gerenos, which is a Greek word that means crane, it actually comes with many other meanings—most notably ‘true friendship and ingenuity.’ This would make a great name for a dog you consider to be your true friend.

  • Honeysuckle: This sweet-sounding name means ‘devoted affection.’ The honeysuckle also signifies happiness, and it would be a remarkable name to give a puppy or dog which has the sweetest of temperaments.

  • Hyacinth: Although it might not sound as gentle or as sweet as some other flower names, this one which means ‘sincerity,’ and it certainly will not sound out of place on a gentle and sweet pup. It would make an ideal choice for a dog owner in search of a flower name which is truly exotic.

  • Lotus: An ideal name for a dog that loves water because the lotus flower can often be seen floating on leaves on the surface of a still lake. Because of the feeling of serenity that it evokes, it is seen as a sacred flower by those that follow the teachings of the Buddha.

  • Orchid: This one means ‘beauty, sophistication, and love.’ The orchid is a difficult flower to cultivate because it can only grow in an environment that fulfills a very specific set of conditions. All that effort is certainly worth it, though.

  • Pansy: This is a great name for a dog with a demure and sweet personality. It symbolizes ‘admiration and love.’

  • Posey: Posey is slang for flower and would make a cute and quirky name for your puppy.

  • Tansy: Not everyone knows that there’s a flower called tansy. It is a name linked to ‘immortality and health.’ This would sure make a great and uncommon name for any puppy.

Other Flower Names for Dogs

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Couldn’t find a suitable name from the lists above? No worries. We’ve still got plenty to offer to you.

  • Abelia: Not a very well-known flower, but still pretty nonetheless. The name denotes ‘vapor.’ It’s fleeting, but it can be powerful. It ranges in color from white to red, with shades of pink in-between. It’s a gentle and soothing flower.

  • Amaryllis: In search of a showy flower name for your dog? You may want to consider the amaryllis. These flowers were known as the amarullis by the Greek, and it means ‘sparkling or splendor.’

  • Blossom: This is a common term derived from the Latin word flos which also means flower. If you love all flowers and don’t want to play favorites, this one can be a great pick; it acts as a middle ground. It’s a versatile name that is certain to make heads turn when you call out to your dog.

  • Freesia: Freesia is said to mean ‘friendly and innocent.’ Few adjectives can describe your canine companion better. This flower comes in all manners of striking colors.

  • Ivy: In the language of flowers, Ivy means ‘faithfulness.’ As a plant which is evergreen, it signifies a powerful affectionate attachment like friendship or love. It also signifies fidelity and eternity. If you have a dog that always wants to be around you, then this is an ideal name for her.

  • Lilac: This is a flower that has a host of meanings, but it is majorly linked to ‘showing affection or love.’ Lilacs stemmed in Southeastern Europe and were a well-known element of the Mediterranean culture.

  • Primrose: This one means ‘first rose’ and would make a nice name for any puppy. It’s a great alternative to the overly-used ‘Rose.’

  • Valerian: This one means ‘merit in disguise.’ It suits a pup that seems naughty or mischievous at first glance but is actually a pleasure to be with. It also suits a fierce-looking dog that’s a gentle giant in fact.

Wrap Up

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Every dog owner wants the best for their canine companion. This is because they are our true friends; they give us unconditional love. They readily protect us with their lives and provide us with companionship even when the rest of the world sees fit to leave us behind. They never hesitate to put their faith in us, and in return, all they require is that we give them some attention and love.

The easiest way to show the love you harbor for your dog is by giving them a unique and beautiful name. The list above shows some of the best flower names you can pick from. They consist of names that are uncommon and would certainly make your dog stand out from the rest. Note that the name of your dog can be selected based on their coloring, personality, and a host of other characteristics.

Certainly, we are aware that we have not fully covered the entire spectrum of the kingdom of flora. On a fair note, one list is not adequate to completely cover them all, but we have made sure to bring together some of the most appropriate and notable names that would suit any precious pup perfectly.

Do you have any additional flower dog names you feel we should be aware of? Kindly inform us in the comments section. Have plans to get a new dog or a puppy soon? Which of the names enlisted above do you find the most appealing?

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