Fishing Dog Names: Cool and Fun Names For Your Canine Fishing Pal

dog holding fish
John Walton
Written by John Walton

For dog owners who are also fishing enthusiasts, a canine fishing companion is both a friend and a valuable assistant—one who shares the frustrations and joy of fishing. If you’re planning to get a puppy to accompany you in your fishing adventures, won’t it be nice to give your pet one of the coolest fishing dog names?

Taking your puppy fishing with you means you’ll have someone to mind the net, at least when your pet isn’t having the time of his life playing in the water. At the very least, you’ll have company while waiting for a fish to bite. When your puppy loves fishing as much as you do, giving your pet a fishing-related name is simply fitting.

In this article, we’ll first talk about dog breeds that are known to be excellent fishing companions. We’ll then give you cool names inspired by fishing terms. We’ll also give you a great list of fishing slang you can use to name your water-loving dog. Lastly, we’ll give you some tips on how you can take care of your pet when you’re out fishing together.

Popular Canine Fishing Companions

Golden Retriever swimming with a stick

Some dog breeds are known to hate getting wet, while others love to swim every opportunity they get. Some dogs can’t sit still waiting for a fish to bite, while others are known to be excellent fishing assistants. Here are a few examples.

  • Golden Retriever. Originally bred for duck and fowl hunting, Golden Retrievers are known for their love of water.

  • Newfoundland. As working dogs, Newfoundlands helped their owners haul in fishing nets, so this breed is definitely familiar with the work needed when fishing.

  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is bright, happy, willing to work, intelligent, loves water—what more can you ask of your canine fishing companion?

  • Portuguese Water Dog. As the name suggests, the Portuguese Water Dog used to work in the water, helping fishermen herd fish into the nets. If you’ve got one, you can certainly expect your dog to help you a lot when you’re fishing.

  • Labrador Retriever. Athletic and playful, Labrador Retrievers can be trained to hunt and to retrieve fish, haul nets, and even fetch ropes.

  • American Water Spaniel. A sporting dog that can hunt anything that has fur, feather, and even scales, you’ll always have fun fishing with your American Water Spaniel.

  • Boykin Spaniel. A cousin of the American Water Spaniel, the Boykin Spaniel was also bred to live on the water and makes for a good fishing companion.

  • Irish Water Spaniel. With a coat that naturally repels water, the Irish Water Spaniel loves to swim and can easily retrieve your catch for you.

Cool Dog Names Inspired By Fishing-Related Terms

dog catching fish

Fishing enthusiasts have a language of their own that’s quite unique, sometimes technical, and simply cool. Here are some fishing-related terms you can borrow as your dog’s name.

AnglerA popular term used in reference to people who fish by hook and line
BaitAnything that's placed on a hook for the purpose of attracting fish
BladeAn essential component of spinner and spinner baits. Because your dog is a big, essential part of your life!
BobberUsed to suspend a hooked bait, it bobs when there's a bite
BucktailUsed as dressing to add bulk to a lure
BuzzbaitA type of topwater bait typically used for surface fishing
ChumFrom chumming, a fishing technique that makes use of bait or scent released into the water. Perfect name for your little chum
CrankIt means to wind the reel handle to retrieve a lure
CrankbaitA hard plug or lure typically shaped like a fish designed to be able to dive underwater
CrawlerA surface lure that's designed to crawl across the surface of the water
GaffA handled hook used to land a fish
GliderRefers to a type of bait that's jerked then glides in a zigzag motion. For fast dogs
HookA J-shaped metal wire attached to the line through an opening on one end, with the other end pointed for catching the fish
JerkRefers to a fast and powerful motion that's used to move a jerk bait
Jerk BaitA topwater or plug lure, usually lipped and shaped like a minnow, that dives below the water's surface when you jerk the rod
JigAlso referred to as bucktails, these are weighted lures rigged with worms, skirt, or a hair tail
MinnowUsed as bait for hook and line fishing
NarrowsA naturally narrow area in the water with a restricted water flow
PointLand that juts out into a lake, a natural habitat for certain types of fishes. For friendly dogs
PopperA type of topwater plug that, when twitched, makes a popping noise
ReelA device that's used to hold and spool a fishing line
RipRefers to a very fast pull on the rod
RodA pole used to catch fish
SinkerA weight used to sink a hooked lure
SnapA device tied to the line to attach or release hooks
SpinnerA type of fishing lure that has a rotating blade
SpinnerbaitA type of lure with spinner blades that is used to fish around stumps or trees
SpoonA lure with a metal plate and a hook
StingerAn extra hook that's usually used on spinnerbaits and attached behind the normal hook
StrikeAlso referred to as a hit, it's when a fish is attempting to take the bait
TeardropA fluttering teardrop-shaped lure
TopFor topwater which refers to any type of lure that can be fished on the surface
TrailerAn additional attraction for fish attached to the rear of a lure
TrapFor trapping which means to catch using a device like a cage
TrollFor trolling, which means to pull a lure from a boat
TwitchRefers to a movement of the rod to tighten a slack line
WeirRefers to an enclosure that's set in the water to retain fish

Fun Names For Dogs Inspired By Fishing Slang

dog and fish

There’s a whole dictionary of fishing slang that can be used as fun names for your favorite canine fishing pal. Here are several great examples.

AlbyFor albacore, a large tuna that's found in temperate waters; a great name for large fishing dogs
BarryFor barracuda, a large seawater fish with fang-shaped teeth; an excellent name for dogs with extremely sharp teeth
BoilRefers to the disturbance on the surface of the water that happens when large fishes are chasing smaller fish; a cute name for a dog that loves to chase anything
Bones or BonitoBonito is a marine fish that belongs to the Sarda genus and resembles tuna; another good name for a big fishing dog
BreezerRefers to fish that are just breezing or swimming through; a cute name for a fishing dog that's more interested in playing in the water than fishing
Bull BassRefers to a big calico bass; perfect for a yellow fishing dog like a Golden Retriever
CabinboyRefers to someone who's always sleeping in the cabin; a fun name for a dog that's always sleeping whenever you go fishing
CandyRefers to live squid or any preferred baitfish; a cute name for any fun female fishing dog
ChoviesShort for anchovies; a fun name for small fishing dogs
CondoRefers to a huge floating mat of kelp patty; perfect for dogs with fluffy hair
DinieRefers to small sardines; a cute name for a small dog
DinkMeans little fish; a cute name for a tiny fishing dog
DinoMeans large sardines; opposite to Dinie, this one's for huge dogs
FarmerRefers to someone who's always losing fish; a silly name for a dog that loves to chase fish but not actually catch one
FirecrackerRefers to a small yellowtail; another great name for a golden or yellow-haired fishing dog
FlattieRefers to halibut, a type of flatfish; a silly name for a flat-faced dog
FootballRefers to little tuna; a good name for a tiny dog with a big personality
GorillaRefers to a big tuna; an excellent name for huge fishing dogs
GrumpRefers to a big calico or sand bass that's too tough to eat; an excellent name for a huge, tough dog
HempRefers to a kelp patty or kelp bed
LongfinAlso refers to albacore; a good name for big fishing dogs
LunkerRefers to a big bass or a huge trout; another excellent name for a large fishing dog
MackRefers to mackerel, a large fish that's commonly found in the northern Atlantic Ocean
MossbackRefers to a large yellowtail; another great name for big yellow or golden-haired dogs
SkippyRefers to skipjack tuna, a medium-sized tuna; a great name for an active and lively fishing dog
SpookA finicky fish is sometimes called a spooked fish; a good name for a fishing dog that easily gets spooked
ToadRefers to any huge fish; a silly but fun name for a large fishing dog

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Fishing Safely With Your Dog

fishing with a dog

If it’s your first time fishing with your dog, it’s always a good idea to take some precautions. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your dog when you go on a fishing trip.

  • Leash your dog. Unless your dog is trained to fish, your pet may think that you’re throwing a ball or playing catch when you cast your line since the movements are similar. If you don’t want your dog to go chasing after your hook into the water, make sure you put a leash on your pet.

  • Don’t throw toys in the water. Unless you’re the only one fishing in your favorite spot, avoid throwing toys in the water for your dog to fetch. If there are other anglers in the area, playing with your pet like this might disturb their fishing experience.

  • Don’t let your dog near salmon or rainbow trout. These fish often contain bacteria and parasite that are poisonous to dogs. In fact, dogs are the only species that can get infected with salmon poisoning disease. If you’re going to let your dog go wade fishing, make sure you’re familiar with the types of fish in the area.

  • Use a closed tackle box. Although baits, hooks, and lures are important fishing equipment, you wouldn’t want your dog playing with them. To prevent your dog from accidentally getting hooked, make sure you secure all your lures, hooks, and baits in a closed tackle box that your pet can’t easily open.

  • Prepare one lure at a time. This is also to prevent your dog from biting the lure or getting hooked. Make sure that all the equipment you’re not using are securely stowed.

  • Choose a fishing spot with easy access. Depending on the breed of your fishing dog, your pet may not be accustomed to walking long distances. Labrador Retrievers, for instance, are vulnerable to exercise-induced collapse.

  • Keep your dog in your line of sight. Your pet may get too excited and investigate new sights and smells on his own. If your dog doesn’t stay out of the bush, he may be at risk of ticks, snake bites, poison oak transfer, and other dangers.

  • Make sure your pet doesn’t get heatstroke. Stay in the shade as much as possible, and make sure that your pet has his own supply of fresh water. If you can, take a rest during the hottest part of the day.

  • Check your dog for ticks and weeds. When you get home, make sure you give your pet a thorough rundown to see if he got ticks or weeds stuck in his hair or if his nails and footpads got hurt while you were on your fishing trip.

Wrap Up

dog and fish in the lake

Having a loyal companion whom you can rely on to keep you company and haul your net or catch is truly a joy. It’s even more fun when your pet has a fishing-inspired name. Do you have a favorite name for a fishing dog? Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions. We’d also like to suggest our next article on dogs with webbed feet. Is it a gift or a curse?

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