Exotic Dog Names: Pick the Most Fascinating Name for your Cuddly Companion

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Steven Wright once said, “I named my dog ‘Stay’ so I can say, ‘come here, Stay, come here, Stay.’” Naming your dog is not just a task; it’s a very special thing, and your dog is a very special companion. Therefore, they deserve a name that’s uniquely theirs—a name that resonates with their unique characteristics and personality. Today, pet parents are not looking for mainstream dog monikers such as Fido and Rover. They want to be able to choose from a comprehensive list of the most exotic dog names.

An exotic name could be an exquisite word from a foreign language or culture. It can also be inspired by an exalted character from an epic work. Naming your dog after a person hailing from a faraway country doesn’t necessarily mean that you are branding them in any way or that you want them to live in someone else’s shadow.

Chow Chow an exotic dog breed

In fact, that’s exactly the kind of thing we want to avoid. Not only would giving your dog an exotic name set them apart from the other dogs so there wouldn’t be any mix-ups when you call their name at a dog park, but at the same time an exotic name impresses upon you and your dog that’s it’s okay to be different.

Finding an unusual name can be an overwhelming experience. Narrowing all of the options down and finalizing one would not be easy. Let us do that for you. In this article, we have rounded up the best exotic names for both male and female dogs. We focused on names that inspired a sense of exquisiteness and grandeur. We have also added relevant info about these monikers such as their origin and what these names stand for.

Exotic Names for Dogs

Give your huggable buddy a name that suits him/her perfectly. We have enlisted a number of exotic dog names categorized by gender. We really hope that you will find the one (or as many as you like) unique name that seems tailor-made for your exotic dog.

Exotic Names for Female Dogs

Female dogs are aggressive by nature—but they only act this way because of their desire to protect you.

Image of a female dog

Give your smart, reliable, and beautiful canine friend one of these exotic female dog names that will make her feel like she’s the queen of a marvelous country or the monarch of an advanced ancient civilization.

  • Ada: ‘beauty.’

  • Adel: German name that means ‘noble.’

  • Adeline: This German word also stands for noble.

  • Adisa: A name from Ghana that stands for ‘a teacher.’

  • Airlia: A Greek word that means ‘eternal.’

  • Aurora: Inspired by the otherworldly aurora borealis

  • Ava: A Hebrew word that means ‘life.’

  • Aviana: It means ‘beauty.’

  • Aysel: A Turkish word that means ‘moonlight.’

  • Dafina: Swahili word that means ‘precious.’

  • Daria: It means ‘rich.’

  • Delta: A spot where the river meets the ocean.

  • Elise: A spiritual word that means ‘oath of God.’

  • Francoise: A French name that stands for ‘free.’

  • Giselle: A French name.

  • Gypsy

  • Harper: A British word that stands for ‘a harpist and minstrel.’

  • Keely: This name means beauty. This moniker has an Irish and Celtic origin.

  • Keiko: A Japanese word that means ‘blessing.’

  • Kenyatta: Kenyan word that means ‘musician.’

  • Kiara: It means ‘something pure.’ It originated in Scandinavia.

  • Layla: A word of Arabic origin that stands for ‘night beauty.’

  • Lilja: Of Icelandic origin, it means ‘lily.’

  • Lola: It’s a Spanish name that means ‘strong woman.’

  • Luna: The moon

  • Madeline: A French name that means ‘from the tower.’

  • Magnolia: The state tree of Mississippi.

  • Maile: The name of a Hawaiian vine.

  • Maya: Daughter of Atlas, a mythological character.

  • Mina: A Dutch name that means ‘protector.’

  • Monroe: A Gaelic word that means ‘mount on the river roe.’

  • Morgandy: It’s a Celtic name that means ‘a little one from the sea’s edge.’

  • Primrose: It stands for a flower. The name has a Latin origin.

  • Rahana: This name means ‘sweet basil.’

  • Rama: A Hebrew word that defines something as ‘exalted.’

  • Rayna: This Hebrew word means ‘song of the Lord’.

  • Rhamah: A Swahili word that stands for ‘sweetness.’

  • Risette: A French word that means ‘to laugh.’

  • Rochana: A Hindi word that defines ‘beauty.’

  • Rosabel: This nature-inspired Latin name means ‘beautiful flower.’

  • Rosalba: It is the Spanish word for white rose.

  • Rosalia: Popular Spanish word that means ‘rose.’

  • Sarita: It’s a Hindi word that means river.

  • Saundra: This Scottish word means ‘defender of mankind.’

  • Serena: This Latin word stands for ‘something peaceful.’

  • Serilda: This Teutonic name means ‘a woman warrior.’

  • Shanay: It is a word that defines ‘God’s graciousness.’

  • Sheela: A word of Hindi origin that means ‘kind.’

  • Shilin: Gaelic word that stands for ‘cherry.’

  • Sicily: Derived from a famous Italian island.

  • Siona: This Hebrew word means ‘at the height of something.’

  • Stalene: It means ‘bright like a star.’

  • Suri: An exotic name of Persian origin; it stands for ‘red rose.’

  • Surya: It’s a Hindi word that stands for the sun.

  • Syndy: A word that means ‘light.’

  • Taiyo: A Japanese word that means ‘sun.’

  • Talitha: An Aramaic word that means ‘a child’ or ‘a maiden.’

  • Tashina: This name is perfect for someone who is born on Christmas.

  • Tawney: An Irish name that stands for ‘a green field.’

  • Terra: This Latin word stands for ‘the earth.’

  • Theana: It’s a Greek word that means ‘goddess.’

  • Theola: Teutonic word that means ‘ruler.’

  • Thirza: It stands for ‘divine.’

  • Tierra: This word is used to define someone who has dark-colored skin.

  • Tira: A Hebrew word that means ‘camping.’

  • Toiya: It means ‘victory,’ and it’s a Spanish word.

  • Toshi: It’s a Tibetan term that means ‘auspicious.’

  • Trixie: It means ‘fun-loving.’

  • Umika: A Japanese word that stands for ‘the ocean’s fragrance.’

  • Valdis: A Norse name.

  • Vallita: A Finnish word that means ‘to rule.’

  • Venetia: This word stands for the city of canals in Italy.

  • Wanniya: An Amharic word indicating courage and spirit.

  • Westina: An English word that means ‘the western village.’

  • Winona: It’s a German name that means ‘firstborn daughter.’

  • Xylona: This Greek word defines someone belonging to the forest.

  • Yamini: A Hindi word that means ‘night.’

  • Yolanna: It means ‘violent hue.’

  • Zelphia: A word that means ‘wise.’

  • Ziva: Of Hebrew origin, this name carries the meaning of ‘splendor’ or ‘brilliance.’

Exotic Names for Male Dogs

For a boy dog, you should find an exotic name that not just suits his abilities, but it should also be a name that makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Image showing two husky dogs laying down in a sea landscape

Exotic male dog names must have a masculine appeal.

  • Adoni: A Hebrew word that means ‘lord.’

  • Adonis: The name of a Phoenician god; references are also found in Greek history.

  • Adrian: Derived from the Latin word ‘Hadrianus.’

  • Aesop: Greek fable writer.

  • Alam: Mayan word that means ‘Jaguar.’

  • Aldis: An exotic name of English origin.

  • Alistair: Greek word that means ‘protector of men.’

  • Ande: It’s a Swedish word that means ‘spirit.’

  • Apollo: Name of A Greek god.

  • Aramis: The third musketeer.

  • Ares: Greek war god.

  • Arnaldo: A Spanish word indicating ‘eagle power.’

  • Arsenic: ‘Poison.’

  • Asher: This Hebrew word means ‘happy.’

  • Athos: One of the three musketeers.

  • Atlas: Famous Titan from the Greek mythology.

  • Basil: An herb widely used in Italian foods.

  • Benison: An English word that means ‘blessing.’

  • Brayden: Celtic word that stands for ‘brave.’

  • Bron: A Dutch word that means ‘spring.’

  • Brutus: A politician of the Roman Republic.

  • Bryson: Of Welsh origin, this word indicates someone who is a descendant of Brice.

  • Burton: An English word that means ‘from the fortress.’

  • Caesar: Derived from Julius Caesar.

  • Calyx: Greek word that means ‘handsome.’

  • Cion: Gaelic word that means ‘affectionate.’

  • Clarence: The name of a 14th-century prince.

  • Costello: An English word that means “son of Oisdealbhach.”

  • Cruz: Latino word that means ‘cross.’

  • Dali: World renown Spanish artist.

  • Dalmar: A person good at English.

  • Dante: A name of Italian origin; it stands for ‘someone strong and enduring.’

  • Dexter: Someone who is fortunate.

  • Dion: It is a word from ancient Greece that stands for ‘independent.’

  • Doogle

  • Drake: It stands for ‘dragon’ in English.

  • Duke: A member of the nobility.

  • Dymond: A town located in Ontario.

  • Earl: A rank of nobility in England.

  • Einar: Of Scandinavian origin, it means ‘warrior.’

  • Eldon: A word of English origin, it means ‘old farm.’

  • Emrys: A Celtic word that means ‘immortality.’

  • Enze: This mandarin word means ‘to favor someone.’

  • Floyd: A Celtic name that stands for ‘grey.’

  • Fochik: Of Chickasaw origin, it means ‘stars.’

  • Fonzell: A Latin word that means ‘ready to fight.’

  • Franco: It means ‘Frenchman.’ It’s a popular name among Italo-Americans.

  • Gaspar: ‘Treasure keeper.’

  • Genghis: Derived from Genghis Khan.

  • Gev: It’s a Persian word that means ‘warrior.’

  • Givenchy: You can name your canine after this French designer.

  • Goliath: A character from the bible.

  • Guven: Turkish word that means ‘trust.’

  • Hades: Underworld king in Greek mythology.

  • Hamlin: Of German origin, this name means ‘to love your house.’

  • Hampton: A famous hotel brand.

  • Hannibal: A Carthaginian military commander.

  • Hasiin: It means ‘hope,’ and it’s a word of Navajo origin.

  • Hercules: Greek demi-god.

  • Hokama: Of Cree origin, it means ‘guide.’

  • Hopet: It is the Norwegian word for ‘hope.’

  • Hugh: It’s a German word that means ‘heart.’

  • Igloo: Inspired by the ice structure.

  • Ivan: A Russian name that means ‘God is gracious.’

  • Kellan: An African name that means ‘powerful.’

  • Kenzo: A word of Japanese origin; it defines someone as strong and intelligent.

  • Lakota: This Native American word means ‘friend.’

  • Lazlo: A popular moniker from Hungary; it means ‘to rule with glory.’

  • Lemuel: Of Hebrew origin, the word means ‘something that belongs to God’.

  • Leonardo: The name means ‘bold’ or ‘lion.’

  • Liam: Irish word that stands for ‘guardian.’

  • Lootus: An Estonian word that means ‘the bringer of hope.’

  • Magnus: It is a Danish word that means ‘great.’

  • Mariko: It means ‘straight’ or ‘true.’

  • Mathias: A Scandinavian name that means ‘gift of God.’

  • Noam: A Hebrew word that means ‘pleasant man.’

  • Norvin: It means ‘friend from the north.’

  • Nova: This name has two origins—Native American (means the one who chases butterfly) and Latin (means new).

  • Octavius: A Latin name that means ‘eight.’

  • Orlando: A famous character from Shakespeare’s play.

  • Parker: Of British origin, it means a park keeper.

  • Phantom: A name derived from the Phantom of the Opera.

  • Piper: This British word describes someone who plays the pipe.

  • Pirro: It means ‘red-haired.’

  • Porthos: The other musketeer

  • Ramesses: Name inspired by the Egyptian pharaoh.

  • Raviro: Of Shona origin, the word means ‘gift of God.’

  • Rex: It’s the Latin word for ‘king.’

  • Rocco: A short and punchy name, it is inspired by the Italian word ‘rock.’ It stands for something tough and long-lasting.

  • Runako: An African American name that means ‘handsome.’

  • Salome: It stands for ‘peace’ in Hebrew.

  • Sivan: It stands for ‘shepherd.’

  • Sumo: A name inspired by sumo wrestling.

  • Viking: Derived from the famous Norse explorers.

  • Vladimir: Well-known Slavic name.

  • Wallaby: A small, kangaroo-like creature.

Wrap Up

A few years back, pet owners were not as conscious about their dog’s name as they are today. Earlier, we had the most common dog names like Fido, Cuddles, Daisy, and so on. But today people are starting to realize that common dog names often become a source of confusion when in a public place such as the dog park. Also, your dog deserves a name that’s all their own. So it’s best to go with unique and exotic dog names.

Remember, most exotic names come with unusual pronunciations. So, don’t just pick a name at random. Read the whole collection thoroughly, and narrow down the few best names for your pup. Before finalizing one, it is best if you could try them all out first. Call all of them out loud and check how each rolls off the tongue. Pick the one that you find practical—also make sure that both you and your dog like it.

Image showing a black Swedish Lapphund

This piece was meant to help you out in finding an exotic term of endearment for your very special canine. We hope we have succeeded in doing that.

Have you ever named your pet with an exotic moniker? If yes, what was it? We would also like to know how you found our list of exotic names. Was it helpful and did you find the name that you were looking for? If you didn’t find the perfect exotic name for your dog in this article yet further research has revealed The Word to you, do share it in the comment box below.

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John Walton

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