Evil Dog Names: For Pups with a Dark Side

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Wyatt Robinson
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Your dog is mean. Actually, they’re more than mean. They are leaning on the side of being evil. They love to eat your prized possessions, chase after smaller animals for fun, and if they had it their way, you’d be feeding them live food. With all these being said, it sounds like evil dog names are right up your alley.

You’ve seen the light in them maybe once or twice, but you’re pretty sure that they have a black soul. Well, it’s time to pick a name which matches their personality.

Now, it could be that you just like evil dog names or that you enjoy evil characters from specific movies and shows; regardless, you need to choose an evil name. The good thing is that you’ve come to the right place, because in these lists, we’re going to give you symbolic, funny, and classic evil names for your pup.

You could just be browsing or seriously considering an evil dog name for your pup; whatever the reason, this article is full of names that you’ll love. We’re going to be showing you some of the best female and male evil dog names. We’ve broken up the lists into male and female categories in order to make it easier for you to browse through. But it’s important that you browse through both lists as there are some gender neutral names floating around—you wouldn’t want to miss out on a name that suits your pup best.

Female Evil Dog Names

evil dalmatian

You thought that maybe she was just a sassy girl, but now you’re seeing that this sass has a mean edge to it. But she’s your girl, and her dark side is the side you’ve learned to love. Plus, you get a good giggle out of it when people try to approach her. So, who’s the one that’s actually mean?

Before we figure it out, you’re going to need to give her a name.

  • Blair: it was one of the scariest movies of its time and filmed like a homemade video which made it even worse. The Blair Witch Project was full of yelps and jumps on the couch, which is shockingly similar to how you react when your pup scares you.

  • Buffy: she’s everyone’s favorite vampire slayer. Buffy is one strong girl who can kick the butts of anyone who challenges her. Of course, she only battles the bad guys and has fun while doing it. Sounds like your little pooch, right?

  • Carrie: does it seem like your pup knows everything that’s going on? But she’s just a little spooky about it? Well, it’s not like you can ask her; she’s a dog, but you’re getting some strong Carrie vibes from her.

  • Columbia: your pup is basically your biggest fan; you could say that she’s your groupie, and you love it. Columbia was also a groupie of Dr. Frank N Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Whatever it is that you do, she stands or sits by your side.

  • Cruella De Vil: if you’ve watched any Disney movies when you were younger, then 101 Dalmatians has probably crossed your path. She wore coats made of puppy fur, she was cruel, and she looked evil. She had eyes that could kill, she was Cruella De Vil.

  • Elvira: the Mistress of the Dark; she’s quirky, funny, and full of curves. What’s not to love. Elvira is a name that’s great for a full-bodied pup with lots of hair. She may be spooky looking to some, but to you, she’s the sweetest girl alive.

  • Luna: it’s the Latin word for the moon, which is kinda sweet, right? That is, until your pup is howling under the moon, creeping you out. But she’s just voicing her opinion! Let the girl speak!

  • Malice: your pup has a nasty streak in her; it’s just a part of her personality. She doesn’t like other dogs, she doesn’t like other people—you’re surprised she likes you. Malice is pretty much the perfect name for her. It just sums everything up in one word.

  • Misty: your pup has the memory of a peanut. However much you train her, she just can’t seem to remember anything. What are you gonna do? Embrace it. She kinda reminds you of the main character from Out of the Mist.

  • Morticia: if you’ve seen The Addams Family then you know who we’re talking about. With her dark hair and clothes, she looked evil, but in reality, she was a caring and loving mother and wife. Weird how that works out, right?

  • Persephone: she’s the Greek goddess of the Underworld; can’t get much darker than that. Your pup keeps herself low to the ground and doesn’t necessarily have that sparkle in her eye. Not everyone is lighthearted, and that’s why you love her.

  • Raven: it’s one of the darkest birds out there; it’s the symbol of death. Your little pup…well, she may seem cute and sweet, but she’s black as night and loves to observe what’s going on around her.

  • Rosemary: your puppy doesn’t look like she’s from this planet. Maybe she looks a little different from the other pups, or she acts oddly, but to you, she’s your baby. Why not name her Rosemary after Rosemary’s Baby? But you know…not the horrifying version.

  • Sydney: during the 90s, there were some scary movies being produced. Remember Scream? Yeah, how can you forget; it terrified everyone. Sydney was the female protagonist, and well, she was a fighter.

  • Wednesday: the daughter of Morticia from The Addams Family, Wednesday is a witty and quirky child with one giant dark cloud over her. She didn’t say much, but when she did, she meant it. If your puppy is one of few words, this may be the perfect name for her.

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Male Evil Dog Names

evil black dog

Are you terrified of your pup? Do you find yourself tiptoeing around him when it’s dinner time, making sure not to disturb him? Well, he’s not the nicest dog, but he’s your dog. We all have a dark side; he simply decided not to hide it.

In this case, you might as well give him a name which brings out his true colors—a name which also can be used as a warning for others.

  • Black: this one is slightly predictable, but it’s still one that deserves a spot on this list. Black can symbolize darkness and evil which is perfect if your pup has a dark side or is just a giant black fur ball. This is a name you can’t overlook.

  • Casper: he was a friendly ghost, so maybe Casper isn’t a truly evil name for a dog, but he was a ghost and ghosts are scary! Casper terrified people that didn’t understand him; however, you and your pup are on the same level.

  • Chucky: your dog doesn’t speak, but every so often, you catch yourself thinking you heard him say something. Well, maybe he is actually talking to you. Remember the movie Chucky? A killer doll that can talk? How could you forget.

  • Cujo: Stephen King wrote some scary novels, and Cujo was one of them. If your dog is a Saint Bernard or you just happen to love the film, Cujo was a huge dog that went insane. The description doesn’t do it justice because Cujo was a good dog before rabies hit, but we believe we should mention it on this list.

  • Dagger: your pup has a sharp set of teeth on him, and since he’s a pup, you’ve been nipped so much that you’re beginning to think that he’s a little dagger. Plus, it’s a great name if he’s a quick moving and agile pup.

  • Dexter: okay, okay, he killed people, but he killed bad guys…so that makes him good, right? Dexter is a great name for a pup who hates seeing injustice and will get himself involved in all the drama just for there to be peace.

  • Fang: your little guy has a sharp pair of teeth on him, and he isn’t afraid to use them. He’ll gnash through your pillows, tear up your shoes, and chew on your toothbrush until it’s down to a toothpick. Well, you better name him Fang.

  • Freddy: If you’ve seen a Nightmare on Elm Street then you were probably terrified, and the image of Freddy haunted you. But your pup is starting to remind you more and more of Freddy as each day passes. The long claws…the crazy face. If you look at Freddy long enough, he’s pretty cute.

  • Godzilla: so what if your dog has a big appetite? He likes food! Was Godzilla really that evil or was he just misunderstood? You can decide that for yourself, but as it stands with your pup, he’s just a giant meatball that people are scared of. Which is pretty cute actually.

  • Hannibal: your dog doesn’t eat people but throw him a raw steak, and you won’t see him for a couple of hours. He loves raw, bloody meat; he’s basically the opposite of a vegan and you love him for that.

  • Jack: if you love Halloween, then you definitely know the name Jack. Carving a pumpkin is one of the most famous Halloween activities; it’s also known as a Jack O’Lantern. But you don’t need to give your dog the full name; Jack is shorter, easier to say, and cute.

  • Jaws: named after the movie Jaws, how can your pup not be terrifying. Jaws is about a killer shark with crazy sharp teeth. Does it remind you of your pup? If so, then you have to name him Jaws.

  • Monster: well, this name goes straight to the point. He’s literally a monster. Whether he’s big or small, he destroys everything in his path. He’s your little monster, though, and you love him for that.

  • Napoleon: now, this guy wasn’t terrifying because of his size, but he had some wicked ways of conquering. Your pup isn’t that big; in fact, he’s a tiny little guy. But his bite is nasty. He loves to rule the house, and if you’re in his way, you’ll pay for it.

  • Patrick: have some VHS’s you need to return? Patrick Bateman is the main character of the movie Psycho, and well, he’s a plain psycho. You’re beginning to think your dog is a psycho too. And if you think he is, well, Patrick will suit him perfectly.

  • Poe: if you’re into poetry then you know Edgar Allan Poe. He wasn’t a positive guy, but his poetry hit the hearts of many. He’s dark, he’s depressing, and well, he kinda reminds you of your dog.

  • Rocky: he’s the monster from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but he’s less monster looking than anything on this list. Your pup is pretty—in fact, people frequently comment on his beauty. But deep inside, he’s one dark little guy.

  • Sasquatch: everyone is scared of the fact there may be a sasquatch out there in the deep woods, but let’s face it—you’ve found a sasquatch, and he’s your dog. He’s huge, chunky, and you’re terrified of his farts. That sounds like a sasquatch, right?

Wrap Up

evil hairy dog

While going through the list of evil dog names, we hope it inspired you and helped you narrow down your choices. This list is full of strong, dark, and tough names for your pup. Whether you want a name which truly brings out their dark side or something more ironic, you’ll be able to find the perfect name for your pup on this list.

Did you find a suitably evil name on our list for your quirky canine companion? Does your dog exhibit evil in unique ways, and did it inspire you to come up with some other evil dog names? Do share that information and your opinion in the comments section below! And check out our article on how to train a stubborn dog next so you can make them behave when you really need to.

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