Elegant Dog Names: A Touch of Sophistication

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

If you’re here, then perhaps we can safely assume that you’ve just adopted a new dog. Congratulations! Now you just have to name him. Since the new pup is so cute, all your friends and families are telling you to give him names like “Snugglebug” or “Lucky,” but you’re not so sure. The pup may be small, but he has the aura of a noble. You think he might grow up to be a sophisticated leader of the pack, and kiddy names just won’t do. Well then, how about some elegant dog names?

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Dog names that sound classy and elegant never go out of style. They come with a feel of romance and dignity. Those having an issue with the length, these names can easily be shortened into catchier and sassy terms. Secondly, their chicness and uniqueness have the power to attract the focus of the people around, without being too foreign or unrecognizable.

Looking for a massive collection of elegant dog names under a single roof? You’re in the right place. We don’t just list the names; we also share related info and meanings where possible to make the name game easy and fun for you. Scroll down to find some of the best dog names with a touch of sophistication.

Elegant Names for Female Pups

Are you looking forward to giving your girl dog a name that evokes grace and nobility? Then you are in the right place. We have elegant names for gents too, but we’re going to abide by the rules, so ladies first!

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  • Abigail: This sophisticated name is of Hebrew origin. It means ‘father is rejoicing.’ It’s quite long, but rejoice—you can easily shorten it to ‘Abby.’

  • Ada: This Germanic word defines someone as ‘noble or kind.’ A very elegant and easy-to-utter name.

  • Adelaide: A Germanic word that means ‘noble and kind.’

  • Adele: A Germanic word, it stands for ‘noble.’

  • Ainsley: A Gaelic word that means ‘a hermitage at the clearing in the woods.’ It evokes an aura of mystery and sophistication, does it not?

  • Alexandria: An exotic Greek name that means ‘defending man.’

  • Alice: A short name that defines someone as ‘kind and noble.’

  • Allegra: Are you a music lover? Try this name out as it stands for ‘a musical note.’

  • Amy: A catchy French name that means ‘loved.’

  • Anabelle: This elegant name means ‘grace.’ It might be a bit synonymous with that one creepy, possessed doll these days, but perhaps your dog can clear out its bad rep with her joviality.

  • Angelica: It is a Latin name; use it for your ‘little angel.’

  • Annette: This Hebrew word stands for ‘grace.’

  • Aria: A catchy name, it means ‘lion of God’.

  • Audrey: Of English origin, this word means ‘strength.’ It’s a great name for an adorable yet competitive show dog.

  • Aurelia: This name means ‘golden child.’

  • Aurora: A Latin word that means ‘dawn.’

  • Beatrice: Are you looking for a name with a royal flare? Try this one. It means ‘blessed.’

  • Bernice: This word defines ‘someone who brings victory.’ How about picking this name for a show or race dog?

  • Bethany: The word means ‘from a fig house.’ It can be shortened to Beth.

  • Bianca: This catchy name stands for ‘white.’

  • Brigitte: Of Gaelic origin, this name is derived from the name of a Celtic goddess.

  • Camilla: A regal name that means ‘free born.’ Imagine your dog dancing and prancing freely across the plains or a field of flowers. What could possibly be more elegant than that?

  • Caroline: A meaningful term, it stands for ‘free man.’

  • Clementine: Derived from a Latin word, this term means gentle or mild. It’s a bit long, so we recommend you shorten it to a unique and affectionate term. How about Clemey?

  • Cordelia: A name full of dignity, it means ‘daughter of the sea.’ Can your dog swim elegantly? It’s also a great name for dogs that love to go to the beach.

  • Crimson: It’s commonly used as a symbol of bravery and dignity.

  • Daphne: A term that easily rolls off the tongue; it stands for ‘laurel.’

  • Delilah: A Hebrew name that stands for ‘delicate.’

  • Diana: No name has more of a royal credential than this one. This beautiful name stands for ‘divine.’ It’s fit for a princess.

  • Dior: It means ‘golden.’ This name also brings to mind some very elegant fashion statements.

  • Eleanor: A graceful name that means ‘shining light.’

  • Evelyn: This name is inspired by the French name Aveline.

  • Florence: A pretty name that would suit a cute furry ball. It means ‘blossoming or pretty.’

  • Genevieve: King Arthur’s wife was perhaps one of the most elegant women in the annals of history.

  • Grace: This fairly short name is derived from the Latin word ‘gracias’; it means ‘thanks.’

  • Gwyneth: Of Welsh origin, this name means ‘happiness.’ Get on with this name if your four-legged friend is a source of immense pleasure for the whole family. Want a shorter version? Try Gwen.

  • Helen: An elegant name in the truest sense of the word; of course, it is derived from ‘Helen of Troy.’

  • Hermione: A popular name with its roots going back to the Greek mythology.

  • Isabella: An elegant name derived from the Spanish term ‘Elizabeth.’

  • Janice: An adorable name that means ‘gift of God’.

  • Juliet: Pick out this name for no other reason but your admiration for Shakespeare.

  • Katherine: A name with Greek roots, it means ‘purity.’ You can also use the byname ‘Kathy.’

  • Louisa: This term has Latin origins. It stands for ‘famed warrior.’ It can make a nice name for a female K9 dog.

  • Lucinda: This one is a sweet name with an air of sophistication. It means ‘light.’ Call her Lucy, if you like.

  • Lydia: This moniker is originally derived from the name of an ancient kingdom in Western Asia Minor.

  • Madeline: A classy name that is inspired by Magdalene.

  • Nala: This name is derived from a graceful and brave lioness in Disney’s ‘The Lion King.’

  • Olivia: An epigrammatic name that is inspired by ‘the olive tree.’

  • Penelope: Inspired by the Greek mythology, this elegant name belongs to the wife of Odysseus.

  • Rebecca: This one is a Hebrew name. The name originally belongs to the wife of Isaac.

  • Roisin: This one is a name from Ireland; it means ‘a beautiful rose.’

  • Sarabi: The wife of Mufasa in ‘The Lion King.’

  • Stana: Inspired by Stana Katic, a Serbian-Canadian movie star.

  • Viola: A name inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night.’

  • Vivienne: A vivacious name that stands for ‘alive’; it has French origins.

Elegant Names for Male Pups

Choosing pet names that capture grace and dignity is always trendy. Trying to handpick a term of endearment that reflects a dignified and royal feel? Read on to find the best of them all.

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  • Abraham: This royal word has a Hebrew origin, and it stands for ‘the father of nations.’

  • Addison: An English word by origin, it means ‘son of Adam’.

  • Adrian: A Latin word that means ‘from Hadria’

  • Alan: This is a Gaelic word that stands for ‘rock.’ Pick out this name for a strong and rock-solid breed.

  • Albert: This name defines someone as ‘bright and noble’; well-suited adjectives for dogs.

  • Alden: A snappy term that stands for ‘an old friend’; who else other than your canine is worthy of this meaningful name?

  • Alexander: A Greek term that means ‘defending men.’

  • Alfred: An English term, it means ‘elven counsel.’

  • Anderson: Of Swedish origin, it means ‘male.’

  • Andrew: This one is a Greek term that means ‘warrior.’ How about using this name for a K9 dog?

  • Anthony: A famous Italian name, it is easy to pronounce. It means ‘praiseworthy.’

  • Ashby: A graceful name that means ‘from the ash tree.’

  • Asher: This Hebrew word states someone as ‘fortunate.’ Every pet owner feels lucky to have such a loyal buddy, so, don’t hesitate to go for this name!

  • Atticus: A stately name that means ‘man of Attica.’

  • August: A Latin name that means ‘venerated.’

  • Augustus: A heavy name that would suit a strong-looking dog. It stands for ‘great.’

  • Baldwin: With old French and old German roots, this term means ‘a friend, both bold and brave.’

  • Balto: An elegant name inspired by the moniker of a historically-famous canine. Balto was a Siberian husky sled dog.

  • Barden: This succinct name stands for ‘living near the boar’s den.’

  • Barnaby: A stylish name that means ‘the son of prophecy.’

  • Bijou: An elegant name from France; it means ‘jewel.’

  • Bradford: An English word that means ‘a wide river crossing.’

  • Bradley: A short and sweet name that means ‘vast meadow.’

  • Broderick: A name that sounds regal; it means ‘brother.’

  • Cielo: An Italian term that means ‘sky.’ The soft consonant and ‘o’ ending make it easy to pronounce.

  • Clarence: An English word that defines something as ‘bright.’ A good choice for an active and easy-to-train pooch.

  • Cronus: A name derived from the Greek mythology.

  • Cyril: A concise name that means ‘lord.’

  • Dario: A brief name that means ‘possessor of good.’

  • Diego: A Spanish name that sounds epigrammatic

  • Dorsey: A catchy name inspired by the name of an American football player ‘Richard Elmer’ Joey.

  • Dover: Though it is the name of a town in South East England, it would make a great dog name as well? It sounds close enough to “Rover,’ but less common.

  • Duncan: This one is a Scottish name and would suit a cute but large-sized dog.

  • Dylan: A Welsh name that means ‘the son of the seas.’

  • Eragon: A dragon rider in a famous storybook entitled the same.

  • Geraldo: This Spanish name is inspired by Gerald. It means ‘someone who rules with a spear.’

  • Griffin: yet another name that sounds appealing. It stands for ‘strong lord.’

  • Gustav: This one is a Scandinavian name; it means ‘leader of the tribe.’

  • Hanson: This name means ‘son of Hans’. It sounds really crisp and masculine.

  • Hopper: A name inspired by the name of a realist painter from America.

  • Hugo: This name means ‘mind or heart.’ Pick this name for a pup who is close to your heart.

  • Ian: Those looking for a short name for their newly-welcomed pup, this one is the best. It means ‘God is gracious.’

  • Jean: Of Hebrew origin, it means ‘God is gracious.’

  • Johan: Of Hebrew origin, this one also means ‘God is gracious.’

  • Lawrence: A refined and elegant name, it means ‘from Laurentum.’

  • Lawson: An easy-going name that means ‘the son of Lawrence.’

  • Leopold: Of German origin, this name stands for ‘bold people.’

  • Loras: A name inspired by Sir Loras Tyrell—a character from the book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’

  • Marvel: It means ‘miracle.’

  • Matteo: This simple-sounding name is the Italian version of Matthew. It stands for ‘gift of God.’

  • Merlin: A very talented sorcerer in the Arthurian legend.

  • Miles: A name with a vibe of elegance; it means gracious’.

  • Mungo: This one is a Welsh name that means ‘gentle.’

  • Oliver: A cool and short name that is derived from ‘olive.’

  • Orson: This name would suit a pup who is as cute as a ‘bear cub.’

  • Owen: Of Celtic origin, this name stands for ‘noble’ or ‘young warrior.’

  • Quincy: A snappy term, it means ‘estate of the fifth son.’

  • Rufus: A concise name that means ‘red-haired.’

  • Rupert: This one is a German name that means ‘bright.’

  • Sanders: A fab name with suitable meaning; it stands for ‘defender of mankind,’ and we all know how canines have been defending humans for ages.

  • Theodore: A regal name that stands for ‘gift of God.’

  • Tudor: A name with historical significance, and it practically screams ‘royalty.’

  • Vincent: A catchy name that defines ‘someone who conquers all.’ How about trying this name for the pup who has conquered your heart?

  • Xavier: This one is a Spanish name. It means ‘new house.’ It can be used for a pup who is new to your house.

Wrap Up

Elegant names aren’t the most common of options, what with people usually categorizing puppies as cute or endearing instead; what many people don’t realize is that pups will grow into elegant names better as their appearance gradually matures. No doubt singling out an elegant name is one of the best options to go with.

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Summing up our article, we hope we have helped narrow down your options to a few names. Now all you need to do is finalize that one term. The monikers canvassed here not only bear grace and elegance, but they are also catchy and easy to pronounce. And most importantly, your pup would easily get familiar with these gentle-sounding names.

Have you ever tried an elegant name for your pup? How was that experience for you? Let us know how you found this piece. Did it help in landing an elegant name for your new snuggle bug? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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John Walton

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