Drink Names for Dogs: Shaken, Not Stirred

John Walton
Written by John Walton

Choosing a dog name isn’t easy. You want a name that truly captures their personality and how people perceive them. You have thousands of names to choose from, all from different categories and meanings, but if you’re someone who wants to have fun picking out a name—if you enjoy your weekends at the bar, a beach party, or on the dance floor with your favourite drink in your hand, then why not choose from our list of drink names for dogs?

Maybe you want to name your dog after your favorite drink, or if you’re a bartender, pay homage to your craft. Or if you like the way the name sounds, go for it. Drink names for dogs have this effect of making people smile when you hear them or call out their name. Plus, when you’re at the dog park, you can use their name as a way to start a conversation. It won’t take much to have people talking when you name your dog Mojito.

Whatever the reason you have for naming your dog after a drink, you can be sure that your dog will be the unique one at the park.

In this article, we’re going to show you a variety of drink names for dogs. With each name, you’ll get to know the origin and meaning so that you choose the right name for your dog. In addition, we also divide the list by gender, so you don’t have to go through all of them, though we suggest that you do—there are some names which are gender neutral.

Male Drink Names for Dogs

puppy drinking beer

Most of us, when thinking of drinks for a male dog, associate it with beer. Now, let’s not be mistaken; there are some great beer-inspired names for your dog. However, there’s also a strong variety of names here which suit all the different personalities that male dogs have.

  • Ale: if you’re a beer lover, then you know all about Ale. This beer is special as it’s made with a different fermentation method, giving it a fruity flavor. For beer lovers with dogs that have light and bubbly personalities, Ale is a great match.

  • Budweiser: your dog may not be interested in wearing fancy dog coat or boots when it’s cold outside—all that he wants to do is jump into the nearest puddle and play with his friends. Budweiser is the perfect name for a farm dog that doesn’t care about sitting at cafes with his owner. He wants to chase cows and herd sheep!

  • Cosmo: naturally, if you’re a fan of Sex in the City you’ll know this drink very well. Cosmo is short for “Cosmopolitan,” and was highly popular in the ‘90s. This drink is a combination of vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice. If you’re nostalgic about the ‘90s, then why not name your dog after one of the most flavorful drinks.

  • Grey: short for Grey Goose, this is a French vodka. It just looks cool. All the cool people drink it, and you can see it in all the photos where the celebrities are. Your dog may be the “cool kid”—the one that the other dogs want to be, and the other owners wish they had.

  • Guinness: it’s a bold beer for a bold dog. If your dog is full of courage and heart, then he needs a name that’ll fit him perfectly.

  • Harvey Wallbanger: This is a cute name for any male dog. It’s a classic drink and gives the dog a “professional” vibe. It’s basically a screwdriver with Italian liqueur Galliano. Hey, that’s not a bad name either for a dog—Galliano. This cocktail was huge in the ‘50s, so if you want to give your dog a retro, Mad Men vibe, then this is the perfect name.

  • Hennessy: this is a smooth drink. It oozes class and sophistication. You’re not chugging this drink down—you’re sipping it while smoking a cigar. Maybe your dog has an old man vibe—one that spends his time observing people around him without saying much.

  • Jager: it’s a hearty drink originating from Germany. It’s an ideal name for hunting dogs and those that don’t mind roughing it in the woods.

  • Johnnie Walker: for whiskey lovers around the world, everyone knows about Johnnie Walker. It’s a luxury whiskey which is an ideal name for dogs who have arrogance in their step.

  • Julep: Mint Julep—the name is great for those with a smaller dog, such as a Miniature Poodle. If your small dog has a lot of spunk and personality, this is the perfect name to bring it out of them.

  • Loko: if you’ve ever tried Four Loko, then you’re aware of how crazy this drink is. Drinking one Four Loko is equivalent to having four beers and five cups of coffee. If your dog is a hyper, bounce-off-the-walls Jack Russell, then this will fit him to a T.

  • Merlot: does your dog think he’s better than the rest? Does he have a slight air of sophistication when he’s walking down the street? Well, then the name Merlot will fit him perfectly. It’s a name that fits a specific dog—one that knows his value.

  • Molson: if you’re a fan of Canadian beer or are a Canadian, then you know about Molson beer. It’s a crisp beer that leaves you feeling fresh. When you’re around your dog and he makes you feel full of life and energy, well, he’s definitely a Molson.

  • Negroni: This name has a great ring to it, right? This is a cocktail which originated in Florence, so, if your dog is of Italian descent, then why not give him a traditional Italian name. This name works exceptionally well with Bolognese and Italian Pointers.

  • Pimms: Pimms is named after the British liquor that’s usually mixed with cocktails such as Pimms Cup and Cloud Berry Pimms. If you have a light-hearted and loving dog, then this name will chime perfectly when you call him.

  • Rob Roy: if you’re a fan of Scotland, then why not celebrate this famous Scottish folk hero by naming your dog after him. Rob Roy, aside from being a hero, is a cocktail made of mostly whiskey and vermouth. It was created back in 1894 by a bartender in New York City. This name would fit perfectly with a Scottish Terrier or a Shetland Sheepdog.

  • Sazerac: A classic New Orleans drink from the 1850s. It’s a combination of Herbsaint, Sazerac Rye Whiskey, and bitters. Let’s just say; it’s not a casual drink that you’d have with a friend. This drink is a real drink. So, you should give your dog this name if he has a specific presence when he walks into the room.

  • Toddy: This is short for “Hot Toddy,” which is a drink that’s a combination of honey, whiskey, and spices. It’s heated up and great on a cold winter’s day. If you have a fluffy dog or one that loves the cold weather, then this name will certainly hit him well.

  • Tom Collins: When he’s been a bad boy, you can use his full name: Tom Collins. However, when you two are just hanging out, you can use either “Tom” or “Collins.” Plus, it gives an old English flare to your dog.

Female Drink Names for Dogs

pug drinking coctail

Whether your dog is a princess or a woman who doesn’t mind getting her paws dirty, drink names can compliment a variety of personalities. Some being more feminine while others quirkier, there’s a name for every pup.

  • Amaretto: a sweet Italian liqueur; Amaretto is bitter, yet sweet—the best name for a female dog that has a sweet side, but when needed, will defend her territory.

  • Bacardi: now, Bacardi is a party drink. It’s held in the hands of guys and girls that like to have a good time and let loose. If your dog is the one who’s always the life of the party at the dog park, then you need a name that’ll let her shine.

  • Bailey: an Irish cream liqueur, Bailey is smooth and creamy. It’s the drink that you pull out of your cabinet to impress your friends. If your dog is your pride and joy—the one you center your life around—then she needs a name which matches that.

  • Bellini: a cocktail made of Prosecco and peach puree; this is an Italian classic. It’s a cocktail that you’d drink on a hot summer’s day while laying by the pool. It’s fresh, it’s fruity, but it’s not in your face. This is the name for your perfect right-hand dog.

  • Bombay: it’s the top of its class when it comes to the gin family. This name is perfect for those dogs that you can never quite figure out what they’re thinking. They could be playing the mysterious card, or they could be plotting how to kill you, either way.

  • Brandy: this name isn’t for the light-hearted. It’s a heavy drink that contains 35-60% alcohol. Most people drink Brandy after dinner in order to ease through the rest of the night. If your dog helps you get through the day, then she is basically a shot of Brandy.

  • Corona: your dog likes watching the baseball game next to you while you rub her tummy. Does she understand what she’s watching? No, she’s just enjoying the time she’s spending with you, hanging out on the couch.

  • Daiquiri: everyone knows what a Daiquiri is and everyone, once hearing the name, will know that this name is based on a cocktail. It’s a name that suits any type of dog, regardless of their breed, just as long as she has a bubbly personality.

  • Jameson: this is the whiskey that’s poured in every bar around the world. It’s everywhere because people love it. People love drinking Jameson. For dogs that make you feel amazing and loved, then Jameson is the name for them.

  • Kahlua: another Mexican classic, Kahlua originated in Veracruz, Mexico, in 1936. It’s one of the most popular coffee liqueur in the world and with good reason. It’s smooth and creamy, adding slight spice to your coffee. If your dog is a little bit of a tease and but also has a sensual personality, then you need to name her Kahlua.

  • Margherita: when you’re around your dog you feel like you’re on cloud nine. It’s like you’re on holiday in a Mexican resort. If that’s how you feel, you definitely need to give her a party name like Margherita.

  • Martini: yes, it’s James Bond’s favorite drink, and that’s because it’s spicy and mysterious. A great name for a female dog that always has a side of mystery to her, making the male dogs swoon as she walks by.

  • Mimosa: does your dog have bubbly energy that people love to be around? Does your dog love to give you good morning licks? The name Mimosa is for a dog that enjoys the mornings.

  • Mojito: everyone loves a Mojito. This Cuban drink is fresh and light as it’s made with sugar, club soda, mint, and rum. If your dog always looks on the bright side of life, then she deserves this refreshing and airy name.

  • Olive: though this isn’t a drink, it’s an essential accessory for the Martini. Everyone loves eating the olives in their Martini. Though they’re small, they’re powerful and highly desired. A great name for a tiny, yet opinionated dog.

  • Paloma: If you thought a Margherita was a truly Mexican drink, then you haven’t tried the Paloma cocktail. Now, if you’re a huge fan of Mexican culture, you’ve probably tried this cocktail, and it proves that you should pay homage to this amazing culture by naming your dog Paloma. This drink is a mix of tequila, grapefruit juice, club soda, and lime juice. A small, fancy dog would be the perfect recipient of this traditional name.

  • Pina Colada: do you like Pina Coladas? Getting caught in the rain? If you know this song, then you know what we’re talking about. It’s coconut, pineapple, and rum blended together to make a frothy and delicious cocktail. Perfect for fluffy white or cream-colored dogs.

  • Rose: if you have a preppy dog, then you’re going to need to give her a name which adds to her dramatic flair and need for perfection. Maybe your dog won’t eat anything but high-brand wet food; if so, then you need to name her Rose.

  • Shandy: this is a name for true beer lovers. Shandy is a combination of beer and lemonade, but you can also use ginger ale or lemon zest as a substitute. The point is, this drink gives you a refreshing taste of classic beer. If your dog has a beer-colored coat, then why not name her after a Shandy?

  • Stella: Stella! Stella! Though this is a classic line from the movies, this is also a classic beer. It’s light, it’s bubbly, and it’s amazing when chilled. The perfect name for a light-colored female dog who doesn’t mind roughing it with the boys.

  • Stormy: Nowadays, when you hear the name Stormy, you think of Kylie Jenner’s baby or Stormy Daniels, but these aren’t the origins of the name. True cocktails fans will always be able to recognize this cocktail. It’s a dark and stormy cocktail, hence the name, and is a combination of ginger beer and dark rum. If your dog is a little moody or has a dark coat, this name is perfect.

Wrap Up

dog drinking beer

Choosing a name for your pet isn’t that easy, right? You’re giving them a name that you’re going to use hundreds of times a day. So, it’s important that you choose a name which flows easily to you because you’re going to the main person using it.

Also, keep in mind that you need to choose a name that they’ll respond to. The best way to figure this out is by testing out the name on them and seeing how they respond.

We know that at the end of the day, you’re going to choose a great name for your dog. We hope that this article inspired you. This list of drink names for dogs is particularly fun and charming with actually more history behind it than originally thought.

If you have other drink names which have a good ring to them that aren’t on the list, we’d love for you to share them with us! Leave your feedback in the comment section below. We drink to feel relaxed, but how do we make our dogs feel relaxed to? You might want to learn how to massage a dog.

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