Dog Names That Start with T: Trendy Names for Your Dog

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Emily Young
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Picking the right name for a new puppy or a dog can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be stressful, especially if you have help. If you didn’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! To help you narrow down your choices, we will list dog names that start with T.

If you’re here, we’re certain you already have a couple of reasons in mind as to why you should give your dog a name that starts with T. Maybe you just like the letter, or maybe your own name starts with T. Either way, you’re heading in the right direction. Names that start with T are totally trendy! There are many popular dog names that start with T as you will see below.

In this article, you will find a complete list of dog names that start with the letter T. To make your search a bit easier, we have divided our list based on gender. Furthermore, we will explain the meaning of every name, thus increasing your chances of finding the one that describes your dog the best.

Male Dog Names That Start with The Letter T

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Naming a dog requires some thought and is, in fact, a serious business. You’ll be using that name to call your dog many, many times a day, so you will have to come up with a name that will describe him/her and sound nice.

If you are feeling uninspired, check the list of names below and explore the popular male dog names that start with the letter T.

  • Taco: If your new pup has developed a taste for this delicious Mexican dish, naming him Taco is a nice way of showing that he has good taste in food.

  • Taden: Meaning “plentiful”; a good name if you want to describe your dog’s wholesome personality.

  • Tag: If your pooch enjoys playing tag and loves running around the house after you, consider naming him after this fun game.

  • Tango: The name of a Latin-American dance and can be used as a name for energetic and graceful dogs.

  • Tank: An armored fighting vehicle with strong armor and heavy firepower. This can be a great name for strong and sturdy dogs that knock people off their feet when they bump into them.

  • Taro: A Japanese name that means “eldest son.” This can be a nice name choice for a dog if you are planning to adopt more pups in the future.

  • T-Bone: Steak that includes a T shaped bone with meat on each side. Since dogs love to eat meat and chew bones, this name is an obvious choice.

  • Teddy: If your pup is huggable like a Teddy Bear or looks like one, consider naming him Teddy.

  • Terry: Meaning “powerful ruler of the people”; a great choice if you have a pup who likes to be in charge and knows how to get you to do his bidding.

  • Theo: Has Greek origin and means “divine gift.”

  • Thor: A hammer-wielding god from Norse mythology that is associated with thunder, lightning, and storms. This can be a nice name for large and muscled dogs who are in charge of the doggy park.

  • Thycon: Meaning “god of luck” in Greek and can be a nice name choice for a happy go lucky dog who changed your life for the better.

  • Tiger: A powerful wildcat—but this name can also be used for fast and strong top dogs.

  • Timmy: A nickname for Timothy, which means “honoring God”; can be a nice pick for a dog’s name.

  • Titan: Comes from Greek mythology and was used to describe a race of powerful ancient gods. This is a name that signifies might and is a great choice for large dogs.

  • Titch: Meaning “a small person or a child”; can be used as a funny way of addressing the size of your dog.

  • Tito: Means “giant.”

  • Toby: Meaning “God is good”; it is a short and nice sounding name. Thus your pooch won’t have any problems remembering it.

  • Tofu: Perfect for white, fluffy dogs.

  • Togo: A country in West Africa that is officially known as the Togolese Republic. This is an exotic sounding name that will set your pup apart from the rest of the neighborhood dogs.

  • Tom: A shorter form of Thomas which means “twin.” Your pup won’t have trouble learning his new name, and if he is from a litter of only two pups, Tom is a suitable choice.

  • Tony: A shortened form of Anthony and means “highly praiseworthy.” If your pooch is so good that he receives constant praises consider naming him Tony.

  • Toro: Meaning “bull” in Spanish. A nice name for loyal and strong dogs who are deeply devoted to their owners.

  • Toto: Was the name of Dorothy’s pooch in the Wizard of Oz. Perhaps the most famous dog name after Fido.

  • Trinidad: Is the bigger island in the country of Trinidad and Tobago. It can be used as a unique dog name and shortened into Trin.

  • Tripp: Meaning “third”; a short name that can indicate that your new pup is the third member of your family.

  • Trooper: A private solder; it is often used to describe a reliable and uncomplaining person. Thus, if your pup has these traits, consider naming him Trooper.

  • Troy: “curly haired” in French. It can be a great name for a Poodle or other curly haired dogs.

  • Tuck: A short version of Tucker which means “brave one” in Gaelic. Depending on your preferences you can name your pup Tucker or Tuck.

  • Tux: This can be a unique name for black and white dogs or pups who always look their best.

  • Tyke: Is used to describe a child that behaves badly but in a funny way. Hence, it can be a funny name if your misbehaving pooch makes you laugh and you find it hard to berate him for his bad behavior.

  • Tyrion: As in the famous character from Game of Thrones. If you are a fan of Tyrion’s witty remarks and the ways that he gets into trouble, consider naming your dog after him.

Female Dog Names That Start with The Letter T

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Since we listed all popular male dog names, it is time to list female dog names that start with T. We understand that it must feel frustrating calling your dog “girl” or simply “pup” because you have no idea what to call her, but this problem will be solved now! The following names will spark your imagination and leave you with at least a few options for your female dog’s name.

  • Tabitha: Meaning “beauty; grace.” A nice way of addressing your dog’s natural born elegance and charm.

  • Taboo: Meaning “sacred or forbidden.” Can be a unique and mystical dog name.

  • Tala: Has Native American origin and means “wolf.” This can be a great name for all female dogs, but is especially suitable for a dog that belongs to one of these wolf-like dog breeds.

  • Talia: In Greek, the meaning of this name is “a joyous muse of comedy.” So if your dog is a natural born comedian that makes you laugh and fills your life with joy, consider naming her Talia.

  • Talisa: Meaning “of noble birth” in Spanish. This can be a suitable name for pedigree dogs that are winners in show rings.

  • Tallulah: Meaning “leaping water”; a suitable name for all dogs who make a mess around their water bowls.

  • Tami: Meaning “let people see the benefit” in Japanese. Owning a dog has countless benefits, and this name reflects that fact.

  • Tammy: A short version of Tamara which means “palm tree.”

  • Tan: A suitable name for dogs with light brown or yellowish-brown eyes or coat color.

  • Tana: Meaning “fire or star goddess” in Greek. This is a short name that can reflect how awesome your dog really is.

  • Tapsee: Meaning “active”; a suitable choice for energetic and spirited dogs that are in perpetual motion.

  • Tara: Meaning “tower or hillside”; a suitable name for dogs with endless energy and the ability to run up and down the hill for hours.

  • Tasha: A short version of Natasha which means “born on Christmas.”

  • Tasia: A short version of Anastasia which means “resurrection.”

  • Tawny: Meaning yellowish-brown.

  • Tea: Meaning “goddess” in Greek. This is a nice way to address your dog’s elegance, grace, and overall divine appearance.

  • Tease: Meaning “to untangle or straighten out.” A great name for dogs who need daily grooming to look their best.

  • Tekla: Meaning “renowned fame” in Greek. A short sounding name that will present your dog in the best light.

  • Tera: A Latin and Greek name that means “earth.” This can be a suitable choice for energetic dogs who want to be outdoors in nature as much as they can. You might want to check out some dog backpacking gear so the two of you can go adventuring together.

  • Tessa: A shortened version of Theresa which means “harvester.” This is a feminine and elegant name that is suitable for graceful and well-behaved dogs.

  • Texas: A name inspired by the American state. For country dogs.

  • Thyme: An aromatic evergreen herb that has ornamental, medicinal, and culinary uses. For dogs that can do anything they set their mind to.

  • Tia: A short form of Letitia, meaning “happiness.” If owning your dog makes you feel fortunate, consider naming her Tia.

  • Tiara: Can be a suitable name for dogs who like to be pampered, dressed, and groomed like princesses.

  • Tiffany: From the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a feminine name for stylish dogs.

  • Tigris: Meaning “tiger” in Greek; a suitable name for sleek and graceful female dogs.

  • Tilly: A short version of Matilda which means “might.” This can be a great choice for large female dogs who are sturdy and powerful.

  • Tinkerbell: A nice name for small and cute puppies.

  • Tiny: Can be a funny name for a weeny pup that will grow up to be a huge dog.

  • Toffee: Perfect name for a sweet and irresistible dog.

  • Tootsie: Meaning “young lady or a girl”; a suitable choice for dogs who like girlie things like being dressed up and pampered.

  • Topaz: A precious gemstone that comes in a variety of different colors. It can be used as a dog name and at the same time to signify how precious your dog is to you.

  • Tori: A short form of Victoria, meaning “victory.” This is a suitable name for competitive dogs who like to be the best at everything.

  • Tracy: Meaning “brave”; a suitable name for loyal and devoted dogs who are protective of their family members and will defend them at all cost.

  • Trixie: Meaning “she who brings happiness”; can be a great name for a dog who is able to cheer you up at all times and fills your life with joy.

  • Trudy: Meaning “spear of strength”; a feminine name that can reflect your pooch’s agility and strength.

  • Tulip: Can be used to describe the beauty and elegance of your pooch; a great choice if you are looking for an unusual dog name.

  • Tutu: You can name your dog this if she enjoys being dressed up in fashionable doggy clothes.

  • Twinkle: A suitable name for a dog with sparkly and luminous eyes.

Wrap Up

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Getting a new dog is an exciting and awesome experience, and you should enjoy every second of it. However, if you haven’t already picked a name for your new dog, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the number of name options.

To help you narrow down your choices and to inspire you, we have compiled a list of the most popular dog names that start with T. If you found a couple of names and can’t decide which one is the right one for your dog, we suggest testing it.

Call your dog with each name you have selected and the one that gets him/her to come to you is the right name for your dog. If this doesn’t work, try trimming your choices further by considering the individual traits of your pup until you are left with only one name that describes your dog in a nutshell.

Did our list help you to find the right name for your dog? Do you know any other cool names that start with the letter T that we didn’t list? Do let us know in the comment section below. Next, check out our article on how to take care of a puppy—next order of business after you’ve found the perfect name for them.

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