Dog Names that Start with S: The Most Creative Names for Your Pup

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Emily Young
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Naming a new pup is always a difficult task; however, it’s never a boring one. It can be difficult to find a place to start, but don’t worry; that’s why we’ve compiled the best dog names that start with S for you to choose from.

Why S? Well, if you’re not sure where to Start, then you should start with S, no? Pardon the pun. Either way, names that start with S tend to sound elegant and catchy. Also, if you’re searching for something unusual, we’ve got you covered.

Here you will find the most innovative male and female dog names that start with S. We’ve also added names based on many other categories: from unisex names to unique and famous dog names. So, if you’re ready to start the journey with us, take a look at this complete guide of dog names that start with S.

Dog Names by Gender

Here are some of the most interesting male dog names that start with S, whether you just got a male doggie, a female doggie, or if you prefer unisex names for your dog:

#1: Male Dog Names that Start with S

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  • Salvador: Salvador is a Spanish name that means “savior.” This name is perfect for loyal and courageous breeds.
  • Sancho: This Iberian name means “holy,” and it’s perfect for well-behaved dogs.
  • Saul: This Hebrew name means “prayed for.” If you prayed for a loving pup, then honor your four-legged pal this way!
  • Scott: This simple yet sweet male name means “from Scotland” in English.
  • Silver: For pups with silky gray coats.
  • Simon: This name has two connotations. In Greek, it means “flat-nosed.” However, this name also stands for “listen” in Hebrew. So it’s perfect for flat-nosed pups with a loud bark.
  • Skipper: “Skipper” is a term that is used to denote the captain of a small boat. If your dog loves the ocean, the rivers, or the beach, this could be a nice way to reference it.
  • Sombra: This name means “shadow” in Spanish and can refer to a dog with dark hair.
  • Sonny: This name is great for young pooches. Alternatively, this name can work for adult dogs that behave or look like puppies.
  • Spot: A short and cute name for pups with distinctive patterns on their coats.
  • Stanley: The name Stanley is of English origin, and it’s composed of the words “stan” (stone) and “leah” (wood; meadow). As you can see, this name is perfect for nature-loving owners who like to take their dogs for a walk into the woods.
  • Striker: For pups who love to play with squeaky toy balls.
  • Strong: For sturdy, affectionate dogs.
  • Stuart or Stewart: This English male name means “house guardian.” We assure you that there is no better way to call a guardian dog than Stuart, especially if your dog belongs to one of these guard dog breeds.
  • Sully: This English male name refers to “someone from the south meadow.” If you’re a fan of nature, then this name is the best for your dog.

#2: Female Dog Names that Start with S

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  • Sabrina: This name of Latin origin means “from Cyprus.” It was also the name of a legendary English princess.
  • Sadie: This name is a popular shortened form of the name “Sarah,” which in turn means “princess.” If you think your pup should be treated like a princess, naming her Sadie is a good way to start.
  • Sally: Sally also means “princess” in Hebrew, and it’s a nice way to shorten the name “Sarah.”
  • Sam: Sam is short for the girl’s name Samantha, which means «listener» in ancient Aramaic, and «flower» in Greek. Both meanings are awesome for a female pup with an easy-going and patient attitude.
  • Sandy: A cute name for pups with sandy or earthy-colored coats.
  • Scarlett: This name is a good way to reference a dog’s auburn coat.
  • Serena: The name «Serena» comes from the Latin word for «calm; tranquil.» If you think this name fits your dog’s personality, then don’t think twice.
  • She-Hulk: Inspired by the famous Marvel Comics character, this name is the best for strong female doggies.
  • Sheila: This Latin name means “from the heavens.” This name is very fitting for peppy, fun-loving dogs that are as sweet as an angel.
  • Shimmer: For female pups with shiny and soft light-colored coats.
  • Sophie: Sophie is short for the Greek name “Sophia” (wisdom, skill). This name is best for smart pups. Otherwise, your pup will surely get more intelligent if you name her this way!
  • Stella: This English female name is derived from the Latin word for “star,” and it’s a perfect name for bright doggies.
  • Strawberry: For those dogs who are sometimes sweet, and other times sour like strawberries.
  • Summer: Who doesn’t love the summertime? Puppies named Summer are energetic and fun just like this season.
  • Sunshine: If your pup brings happiness to your life, then the name Sunshine will fit her perfectly.
  • Sweetie: For those spoiled furry princesses.

#3: Unisex Dog Names that Start with S

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  • Sabbath: If you’re a fan of metal rock, then this name taken from the band Black Sabbath is perfect for fiery dogs with a big heart.
  • Saint: If your dog likes to chew on your stuff, but then acts like nothing has happened, then the name Saint will fit them perfectly.
  • Sasha: This unisex name is short for Alexander (or Alexandra). It means «helper of mankind.» We all know dogs are very helpful beings!
  • Shorty: For smaller doggies. It can be suitable for female and male dogs alike.
  • Sky: For dogs with soft, cloud-like fur.
  • Snappy: For small and playful dogs who sometimes seem a little bit nervous.
  • Snowball: This nickname is best suited for white-haired dogs. Also, check out our article on white dog names for inspiration.
  • Spicy: For dogs with a blazing personality.
  • Splash: For pups who love to play in puddles.
  • Spring: For lively pups who like to bounce around when they’re happy.
  • Sprite: For tiny, fairy-like furry friends.
  • Squeaky: For small yet boisterous dogs.
  • Stormy: Does your pup love to throw temper tantrums? Then this is the name for them. Alternatively, Stormy can be a great moniker for a pup with coat colors that remind you of a rainy sky.
  • Sugar: For adorable and hyperkinetic dogs that are as sweet as candy.
  • Sundae: This yummy name is perfect for pups with a sugary personality and cute markings that remind you of this tasty treat.
  • Sushi: If you love Japanese culture, then this is the name for you. This delicious name will fit any puppy, especially smaller ones. Don’t forget to check out our article on Japanese dog names.

Famous Dog Names that Start with S

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One easy way to name a pup is by picking a name from the famous TV show, book, film, or video game. If you’re in search of popular dog names that start with S, then pay attention to these names:

  • Samson: This Hebrew name means “bright sun.” In the Bible, Samson’s strength came from his long locks, so this name is great for long-haired pups.
  • Samwise: This male dog name is taken from the Lord of The Rings novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. If your pup is as loyal as Samwise Gamgee, then this name will be a perfect fit.
  • Scooby: Who doesn’t know who Scooby-doo is? This famous dog name belongs to the beloved and curious Great Dane from Hanna-Barbera’s cartoons.
  • Severus: This name comes from the character Severus Snape from the Harry Potter book and film series. It’s best suited for stern, black-haired dogs.
  • Shaggy: Shaggy is Scooby-Doo’s best friend. It can also refer to your pup’s long, messy hair.
  • Shrek: For grumpy dogs with a heart of gold, just like our favorite ogre.
  • Sinbad: Sinbad is a famous mariner and adventurer from the Arabian Nights folktales. If you’re a fan of this type of stories, then this name will be perfect for your male pup!
  • Slash: This name inspired by the guitar player from “Gun n’ Roses” is best for doggies with a laid-back personality, or who sport a curly black coat.
  • Snoopy: There isn’t a better famous dog name than Snoopy, the popular smart dog from the comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles Schulz.
  • Sparky: There are many famous dogs with the name Sparky. However, the most prominent ones are the spunky dogs from the “Beethoven” films and the pup from the TV series «A Dog with a Blog.»
  • Sparrow: This name is inspired by the main character of the movie series «Pirates of the Caribbean.» If your dog is a troublemaker like Jack Sparrow, then this name will suit them.
  • Speedy: This name is inspired by Speedy Gonzalez, a famous animated cartoon character from Warner Brothers’ “Looney Tunes.” If your pup is as fast as the wind like Speedy, then pick this name ASAP.
  • Spock: For serious-looking dogs with pointy ears just like Spock from the Star Trek universe.
  • Spyro: This unique name belongs to the popular titular character from the video game series «Spyro,” where you get to control a small purple dragon. If you’re a ‘90s kid, then you’ll love this name.
  • Sting: For fans of British Rock, the name Sting is a nice way to pay homage to the lead singer of the band “The Police.” Also, it can refer to your pup’s teeth.

Unique Dog Names that Start with S

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If you’re done with common-sounding names, then these unique alternatives will be perfect for you and your pup:

  • Sailor: For pups and owners who love sailing, swimming, and other water-related sports.
  • Samurai: This name is perfect for loyal companions, just as the ancient samurai were.
  • Satan: This scary male dog name is perfect for big and small dogs alike. A pup named Satan will scare any intruder.
  • Savage: For fierce-looking pups that have a sweet core.
  • Scanner: If your dog likes to sniff you in search of food or other tasty treats, then Scanner might be a funny way to reference that behavior.
  • Schwartz: This German word means «black» or «dark-haired.» If your doggie has a jet-black coat, then this name is perfect for them.
  • Scrappy: For those pooches who stare at you while you’re eating.
  • Shadow: For pups with coats as black as night.
  • Sigma: This word of Greek origin is both the name of a number and the name of a star. If you like original names, then this might be what you’re looking for.
  • Sioux: This name of Native American origin means “little snakes.” This name is best for cunning, small pups.
  • Skate: For active, free-spirited dogs.
  • Skull: A badass name for a badass pup.
  • Socio: Socio means “partner” in Spanish. If your dog is your best friend, don’t think twice about naming them this way!
  • Socrates: This name is inspired by the Greek philosopher and is best for intelligent dogs.
  • Sol: This name literally means “sun” in Spanish. For cheerful, spirited puppies.
  • Spaghetti: For dogs with hair that resembles spaghetti.
  • Spud: A short, common dog name with a funny meaning: potato. Best suited for silly, amusing dogs that make you laugh.
  • Sputnik: In Russian, the word “Sputnik» means «traveling companion.» This name also refers to the first satellite to be ever placed in orbit. If you’re a fan of space, then this name is a good choice for your pet, as are many other names in our list of astronomy dog names.
  • Stone: This name is perfect for stern, thoughtful pooches that enjoy sunbathing.
  • Strauss: This German surname means “to quarrel.” If your dog likes to quarrel with your other pets or at the dog park, then this name is perfect for them.
  • Sultan: This Arabic name means “sovereign; leadership.” So it’s a great match for authoritarian pups.

Wrap Up

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And that’s a wrap! That was our grand master list of dog names that start with S. We hope that our selection of dog names that start with S could help you choose the perfect name for your beloved new pup!

We tried to steer clear of the same old names and stick to the unique, meaningful ones. Did we succeed? Share your thoughts and opinion in the section below, and check out our article on how to care for newborn puppies in case that’s why you’re looking for names!

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