Dog Names that Start with R: They Rock!

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Anna Smith
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Dog naming can be pretty difficult sometimes because that’s the way you are going to call your four-legged companion for the rest of their life. With so many options, it can get confusing, which is why most dog owners stick to one letter of the alphabet that they like. Today we will be talking about dog names that start with R.

As we’ve said, sticking to one letter of the alphabet is the easiest way to narrow down your options. But why R, exactly? There are many cool names that start with R, such as Rain, Riley, or Rambo. R is also a unique letter, in that not all languages have it and many people can’t even pronounce it—perfect for your unique pup.

There are many dog names that start with R, and today we will share our master list of boy and girl dog names that start with R, inspired by your dog’s personality and physical traits, with many origins and ethnic backgrounds to choose from. We’ve also included an interesting selection of unisex dog names.

Boy Dog Names that Start with R

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If you’re in search of the perfect name for your new male pup, start off on the right foot and take a look at our top choices for boy dog names that start with R.

  • Racer: Racer is a very suitable name for active doggies who like to run and play around. If your pup is as fast as lightning, then this name will showcase his ability.
  • Radley: Radley is an English name which means “from the red meadow.” This name can be a good fit for a doggie with a brown-reddish coat.
  • Rado: Rado is a name of Catalan origin, and it means “round” or “fat.” If you have a bulky or burly dog, then Rado will be a cute, non-offensive way to celebrate his physical features.
  • Rafa: Rafa is a diminutive of the Spanish name “Rafael,” which in itself means “God has healed.” Consider this name for small companion pups. It’s also a great name for therapy and service dogs.
  • Ralf: This name of Old Norse origin means “wolf” and “counsel.” Does your dog belong to one of these cool wolf-like dog breeds?
  • Rambo: Rambo is a cool name that comes from the ever-popular film series of the same name. If your dog is tough and valiant, then Rambo will totally fit his personality.
  • Ramone or Ramon: “Ramon” or “Ramone” is a common Spanish name that means both “advice” and “protector.” If your dog has a playful and curious nature but is also very loyal, this can be a nice choice for naming him. Also, with this name, you can pay tribute to the well-known punk rock band The Ramones!
  • Randy: Randy is an ancient English male name that means “house wolf; protector.” If your beloved pup is brave and protective of you and your family, Randy will be a suitable choice for him.
  • Rascal: Cheeky, funny dogs, no matter their size or breed, will find the name Rascal very appropriate. Give your pup this cute name and make everybody turn their heads when you call him!
  • Ray: This name of French origin means “king.” If your dog likes to sleep on the couches and loves to take as much space as possible, consider naming him this way.
  • Riddle: Perhaps you have a mischievous little pup? If that’s the case, confuse your family and friends with this funny and completely unique dog name!
  • Robb: This nickname is short for the English given name “Robert,” which means “famed; bright; shinning.” We suggest picking this name for intelligent pups.
  • Rocky: If you’re a fan of the film series or your dog is always chewing his toys and fighting other pups, then the name Rocky is practically tailor-made for him.
  • Roderick: Roderick is a name of Germanic origin. It means “famous power.” A very suitable name for large, imposing dogs with gentle attitudes.
  • Rodney: Perhaps you’re thinking of making a social media account for your cute dog, and you’re in need of a fitting name? Then what about the Germanic name “Rodney,” which means “fame”? We assure you that your dog will rise to stardom pretty quickly!
  • Ruddy: This name comes from the Middle English word “rudde,” which means “red.” If your pup has reddish fur, then Ruddy will complement him nicely.
  • Rudolph: This Germanic name means “glory.” It is also a good way to name a red-nosed pup or a doggie with a red or coppery coat.

Female Dog Names that Start with R

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Just adopted a female pup? If you need some inspiration before choosing a distinctive name for her, we’ve compiled some nice suggestions for female dog names that start with R that you can use to trigger some ideas.

Some of the names we’ve picked are more common than others. On the other hand, quite a few names from this list are very original and will stimulate your creative genius.

  • Rachel: This Hebrew name means “female sheep.” If your pup has a woolly coat or is a herding breed, then Rachel is the name for her.
  • Ragdoll: This adorable name is perfect for large, laid-back, and long-haired doggies.
  • Rai: This name of Japanese origin means “lightning, thunder,” and it also stands for the word “trust.” Pick this name for bold and caring female dogs.
  • Rain: Rain is fun and refreshing, and some dogs love it. If your doggie likes to go out in the rain, then this cute nickname can be a good way to reference it!
  • Rainbow: Make a twist on this name and choose it for a spotted puppy with a sweet personality.
  • Raisin: Raisin is an extremely fitting name for a dog with wrinkled features or a cute flat nose.
  • Rapunzel: Of unknown origin and meaning, Rapunzel is also the name of a fairytale princess with very long hair. If your doggie has a long, soft mane that requires a lot of maintenance, then Rapunzel will be very fitting for her. Our article on the best dog brush should come in handy for you.
  • Raven: This name is best for pups with glossy black coats.
  • Razzie: Short for “raspberry.” This is also the name of the accolade annually awarded by the Golden Raspberry Foundation to the worst films of the year. If your dog likes to laugh at silly movies with you, pick this name!
  • Rebekah: If your pup has big, enchanting eyes that make you want to spoil her, how about naming your doggie Rebekah? This Hebrew name means “captivating,” so it’s the perfect name for dogs with perpetual puppy-eyes.
  • Reese: The name Reese means “fiery; ardent” in Welsh. If your doggie has a flaming attitude, you should try naming her Reese to fit her personality.
  • Regina: Regina literally means “Queen” in the ancient Latin language. Perfect choice for a spoiled, regal doggie.
  • Riri: This interesting Japanese dog name means “sound.” It can refer to your dog’s potent barking!
  • River: If you love nature, pick this hippy name for a puppy who loves going out swimming!
  • Rosa or Rosie: Rosa is a name of Latin origin, and it means “rose.” Use these two twists on the traditional name to name your female pup after the beautiful flower.
  • Roxie: This name of Greek origin means “star; bright; dawn.” If your pup is always stealing everybody’s attention, Roxie might not be a bad choice at all.
  • Ruby: Maybe your dog has a sparkly personality like a jewel? Pick Ruby as a name for your pup and make her stand out from the rest!

Unisex Dog Names

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If you’re looking for a more gender-neutral dog name because you don’t want gender to define your pup, don’t worry. We’ve got the best selection for unisex dog names that you can choose from:

  • Rags: Maybe your dog is so energetic that he often turns your clothes into rags? Or maybe they have some nice markings on their coats? Either way, this unisex name is fun and easy to remember.
  • Random: Maybe this name is, well, a little bit random. But who says it isn’t funny? When we think of this name, we think of curious, inventive dogs.
  • Red: In psychology, red is the color of passion, love, and fire. It is also the color of danger and adventure. Choose this name for active dogs with vibrant-colored coats.
  • Rei: Dogs are human’s best friends. Honor your puppy by picking this name of Hebrew origin which means “my friend.” On the contrary, the name Rei also has a Japanese variant which means “bell; beautiful; lovely.”
  • Relic: This unique name is suited for doggies with the appearance of being a lot older than they actually If your pup loves to sleep all day and prefers to stay indoors, then this name is a match for them.
  • Rem: This name can mean many things. From an acronym of “Rapid Eye Movement” to a name of Dutch origin, R.E.M is also the name of a popular rock band. Best suited for unpredictable doggies.
  • Rewind: Give your pet an original name and bring back some memories every time you call them by picking the weird yet cool name “Rewind.”
  • Rhapsody: A rhapsody is a form of music with no structure that enthusiastically expresses powerful feelings. Pick this name for expressive and dramatic doggies with boastful personalities.
  • Rhinestone: Rhinestones are pretty and glittery, just like some pups’ eyes when they’re happy. If your doggie is enthusiastic and energetic, Rhinestone can be a good unisex name for them.
  • Ricotta: Ricotta is the name of a type of soft white unsalted Italian cheese. If your dog has a white coat or an easy-going personality, then this tasty name will suit them perfectly.
  • Riley: This unisex name is short for Raghallach and means “valiant.” If your dog is always barking at bigger pups, then Riley will be a nice name for your pet, though you might want to learn how to stop aggressive behavior and socialize your dog.
  • Rin: This Japanese name means “dignified; severe; cold.” If your pup has a dignified appearance, pick this name for them. On the other hand, Rin can be a good name for dogs with fuzzy coats for cold climates.
  • Riot: Sassy dogs that are always causing troubles are practically made for this name! Playful pups named “Riot” will make everybody laugh.
  • Ripple: This original name can be a way to reference the markings on your pup’s coat.
  • Robin: Robin is a name of Germanic origin, and it’s both a female and male given name that means “fame.” If your pup has a unique personality, or their physical appearance stands out from the rest, then the name Robin will fit them nicely.
  • Rory: Rory is a given name of Gaelic origin, and is the English form of the Irish name “Ruari/Ruadhri,” or “red-haired; rusty; red king.” If your dog has a reddish coat, but the name “red” is too obvious for you to choose, then why not give Rory a try?

Wrap Up

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To wrap up, we hope that you found the perfect name for your dog with our help. Luckily, with a little bit of creativity, any name you choose will be a nice fit for your pup.

Dog-naming is always a daunting task; however, making a list of your favorite names you will save a lot of time. This is a great way to filter out the best possible names for your four-legged friend.

Remember: when picking up a dog’s name, think about how it will affect your pup in the future when they are all grown up, and how it fits their personality and looks. No matter the name you take, always keep it simple, short, and easy to pronounce.

If you like this list of names or you have another cool dog name which starts with R that you’d like to share with us, leave us a comment down below with your opinion! Now that your dog has a cool name, it’s time to learn how to better care for them. Check out our article on when to spay a puppy.

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