Dog Names That Start with J: Jolly Names for Your New Pup

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Did you adopt a new puppy and now you are struggling to come up with the right dog name? Getting a new dog is one of the most amazing things you are going to experience. However, with so many name options, picking the perfect one can be a bit overwhelming. To help you trim your choices, we will list dog names that start with J.

Why did we choose to focus on dog names that start with J? Well, because they are jolly-good! Just kidding…or not. Either way, many good names for male and female start with the letter J. John and Jane are just a couple of the most generic examples. Names that start with J can also be very descriptive—take Jumper, Jelly, or even something cool and unique like Javelin—so there’s something for everyone here.

In this article, we will list popular dog names that start with the letter J. Additionally, we will write a short description for each name, to get you familiar with its meaning. To make the search for the perfect name a bit easier, we’ve compiled separate lists of male and female dog names.

Male Dog Names That Start with the Letter J

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Human names tend to revolve around meanings, and there’s a specific set of names to choose from. On the other hand, we can exercise a bit more creativity when choosing a dog name.

A dog that likes to chase after a bouncing ball can be named Bouncy, and Fluffy can be a great name for dogs with a fuzzy coat. The sheer number of name options is overwhelming, so choosing a name for your dog can be a bit difficult. However, we are here to help you trim those options a bit by presenting to you some of the best options.

  • Jabo: A unique sounding name for dogs who love being outdoors. If your new pup stubbornly refuses to go back home after a stroll around the doggy park, this is the name for him.

  • Jack: This was such a popular human name that it was used as a term to describe a “man” or a “boy.” This can be a great name for an active and independent pup.

  • Jackson: Meaning “son of Jack”; this is a name given to leaders with powerful personalities. Thus, it is a perfect choice for alpha dogs who are leaders of the pack.

  • Jacomo: From Greek, meaning “cry of the reveler.” If you have a pup who likes the sound of his own bark, consider naming him Jacomo.

  • Jaden: Meaning “God has heard”; can be a good choice if you waited a long time to bring the dog into your family.

  • Jaiden: Meaning “golden child”; can be a great way of showing that you are proud of your dog.

  • Jakku: A desert world from Star Wars and home to outlaws and scavengers. So if you are a fan of the movie or you have a pup who likes to forage through the trash bin for leftovers, consider naming him Jakku.

  • Jakob: Meaning “at the heel”; can be a great name for dogs who like to follow their owners everywhere.

  • Jamie: If you are a fan of House Lannister in the popular series Game of Thrones, consider naming your dog Jamie.

  • Jarl: Meaning “chieftain” in Old Norse and can be used for dogs who like to be in charge. Jarl will start running your household from the first day, and no one will be able to resist his charms.

  • Jarrod: Meaning “rose” in Hebrew. This can be a good name for an otherwise sweet dog who isn’t afraid to show his teeth when he is in trouble.

  • Jason: From a Greek word meaning “healer.” This can a great name for a pooch who can sense mood changes or when you are feeling under the weather. In these occasions, Jason will curl up next to you and offer his support or do something funny to lift up your spirits.

  • Jeb: An Hebrew name which translates to “beloved friend.” Your dog is certainly going to become your best friend, so you may consider celebrating your special bond by naming him Jeb.

  • Jeff: Short form of Jeffry, meaning “traveler.” This is a suitable name for dogs who like to travel. Jeff is so excited when he sees a car with open doors that he jumps right in, even if the car in question isn’t yours.

  • Jericho: Meaning “city of the moon”; can be a nice name for a white or cream colored pooch.

  • Jerry: Meaning “exalt”; can be a nice choice for a good-mannered dog. Furthermore, if you think very highly of your pooch and he excels in everything he does, this can be the right name for him.

  • Jethro: Meaning “abundance”; it is a unique sounding name. It is a suitable choice for dogs who bring a lot of joy and happiness into their owner’s life. Or it can also be used as a moniker for pooches that are a hand full.

  • Jimmy: Meaning “the one who supplants.” If you have an attention seeking pup who likes to push out your other pets to get the first treat, consider naming him Jimmy.

  • Jock: A perfect name for active and playful dogs who will remain puppy like and energetic even in their senior years.

  • Joey: If your dog is goofy and able to make you laugh like Joey from the TV show “Friends,” consider giving him this name.

  • Johnny: Stands for “confident and fearless”; a nice name for outgoing dogs that are able to protect their owners and property.

  • Joker: A great name for silly dogs who act like comedians and are able to make you laugh. Or it can be an ironic name for a ruthless guard dog, inspired by The Joker from Batman.

  • Jorah: Meaning “he has reproached”; a good choice for a dog who likes to fuss. This pup is hard to please, and he won’t stop nagging until you give him his favorite treats.

  • Jose: Meaning “one who pardons.” Dogs are known to bark and growl at each other, and if your pup is able to rise above these petty confrontations, consider naming him Jose.

  • Judas: Meaning “praise”; can be a good choice for a dog who is quick at getting kudos for all the tricks he knows.

  • Judge: Can be a funny name for a dog who has high moral standards and expects that everyone behaves nicely in his presence.

  • Justin: Meaning “just”; this is a classic name that can be used for dogs that know how to listen and never get into trouble.

  • Justo: From Latin, meaning “just, righteous.” Can be a nice name for a dog who knows how to distinguish right from wrong. Justo is a well-behaved dog who will never chew on your sneakers or rifle through the trash can.

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Female Dog Names That Start with the Letter J

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Here we will list girl dog names that start with J, and hopefully, give you some suitable options for your new girl. Naming a dog is serious business, so think about the unique physical and personality traits of your new pup. This way, the right name will show itself to you, and your dog will be the proud owner of a new moniker.

  • Jackie: This is a fairly popular name and a good choice for athletic pooches who dazzle everyone around them with their elegant posture and beautiful coat.

  • Jacqi: A shorter version of Jacqueline. It means “supplanter” thus it can be given to dogs who like to usurp the household balance in order to become the top dog.

  • Jacy: Meaning “moon”; a suitable choice for elegant and shy dogs who need some time to let their beauty shine through.

  • Jada: Meaning “the knowing one”; a suitable name for intelligent and easily trainable dogs who are able to learn many tricks.

  • Jadie: Derived from the hard green or white jadeite stone. It can work as a name for dogs with green eyes or a white coat.

  • Jadis: Meaning “long ago” and this was also the name of the white which in the Chronicles of Narnia.

  • Jana: Short form of the name Diana, which was the name of the Roman goddess of the hunt. This name can be a nice choice for female hunting dogs. It also sounds elegant and perfectly describes their sleek, agile bodies.

  • Jane: A female version of John, meaning “gift.” This could be a suitable choice if you got your new pooch as a present.

  • Janel: Meaning “soul of people”; can be a great moniker for a dog that brings the whole family together. Pooches like this are devoted to all family members equally and are integral parts of their families.

  • Janelle: Meaning “gracious”; can be a suitable choice for calm and well-mannered dogs who will wait politely to be petted instead of jumping onto people as most dogs do.

  • Jasmine: The name of a fragrant white flower. This can be a suitable choice for female dogs with white coats.

  • Jaye: Meaning “swift” in German; it is a nice choice if your dog is a fast runner.

  • Jazz: If this is your favorite type of music and your pooch likes it too, consider using it as a dog name.

  • Jeanie: A Scottish version of the old French name Jehane. If you have a lively and curious pooch who likes to shower you with affection, this is the name for her.

  • Jedda: An indigenous Australian name meaning “pretty girl.”

  • Jelia: Meaning “beautiful gem” or “she who is radiant.” This name can be used to describe the bright personality of your dog.

  • Jenji: Derived from Guinevere, meaning “fair lady.”

  • Jennifer: Meaning “fair one”; can be a suitable name for a cheerful female dog who knows how to make you laugh.

  • Jenny: A feminine form of a name John, and it means “fair and yielding.” If you have a considerate, kind, and easygoing pooch, then this is the perfect name for her.

  • Jess: Short form of Jesse which is derived from the Hebrew word yīshai, meaning “gift.”

  • Jewel: A nice sounding name that will show people how precious your dog is to you.

  • Jina: A variation of the name Gina, which means “well born.” This is a suitable moniker for pups who are used to being treated like royalty from birth.

  • Jitka: Derived from the German name Jutta. This name is celebrated on the 5th of December, so if this is also your pooch’s birthday, she can have two cakes instead of one.

  • Jo: A short version of Johanna, meaning “God is gracious.” This is a very short name, and your new pup won’t have trouble remembering it.

  • Jodee: Meaning “praise”; a suitable choice if your dog is treated to a lot of “good girl” praises.

  • Jojo: A short version of Jolene, meaning “pretty.”

  • Jolan: Meaning “violet flower” in Greek; can be used as a unique dog name.

  • Jolie: Meaning “beautiful” in French. And if you are a fan of Angelina Jolie, then this can be an excellent dog name.

  • Jordy: Meaning “down-flowing”; can be a suitable name for long-haired pups with a coat that drapes loosely and gracefully across their bodies.

  • Josephine: A feminine form of Joseph. This was also the name of Napoleon’s wife, so if you are into history, you may consider naming your dog after the famous empress.

  • Joy: A great name to describe a dog’s personality and also a way of showing how much your dog makes you happy.

  • Juanita: A Spanish name and a female variation of John; it means “God is gracious.”

  • Juliet: The main female character from Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The name is even more suitable if you have a Romeo in your neighborhood.

  • June: The name of the month and a nice way for you to remember your dog’s birthday every year.

  • Jutta: A German form of Judith; it means “child.” If your adult adopted dog is still behaving like a playful puppy, consider celebrating her tireless spirit with this name.

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Wrap Up

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If you didn’t already have a name in mind when you brought a dog home, finding the right name can be a bit difficult, especially since your dog can’t go nameless for too long, and there are too many options to choose from.

To help you narrow down your choices, we have listed dog names that start with J. When picking a name for a new dog, take into the account their personality, appearance, favorite toys, or activities. Once you’ve pinpointed some individual traits, you will have better chances of finding the name that is made to be your dog’s moniker.

What do you think about the names on our list? Do you know any interesting dog names that start with the letter J? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Once you’ve found the perfect name for your dog, check out our article on puppy’s first shots, so you know what to expect.

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