Dog Names that Start with B: For Your Beautiful Bow-Wow

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Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

There are lots of different ways to name dogs. You can name them after their appearance, you can name them after a celebrity or a favorite fictional character, or you can even name them after a relative, the way we often name our children. Or, alternatively, you can also name your dog based on the letters you want him or her to have in their name—a thought which prompted our list of dog names that start with B.

This seems a little counter-intuitive at first, but letters and sounds are actually important for dog names. Dogs can’t really comprehend the human meaning behind a name, but they distinguish and prefer some sounds over others.

Hard letters like “R,” “B,” “D,” and others are known to more easily attract our pets’ attention, and as a result, are more memorable and impactful. Some other letters (like “S” for cats, for example) are ill-advised because they either don’t have the same effect or are generally disliked by pets.

So, let’s take a look at dog names that start with the letter B. Of course, you can simply open a dictionary and get thousands of ideas for names starting with this letter, but you want a name that describes your dog well and fits him/her like a glove, and you’ll find that here. Below we’ll go over some of the best suggestions you might want to consider.

Male Dog Names that Start with B

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Dogs may not care how exactly we name them, but we do. A male dog won’t mind being named “Beatrice,” for example, but unless you find it funny, you’d probably rather give a male dog a male name. Here are some suggestions for boy dog names that start with B.

  • Balboa – The iconic movie character Rocky Balboa can easily lend his name to any canine, especially a Boxer.
  • Balto – Balto is a Disney movie about a wolf / Siberian Husky mix that is unaccepted by those around him but eventually leads a successful lifesaving expedition. A heroic name for heroic dogs.
  • Bam-Bam – Bam-Bam is a character from the Flintstones that is a human, not a dog, but is iconic with his catchphrases and pet-like personality.
  • Bandit – A great name for furry little rascals, this suits any dog that has a troublemaker mentality. The word “Bandit” literally means “one who steals.”
  • Barkley – Barkley is another famous canine actor that has starred in multiple iconic film roles.
  • Barky Marky – The Tiny Toons cartoon series from Warner Bros featured this bizarre character. Even if you haven’t watched the cartoon, it’s a fitting name for a canine.
  • Barnard’s Tom – This may seem like a weird name for a dog, but it’s the name worn by a Boston Bulldog that was the predecessor of modern-day Boston Terriers.
  • Barney – The “first dog” of G.W. Bush’s family while they were in the White House.
  • Barry – This seems like an ordinary name at first, but it’s also the name of a legendary Saint Bernard dog from Switzerland that worked as a mountain rescue dog for many years.
  • Basil – A simple cooking spice, Basil is nevertheless a funny and popular name for humans and dogs alike.
  • Bat Hound – The “Bat-family” in DC comics is vast and full of colorful members, including the Bat Hound, a lesser known accomplice of Batman’s.
  • Baxter – If you are a fan of Will Farrell’s comedic style, then you’re no doubt familiar with the fact that Baxter was Ron Burgundy’s dog in
  • Beagle – This name seems silly for dogs that are both from the Beagle breed and not from the Beagle breed. Yet, it was the name of President Johnson’s second dog while he was in the office.
  • Bear – This is not just a great name for any big, furry, bear-like dog. It’s also the name of a dog that had a starring role in the movie Crimson Tide. It was also a cartoon character from The Flintstones.
  • Beasley – Beasley was the name of the dog that starred as Hooch in Tom Hanks’s movie Turner and Hooch. The word comes from the Olde English word for “bent grass.”
  • Beauregard – This name is similar to the shortened version “Beau,” and it means “beautiful” or “handsome.” It comes from French, where the word means “beautiful gaze.”
  • Beethoven – This is a great name not only for fans of classical music but also because it’s the name of a famous Saint Bernard that starred in a movie series by the same name.
  • Belvedere – Fans of Looney Toons probably remember Belvedere as one of its more popular cartoon characters.
  • Benedict – A Saint Bernard dog named Benedict is the heaviest canine ever recorded. It also means “blessed” in Latin and is the name of multiple Christian saints, as well as modern-day celebrities.
  • Benji – Benji is another popular dog name that’s also worn by a Hollywood canine star that leads several movies of the same name.
  • Big Ben – This is not just the name of the clock tower in London, but the name of President Herbert Hoover’s dog as well. It pretty much fits any giant dog breed.
  • Big Mo — If you are a fan of Alpo food, then you probably know that this is the name of their mascot.
  • Bingo – There are no legendary dogs behind this name, but it is a popular dog name. There’s also a folk song about a dog named Bingo.
  • Black Jack – Not just for Hazard fans, Black Jack was also the name of a dog owned by one of the US’s favorite presidents—Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Blanco – For fans of American history, Blanco was the name of one of the two dogs of President Lyndon Johnson’s while he was in the office.
  • Blue – Another popular, if a little generic name, Blue fits well for dogs that have the rare but beautiful bluish, greyish coat.
  • Boomer – This name can refer to a lot of things—the Baby Boomer generation, loud, thundering barking, or just a playful dog that tends to make mischief around the house.
  • Boston Beans – This is a perfect name for Boston Terriers or other Boston-native dog breeds. It’s the name of one of President Calvin Coolidge’s dogs.
  • Buck – Buck is an especially popular and widespread dog name, particularly for Labrador Retriever
  • Bully – Bully is the name of the Mississippi state mascot dog. It’s also a generally great name for any Bulldog.

Female Dog Names that Start with B

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While it may be funny to name a female dog “Bernard” or “Barney,” here are several suggestions for feminine girl dog names that start with B that might suit your four-legged girl friend.

  • Babe – Not everyone’s favorite term of endearment, Babe is nevertheless a cool name for a female dog.
  • Bambi – Bambi may not have been a dog, but he was a popular Disney character all the same. And sure, the hunters in the movie used hounds, but if you ignore that minor detail, it’s a great name, especially for rescue dogs.
  • Beatrix – A classy name for a classy lady, Beatrix is also the name of Beatrix Potter, a famous English writer, illustrator, and natural scientist.
  • Beauty – Your canine princess may not have a Barbie to play with (or maybe she has?), but Beauty was the name of Barbie’s dog, so it’s a fitting name for any canine. Especially if she’s beautiful.
  • Belka – Belka is a popular Russian name that means “responsible.” This may not seem captivating enough on its own, but it’s also the name of a female astronaut that flew to the Sputnik 5 space station.
  • Bella – Similar to “Beauty,” Bella literally means “beautiful.” It’s also a popular name for both dogs and humans, as well as the name of many famous fictional characters such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Berta – A shortened version of Roberta or Bertha, Berta isn’t a name for elegant, stylish ladies. It is, however, very fitting for ladies from the giant dog breeds.
  • Bess – Bess is a funny and unique variation of the popular name Elizabeth. The latter means “pledged to God.” We don’t know if your dog is particularly religious, but Bess is a fine name nevertheless.
  • Betty – Another variation of Elizabeth, Betty is also a very popular name for both human and canine girls.
  • Beulah – This is a popular Southern name that comes from Hebrew. There, it means “bride.”
  • Bindi – Bindi is a generally cool and unique female name. For fans of Animal Planet, this is also the name of the late Steve Irwin’s daughter.
  • Bitsy – Bitsy isn’t the name of a particularly famous or legendary dog, but that fits the name even better as it is great for small, toy-sized dogs that just want to make you happy.
  • Blossom – Blossom refers to both a flower and the popular 1990s TV sitcom starring Mayim Bialik.
  • Bluebell – Bluebell is just an extremely cute name for any dog with a blue-ish or grey-ish coloring. It’s also the name of a brand of ice cream and of a beautiful flower.
  • Bobbie – A unisex dog name. As long as it doesn’t come from “Robert,” Bobbie can easily fit a female dog. On its own, the name means “bright flame” which is perfect for an elegant and beautiful lady.
  • Bonbon – If your little female puppy is so cute and yummy that you want to melt her with kisses, Bonbon may be the perfect name. It’s a type of chocolate candy that’s extra sweet.
  • Bonnie – This name comes from the Gaelic language where it means “beautiful.” It’s also the name of one of Hollywood’s most legendary female characters—Bonny from Bonny and Clyde.
  • Boogie – Boogie is not a typical dog name, and there are no popular Hollywood canines named this way. It is, however, the name of an energetic and cool dance that fits perfectly on energetic and cool dogs.
  • Brandy – Brandy is a popular human and dog name. It means “burning wine,” which is quite cool. It fits perfectly on red Irish Setters and any other dog breeds with red
  • Brenda – Brenda is a popular human name that is quite fitting for any female dog. It’s particularly suitable for bigger and giant dog breeds that command respect wherever they go.
  • Briar Rose – A two-part name, Briar Rose is a unique name in that regard, as well as in the fact that it’s the name of the Sleeping Beauty, also known as Princess This name fits perfectly for any sleepy dog.
  • Bridget – Meaning “exalted one” in Irish, Bridget is the perfect name not just for Irish-based dog breeds, but for any classy, stylish canine lady.
  • Brie – Not just a popular type of cheese, Brie is also a popular girl name. Plus, it will only become even more popular once Brie Larson stars as Captain Marvel on the big screen.
  • Brittany – A typical female name, Brittany is perfect for any UK-descendent dog breeds.
  • Brooklyn – A famous borough of New York, Brooklyn also makes for a great name for female dogs.
  • Brownie – Does your dog make you “high” on happiness? Or maybe she just has a brownish coloring? Either way, Brownie is quite a cool name for a female dog.
  • Bubbles – There isn’t too much meaning behind a name such as Bubbles. However, it is cute, and it generally fits active, funny personalities.
  • Buckles – More of a unisex name, Buckles is a perfect name for any canine. It fits especially well on playful, joyful dogs that love to cuddle.

Wrap Up

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Did you find a suitable name for your canine pal here? These are the most popular and interesting dog names that start with “B” that we could find. Whichever one you choose, as long as you love your pooch, he or she will be happy all the same.

We’d love to hear all about the name you ended up choosing and any other suggestions in the comments section below. If you didn’t like any of them, there are thousands of other options you can consider, and you can start with our list of dog names that start with L.

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