Dog Names That Start with A: More than 70 Names to Choose From

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Anna Smith
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You’ve just adopted a puppy, and you’re still clueless on what name to give them. Do you want a name that sounds exotic? Or do you think a name based on popular media would suit your new pet? One thing is certain: you want to choose from dog names that start with A.

Maybe it’s because it is easier for you to remember. Or you perhaps your name also starts with this letter. Whatever your reason is, the letter A is definitely the perfect place to start, and we are here to help you find an appropriate moniker for your pet.

Since there are so many names that start with the letter A, to make the search easier for you, we’ve categorized them based on place of origin. We have names from Asia, Europe, Native America, Africa, and more. By the end of this article, we promise that you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Asian Names

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There’s no shortage of names starting with the letter A. It can be difficult to find a place to start, but this time, we will look at some meaningful Asian names:

  • Aiko: a Japanese name which means ‘little loved one.’ It is typically given to girls.

  • Akeno: it is a Japanese name given to boys. It means ‘beautiful sunrise.’

  • Akira: this is a name that means ‘bright’ or ‘sun’ in Japan. It is traditionally given to boys but has been recently given to girls as well. Because of its meaning, this name can be appropriate for dogs with white fur.

  • An: a feminine name that’s short and easy to remember, it comes from a Chinese word meaning ‘peace.’

  • Apinya: a Thai name that can be used for either gender; this name means ‘magical power.’

  • Arata: it is a Japanese word which means ‘new or fresh.’ As such, we recommend giving it to a puppy.

  • Asha: this is a name that comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wish.’ This is a name that is not only unique but also short and easy to spell.

  • Azami: it is a name that comes from two countries: Iran and Japan. In Iran, it means ‘thistle flower’ while it means ‘greatest’ in Japanese. It is a name that best suits female dogs.

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European Names

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If you don’t find Asian name suitable for your pet, don’t worry as we will continue by presenting some of the best European names that start with A. Europe is very rich culturally and historically speaking, so expect European dog names to be meaningful and storied.

  • Abella: this is a French word which means ‘to breathe.’ It is also found in the Spanish language, being a variation of the Hebrew name “Elizabeth” which means ‘God is my oath.’

  • Adelmo: a German name that sounds very pleasing; it means ‘noble protector.’

  • Adorjan: this is an exotic sounding name with Hungarian origins. It is a variation of the name Adrian.

  • Adriana: it is a Dutch name commonly given to girls. It is believed to have come from a Latin word which means ‘dark’ so you may want to give this name to a dog with black fur.

  • Agueda: a Spanish name which means ‘good’ and ‘kind.’ We suggest you give this to a well-behaved adult dog or puppy.

  • Aino: it is a female name widely used in Finland. It means ‘only one’ and thus can be a great moniker to give to your only pet.

  • Alban: this is the name of the first martyred saint of Britain. It means ‘white.’

  • Alexander: this Greek name means ‘defender and protector.’ Its most famous bearer could be Alexander the Great.

  • Alison: a German name which means ‘sweet.’ The name also has Irish origins and means ‘honest.’

  • Amanda: although it is quite common, there is no denying that this name is very meaningful. It comes from a Latin female name which means ‘worthy to be loved.’ It has also been used for many centuries in England.

  • Anna: another short, easy to remember and spell name with Greek and Hebrew origins. It has different meanings such as ‘grace’ and ‘beautiful.’

  • Annabelle: if you find Anna too short, then why not try the variant, Annabelle. The addition of “belle” in the name further emphasizes beauty as this is a French word which means ‘beautiful.’

  • Anwen: here’s a name which is widely popular in the United Kingdom. It has both Celtic and Welsh origins. It means ‘very beautiful’ in Celtic, while in Welsh, it is defined as ‘very fair or white.’ As such, this is a name you can give to a dog with white fur regardless of gender. Here’s another trivia: the name of the character “Arwen” from the Lord of the Rings books is said to be a variation of this moniker.

  • Arianna: it is a Greek name which means ‘chaste and holy.’ It can be a good name to give to a dog who’s as meek as a lamb.

  • Armand: it is a German name that means ‘someone from the army” or simply ‘soldier.’ It can be a great name for any male canine companion, especially one who’s obedient.

  • Artyom: this is a Russian name which is also used in other countries like Kazakhstan and Armenia. It means ‘unharmed’ and ‘healthy.’

  • Audrey: an English baby name that has stood the test of time, it means ‘strong.’ Some of the more famous people named Audrey include a saint and a popular movie icon.

  • Axel: short and easy to remember, this name has German and Scandinavian origins. It means ‘father of peace,’ which is an appropriate name for a dog who’s well behaved.

  • Ayaz: short, exotic, and meaningful, Ayaz is a Turkish name which means ‘cold.’ This is a name you might want to give to a shy dog. You can also spell it in other ways like Aiyaz and Ayaaz.

Native American Names

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Native American names sound exotic and interesting. Many of those names also have deep meanings. Consider these names such as:

  • Ahote: this name means ‘restless one.’ It is a perfect name for a canine who just loves jumping and running around the house.

  • Ahskii: it’s a masculine name which simply means ‘boy.’

  • Aleshanee: or simply Alesha. It is a female name which means ‘she plays all the time.’ Is your dog playful enough to deserve this name?

  • Ayasha: a feminine name which means ‘little one.’ You can also give your dog the other variation of this name which is “Ayesha.”

  • Ayawamat: although the name is quite long, you would love its literal translation: ‘he who follows.’ This is a great name to give to an obedient dog.

African Names

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You can also consider the following names or words which originate from Africa:

  • Abayomi: a feminine name which means ‘bringer of joy.’ Does your pet always make you happy? Then give her this name!

  • Abina: a name which means ‘father.’ Is your dog like a daughter to you?

  • Adaeze: this name means ‘princess.’

  • Adah: give this name to a first-born dog because it means ‘first.’

  • Adamma: a name that is translated into ‘a child of beauty’; this can be used for either gender.

  • Aduke: it is a feminine name which means ‘beloved’ and ‘cherished.’

  • Ahmed: is your pet well behaved, obedient, or simply deserving of praises? Then this is a very apt name for him as it means ‘praiseworthy.

  • Akiiki: this African name means ‘friend.’ It can also pertain to any individual, or in this case, a canine who’s your best pal.

  • Akilah: is your dog exhibiting signs of being very clever or smart? Then call them Akilah because the name means ‘intelligent.’

  • Alikah: this sounds like the name preceding it, but this one means ‘most beautiful.’

  • Apara: this name means ‘a child that comes and goes.’ Might be a great name for a dog who loves to move around.

  • Ayo: does your dog make you happy? Is he or she a bringer of joy? Give your pet this name which literally translates to ‘joy.’

  • Aziza: this name means ‘precious.’

Ancient Names

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Ancient names sound unique because not all dog owners think of giving monikers like “Atlas” or “Aquila” to their pets, right? And as you will learn below, many ancient names have very interesting meanings:

  • Achilles: this is the name of a warrior in Homer’s Iliad. He was portrayed as brave and invincible save for his heel, the only vulnerable part of his anatomy.

  • Adalbern: it is an ancient Germanic word which means ‘noble’ or ‘bear.’ It’s a masculine name you might want to give to a dog who looks like a teddy bear especially breeds like the Tibetan Mastiff.

  • Adda: an old English name which pertains to ‘wealth.’

  • Adelbert: an English name which also has Hungarian and German roots; it means ‘intelligent.’

  • Aesop: a Greek name with unknown meaning. However, it was also the name of a popular Greek fabulist who left us with classic tales like “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

  • Agnes: means ‘poor’ or ‘chaste.’

  • Alaric: it means ‘ruler of all.’

  • Alberich: this is a great name to give a puppy or a small dog breed like a Chihuahua. It comes from two Germanic words: alf which means ‘elf’ and ric which means ‘power’; hence it can be translated into ‘powerful elf.’

  • Aleena: a feminine name which means ‘fair and good-looking.’

  • Ambrose: a name which means ‘immortal.’

  • Amor: another short yet meaningful name. Amor was the Roman god of procreation. It is also a word that’s associated with love. It can be given to either gender so go ahead and name your beloved pet ‘Amor!’

  • Atlas: one of the more popular ancient names, it was also the name of the Greek god for endurance. It’s often associated with anything masculine and strong.

  • Augustus: this name comes from Latin word augere which means ‘to increase.’ It connotes greatness. It was the title given to the first Roman emperor.

  • Aurelius: this is a Roman family name that came from Latin word aureus meaning ‘golden.’ We suggest giving this name to a dog with golden fur.

  • Ava: it is short and easy to remember. This feminine name has Germanic origins of no known meaning although it has always been associated with ‘desired’ or ‘desirable.’

Other Names

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Still haven’t found the right name for your pet? Don’t worry as we’ve rounded up some of the best celebrity and cartoon names that start with the letter A below:

  • Adam: the name of the supposed first man; it is also the first name of celebrities like Adam Sandler and Adam Levine.

  • Adele: from British pop sensation Adele who’s known for her powerful voice.

  • Akuma: not as popular as the others in this list, this is the name of a character in the “Street Fighter” series. The character is portrayed to be emotionless—perfect for a stoic guard dog.

  • Alanis: the first name of ‘90s rock star Alanis Morissette.

  • Alice: from the name of the main character in the novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

  • Alyssa: a variation of the name Alicia which means ‘beautiful and kind’; this is also the first name of actress Alyssa Milano.

  • Angelina: we all know who Angelina Jolie is, right? It is a name that has always been associated with beauty.

  • Anna: this is the name of one of the central characters in the “Frozen” movie.

  • Anne: inspired by Anne Hathaway; it is short, sweet, simple, and easy to remember.

  • Aragorn: a fictional character in the “Lord of the Rings.”

  • Ariana: this name comes from the young pop icon Ariana Grande. She’s known to be very sexy and well-loved by her millions of fans.

  • Arnold: who doesn’t know Hollywood legend and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • Ash Ketchum: he’s the main protagonist in the Pokemon TV series who takes care of his buddy Pikachu.

  • Avril: the first name of the Canadian pop-rock star Avril Lavigne.

Wrap Up

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As you can see, there is a plethora of names that start with the letter A. Hopefully, you were able to pick one name that suits your furry friend.

What is your choice? Don’t forget to share this article and perhaps mention the name that you have in mind! Leave us a comment below and don’t forget to check out our next article on how to take care of a puppy after you’ve picked the perfect name for him/her.

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