Doberman Dog Names: Fitting Names for Your Fearless Canine Protector

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Fearless and loyal, a Doberman Pinscher is one of the best protector dogs. If you’re going to get one, you’ll need a fitting name for your tough but intelligent pet. If you’re having trouble choosing a name, our selection of Doberman dog names that highlight the breed’s distinct characteristics will surely be helpful.

Doberman Pinschers are among the world’s best protection dogs. Choosing a name that highlights your pet’s fearlessness and loyalty not only makes your dog’s name a fitting one but also makes it more meaningful. And you get to celebrate your pet’s good qualities.

In this article, we’ll first take a quick look at the breed to find out what Dobermans are like. We’ll then give you numerous choices of pet names that highlight the breed’s popular characteristics, and we’ll start with noble names to match the Doberman’s noble bearing.

We’ll also give you a great selection of names inspired by tough and strong fictional characters to celebrate your pet’s bravery and strength. We’ll then give you a long list of German dog names that honor the Doberman’s Germanic origins.

Doberman Pinschers: Noble, Brave, Loyal

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According to the American Kennel Club, Doberman Pinschers are among the top 15 most popular canine breeds in the United States. No wonder, since Dobermans are excellent pets and even better protector dogs.

Known for their fearlessness and loyalty, Doberman Pinschers possess a sleek and powerful body that matches their keen intelligence. Muscular and fast, Dobermans are athletic and alert.

Accepted coat colors for Doberman Pinschers include blue, fawn, black, and red, with rust-colored markings. These magnificent dogs grow up to 28 inches for males and 26 inches for males, and the males can weigh around 100 pounds while the females weigh from 60-90 pounds.

Considered a wash-and-wear breed, Dobermans need to be bathed and brushed only occasionally. They’re very energetic and athletic, so you’ll need to give your pet plenty of exercise every day. They’re also highly trainable and very eager to please.

The breed originated in Germany and was named after Louis Dobermann of Apolda, who is credited for developing the breed.

Noble Names for Your Magnificent Pet

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With their muscular and sleek physique, Dobermans are undoubtedly one of the noblest and most regal-looking breeds in the canine world. Here are examples of noble names for your beloved pet.

AnaxIn Greek, the word refers to a military ruler or a tribal king
BaronA title of royalty and a fitting name for a regal dog
BrahmanIn the Hindu caste system, brahmans belong to the highest class
CaesarFrom Julius Caesar, one of the most famous Roman emperors; a fitting name for an emperor-like dog
DauphinIf you are the French king, then your son would be the dauphin, which makes this a great name for your male Doberman puppy
DenaliIt means "The Great One" in Sanskrit; simply because your dog is a truly great one
DukeA rank of nobility second only to the king; another great name for a noble dog
EarlAnother title of nobility that makes for a good pet name
El CidIn Spanish, it translates to "The Lord" and it also refers to the Spanish national hero who was a nobleman with impressive military prowess
GentrySimply because your Doberman is noble and high-born
KaiserIf the Romans have Caesar, the Germans have Kaiser, which means emperor; a superbly noble name for any dog of a German breed
KhanIt means lord in Turkish, just like Genghis Khan
KnightIf you've got a black Doberman, then this would be a really cool name for your canine knight protector
LairdA Scottish feudal title; because your pet is definitely noble like a lord
MagnusThe emperors of yore used to attach Magnus to their names because it means house of might or power
MalikIt means king in both Hebrew and Arabic; a fitting name for a kingly dog
MansaThe Mali word for emperor
MorzaIf you're going to claim the title of Khan, then you can name your pet Morza, which means prince and denotes a rank just below the Khan
NobleJust because your pet is genuinely noble
PaladinA knightly champion, just like your fearless Doberman
PatrizioIt means patrician in Italian, which refers to a member of the ruling class
PerandorThe Albanian word for emperor
Raja or RajahThe Indian word for ruler
RamessesIn reference to the famous Egyptian Pharaoh
Rex or RegisThe Latin word for king
RianIt means little king in Gaelic; a cute name for your canine prince
RuariIt refers to the red king in Scottish; the perfect name for red Dobermans
Semper FiBecause your pet is always loyal and always faithful
ShahIn Persian, the word means "He who rules"; a great name for the dog that rules your heart
SharifAn Arabic title referring to the tribal protector; because your pet is your protector
SheikhA royal title for Arabian emirs
SpartanIf your dog is lean, powerful, obedient, and disciplined, then you could name your pet after the legendary race of Greek warriors
SultanIt means king in Arabic
TennoIt refers to the heavenly sovereign in Japanese
ValorBecause your pet is amazingly valorous

Great Pet Names Inspired by Tough and Strong Characters

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Dobermans are one of the most powerful, strongest, and toughest dogs. What’s a better way to name your pet than to give him a name that celebrates that toughness and inner strength? Here’s an excellent list of great names to inspire you.

AceFor your ace pet—a name that makes you think of ace military pilots
AdmiralA tough name for a brave dog
ArgusThe mythical dog with a hundred eyes; a perfect name for a guard dog
ArtemisInspired by the Greek goddess of the hunt—a strong name for a protector dog
AryaThe little girl who grew up to be a tough cookie in Game of Thrones
AstraTough female comic characters seem to favor the name, so why not name your pet Astra, too?
AxelIf you want a tough and cool name for your pet, you could go with this
BentleyBecause your Doberman is as sleek as a Bentley
BlitzFor your lightning-fast dog
BrandyBecause your pet is spirited, dark, and fiery
BrawnSimply because your pet is muscular and strong
BruiserA fitting choice for a dog that intimidates everybody except you
BrunoA strong name that sounds trendy and fun
BulletA strong name fitting for a dog that's sleek and fast like a bullet
BurlyAnother great rough and tough name for Dobermans
ButchIf you want a rough and tough name for your pet, this will be a great choice
CapoRefers to the boss in Italian—another excellent tough name for dogs
CarolInspired by the unstoppable Carol Peletier in The Walking Dead
CaseyA Celtic name that's fitting for brave and vigilant dogs
ChiefIf your Doberman's the chief among your pets, this will make a great name
CopperEspecially fitting for red or rust-colored Dobermans
CossackA good military-inspired name for your dog; it means soldier
CrashAn excellent choice for a strong dog name
DiabloIf you want other people to think of your pet as the dog from hell, this is an excellent name choice
EbonyA great name for a black Doberman
Ellen RipleyFrom the Alien films; one of the greatest heroines in filmdom
ElmoFor the pet that's just like a ball of fire
EmberPerfect for Dobermans with ember-colored markings
FlashBecause your brave Doberman is a superhero
GarthInspired by the heroic British comic hero
GaulAn ancient region in Western Europe peopled with legendary warriors and heroes
GerdaPerfect name for a female Doberman; it means protector
GodivaAn excellent name for Dobermans that are chocolate-colored
GunnerA popular military name that suits the personality of Dobermans
GurkhaIn reference to the famed warriors of Nepal—a strong name for a warrior-like dog
HarleyHip and trendy, this is a great name for any pet
HawkeyeA good name for hawkeyed protector dogs
HerculesA truly fitting name for a strong dog
HexeMeans witch in German; a strong name for female Dobermans
Hunter or HuntressA great, tough-sounding name for any strong pet
IndraInspired by the Hindu god of war—a good name for a warrior-like dog
JaguarWhether this name reminds you of the fierce animal or fast cars, this is an excellent name for any strong and tough dog
JaxSounds trendy and at the same time tough
JediA cool yet tough name for your intelligent and warrior-like pet
JuggernautA good, strong-sounding name for your dog
JunoIn Roman mythology, the goddess was the protector of women
JusticeA good, noble name that will suit any Doberman
KaliAn exotic dog name that means fierce, inspired by the wrathful goddess
KatnissInspired by the lead character in The Hunger Games—a great choice for your brave female Doberman
KhaleesiIf you're a fan of Game of Thrones, this will be a great name for your pet
LokiInspired by the infamous Norse god—a good choice for an unusually mischievous Doberman
MayaA Hindu word for magic, simply because your pet is magically wonderful
MerlinA popular name for Dobermans, inspired by the fabled wizard
MidnightAn excellent name for black Dobermans
MightyBecause your dog is strong and mighty
NyxShort and yet tough-sounding—certainly a great name for any strong dog
OdinAn excellent strong-sounding name inspired by the Norse god—also known as the Allfather
OnyxAnother excellent option for black Dobermans
RavenA cool name for black-coated Dobermans
RebelIf your pet's just a tad rebellious, this will make an excellent name choice
RogueA great name for independent pets that love to go rogue
SarahSarah Connor is the pumped-up heroine in the Terminator films
ScoutFor the protector dog that's always out in front
ShogunJapanese title for a general—another good military-inspired name for a protector dog
SpikeAnother excellent choice if you want a tough-sounding name for your pet
SpiritThis name will showcase your dog's spirited nature
SquirtSquirt sounds like the name of a tiny puppy, which makes it a funny, ironic choice for your Doberman
SupermanIf you're looking for a name inspired by a superhero, this will be an excellent choice
TankPerfect for Dobermans and any other dog that's built like a tank
TarzanRough and tough, this is great for male Dobermans
The BrideUma Thurman's cool character in Kill Bill
ThorAnother excellent name that reminds you of strength and bravery
TrooperA tough-sounding name that's perfect for Dobermans
TysonAnother great name that simply reminds you of strength and toughness
VinniePerfect for dogs that act like they're mafia dons
VixenA good name for a female Doberman that's got a knack for getting in trouble
XenaPerfect for your warrior-like female Doberman
ZeusThe supreme ruler of the Roman Gods—a good name for your dog

The Best German Names for Dobermans

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Among the numerous German dog breeds, Dobermans are perhaps one of the most intelligent, loyal, and fearless. German dog names don’t just sound cool, but they’re also great for honoring your pet’s German roots.

Ada or AddieMeans noble—a pretty name for a noble female Doberman
AdlerMeans eagle; good for an eagle-eyed dog
AdolphMeans noble wolf; an excellent name for any regal dog
AlgerMeans clever warrior; because Dobermans are clever and they're warrior-like
AlphonseMeans ready for battle, because a Doberman is always fearless and ready to protect you
AlvinMeans noble friend, because a loyal Doberman is a loyal friend
ArnoldMeans strong as an eagle; a great descriptive name for your strong dog
AugustMeans magnificent or great; an excellent description for your pet
AvaMeans life—perfect for the female Doberman that's always alert and full of life
BachIf you're a music-lover, you could name your dog after the famous German composer
BaldwinMeans brave friend, because that's exactly what your Doberman is like
BavariaA famous German federal state—a good way to pay homage to your pet's German roots
BeatrixMeans she who brings happiness, because your pet does make you happy
BerlinGermany's capital; another excellent way to honor your pet's German origins
BernardMeans brave as a bear, because your pet is truly fearless
BrittaMeans strength—a pretty name for a strong female Doberman
BrunhildeMeans armed for battle—a strong name that's wonderfully apt for Dobermans
DanubeInspired by the famous river in Germany
Dedrick or Dieter or DirkMeans the people's ruler, because your pet was born to rule
DresdenLocated in eastern Germany, it's the capital of Saxony and the home of magnificent classic architecture
DüsseldorfA German city known for its art scene
ElbeAnother famous German river
Ernie or Ernest or ErnstMeans serious—a good name for a resolute protector dog
FelixMeans happy—an excellent name for a lively pet
FrankfurtA cute dog name inspired by the famous German city
FranzMeans free man; a fitting name for an independent dog
FritzMeans peaceful ruler, a good name for a calm yet alert dog
GuntherMeans bold warrior—excellently describes your dog
HamburgA good name for a large dog; Hamburg is one of the largest cities in Germany
Heinrich or HeinzMeans home of the king; a strong German name for your pet
HessiaA pretty name for a female Doberman, based on one of Germany's federal states
HildaMeans battle woman; an extremely fitting name for a female Doberman
IdaMeans industrious one; because your pet always strives to protect you
LeonardMeans brave lion—a good name for a fearless pet
LeonaMeans lioness—a pretty name for female Dobermans
MillieMeans gentle strength; an adorable name for a strong yet gentle dog
Munich or MünchenThe home of the famous Oktoberfest; one of the most popular cities in Germany
RaymondMeans wise protector—a truly fitting name for any Doberman
SchwartzMeans black hair or dark complexion—a good German name for black-coated dogs
SigmundMeans victorious protection—an excellent German name for your Doberman
SofieMeans wisdom, because your pet is not just fearless but also intelligent
TrudyMeans spear of strength; a great name referring to the Doberman's strength
WalterMeans army ruler; a fitting name for the dog that rules all your other pets
WolfgangMeans traveling wolf; a good name for the Doberman that likes to travel

Wrap Up

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Dobermans are excellent guard dogs because of their bravery. Yet, these strong and powerful dogs are also extremely loyal and intelligent. If you got a Doberman puppy, make sure to give your pet a name that celebrates their magnificent characteristics.

If you have a favorite name for Dobermans that’s not on this list, do tell us about it. Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us. Check out our article on personal protection dog training next, because although your Doberman is inherently a great guard dog, practice makes perfect.

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