Corgi Dog Names: Tap into the Welsh Culture

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Coming up with a befitting name for a dog may require a little bit of research and probably some interest in the breed’s aspects. When it comes to Corgis, there is so much to go on, and this makes the task much easier. The breed originated from Wales where they were brought along by Vikings. From such a rich history, you can get a lot of inspiration for Corgi dog names.

The breed is a hard working dog and was originally bred to herd livestock. This has now translated into a fun loving pet—one who is ever busy and highly energetic. Among these traits, you can come up with many names for both male and female dogs. You can also go with their physical appearance, which is that of a short, well built, and fox-faced dog.

In this article, we have factored the breed’s rich history and traits to provide you with names suitable for your furry friend. We have also classified the names under different categories to make your work much easier. We start with names divided by gender then continue on to list cute and unique names for your Corgi.

Corgi Dog Names by Gender

Is your new Corgi pup a male or a female? Whichever it is, don’t worry because we have prepared lots of names for you to choose from here!

#1: Male Corgi Names

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Corgi dogs are known to be fierce in their guarding and herding duties. The same qualities have now been adapted into the current society where these dogs protect the family, especially the kids. To this end, here are male names which are suitable for your pooch.

  • Andras. Is your dog the warrior kind? Always running into trouble or playing a protective role? If so, then here is a befitting name for him. It originates from a Greek word that means ‘man’ or ‘warrior.’ It’s also the Welsh variant of the English name Andrew. For nicknames, go with Andy, Andre, or Drew.

  • Arthur. This is a Celtic masculine name which means ‘bear.’ The name is derived from the Celtic elements artos (bear), viros (man), or rigos (king). Combined, the elements make the Roman name Artorious. Arthur is the anglicized form of the Roman name and was made famous by the Arthurian legend about the ‘bear king’ who ruled in the 6th century Britain.

  • Brenin. This is the anglicized form of ‘Braonan,’ an Irish name which is associated with kings. It will suit a furry friend who is bossy around other pets. It can also do for a graceful and pampered dog who carries himself like a royal pet.

  • Conwy. The name is taken from the early inhabitants of a Conwy, which was a fortified coastal town in North Wales. The town came to be known as Conway, inspired by the river which goes by the same name. In Welsh, the moniker stands for ‘holy river.’ It will suit a Corgi who enjoys playing in the water.

  • Emrick. The name can be traced to the Normans who settled in England. It’s also a common name among Germans. The moniker is derived from the elements ‘ric’ and ‘amal’ which stand for ‘power’ and ‘labor’ or ‘work’ respectively. The name commands respect and will do for a fur baby who knows how to exert his presence. Its variants include Emery, Emric, Emerick, and Emrique. Em will do as a nickname.

  • Gavin. Give your male pup an equally masculine name from the Celtic language. The moniker can be traced back to the medieval times where it was common among the knights. It means ‘white hawk’ or ‘godsend,’ depending on the translations. Among its famous bearers was Sir Gawain, one of the Knights of the Round Table in the legendary King Arthur’s court. Variants of the moniker include Gauvain and Gawain.

  • Griffin. Here is a name that will best suit a strong and energetic Corgi. The moniker is Welsh and originates from a Latin word that means ‘strong lord.’ The name can also be traced to ancient Welsh moniker ‘Gruffydd’ which means ‘dragon, chief, or lord.’ Hence it will also do for a pup who has taken an alpha role in a multi-pet household.

  • Heulwen. You can borrow this lovely moniker from the Welsh language for a happy-go-lucky Corgi. It means ‘light from the sun’ or simply ‘sunshine.’

  • Howell. This is a common Welsh surname that is derived from Hywel, an Anglicized name that means ‘eminent.’ The moniker can be traced back to the 9th and 10th-century royal houses. The Tudor royal lineage can be traced back to Howell the Good, one of the Kings of Wales. Variants of the name include Hoel, Howei, Hywel, and Hugh.

  • Ivor. If you are into the Wiccan culture or a fan of everything Viking, here is a perfect Welsh name for your dog. The moniker is derived from ‘Ivarr,’ one of the old Norse gods. It means ‘bow warrior.’ Ivar the Boneless also known as Ivar Ragnarsson was a Viking king or leader. He was one of the sons of the legendary Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok. The moniker will do for a strong and resilient dog—just as Ivar was a military commander.

  • Iwan. This is a masculine Welsh name that means ‘God is gracious.’ The moniker is derived from the Latin name Johannes which Anglicized as John. It’s also related to the Germanic name Ivan. Other variants of the name include Euan, Eoghan, and Ewen. It will do for a graceful and well-mannered dog.

  • Leolin. This is a Welsh name which is derived from Liwellyn, a name associated with the big cats. The name originates from the Welsh etymological element ‘llew’ which means ‘lion.’ Your Corgi may be small in stature, but he surely has the heart of a lion with the bravery to match. Leo will do as a simple and cute nickname.

  • Lolo. If you prefer a simple and easy to pronounce name for your pet, then you can settle for Lolo. It’s a Welsh name which is derived from the word ‘lorwerth.’ It means ‘handsome lord’; from the elements ‘ior’ (lord) and ‘berth’ (handsome). The name can be traced back to the Mabinogion, a book on Welsh myths. It’s also the Welsh variant of Edward.

  • Trystan. The name is derived from both Old French and Welsh cultures. The name originates from the Latin word ‘tristis’ which means ‘sad.’ In medieval tales, Tristan was a noble sent by the King of Cornwall to bring back Isolde, his bride to be. On the journey back, they accidentally drank a love potion that made them fall in love with each other. The moniker will do for a loyal and clingy dog.

#2: Female Corgi Names

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Female names are supposed to bring out the beauty of the beholder. Corgis possess a graceful walk, beautiful coats, and so much more. Here is our collection of female names from the Welsh culture that the breed originated from. Apart from names that highlight beauty, we have also included strong character names as well as names from myths and places.

  • Enfys. Does your pup have a multi-colored coat, with black or brown furs and white extremities? If so, then this would be a perfect name for her. It’s a feminine Welsh name that means ‘rainbow.’ The moniker has been gaining popularity with a worthy mention in the ‘Star Wars’ universe; in the ‘Han Solo’ movie, Enfys Nest is a ferocious female warrior who is a part of a pirate rebel group.

  • Mari. This is a feminine Welsh given name. It’s a variant of the English name Maria, or Spanish Marisol. From different cultures, the name means ‘star of the sea, Mary alone, sea of bitterness, or wished for child.’ It brings to mind a peaceful and gracious pet. It will also do for a furry baby who loves playing in the water. If you have a dog that loves to swim, check out our article on DIY dog pool!

  • Megan. The name is of Welsh origin and is the short form of the English name Margaret. It is also spelled as Meghan. Nowadays the name is used independently as a given name. It means ‘pearl’ while other translations give the meaning ‘child of light.’ Among famous bearers of the name include Meghan Markle, a former American actress and now the Duchess of Sussex.

  • Nerys. Does your Corgi carry herself like a royal dog? Here is a simple and perfect name just for her. It’s derived from ‘ner’ which stands for ‘lord,’ with Nerys being intended to mean ‘noblewoman, lady, or madam.’ Some translations have it originating from Generys, an Old Welsh moniker which means ‘white lady.’

  • Nest. This moniker is the diminutive form of the name Agnes. It’s derived from the Greek name Hagne which means ‘chaste, pure, or holy.’ One of its famous bearers was Saint Agnes of Rome, a virgin martyr who is often depicted as holding a lamb. Variants of the name include Agnese, Ines, and Inez.

  • Nia. Here is a moniker for a happy and energetic Corgi. It’s a Welsh name derived from Niamh, a word which means ‘bright.’ The name is also found in other cultures where it has various meanings. In Swahili, the name is derived from ‘niya,’ an Arabic word which means ‘goal or purpose.’ One of the famous possessors of the name is Nia Long, an American actress.

  • Non. A simple Welsh name which means ‘nun.’ The name will suit a cool and graceful Corgi. The moniker is derived from the Latin word ‘nonna’ which is used in reference to a nun. In the Abrahamic religions, the name belonged to the mother of Saint David. Variants of the name include Nonna and Nonita.

  • Olwin. A variant of the Welsh name Olwen. It’s derived from the elements ‘ol’ meaning ‘footprint or tracks’ and ‘gwen’ meaning ‘white, pure, blessed, or fair.’ The elements combine to mean ‘white footprint.’ The name is found in Welsh legend where Olwen was a fair maiden, the lover of Culhwch and the daughter of a giant. Her father had her lover go through grueling trials before he would consent to their marriage. It will do for an impossible Corgi.

  • Owena. A Welsh name which is the feminine form of Owen. The name can be traced back to Eugene, an English name which means ‘noble-born or well-born.’ It will do for a purebred or one who behaves like a royal pet. It will also do for a warrior or brave dog, since the masculine form of the name also means ‘young warrior.’

  • Rhosyn. The name originated from both Latin and Welsh cultures. The Welsh variant is a flower name which means ‘rose.’ The Latin variant is borrowed from the name Rosa, which also refers to the red flower. The name will do for a pup who knows how to keep you happy and entertained, just like how roses brighten your day.

  • Winnifred. The moniker originates from Old Welsh and means ‘holy, joy, or peace’. It’s the anglicized variant of Gwenfrewi, a name which means ‘white or fair.’ The name is popular in fictional works including Winifred ‘Wendy’ Torrance, one of the main characters in the American horror film and book “The Shining.” She was portrayed by the eccentric actress Shelley Duvall.

Cute Corgi Names

corgi playing in water

The cuteness of Corgis is unmistakable. These dogs are highly intelligent and fiercely maternal—qualities that make them cuter every day. With training, they are good at performing tricks which adds to their sweet nature. If this sounds like your Corgi, then you are in luck. Here are simple, cute names that are easy and lovely to pronounce:

  • Afon. This is a Welsh name. It originates from the Afon Ogwen, a river in north-west Wales. The cute moniker will do for a pup who loves playing in water or one who has occasional tantrums, just like the flow of a river. The moniker is unisex.

  • Brynn. This is an Old Welsh name that means ‘mould or hill.’ The name is rare so you can be sure your fur baby will be unique in the park. The moniker will do for a pup who enjoys outdoor activities like trekking and camping. Variants of the moniker include Brynnie, Bwinnie, Brynnabus, Brynnja, and Bryndozer.

  • Carys. For all the love that your Corgi gives you, give her a name that reciprocates the trait. The moniker is Welsh, derived from the word ‘caru,’ which means ‘love.’ Other translations have it meaning ‘beloved friend or precious.’ Nicknames include Carrie, Ris, and Care.

  • Daere. Is your dog a people friendly and outdoorsy pet at that? If so, here is a name that will suit them just fine. It’s an Old Welsh name which means ‘love’; other definitions have it standing for ‘oak tree.’ The moniker will do for either sex.

  • Dewi. The moniker is an Old Welsh name derived from the Hebrew name Dawid, which means ‘beloved or favorite.’ In Hindu, the variant Devi means ‘flood of beauty.’ Whichever variant you choose to go with, the moniker is both unique and lovely for your Corgi.

  • Elf. A fictional small magical creature found in folklore. In most tales, elves are said to have supernatural abilities and otherworldly beauty that make them endearing to people. Most of them are said to be good-doers who help humans while remaining hidden. Did you know some tales have elves and fairies riding on Corgis like horses? This is another reason why the name is appropriate for your small dog.

  • Emlyn. This is a strong Welsh name. It refers to Castell Newydd Emlyn, a town in West Wales. The name means ‘valley or surrounding.’ Other elements of Old Welsh translate it into ‘flatterer.’ The moniker will do for a beautiful female Corgi and one who loves playing in the outdoors.

  • Junior. Since a Corgi basically looks like a puppy, naming them junior will be befitting. Not only will the name draw attention to their small stature and baby-like features, but it’s also a reminder of how cute they are.

  • Mini. A word used to describe something small. You will find the name in hipster baby name lists or as a shortened version of Minnie, a Hebrew feminine name which means ‘child, rebellion, or bitter.’ It will do for your small and rebellious dog. One of the famous bearers of the moniker is Minnie Mouse.

  • Peewee. Give your small fur baby a moniker which is perfect for her size. The moniker is modern American slang for a small object. It’s also used endearingly to refer to a baby.

  • Shorty. An endearing name for a kid or one’s girlfriend. It’s a way of reminding other dog lovers that your dog is short and also lovely.

  • Smalley. Here is a cute and simple name that will do for your lovely small pet. For nicknames, you can go with Smalls or Ally.

  • Tiny. A name that will do for any Corgi, no matter the age, color, or trait. It’s a name that is descriptive of size. It’s also a given name with one of its famous bearers being Tiny Ron Taylor, a former American basketball player and film actor.

  • Trixy. The moniker is a feminine Latin name which means ‘she who brings happiness or joy.’ It’s also a variant of the English name Beatrice. Nicknames that will do for the name include Trix, Trickster, and Ty.

Unique Corgi Names

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If you want your dog to really stand out, then go with a unique name. These are rare monikers that give an exotic feel to your dog’s personality. They also come with a little mystery and will undoubtedly generate interest among your friends and family.

  • Arianell. This is a feminine Welsh jewel name that means ‘silver.’ It’s a longer variant of Ariana. Among famous bearers of the name was a Welsh saint. For nicknames, you can go with Aria, Nell, or Nella.

  • Braith. The name is derived from the Welsh word ‘brith’ that means ‘speckled.’ The name is used to refer to a diversely colored object. It will do for a brightly coated male Corgi, one with sparkling eyes.

  • Dewydd. The moniker is of Welsh origin and means ‘beloved’. It’s derived from David, a Hebrew name. In the Abrahamic religions, the meaning of David is ‘beloved by God’; it was the name of the second king of the Israelites. The name will do for your hardworking and lovely pup. Take inspiration from the David—the boy who went on to become one of the most courageous and successful monarchs in the ancient world.

  • Eurwyn. The moniker will be perfect for a cool and reserved pup. The name comes from Welsh elements ‘eira’ which means ‘snow’ or ‘blessed snow.’ The moniker also has other meanings which make it suitable for fair or gold-haired Corgis. You can go with the name if you are looking for a unique, exotic, and unusual name. It is a unisex name.

  • Meical. This is the Welsh form of the English name Michael. The moniker can be traced back to the Hebrew traditions where it belonged to one of the archangels. The name means ‘who is like God.’ It will do for a protective and energetic pup. In the Hebrew Bible, Michael was said to battle wicked angels, demons, and the devil.

  • Meinir. Are you a fan of dark humor? Here is a name that can be a running joke for you and your Corgi. Meinir is a Welsh feminine name that means ‘tall and slender.’ Considering that a Corgi is nowhere near tall, the name will surely get some giggles when explaining it your friends and other dog lovers. The moniker also means ‘maiden’ in other cultures.

  • Meinwen. The moniker will do for a Corgi with patches of white fur in her extremities like the tail, paws, or legs. The moniker is Welsh and means ‘slender and white.’ It’s derived from the elements ‘main’ (slender) and ‘gwen’ (white, blessed, fair). You can also split the name for some sweet sounding nicknames—Mein, Wen, or Gwen.

  • Mererid. A variant of the English name Margaret. It means ‘pearl.’ The moniker will do for a lively Corgi with sparkling eyes.

  • Myfanwy. Here is an endearing name for a fashionable female dog. The name is made from the Welsh prefix ‘my’ which stands for ‘my’ and ‘bawn’ which is a pet name for ‘woman’; the two elements combine to form ‘my woman.’ For a nickname, you can go with Fanwy.

  • Paderau. Here is a unique feminine Welsh name for a beautifully colored pup. It’s a religious Irish name derived from the word ‘paidrin’ which means ‘rosary or beads.’ If you go with the moniker, you can nickname your Corgi Pad or Rau.

  • Rhianu. This is a Welsh name that means ‘maiden.’ It’s the feminine form of Rhian. The name is derived from elements that combine to mean ‘noble.’ It’s also a shortened form of Rhiannon, an Old Celtic name which refers to a ‘great queen.’ In Celtic legends, it belonged to one of the goddesses of fertility and the moon. It will do for a Corgi who loves the nightly outdoors.

  • Tarran. The moniker comes from Gaelic culture and means ‘thunder’. The name has found popularity in recent years and has made entry into literary works. In The Chronicles of Prydain, a book by Lloyd Alexander, Taran is one of the main characters. The book is based on Gaelic mythology.

Wrap Up

corgi puppies

The Corgi dog breed originated from Wales. It, therefore, goes without saying that the perfect name for a Corgi will borrow an aspect or two from the Welsh culture. Fortunately, the culture has a lot to offer—from names of places to character descriptions, historical names, to religious ones among others.

There are so many names to choose from, but thankfully, we have managed to pick a good number of names from various aspects and put them into several categories. With the above list, your dog’s name will not only be a name that you use to call him, but one that suits him perfectly by bringing out aspects of your dog that other people may not have noticed.

Corgi dog names are interesting, right? Let us know if you agree and let us know which names intrigued you most. For this and more feedback, leave us your comments below. We’d also like to invite you to check out our article on Viking dog names—for your brave pooch!

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