Cookie Names for Dogs: For Sweet Dogs You Just Can’t Get Enough Of

dog and cookies
Anna Smith
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If you’re struggling to name your pup, quit stressing out because the answer is right in front of you! Use their personality trait as inspiration for their name. We often overlook our pup’s characteristics as a potential name, and instead, we stress ourselves out trying to find a name that’s already right in front of us. Well, if you have a sweet tooth and a sweet dog, then it’s time we introduced you to our list of cookie names for dogs.

You finally have the puppy of your dreams right in your arms. It’s like holding a fluffy bundle of cookies and cakes; puppies are sweet, there’s no doubt! Your puppy loves to give you endless licks and cuddles, grabbing every moment they can get to be bundled up in your arms. So what are you waiting for then? Cookie names for dogs sound like your best bet in naming your pooch.

In this article, you’re going to be given a great variety of cookie dog names. We’ve divided the names into male and female categories. That way, it’ll be easier for you to scroll through the names. But we recommend you go through both lists; that way, you don’t miss out on some of the gender-neutral names that are floating around in this article. We’d like to remind you, though, that a dog’s digestive system isn’t meant to digest overly sugary stuff, so don’t go giving your dog too many cookies.

Female Cookie Dog Names

dog and pumpkins

She’s cute, she’s sweet, and she always tries to steal the freshly baked goods from the kitchen counter. You have to keep an eye on her, but that’s only because she loves your baking. What are you going to do? Other than finding another hiding spot for your treats, it looks like you’re going to have to give her a name she deserves.

  • Blondie: no, not the singer, but if you love her music, it’s a good homage to the ‘80s singer. Anyway, what we’re talking about is the sugar treat—a blondie. If you have two dogs that happen to be light and dark colored, Brownie and Blondie make a cute duo, don’t you think?

  • Cheesecake: you could be a giant New York cheesecake fan. But regardless of how you feel about the cake, Cheesecake is an adorable name for a pup with a couple of extra pounds around their tummy.

  • Coco: the name Chocolate can get boring, so let’s have some fun with it and shorten it a bit. Coco is a cute name for a diva-like pup that always needs attention from those around her.

  • Cupcake: everyone loves having a decorative and tasty cupcake in their hands. They’re extra sweet, and you just can’t stop at one. Your pup is a giant sweetness overload that you can’t get enough of.

  • Eclair: this is an intimidating dessert for sure, but these treats, once they touch your lips, well, let’s just say they become your favorite. If your pup looks a little intimidating but is actually a giant sweetheart, then Eclair is the perfect name for her.

  • Gingersnap: not necessarily everyone’s favorite type of cookie, but for those that like Gingersnaps, they’re huge fans. Your girl isn’t the type of dog for everyone but that’s why you love her—she’s unique. She’s sweet, but there are times when she’s cranky and isn’t afraid to hide it.

  • Hazelnut: this delicious nut is used in many beloved cookies around the world. Not only are they tasty but they’re also used in cookies to add texture. Your pup adds a little extra zest to your life, and you love it.

  • Honey: for those that enjoy healthy cookie alternatives, Honey is a great name. It’s just as sweet as sugar, however, more natural and down to earth—just like your pup.

  • Molasses: a thick, dark syrup that’s derived from sugar, it’s known as being slow and heavy. Your pup is full of love, but she’s not a big walker. In fact, if she had it her way, she’d be sleeping on the couch all day long. It’s a great name for a lovely, yet lazy pup.

  • Nilla: delicious vanilla wafers, Nilla wafers are sweet, yet crunchy. A great name for a pup that’s full of sweetness yet has a bite when she needs to stand up for herself.

  • Nutella: everyone loves Nutella cookies. Nutella, a hazelnut spread, is an international favorite, especially when you’re tearing apart a warm cookie. It’s warm, it’s gooey, and it makes every tummy happy.

  • Pumpkin: definitely a cookie for the fall season, pumpkin is a great flavor for those that love the changing of seasons. If your pup was born in the fall or loves running through the leaves, then Pumpkin is a great name for her.

  • Sandy: a sandy cookie is a pecan cookie that’s rolled up in powdered sugar. Need we say more? It’s one tasty treat!

  • Sugar: well, without sugar, you wouldn’t be having any cookies, right? Definitely not a good name for those that are on the no sugar/gluten-free diet because this name is full of sweetness.

  • Tart: everyone loves a tart. They’re small but packed with flavor, which is great for a small dog that’s packed with personality. Name her Tart, and no one is going to mess with your pup.

  • Twinkie: an internationally known treat, everyone dreams about trying a Twinkie. They’re soft, sugary, and delicious. If you have a tiny pup, Twinkie is the perfect name for your little sausage dog.

  • Whoopie Pie: no, this has nothing to do with Whoopi Goldberg. A Whoopie pie is its own thing. Of course, if you name your dog Whoopie Pie, don’t expect to keep a straight face when scolding her. Whoopie Pie is just too cute.

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Male Cookie Dog Names

dog eating peanut butter

When you’re baking, he’s right by your side, watching every inch of the kitchen, trying to see if he can snack on some cookie dough. Of course, you give it to him because how can you resist those puppy eyes? Since he’s a classic cookie lover, it only makes sense to give him a cookie name.

  • Almond: an important ingredient for the ultimate cookie, Almond is a sweet and crunchy nut that everyone loves to find in their cookies. Almond is a great name for a pup that everyone loves to spend time with.

  • Biscuit: this is the ideal name for a little sausage pup that loves to be carried around and pampered all day. He’s the type of dog that loves sitting up front in his little basket while you bike around town.

  • Brownie: moist dark chocolate baked into a perfect square, this name is perfect for a chocolate labrador.

  • Buddy: this is short for Buddy Bars which are peanut filled wafers. They combined people’s two favorite things into one: peanuts and wafers. You could say they basically created the perfect cookie, just like your dog.

  • Butter: well, who doesn’t love butter? It’s one of the most essential ingredients for making cookies and one of the reasons why you lick the spoon at the end of baking. Without your pup, things just wouldn’t be right just as if you didn’t have butter to make cookies.

  • Cookie: yes, we know it’s an obvious name, but when you come to think about it, cookies come in all different shapes and sizes. It’s kind of the perfect name for any type of pup. If you want to make it a little more unique, name him Chocolate or Peanut butter cookie.

  • Fudge: have a piece of fudge, and you just took in your sugar intake for the next year. Fudge, though delicious, is super sweet. It’s great for a pup that’s sweet—almost too sweet. You’re wondering if they have a bad bone in their body and the answer is no.

  • Graham: we all know what Graham crackers are, they’re the base of some of our favorite cookies. Graham is a great name for a pup that has more of a serious personality, one that keeps everyone in the family grounded.

  • Jaffa: this biscuit is complex. It’s layered with a sponge base, orange jam, and then topped with chocolate covering. Not everyone likes these cookies because, well, they’re different. Your pup is the same. He’s complex; not everyone understands him, but that’s why you love him.

  • Macaron: they’re small, they’re colorful, and they’re French. Whether you have a pup with a colorful coat or a French Bulldog, this name will suit almost any pup. Plus, on its own, Macaron is a sweet name.

  • Monster: well, who else loves cookies as much as the cookie monster himself? Your little guy can’t get enough of these tasty treats, and you’re starting to think of him as more of a cookie monster than a dog.

  • Oreo: a childhood classic, this chocolate cookie with cream sandwiched in the middle is a favorite for most children. They’re crunchy, they’re creamy, they’re sugary—what’s not to love? This is a great name for a dog that has a white and black coat.

  • Peanut Butter: even though everyone likes different things, let’s be honest—every great cookie is made with peanut butter. If not, it’s not a real cookie. Name your pup Peanut butter is he’s the best pup in town.

  • Raisin: now, many people are iffy about raisins. They’re not sure whether to love them or to hate them, but you don’t care—you can’t get enough of them. Your pup is just like a raisin, and this is what makes him unique.

  • Scout: girl scout cookies, anyone? We’ve all had them before, and they’re not only delicious, but also baked for a good cause! If you have a kind-hearted dog, this could be a great name for him—or for her, because although Scout is a male name, the inspiration behind this name is the girl scout after all. You can also gain inspiration from the names of the cookies—Do-Si-Do for example.

  • Strudel: a traditional dessert in Europe, Strudel is a great name for a pup that’s sweet but not too sweet. Their sweetness just hits the spot perfectly.

  • Teddy: also known as Teddy Grahams, these small cookies are in the shape of adorable and tasty bears. They’re small, they’re bite-size, and they’re easy to handle. Your pup is a laid-back and easy going pup that doesn’t ask for much except for cuddles.

Wrap Up

dog and cookie

No one said that choosing a name was going to be easy. If it were, we wouldn’t be writing about it. But instead of spending days figuring out which name suits your dog, the first thing you need to do is look at their personality and see what stands out.

Since you’re already reading this, you’ve decided that your dog is a sweet and sugary pup. So, now with these names, what are you going to do? Well, make sure you write down the names that caught your eye. Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, then the fun begins. Test out the chosen names with your pup; there’ll be one that they respond to well.

Whether you end up choosing a cookie-based name or a name that’s entirely different, we know you’re going to choose a name which suits your pup perfectly. Of course, we’d love it if you chose a name from our list because, let’s be honest, we have some cute names here. But, we truly hope that this article helped you become inspired with a potential name for your pup.

Did you settle on a name on our list or are you still on the lookout for the perfect dog name? Let us know so we can help below! Finally, we’d like to remind you that cookies for humans aren’t really meant for doggie consumption, so don’t go giving your dog sweets too often. Although if it’s a special doggie cookie made using one of our 10 dog cookie recipes, that’s perfectly fine.

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