Classic Dog Names: The Top Traditional Names for Your Pup

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Wyatt Robinson
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Finding the perfect name for a new pup is not an easy thing. Naming trends change on a daily basis, and there’s no telling if the name that is a hot topic today could become obsolete tomorrow. But one thing’s for sure: you can never go wrong with classic dog names.

Classic dog names never get old. They are always relevant, and they symbolize a refined, sophisticated naming sense. Also, classic dog names are easy to remember, and since they’re so simple and fun, they´re great for any pup, no matter their breed, size, or personality.

In this article, you will find the top female and male classic dog names, along with their meaning, and a brief explanation on why would they fit your four-legged pal. We have also prepared a list of gender-neutral classic dog names in case you don’t want your dog to be defined by gender.

Female Classic Dog Names

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Maybe you just need a good classic dog name for your female doggie to break the monotony of more “adventurous” pup names. Even if you’re still not sure, keep on reading, and you’ll be tempted to give classic dog names a try:

  • Angela: If your dog is charming like an angel, pick this name for her.

  • Beauty: This name is great for cute, perky female pups.

  • Bella or Belle: This name means “beauty” in French. The name Belle is a good choice for any beautiful female pup who stands out from the rest.

  • Blanca: The name means “white” in Spanish. Pick this name for a pup with a fluffy white coat.

  • Chantilly: This name is great for female pups with a sweet personality.

  • Clara: The name means “bright” or “clear.” Go for this name if you have a smart female pup who’s ready for everything, and happens to have a light-colored coat.

  • Daisy: This flower name is the perfect way to call a bubbly female dog.

  • Dolly: This name is great for a cute female pup that looks like a pretty doll.

  • Flora: This name means “flower” or “flowery” in Latin. If you are fond of flowers or your dog is as pretty as a flower, then this name will be extremely appropriate for her.

  • Ginger: This name is great for female pups with a ginger-colored coat.

  • Gracie: This name comes from Latin and means “full of grace” or “thanks.” Pick this name for a female dog you’re grateful to have met.

  • Lady: This is the perfect name for well-behaved girl dogs.

  • Lassie: This classic dog name is best known as the name of the famous pup from the TV series, books, and movies. This name is of English origin and means «girl.» It’s a good way to call a loyal female pup.

  • Lily: This flower name is great for any female pup that loves nature and running out in fields. This flower is a symbol of purity, so it is perfect for an innocent, calm pup.

  • Lola: This name of Spanish origin is the short form of “Dolores,” which in turn stands for “sorrows.” Pick this name for a dramatic female pooch. This name is also short for the German name “Aloisia,” which means “renown warrior.”

  • Lucy: This English given name means “born at dawn.” Pick this name for a female pup that was born at this time of the day.

  • Marley: This name means “from pleasant wood” in English. Pick this name for your female pup if she likes to take a walk around the woods.

  • Mary: This Hebrew name is short for “Maria,” which means “bitterness,” “rebelliousness,” and also “beloved.” Pick this name for a rebellious but kind-hearted female pup who always gets her way.

  • Minnie: This name of Hebrew origin is short for “Myriam,” and stands for the phrase “a child that was wished.” Pick this name if you’ve always wanted to have a wonderful and kind four-legged companion such as your pup.

  • Missy: This name is great for tiny yet fearsome doggies.

  • Princess: If you feel your pup behaves like a princess sometimes, then this name will be great for her, no doubt.

  • Roxy: This name of Persian origin means “bright” and “dawn.” Pick this name for a dog that always makes you happy.

  • Sadie: This Hebrew name stands for “princess.” Choose this name for a pampered female pup.

  • Star: If your dog has an outstanding personality, then this one is the name for her.

  • Stella: The name “Stella” means “star” in Latin. Pick this name for a female pup with a unique personality.

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Male Classic Dog Names

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Classic dog names never get old. Right here we have a list of the best male classic dog names for your boy pooch which we know you’re going to love:

  • Angel: This name is great for sensitive and kind male pups.

  • Bandit: This name is great if your pup is always stealing food from your plate.

  • Bear: This name is great for a bulky dog with a sweet face and a furry coat, just like bears.

  • Benji: The name is short for “Benjamin,” and it means “son of my right hand.” This name is perfect for any friendly and helpful dog that is like your partner in crime.

  • Bentley: This name has recently become really popular among male pups, and it is actually the name of a car manufacturer. Pick this name for a boy dog who loves to ride in cars.

  • Bingo: This name is inspired by the popular bingo game. This name is therefore perfect for playful pups.

  • Brownie: This name is specially reserved for sweet dogs, who remind you of a delicious and sugary brownie. It can also be a way to reference the brown coat of your pooch.

  • Bud, or Buddy: This classic male dog name is a staple when it comes to dog naming. Save it for a friendly, good-natured pup.

  • Charlie: The name Charlie is short for “Charles,” and means “free.” This name is awesome for free-spirited pups.

  • Clifford: This classic male dog name means «he who lives near the ford by a cliff,» and it´s best known as the name of a famous big red dog from the same-named TV series and children´s books. If you´re a fan of Clifford the Red Dog, then this name will be perfect for your pup.

  • Duke: This male dog name is a classic choice for dignified, well-behaved large pups.

  • Fido: This extremely common dog name means “trusty” or “faithful.” There´s no better way to call a loyal dog than Fido, that’s for sure!

  • Hamlet: Hamlet is the name of the moody prince of Denmark in Shakespeare´s classic play of the same name. Go for this name if you love theater.

  • Hunter: This male dog name is a good way to call a pup from a classical hunter breed.

  • Jake: This fun and short name is easy to remember and to pronounce. It also happens to be derived from Middle English for «God is gracious.» Pick this name if you want a classic way to call your pup.

  • Lucky: This name is tailor-made for dogs who have incredibly good fortune, or dogs who are like your very own lucky charm.

  • Max: This name is short for “Maximilian,” which in turn means “the greatest.” If you feel like your pup is the best ever, pick this name for him.

  • Milo: This interesting name comes from Old Germanic and means «mild,» «calm,» and «peaceful.» Choose this name for a male puppy with a calm, mild-mannered personality—one that gets along with everybody, including humans and other animals.

  • Nero: This is an ancient Sabine name which means «strong and energetic.» The name Nero is best-known to belong to a famous Roman Emperor. Pick this name for a strong, mean-looking dog with a heart of gold.

  • Oliver: This name comes directly from the olive branch, which symbolizes “fruitfulness,” “beauty,” and “dignity.” If by reading these words your pup comes to your mind, don´t hesitate and call him this way.

  • Patches: If your dog has funny markings on his coat, then this name is the right one for your pet.

  • Pirate: For courageous dogs that love a good adventure.

  • Prince: For regal dogs.

  • Rex: The name “Rex” means “king” in the ancient Latin language. This name is perfect for spoiled male dogs who think they own the place.

  • Rocky: This name can be a reference to either the film Rocky or to a dog who likes to play with rocks. Whichever one you choose, Rocky makes a great name for any tough pup.

  • Rufus: The name “Rufus” means “red-haired” in Latin. Go for this name if your male pup fits this description.

  • Samson: In the Old Testament, Samson was a man known for his great strength, which was linked to the length of his hair. Pick this name for a pup with a beautiful, lush coat.

  • Scott: This classic dog name is of English and Gaelic origins and means “from Scotland.” Pick this name for any male pup. Bonus points if he’s a Scottish breed.

  • Scout: For pups that are always looking out for you.

  • Shadow: This name is a good way to reference the dark coat of your pup. Alternatively, it is a great name for a mysterious, lone dog with a wolf-like appearance.

  • Socks: This name is great for pups who love to play around with your socks, either by chewing them or hiding them.

  • Sparky: This classic dog name will fit any dog that has a funny, energetic personality.

  • Spot: This simple dog name can be a good way to reference the markings on your pet’s coat.

  • Teddy: This name means “wealthy guardian.” Hence it is a fantastic name for a trustworthy guard dog.

  • Toby: This name is of Hebrew origin and is short for “Tobias.” The name Toby means “the Lord is good.”

  • Winston: This English name means “joyful” or “pleasant.” This name is the best choice for happy-go-lucky male pups that are in a good mood all the time.

  • Zack: This name of Hebrew origin is actually short for “Zachary,” and means “laugher.” Pick this name for dogs with a wacky personality that makes everyone laugh out loud all the time.

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Gender Neutral Classic Dog Names

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If you want more gender-neutral name choices for your dog, still with the “classic” feel, make sure to take note of these awesome classic dog names:

  • Bailey: This name is actually an alcohol name, and it means “bailiff,” or “an officer of justice.” Pick this name for solemn, righteous pups.

  • Champ: Pick this name for your dog if you think they´re the best at everything.

  • Coco: Short, funny, and sweet, this name is perfect for any cute, sweet dog.

  • Cricket: This name is a creative way to address the high-pitched bark of any pup.

  • Fluffy: This cute name will fit any dog with a fleecy coat, no matter the gender.

  • Honey: This gender-neutral classic dog name can be a reference to a dog´s honey-colored coat, or to their tender, sugary demeanor.

  • Sasha: This gender-neutral European name is short for “Alexander,” which in turn means “defender of the people.” Pick this name if you have a protective dog.

  • Sugar: This charming name will fit any friendly and sweet pup, no matter the gender.

Wrap Up

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We hope that the list of classic dog names we’ve provided you with has helped you decide on the best name for your beloved pet. If you still have doubts about how to name your pup, keep in mind their physical characteristics, personality traits, and how your pet responds to the name.

Thank you for your time, and we hope you found this article useful! We look forward to your feedback! Please leave us a comment below about the name you ended up choosing, or any other suggestions. You might also be interested in our next article on the cost of owning a dog, so that you can prepare to welcome a new furry friend properly.

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