City Names for Dogs: For Globetrotting Owners and Pups

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Emily Young
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Are you addicted to travel? Did you end up recusing your pup from a specific city? Or do you have one place in the world that you can’t get enough of? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we get why you’re looking at city names for dogs.

By choosing a city name, you’ll be able to remind yourself of some of your favorite travel memories every single time you call out your pooch’s name. “Fetch, Berlin!” “Come, Rio!” Every time you call out your dog’s name, it’ll throw in a happy memory of the time you were in Brazil or Germany. The great thing is that there are endless names for you to choose from when it comes to cities.

This is your moment to have fun with naming your pup. If you’ve had a dog before, then you know it’ll take some time, but eventually, you’ll land on a name. Just make sure to give yourself time and don’t stress out. In this article, we did the homework for you and provided you with two lists of city dog names. Even though we divided the names into male and female, make sure you go through both names as there are many that are unisex.

Female City Dog Names

dog in Paris

If your pup were human, she’d be traveling the world with a backpack on her shoulders. She loves exploring and discovering new things. You thought you were a big traveler, but she takes every opportunity she can to explore the world around her. Plus, she reminds you of your favorite city, so it works out well for the both of you.

  • Alexandria: if you went to Egypt and loved the pyramids, then you may want to keep the memory alive by naming your dog after the city Alexandria in Egypt. It’s a gentle name but packed with history.

  • Athena: everyone dreams of going to Greece. Whether it’s for the food or the beaches, Greece is one country that is on everyone’s must-see list. Athens is the capital of Greece and is a city full of wisdom and history.

  • Cali: if you love California, well, this name will work for you. But actually, the city of Cali is in Columbia. It’s exotic, lush, and full of wildlife. Kinda reminds you of your pup who’s also on the exotic side. She has a luscious coat, bright eyes, and a wild spirit.

  • Havana: do we smell salsa in the air? Havana is known for being spicy and exotic, just like your pup. People tend to be drawn to her because she’s so different and that’s what Havana is about. Plus, if you’ve been to Cuba and loved it, it’s a cute way to pay homage to the country.

  • Kona: have you been to Hawaii? Did you love it? You probably did. Now, even though you love the island, you don’t want to name your pup Hawaii—it’s a bit too obvious. But what about Kona? This is an area of Hawaii that’s full of jaw-dropping volcanoes.

  • Lima: this is the largest and the capital city of Peru. It’s a fun name and would fit perfectly with a large dog that’s goofy and playful. With a name like Lima, how can you not love her?

  • Medina: if your pup has a tan colored coat, she’s giving off strong desert vibes. So, why not give her a middle eastern name? Medina is a city in Saudi Arabia and is full of exotic energy.

  • Osaka: if you love Japan then you cannot overlook this name. It’s a beautiful city in Japan. Yes, it’s crazy and full of people, but the people are also described as quite friendly compared to other areas. Your pup is complex; one day she’s wild and the next she’s loving.

  • Paris: ah yes, did you think we were going to forget about Paris, the city of love? No way. If you fell in love with Paris, name your pup after the city of love. You love your pup, right? Well, then it’s settled. Paris it is!

  • Rai: maybe you’ve been to Thailand before and fell in love with it. Well, you can’t really name your dog Bangkok, but Rai is a beautiful alternative. It’s soft, it’s elegant, and it’s perfect for a girly pup.

  • Roma: if you’re a football fan then you definitely know about Rome. In Italian, it’s pronounced as Roma, and it’s a fun and festive name for any pup. Rome is the capital of Italy, and if you love Italian food, then this name will give you only the best mouth-watering memories.

  • Safi: if you’re looking for another middle eastern name, then you may like this one. Safi is a city in Morocco and is full of middle eastern charm.

  • Samara: you may have a Russian breed and want to stay true to its roots but aren’t looking for a name that’s going to sound too hard. Samara is a gentle and soothing name, perfect for a big teddy bear.

  • Savannah: the minute you hear this name, you feel calm and at peace. It’s a name for a pup that isn’t full of energy but rather a pup that loves to take it easy and observe. Sure, she could run around and lose her mind, but she’s more interested in hanging out and relaxing.

  • Sofia: your pup is soft and gentle. Well the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, would suit her perfectly. Though this city itself isn’t angelic, your pup sure suits that name. If you’ve done a trip to Europe, you know what we’re talking about.

  • Sydney: who doesn’t love Australia. The sun, the food, the people—it’s a country people love traveling to. But Sydney is a strong city, and it’s a strong name for a pup. It’s a name for a girl who doesn’t like to get pushed around and loves being the boss.

  • Zambia: if you’ve ever made it to South Africa, then you probably have heard of the city Zambia. It’s a really creative and quirky name for a pup that just seems to be a mess. She’s a messy eater, she’s always running around bumping into things and getting into all sorts of mischief.

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Male City Dog Names

puppy running in snow

When you’re ready to leave the house, he’s already at the door waiting. You don’t leave him at home alone; instead, he’s always on the road with you, and he loves it. Not only that, but he really reminds you of that time when you went to Vegas; he’s full of crazy energy and loves to take a gamble.

  • Aspen: it’s a city in Colorado and is extremely popular for winter sports. If your pup loves the snow, you should go on a road trip together to Aspen. Better yet, why don’t you name him Aspen?

  • Berlin: it’s the city of art, the city of culture, and hipsters right in the middle of Germany. Your pup seems to be more artistic then you originally thought. Berlin would definitely be a cute name for him.

  • Boston: though your pup tries to act tough, inside, he’s just a big squishy pile of love. Boston is a city where the people may look tough, but they’re as warm and welcoming as it can get. People judge your dog by his appearance, but they’re missing out on his big heart.

  • Bronx: your pup is a little bit of a thug. He loves acting tough around other dogs, showing off his manliness. Well, he does sound a lot like a guy from Brooklyn, no?

  • Carson: it’s the biggest city in Nevada and is a name which would suit a more sophisticated dog—a dog with style and class.

  • Chandler: if you love the sitcom Friends, then this name will definitely be on your list. Chandler is also a city in Arizona, but with the help of Friends, it’s now well known.

  • Dallas: do you have yourself a southern pup? One that loves to run around the yard, yet, always acts like a gentleman? Well, then you need to name him after the most southern city in America, Dallas. You can also choose from our extensive list of redneck dog names.

  • Derby: for any pup that loves to run around and use every ounce of their energy, Derby is the name. It’s also the name of a city in England.

  • Diego: if you love California, then you know about San Diego. Diego is a beautiful and exotic name for your pup as it lets him show off his Latino side.

  • Jackson: if you love Florida, then you’re going to love the name Jackson. It’s a city in Florida, and this name would perfectly fit a Jack Russel Terrier.

  • Kobe: you may be a fan of basketball, and if that’s the case, this name will work well. Kobe is not just the name of the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant, but it’s also a city in Japan. The city of Kobe is well known for their beef delicacy, and luckily, that’s your pup’s favorite food.

  • Lisbon: the capital city of Portugal, this place is full of life. People are dancing on the streets, the smell of food lingers around you for days, and the sun is always shining. Need we say more? If your pup has so much energy and life inside of him, he sounds like a Lisbon.

  • Milan: your pup loves to look his best. He’s not jumping in dirty puddles; instead, he walks around them. Are you sure he’s not Italian? Milan will be a great name if you want to give your dog an extra Italiano vibe.

  • Orlando: no, not Orlando Bloom, but he’s probably named after this city as well. Orlando is a city in Flordia, USA. It’s known as being highly entertaining. You’re never bored with your pup around. He keeps you on your toes.

  • Oslo: your pup loves the cold, and when he gets the chance, he’s playing in the snow until you have to beg him to come home. Your pup’s a snow lover, and that’s great. Oslo, the capital of Norway, is definitely a city he’d love to walk through.

  • Phoenix: this may be a Daft Punk lyric, but it’s also a beautiful and sunny city in Arizona. The heat, the cactuses, the delicious BBQs—it’s a place you’ll never forget. Plus, Phoenix is just a cute and loveable name.

Wrap Up

dog walking on pavement

As dog lovers, we know that naming a pup isn’t an easy task. You want to give them the perfect name, and of course, you feel that no name truly grasps the beauty and love that your pup has brought into your life. But, eventually, you’re going to have to decide on a name; you can’t call them “Dog.”

If your pup is as much of a world traveler as you are, then we hope you chose one of these travel-inspired names. A city-inspired name for your dog can bring back many beautiful travel memories or pay homage to the city that your pup came from. Maybe your dog is a rescue from Chicago, or he/she loves eating New York cheese fries.

Names are a great way to remind you why you have this pup in your life. After seeing our lists, you have endless options to choose from but don’t let that stress you out. Focus on the names that really catch your eye and test them out with your pup. The one they respond positively to is the name you should give to your pup.

We’d love to know what name you ended up deciding on. Is it a name from our list? It’s fine if it’s not—we just hope we got you on the right track to finding the perfect name for your dog. Did you come up with a few city dog name ideas of your own? Please share that and any other opinions you have about this article with us below!

We’d also love it if you could spare a few minutes to check out our next article on dog travel tips and lifehacks. The two of you have some great adventures waiting ahead!

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