Chihuahua Names: Christening the Famous Mexican Dog Breed

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Anna Smith
Written by Anna Smith

The Chihuahuas is one of the cutest and most loving dog breeds out there. We know you agree with us too and that is why you have gotten yourself one. Now that you’ve got your dog though, you are left with the burning question of what kind of name to give them. We will be square and let you know that Chihuahua names are not hard to come by. What you may find challenging, however, is coming up with a great name that is not too common.

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Likewise, we know you would not want to give your dog a name that would be embarrassing to shout out as you chase them through the park. Taking all of those as well as the world-famous breed’s country of origin into consideration, we have come up with a great list of Chihuahua names for you to select from. We know that there could be a lot of criteria going on in your mind, so we have made sure to try and be as diverse-minded as possible.

If you are looking for a cool name for your dog, and from a diverse range of categories too, here is the list to make that happen. We’ve included the meanings of each name, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself (and your cute pup) into. Quite frankly, we have made sure you will not worry about possible names for your dog anymore. What you might have to debate upon is which of the amazing options to go for.

Mexican Chihuahua Names for Males

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Chihuahuas owe their origin to Mexico. They are one of the oldest breeds in the country, and they are even named after a Mexican state. Should you be aching to reconnect your Chihuahua to his Mexican origins, below we have some male Chihuahua names we believe would help you do just that. Because the language mainly spoken in Mexico today is Spanish, most of the names below will have Spanish origins.

  • Abelardo – Here is a cool Mexican name that refers to a ‘generous’ dog. Money and gold, the dog might not be able to give you, but he will compensate for all that by giving you love that cannot be measured on any scale

  • Alberto – Said to mean ‘noble and bright,’ this is the ideal name for a Chihuahua that knows how to behave like a gentleman

  • Alejandro – Don’t worry about the length of the name. You will be able to get it out in one breath and get the dog used to it soon enough. As far as meanings go, this one translates to ‘defender’

  • Alonzo – This name is a sweet-sounding one. It means ‘noble’

  • Aquilino – A Mexican expression that translates to ‘like an eagle.’ You should pair this name with a dog that likes to leap around with an inestimable amount of energy

  • Armando – You should reserve this name for the rare strong and muscular Chihuahua. It means ‘army man’

  • Bacilio – Some dogs are born proud, and they are not shy to show it. Got one of those pups that like to show themselves as being ‘kingly?’ You might have your name here already

  • Baudilio – For a pup that values security and the protection of his territory over any other thing, and comes out triumphant every time, a name that means ‘victory’ can never be out of place

  • Carlo – Because you rescued the dog from the shelter where he would have otherwise remained caged, you could say you made him a ‘free man’

  • Chico – A name to announce that the dog is a ‘little boy’

  • Ciro – This word is used to make a reference to someone that is of ‘royal’ lineage

  • Cortez – A name that translates to ‘in triumph’

  • Diablo – Chihuahuas are highly active dogs and can be mischievous. So mischievous that you might be tempted to refer to the dog as a little ‘devil’

  • Domingo – Used to mean the ‘lord’ of a house or a region

  • Emilio – If you’ve got a resident dog in the house, your Chihuahua is surely going to fight with the other dog for your attention. That is why you should see him as a ‘rival’ for your other dog/pet

  • Esteban – A totally sexy name for a male dog, Esteban depicts ‘crown’ in Spanish

  • Guillermo – A dog is usually one of the first lines of defenses in the house. Although your Chihuahua may not be all that intimidating, giving him a name that means ‘protection’ shouldn’t be too out of place

  • Hernan – Dogs have long been classified as ‘intelligent’ creatures. This name is unique in that it can mean ‘brave’ too. That is an embodiment of all that your dog is

  • Hernando – This masculine name means ‘brave and intelligent’

  • Honorato – A Chihuahua is a breed that moves with grace and great agility. They also have a standout appearance from other dogs. In short, they are one breed ‘filled with honor’ no matter where they are at

  • Lobo – It means ‘wolf’

  • Mario – No, this is not from the bestselling Nintendo video game. This is a name that actually refers to ‘someone from Mars.’ Is your Chihuahua kind of spacey?

  • Nicolas – The name translates to ‘victory’ in English. If you are also a fan of the Ghost Rider star actor—Nicholas Cage—or any other Nicholas from history, the name is yours for the taking. As an alternative, you could use ‘Nick’ for short

  • Pablo – The name may have been inspired by the infamous drug lord from Mexico, but you will be as surprised as we were when we learned it meant ‘small’ too

  • Paz – It signifies ‘peace’

  • Poco – Chihuahuas are almost always ‘tiny’

  • Rico – The name could remind you of one of the famous penguins from Penguins of Madagascar. Like the character from that movie, the name means ‘strong’

  • Sancho – As active as this breed can be, some go out of their way to maintain a level of decorum. Those are the real ‘saints’ of this breed

  • Tito – Got a big Chihuahua on your hand? Would you say he is a ‘giant’ dog?

  • Zorro – This sounds like the name of a dangerous yet righteous vigilante, but it can also refer to the ‘fox’

Mexican Chihuahua Names for Females

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We are not one to leave you hanging when it comes to names for the opposite sex too. Let’s see how a female Chihuahua can also take a trip down the memory lane and pick up an amazing name from her roots. The female Chihuahua names on this list will rightfully portray your dog’s cute looks and wonderful personality.

  • Alejandra – If you picked up a male and female Chihuahua at the same time, this could complement Alejandro. As an advantage, you won’t need to call the full name of one before you have both of them running towards you

  • Almirah – The name means ‘princess’ and would be ideal for a female dog that shows signs of having a noble heritage and a lady-like behavior

  • Bebe – The name is almost self-explanatory. Who doesn’t like to be called ‘baby,’ yeah?

  • Bonita – Used to refer to ‘a pretty woman’

  • Carina – A Chihuahua is always a ‘beloved’ pet wherever she goes. She’s cute, and she radiates happiness and love. There’s so much in that little package

  • Chica – Your Chihuahua will always be your ‘little girl’

  • Corona – This is not inspired by the Toyota car model. It means ‘crown’ in Spanish

  • Eldora – It means ‘gift from the sun.’ This is a name that will sit well with a dog that has a golden coat

  • Elsa – This name made the list for two reasons. First, it means ‘vow to God’ in Spanish. Second, it is a well-known name inspired by a character in Disney’s animated movie entitled Frozen

  • Esmeralda – Here is a name that simply translates to ‘emerald’—a precious stone as important to collectors as the dog is to you.

  • Eva – It translates to ‘life’

  • Flor – Because your dog is as beautiful and sweet as the ‘flowers’

  • Frida – For female Chihuahuas that choose ‘peace’ over being mischievous like the rest of the breed

  • Hermosa – Not all female Chihuahuas have the luxury of bearing this name. It is reserved for only the most ‘beautiful’ ones in the bunch.

  • Izydora – If you got your dog as a ‘gift,’ you shouldn’t stress so much over giving her a significant name. Going Mexican, this would be the name to pick

  • Karime – We just found the name to be cute at first but then found it even more appealing when we learned the meaning. Karime is a top pick for a dog you would consider to be an ‘attractive one’

  • Lela – If your Chihuahua has black hair, this name should be perfect for her. Translated, it means ‘dark-haired and beautiful’

  • Luminosa – This is a brilliant name for your ‘bright’ little pooch. She will take all the dull moments away and light up your life

  • Luna – Spanish for ‘the moon’

  • Maravilla – You’ve got an ‘admirable’ dog yet you don’t have any idea what name to give her? Maybe you just found one

  • Nina – Inspired by a very phenomenal woman (Nina Simone), here is name that depicts a ‘strong’ woman/lady

  • Rosa – In English, the word translates to the nearly same-sounding ‘Rose’

  • Senorita – The name translates to ‘single lady.’ If it correctly narrates the relationship status of your dog, you’ve just found a perfect name for her

  • Tia – It means ‘princess’

  • Zita – This word translates to ‘girl’ in Spanish. Way to let your dog know what she would be called in her motherland

Chihuahua Names Inspired by the Pop Culture

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The Chihuahua is one breed of dog that is loved by the screens. They have appeared in numerous movies, soap operas, and in various other kinds of media. Looking in that direction, it would be fitting to name your dog after one of those popular stars, would it not? Here we go then:

  • Bambi – One of two pets owned by the socialite Paris Hilton.

  • Boo Boo – According to the Guinness Book of Records, Boo Boo the Chihuahua holds the record for the world’s smallest living dog. Should your pet be on the little side, this name would fit just right

  • Bruiser – In the movie Legally Blonde, star actress Elle Woods is always in the company of her Chihuahua. The dog’s name is Bruiser

  • Chloe – The Chihuahua that appeared on The Beverly Hills

  • Coco — For those who have seen Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer, this was the dog that was featured alongside the star act of the movie

  • Gidget – You might not know the name, but surely you remember the dog from the Taco Bell advert that mouths the famous line with ‘Taco Bell’ in it. We know for sure that the name of the dog in real life is Gidget

  • Mammoth – This is the first name of the Chihuahua from Krypto, the animated series. Mammoth is a superhero that could inflate her body into a ball whenever she wants to fend off enemy attacks.

  • Mimi – Pet Chihuahua belonging to Sharon Osborne

  • Tinkerbell – The other pet that makes up the pair owned by Paris. The dog is famous for always being carried around in the celebrity’s purse

  • Tito – The Walt Disney animated movie entitled ‘Oliver and the Company’ had a Chihuahua in it, and it was named Tito

Other Chihuahua Names

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This is where you will find Chihuahua names that are too broad to fit into any other category. We have ensured that they are not everyday picks for puppy names so you will definitely have the most memorable dog in the neighborhood. Thank us later.

  • Abe (M) – A nickname for ‘Abraham,’ which translates to ‘the father of many nations.’ The Chihuahua is a breed that’s famous worldwide now, so this name is apt

  • Angel (U) – An ideal name for a loyal Chihuahua that has a pretty face and angelic grace

  • Bear (M) – Not because of the size of the dog, although you can use it if you want to be ironic The name fits for the fact that this is a dog that likes to cuddle and give you bear hugs any time of the day

  • Bella (F) – Refers to something or someone that is ‘beautiful’

  • Bianca (F) – Should your dog come with a ‘white or pure’ coat, no other name would be as fitting as this one

  • Boogie (U) – A cool name for a dog that is more bark than bite. All they want is to exert influence and dominance over their territory

  • Bunny (U) – For a small and gentle dog that would take any opportunity to curl up in your lap

  • Button (U) – It just fits a Chihuahua somehow, don’t you think?

  • Chi-Chi (U) – In case you didn’t notice, all we did here was take the first part of the dog breed’s name and double it for effects. If you prefer, you could use the single ‘Chi’ instead

  • Chipper (U) – Fits dogs that can never stop ‘talking,’ running, and jumping around

  • Electron (U) – Like electrons, your dog is also small yet very energetic. Plus, if you love chemistry, this adds a nice throwback to your personality

  • Jazz (U) – In case your dog has a soothing effect on you

  • Karma (U) – If you are a firm believer in karma, and you believe you got such a great dog due to something you’ve done (in this life or the past), you should call your dog this

  • Major (U) – An option that commands a great deal of respect for itself. if the dog likes to bark a lot or be in charge around the house, you might have a high-ranking officer at hand

  • Mina (F) – This name denotes an attractive woman. Here, you can use it to refer to an attractive female dog

  • Pixie (U) – Creatures that are like fairies and are known not only for being little but also because they are mischievous

  • Rio (U) – We chose this name because it has a lot of significance. The first thing it might remind you of is a beautiful city in Brazil. This name also translates to mean ‘river,’ and happens to be the name of the river between the US and a few of the southern neighbors. Short and sweet, it is such a great name for a boy dog

  • Romeo (M) – Appreciate the sweet loving side of your dog by paying homage to one of the most famous loverboys in history

  • Roxy (F) – A short form of Roxanne, the name means ‘brilliant dawn’

  • Skittles (U) – This name draws inspiration from a candy that is named likewise. It is appropriate for very agile dogs that know how to be very sweet when the need calls for such

  • Snippet (U) – A word used to refer to the short version of something else. Ideal name for a small dog

Wrap Up

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We don’t believe in giving a dog just any kind of name. The Chihuahua is a proud, popular breed, so they deserve a name that not just sounds beautiful, but is also significant and meaningful.

We believe that Mexican names check all those lists, considering it’s the breed’s country of origin and Mexican names are always sexy on dogs. They do have a nice ring to them, and they roll off the tongue really nicely. Some of them can be too lengthy or difficult to pronounce, but we’ve made sure to only include names that convey more with less.

We know that there is a chance that you might have fallen in love with more than one name on this list. On that, we’ve got you covered too. A simple flip of a coin could help you decide between two names, or a group of two names from a larger list till one comes out tops. You can also bring in family members and friends to make the decision with you.

As an alternative, we also suggest getting your dog in on the action. Recite the name and see which one the dog responds to. That is the name you should go for.

Did you find what you were looking for? If you couldn’t find a name that sounded right on this list, we recommend checking out this other list. Just as Paris Hilton’s Chihuahuas ooze elegance, let your dog be the source of envy with these elegant dog names. Do you know of any other Mexican names that should’ve made this list but didn’t? Please place a comment in the box below and let us know what we’re missing out on!

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