Celebrity Dog Names: Fishing Among the Stars

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

If you haven’t already found this out for yourself, let us be the ones to tell you that there is a very high chance your favorite celebrities love dogs just as much as you do. So, when looking for possible names that you can give to your new, beloved furry friend, why not look to the stars? Or better yet, look at this comprehensive list of celebrity dog names.

When we talk about celebrity dog names, there are a lot of categories to consider. You might have seen a movie with a heroic dog and want to name your dog after him/her. Maybe you haven’t even see the movie, but giving your dog a name that resonates with a movie star of their own species is surely the right way to earn your dog the ‘cool kid’ status among other dogs in the area.

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Another category to consider is that of human celebrities. You could name your dog after a superstar that you find inspirational or attractive. Giving dogs cool human names seems to be the trend these days, and what better way to join in than by naming your dog after some of the most well-known and influential persons to have walked the surface of the earth?

From the stars, here in this article, you’ll find the best dog names after celebrities to choose from. We’ll get started with names of actual celebrities that can be used outright or modified for better use on your dog. Then we’ll get to the names of canine celebrities. Going forward, you should get something to jot down your options on. Quite frankly, we don’t see how you will go through this massive list and not find more than one name to fall in love with.

Famous Human Celebrities through the Ages

Your dog’s history goes way back. That is why we believe reaching far back down the memory lane to pick out some of the most amazing names to have ever graced the TV is just apt.

#1: The 1950s

All the way from the 50s, here are some of the top celebrity names you can give to your dog.

  • Bogart – A tough guy actor, meaning the name will sit well with a tough dog

  • Doris – The name of a famous actress. This name is ideal for a sweet puppy

  • Garner – Here is another tough-sounding name for your dog

  • Hudson – You might prefer to use ‘Rock’ instead. Whichever it is, the name will always find a place with a dog that is tough on the outside but actually very sweet on the inside

  • Orson – Inspired by the former director, here is a name that fits a round little pug best

  • Stewart – Make way for the basset hound of actors

#2: The 1960s

Many will argue that the 60s was the best era when it comes to the production of quality movies. Most of us were not there then, but we do know that there were some great actors whom afterward became evergreen celebrities.

A dog eating a bone

They live on in the memories of the people even today.

Here are some of the golden names from that era.

  • Bardot – This used to be a cute name for just poodles. Well, not anymore

  • Eastwood – Sounds very much like a name from the Wild, Wild West. Ideal for that dog who has a rather raspy bark

  • Newman – In lieu of this, you can opt to use ‘Paul’ too. What better way to name a junkyard dog?

  • Ringo – For a dog who likes to make ‘music’ with his barks, or has a musical undertone to his ‘talking’

#3: The 1970s

Climbing up the ladder a little, we get to the 70s. Celebrity names like those inspired by Elton John and Bill Cosby make this a special year for us….and your pup.

Labrador puppy  and maine coon cat

Before we give it all away, check these names out:

  • Arnold – There is no better name for a European/foreign dog that you have imported to live with you. No matter what you do, chances are he will never lose his thick accent

  • Cosby – For that dog that always knows how to make you laugh

  • Elton – For yet another dog that has a musical tone to his whining and barking

  • General – After the real superhero actor of the General Lee TV show. As an alternative, you could name the dog ‘Lee’ too

  • Starsky – We would have found this a strange dog name if we didn’t know it belonged to a famous TV series character

#4: The 1980s

Moving on with the 10-year leap, the 80s are next in line.

A dog playing with a yellow ball

Let’s see what names we can pick up from the celebrities of this era

  • Denzel – Perfect for a no-nonsense dog who also has a big heart for his owner(s)

  • Elmo – Because, which pup wouldn’t fall in love with Sesame Street?

  • Keifer – This guy was an actor for many years, and not once did he let down his tough guy image

  • Kingsley – Inspired by the actor who changes a little every day

  • Magnum – For a dog that likes nothing more than to inspect things and places around the house

  • Murphy – When a puppy is starting to become a threat to the family values, he is surely a Murphy

#5: The 1990s

Let’s see what awesome names we can cop from the 90s, shall we?

  • Beavis – Awesome name for a silly puppy, or one that walks into walls

  • Buffy – Perfect for female dogs who always seem to bark at thin air, chasing after something you cannot see. Alternatively, you can name her Sarah Michelle Gellar

  • Chandler – When your dog is a little too friendly for comfort

  • Cooney – For a handsome puppy that everyone wants to build a bond with

  • Jordan – For a puppy with a great athletic build. He would leap over walls and obstacles like they are nothing and he always seems to want to break out into a sprint

#6: The 2000s

The past centuries have plenty of wonderful and recognizable celebrities, but since the 2000s is the most recent, perhaps you’ll find the names of the celebrities belonging to this era slightly more familiar. There is no shortage of names to select from, but we have picked only the most relevant ones for your pup.

A puppy running on the grass

With a dash of pun, a dose of fun, and some straight choices that do not need any modifications, check out what we have planned for you. Here is how celebrity names from the century stack up:

  • Abby – Do you have a smart girl dog? Do you love NCIS? Need we say more?

  • Barrack – Inspired by the former president of the United States. It wouldn’t hurt to modify the name for your dog into ‘Bark Obama’ instead

  • Brad – Your handsome dog (with golden hair, preferably) will love this name. You will also find it funny when you command your dog to sit (Brad, sit!), playing a pun on the actor’s name

  • Deputy Dawg – You can’t help but laugh at this one, can you?

  • Growling – If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is how to name your dog after one of the most successful female writers of all time, J.K Rowling

  • Hairy – A wordplay on the young wizard, Harry Potter. You could modify the last name of your dog into ‘Pawter’ instead

  • Jackman – Or maybe, Hugh. Inspired by the actor. This name should be reserved for the alpha dog. It helps if your dog has a wolf-like personality or appearance

  • Katy – After the beautiful and multi-talented actress; your female dog will like nothing more than to be named ‘Katy Pawry’

  • Malcom – When that puppy always likes to get in the middle of everything

  • Notorious D.I.G – If he (we mean the B.I.G) happens to be your favorite musician, or one of them, here’s how you can always let your dog in on the good stuff too

  • Paris – For lack of a better name to give that puppy who fits in a purse

  • Pawtrick – Inspired by the likes of Patrick Stewart who have enjoyed some time on the screens

  • Rosa – Only that this female Rosa would rather bark than Spark

  • Sasha Fierce – This is the alter ego of Queen Bey herself. Your dog doesn’t have to be fierce to be given this name; it can be ironic too

  • Shakespaw – Need we explain where this name came from?

  • Stark – There is no doubt about what kind of dog deserves this name. Only for wolf-like ones or the very smart yet mischievous ones

  • Tyra – Does your female pup like to strut around in graceful steps? We might have just the name for her here

Famous Dog Celebrities through the Ages

Let’s take a break from the world of humans and go into the land of canines for a while. It would perhaps surprise you that there are almost as many celebrity dogs to have graced the screens as there are celebrity people.

Cute-Funny-Puppy in the kitchen

Chances are, your dogs also talk about their favorite celebrities when they get together. Check out these options that are sure to help your dog identify with the stars in his/her own world too.

  • Asia – The French Bulldog is, for an unknown reason, a popular breed among celebrities. Should you be a new parent for this breed, perhaps you should go for this name. It is what Lady Gaga named her French bulldog

  • Peaches – Hillary Duff’s French bulldog

  • Hobbs – The Rock decided to give his dog the same name he bears in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. While we don’t see the dog getting behind a wheel anytime soon, a badge would surely look good on him

  • Pippa – We don’t know what this name means, but it is cute. Furthermore, it belongs to Chrissy Teigen’s dog

  • Sharkey – Martha Stewart went the marine way when looking for inspiration on what to name her dog

  • Carmela – A simple, sweet, and elegant name for a female pup. This lucky dog is owned by Jonah Hill

  • Dali – When not busy being the Wolverine of the X-Men franchise, Dali is the French bulldog Hugh Jackman spends time playing ‘catch’ with

  • Django – Owned by Leonardo Di Caprio, this is one dog that does not enjoy being chained

  • Scarlet – Ex-footballer and celebrity, David Beckham, would not be left out of the circle of celebrities who have a French bulldog to call their own

  • Steve – A very simple and beautiful name for a French bulldog. This is what Shaun White named her dog

  • Monkey – It is hilarious that Eli Roth would name his pet after another creature of the animal kingdom. How about taking a page from his book for a hyperactive dog that likes to climb and jump?

  • Popeye – This is not a new name. It was made popular for dogs by Eva Longoria

  • Pistachio – Don’t you just love the Italian ring this name has? We bet Christina Perri does too. Else, she would not have considered it in the first place

  • Ace – He was a canine movie star from the years 1938 through 1946. He also happened to be a German Shepherd

  • Ace Hart – This celebrity dog was in the animation Dog City from 1992 to 1995

  • Adam Fink – Belonging to the world of Android Dogs, he stayed a loyal companion to Jack throughout the Adventures of Captain Jack comic strip

  • Adolph – Adolph is the Doberman from Ruthless People that was brought to eat Murphy

  • Adonis – An English Setter, this dog is revered for being the receiver of AKC Registration #1

  • Agent 11 – Also known as Spot, the dog became famous after featuring in the movie See Spot Run

  • Aibe – A wolfhound, it was rumored that the king of Ireland made a payment of 6,000 cows for the dog

  • Albie – Albie appeared as Ella Mae’s dog in The Beverly Hillbillies

  • Alex – His real name is ‘Banjo.’ This Golden Retriever warmed his way into the hearts of many Stroh’s Beer fans with the way he played ‘fetch’ and opened a beer bottle

  • Ashley – When it comes to catching Frisbees, Ashely is a world champion. The dog is famed for winning three Canine Frisbee Disc World championships

  • Balto – Balto is a Siberian Husky that appeared in a movie of the same name

  • Barfy – The Labrador Retriever that starred as the first family dog in Family Circus

  • Barkley – The main character in Meego—a 1997 movie where the dog bore the titular name

  • Barky Marky – If your bulldog likes to play with balls all the time, he could be a descendant of the dog in Warner Bros’ Tiny Toons animation

  • Barney – This Sottish Terrier was widely regarded as the ‘First Dog.’ His owner was President George W. Bush

  • Barry – Barry was a St. Bernard dog that dedicated his life to saving people. Trained for the mountain ranges, he was able to save no less than 40 lives in his lifetime

  • Baxter – Baxter is the Bull Terrier that played the titular role in the comedy movie of the same name

  • Bella – This Labrador Retriever is regarded as the oldest dog to have ever walked the surface of the earth

  • Belka – A mixed breed dog who did more than walk the earth; she went to outer space too. Belka was launched into space aboard the Sputnik 5 and returned safely to earth afterward

  • Benji – He is the superstar of superstar dogs. This dog spent an amazing 14 years in show business and garnered a lot of fans in the 60s to 70s screen era

  • Chief – One of the Foxhounds that featured in the Fox and the Hound animated movie

  • Chips – A German Shepherd who was also the most revered dog during the World War II times

  • Cleo – A basset hound that starred in the TV Show ‘The People’s Choice’

  • Coal – One of the Bearded Collies in The Shaggy Dog

  • Courage – Courage is, ironically, the hero of a show that is named Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • Cujo – A St. Bernard dog that was made famous by a book of the same name written by Stephen King

  • Comet – This Golden Retriever was the family pet featured in Full House—holding the position from 1987 to 1995

  • Demon – A beautiful Siberian husky from the 2002 movie Snow Dogs

  • Dog – What an apt name for a, well, dog. The name belongs to a Basset Hound that was a part of the Columbo TV show

  • Dollar – the Dalmatian pet of Richie Rich, a TV cartoon series character

  • Duchess – Another Siberian husky that was featured in Snow Dogs. Great name for a female dog

  • Earl – A part of the cat-dog duo that made the movie Mutt

  • Einstein – The rather large Great Dane featured in Oliver and Company, an animation that was a spin-off of the popular Oliver Twist classic

  • Faith – Faith is a mixed breed wonder dog that has been a marvel since birth, having only two hind limbs and no forelimbs

  • Fang – Hagrid’s dog from Harry Potter

  • Fido – A now popular name for dogs, Fido was the dog owned by a former president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln

  • Fifi – She is a cute poodle featured on Nickelodeon’s Rugrats

  • Fluke – The title character who wore shoes in the 1995 movie

  • Francis – A bulldog that was also featured in Oliver and Company

  • Friday – Remember the star dog in the movie Hotel for Dogs? He’s a Jack Russel Terrier

  • George – This brave Jack Russel Terrier died while trying to save a group of kids from some Pitbulls

  • Ginger – Of generic breed, the dog starred in the comic strip Drabble

  • Gibson – He is a Great Dane who holds the record for being the world’s tallest dog. He is about 7 feet tall when standing on his hind legs

  • Gus – One Siberian Husky that was seen in the movie Iron Will

  • Him – One of the Beagles owned by President Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Her – The female of the dog duo owned by the president

  • Hobo – A German Shepherd that played the star character in Littlest Hobo, a 1970s TV series

  • Hubble – An innocent-faced Border Terrier from the 2013 movie Good Boy

  • Bolt – The white German Shepherd that played a titular character role in the animated movie

  • Jenna – A real-life dog character that inspired the heroic dog film, Balto

  • Judy – Judy was the only dog that was taken as a Japanese prisoner of war during the World War II era. She ended up earning the Dickin Medal, which remains the highest honor any dog in the military could earn

  • Krypto – The dog appeared in a series of DC Comics comic strips that featured Superman

  • Lady – The beautiful Cocker Spaniel that made Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp animation a success

  • Lafayette – A Basest Hund that was seen in The Aristocats, a 1970s Disney animation

  • Liberty – This Golden Retriever was not only known as the pet of President Gerald Ford, but was a celebrity in her own rights. On more than one occasion has the dog signed an autograph with a paw print

  • Lou – An adorable Beagle that starred in Cats and Dogs

  • Lucky – The Golden Retriever that acted as a right-hand man to Dr. Dolittle in the Dr. Dolittle film series

  • Mac – Another one of the Siberian Husky dogs from Snow Dogs

  • Marmaduke – The Great Dane titular character of the comic strip Marmaduke

  • Martha – A dog character from the book ‘Martha Speaks.’ The dog goes on to retain the name in a movie adaptation of said book

  • Max – From Man’s Best Friend, Max is the genetically enhanced dog from the 1993 horror flick.

  • Maya – A Siberian Husky from Eight Below

  • Max — Yet another Siberian Husky from Eight Below

  • Molly – An Irish Setter with a role in the book ‘Big Red,’ which would later go on to be adapted for screens

  • Meatball – One of the dogs owned by Adam Sandler. The dog also featured in Little Nicky alongside the actor

  • Mr. Peabody – The father of Sherman, a human boy, in the animated Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie. Their relationship takes the definition of dogs as man’s best friend to another level

  • Neil – A St. Bernard that was the hero of the film Topper. He also retained a starring role in the animated series of the same name

  • Old Jack – Another Siberian Husky from Eight Below

  • Old Yeller – The titular dog in a book by Fred Gipson. This Blackmouth Cur would go on to have a movie made about him

  • Owney – A mixed breed animal that is almost always associated with the US. Postal Service

  • Pete – Many, especially the French, would have been happier to know that this Bull Terrier was only famous for being the pet of President Theodore Roosevelt. However, aside from having that ‘First Dog’ status, the dog went on to make a name for himself by ripping off the French ambassador’s pants

  • Petey – The famous Pitbull dog from Our Gang

  • Pickles – The dog who sniffed out the stolen FIFA World Cup trophy for the year 1966. The cup would later be won by England

  • Reno – This Briard featured in the 1995 movie Top Dog

  • Santa Paws – A Golden Retriever that made Christmas colorful in the 2009 movie Santa Buddies

  • Scooper – Another one of the many Siberian Huskies from Snow Dogs

  • Shep – This Border Collie was credited as the star of Blue Peter, a British children’s show

  • Shelby – Featured in Smallville—a TV series that chronicled the life of Superman—since the year 2001

  • Slinky – The Slinky toy dog from the Toy Story franchise

  • Snuppy – Not just a regular Afghan Hound, but the first one ever to be cloned

  • Swan Sea Jack – The dog gained fame for saving the lives of many people in Swansea town. Living through the years of 1930 to 1937, the Black Retriever was awarded ‘Dog of the Century’ among other recognitions

  • Tawny – A Labrador Retriever that birthed 18 pups for her first litter

  • Tinkerbell – A commonly photographed Chihuahua owned by Paris Hilton. The dog even has her memoirs published

  • Tito – A small Chihuahua from Oliver and Company

  • Togo – The lead sled dog that completed the famous ‘Serum Run’ to Nome in Alaska

  • Underdog – This was the stage name of the Beagle that acted in the same-named movie when the dog developed superpowers

  • Wishbone – Real name ‘Soccer,’ this Jack Russel Terrier was the star of the children’s TV series Wishbone

  • Yodel – A Siberian Husky from Snow Dogs

  • Zeus – A Golden Retriever that starred in the 2009 movie The Dog Who Saved Christmas

  • Zorba – The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes this dog as the heaviest and longest dog ever

Wrap Up

Be it that you want your dog to bear the name of a famous person, get a funny variant of such a name, or be named after a canine celebrity, you will find everything you want on this list. Rest assured that we’ve got your dog’s tail covered.

A happy small dog running

Remember that list we asked you to make of the possible options you would like to go for? Let’s know which ones you found the most amazing and how your dog reacted to them. Your opinion matters to us, so please put down a comment if you can find the time for it. Couldn’t find a good name even after going through the ages? Perhaps it’s time to travel the expanded universe in our Star Wars dog names article.

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