Brown Dog Names: From Light Brown to Dark Brown and Everything In Between

brown labrador and border collie
John Walton
Written by John Walton

Brown is one of the most celebrated colors in the doggie kingdom. Most dog breeds come in color variation that ranges from light brown to dark brown. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Good because the color of your dog’s coat is obviously beautiful and popular. Bad because most brown dog names are already in use by other dogs. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on giving your dog a name inspired by his coat.

Naming a dog based on his color adds a tinge of style and personalization to the name game. Also, the color brown is commonly associated with mother earth and symbolizes stability, self-discipline, among other things. The point is, when it comes to a color associated with so many positive traits, you can bet that there’s no shortage of unique, related names to choose from.

Whether your dog has an overall brown coloration or brown liver points, we have the perfect name for him or her. Our list is comprehensive with meanings and inspiration behind the names included, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and pick the one that stands out.

Names for Light Brown Dogs

light brown dachshund lying

When you bring your Retriever, Pug, or Dachshund pals home, the first thing you’ll notice is their beautiful light brown or golden coats. This usually brings the name Blondie or Goldie to mind.

Other than these two common names, we have come up with a creative list that will fulfill your desire for a unique name for your male or female four-legged friend.

#1: Female Light Brown Dog Names

light brown chihuahua with shiny colar

Who doesn’t love a female blondie dog? They are sweet, beautiful, and know how to flaunt it. We hope you’ll find the perfect name for your gorgeous pooch while perusing this list.

  • Almond — This is a female dog name for an almond-colored puppy. Female dogs called Almond are usually smart and knows how to handle herself.

  • Beyoncé — Foxy Cleopatra and dream girl. Enough said.

  • Blondie — This is a common term commonly used to refer to people with yellow hair. It is also inspired by the name of a type of brownie that is made with white chocolate. The name is also shared by the American rock band founded by Singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. It is a unisex name.

  • Carmela — This is Hebrew name, and it means “gold.” If you feel lucky to have her, call her Carmela, and you’ll always be reminded of how precious she is.

  • Cera — This is a Brazilian dog name. It means “Brazilian Bikini.” This is a great name for a dog who loves to go to the groomers and to look good. For your fair one, a flower dog name may also be apt.

  • Gadget – A name that means “small girl.” It was given to a Chihuahua female that was featured in the famous Taco Bella advert. She also played the role of Bruiser Mother in Legally Blonde. For other Chihuahua dog names, visit this link.

  • Kula — A Hawaii-inspired female dog name. The name means “gold.” A unique name to give to your golden brown dog.

  • Maui – Another name inspired by the sandy beaches of Hawaii. This is the second largest Hawaii beach and is a popular tourist destination. The name adds color to your female puppy.

  • Muffin — This is a great name for a dog that is deliciously sweet. She will snuggle next to you when you are sad and greet you at the door. She has a great personality and attitude towards life. This name can be given to both light brown and dark brown dogs.

  • Rosemary — An evergreen aromatic shrub of the mint family. If your dog is elegant, courteous, and always putting others first, name her Rosemary. You’ll find other elegant names for dogs here.

  • Sahara — The name was inspired by the Sahara desert in Africa. It means “Inca gold or desert moon.” If you are inspired by the shifting sands or rocky outcrops of the deserts, this can be the perfect name. You can give this name your female pooch who is unbeaten on her turf.

  • Sanibel — A female dog name inspired by the sandy beaches of Sanibel Island. A great name for your pooch who loves to explore and is adventurous.

  • Savannah — A name that means “plateau.” The name also refers to the U.S River that flows through Savannah, Georgia. This is perfect for your gorgeous female blond puppy who is quiet but has an amazing character when you get to know her.

  • Sunny — This one simply means “filled with sunlight.” It is English in origin, and it’s a name given to cute dogs who bring joy and brightness to your life.

  • Tawny — It has English origins. It means “tanned or a light brown-orange color”—inspired by the warm sandy color of a lion’s coat.

#2: Male Light Brown Dog Names

ight brown dog trying reach biscuits

Male dogs tend to be hard workers, especially when it’s a dog like a Golden Retriever. They are also friendly and good at whatever they do. Here is a list of brown dog names male that will fit your friend perfectly.

  • Aki — This is a male dog name meaning “autumn or bright.” It is a Japanese name. Call your puppy Aki to reflect the bright brown colors of fall. This name suits a dog that’s calm and soothing.

  • Bailey — Named after the Baileys Cream that is golden in color. It also means “trusted guardian.” Give this name to a dog who is good-natured and loyal. Baileys are smart dogs who are eager to please and are easily trainable.

  • Bear — This is an English name inspired by the large mammal with a bulky body and thick, coarse fur. Most bears are brown. This name is perfect for a dog that is as strong as a bear.

  • Biscuit – Most biscuits are tan or brown in color. Give this name to your sweet pooch

  • Bruno— Means “armor.” It is German, and perfect for a dog that is not afraid to defend his owner.

  • Cider – Nothing beats a cup of hot apple cider on a cool evening. A great name for dogs that always know how to calm you down.

  • Dusky — Inspired by the evening pale brown color that comes in as daylight wanes. Can be a name for any gender.

  • French Fries — Who does not love this potato snack? The name can be used for both male and female dogs.

  • Kohaku — A Japanese name that means “amber.” This is a unisex name.

  • Lager — This is the golden color of a delicious summer beer. If you love to crack open a cold one with your dog, this name is perfect.

  • Nacho — Mexican snack of chips covered with cheese. Perfect for a Chihuahua who is charming and easy going.

  • O’Malley — An Irish name that means “fair-haired.”

  • Old Yeller — Great name choice for a loyal dog that would do anything for his owner. Inspired by the classic ‘Old Yeller’ film.

  • Pumpkin – A name inspired by the brownish-orange color of pumpkins. This name is precious, unique, and perfect for a dog you adore.

Names for Dark Brown Dogs

dark brown dog with white spor

A dark brown or a chocolate-colored coat is a stunning color for any dog. Most dogs with this color have striking amber eyes that will melt your heart.

Chocolate-themed names are an excellent choice since they can perfectly capture the dog’s description while highlighting his/her sweet nature as well. However, we do not stop there, as the naming options for this theme color are boundless.

We hope you can find the perfect name for your dark brown or chocolate-colored pooch on this list.

#1: Female Dark Brown Dog Names

dark brown rottweiler puppy lying

If you are looking for a name for your loving and sweet female friend, you have come to the right place. Below are some great names for your affectionate and beautiful female chocolate-colored dog.

  • Autumn — This is a female dog name. It is English in origin. It is inspired by the crisp and colorful season.

  • Blossom — Inspired by the famous Blossom Coffee Brewers. If you find that the name “Coffee” is too common, why don’t you call your dark brown pooch Blossom?

  • Cinnamon — A rich brown spice that is associated with good health. This name is thus perfect for a hypoallergenic dog. Is yours hypoallergenic? Take a look at this article to confirm for sure.

  • Coco — Inspired by the color of cocoa—one of the major ingredients in chocolate and a beverage that is brown in color. The name is also shared by the monkey mascot of Kellog’s coco pops. This name also means “brash” in French. You can also call your dog Cocoa.

  • Cola — Inspired by the dark brown color of Coca-Cola. Colas are dogs who are mischievous and fun.

  • Cookie — Most cookies are brown. If your dog is something you just can’t get enough of, and she reminds you of home, this is a perfect pick.

  • Curry — This name is Indian in origin. It’s a world-famous type of cuisine with colors that range from brown to mustard. Perfect for a dog who cheers you up or is feisty.

  • Henna — A flowering plant that is used to make temporary tattoo and dyes. A unique name for your dark brown friend.

  • Hershey — Dark, sweet, and lovely. A good name for a dog who has a dark brown coat like that of a Rottweiler or a chocolate Lab. Named after the Pennsylvanian chocolate company maker of Hershey kiss among other chocolate bars.

  • Kahlua — For a dog with a coffee-colored coat. This coffee-vanilla drink has a name of Mexican origins. Perfect for a dog who is cool and quiet. This name can be given to male dogs as well.

  • Molasses — If your low-key girl has a dark sepia coat, choose this name. It gives off the impression of something that is sweet and naturally refined. Perfect for an elegant and graceful friend whom everyone notices when she walks into a room.

  • Nestle — The famous chocolate maker. Perfect for a sweet and charming female pooch.

  • Peanut — Perfect for a dog like a Chihuahua who is small but has a nutty personality.

  • Pepsi — Perfect name for your spirited young friend.

  • Wrapper – Inspired by caramel candy wrapper. Perfect for your female dog who has you wrapped around her little finger.

#2: Male Dark Brown Dog Names

brown great dane on grass

Whether the name is for your chocolate-colored Labrador or any other true companions, we have the perfect name for you.

  • Ablaze — This is the perfect name for a dog that has a reddish-brown coat color. Reminiscent of fireplaces and perfect for a dog that represents your home. You can also shorten it to Blaze.

  • Bagel – This is a Yiddish male dog name inspired by food. Bagel is a glazed ring-shaped roll that has a chewy texture. Great for dogs that love to eat. Although, if your dog is starting to put on too many pounds, be sure to put him on a diet by giving him healthy weight loss foods.

  • Ballotin — Coined from the original chocolate whiskey. Perfect for your best friend who’s not afraid to become the first in everything. A dog called Ballotin doesn’t back down from a challenge.

  • BonBon — These are edible chocolate treats. The color of the candy is a reflection of your dog’s coat color. It is also a reflection of the rich friendship you share with your dog. This is a unisex name.

  • Brandy — Variations of the name includes Brandee, Brandice, or Brandie. It’s a great unisex name for dogs with that extra kick.

  • Brewster — An English name that means “a brewer.” Inspired by the darker color of potent beer. Perfect for your male pal who’s always there for you whenever you’re feeling blue.

  • Brew — Slang for beer. This name is perfect for your doggy friend who loves to socialize. If your dog is a bit too social—in the sense that he likes to hump your guests—check out our article on how to stop that unwanted behavior.

  • Brownie — Coined from the moist chocolate bar with nuts. Good for any occasion. Great for highly adaptable dogs.

  • Burnell — Means “a small, brown one.”

  • Chai — A Swahili name meaning “tea.” Perfect for your brown dog who is as refreshing as a cup of tea. As chai latte becomes increasingly popular, no doubt more and more dog parents are going to use this name, so lay claim to it before others can!

  • Chewbacca – If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you can’t miss out on this name. He never says any real words. Therefore, this is a unique male name for your brown friend who is a bit hard to comprehend. For other Star Wars inspired names, visit this page.

  • Choco — You guessed it. This name is short for “chocolate.” Chocos are sweet and sensual dogs.

  • Chuao — Inspired by the name of a small village in Venezuela famous for its decadent chocolate. A unique name that rolls off the tongue smoothly.

  • Fudge — Inspired by the sweet snack. Give your friend this name if he has a soft, rich coat. Can also be given to female dogs.

  • Gardener — Perfect for a dog who loves to dig holes in your backyard. Inspired by the red-brown soil used in gardening.

  • Java — Slang for coffee, but can also refer to a programmable language. Perfect for a dog who keeps you on your toes.

  • Kaldi — This name is Ethiopian in origin and was inspired by an African herder who discovered the coffee plant. A popular chain of coffee shops in Missouri also has the same name. If your dog’s coat is dark brown like the coffee beans, this will make a great name for him.

  • Meatloaf — Ground meat molded into a loaf and baked. Give this name to a dog that you can’t get enough of.

  • Mocha — This is a beautiful name for a trustworthy, steadfast, dependable, and fearless canine. It is a unisex name.

  • Mudd — Inspired by brown mud. Perfect for a puppy who is not afraid to get his paws dirty. If he tends to get himself muddy all the time, you may spend a fortune purchasing commercial shampoos. Why not try one of our homemade dog shampoo recipes? It’s cheap and effective.

  • Pedro — If your male friend is a charmer, this is a great name for him. Inspired by a character in the 1992 movie ‘Like Water for Chocolate.’

  • Reese — This is a type of peanut butter and chocolate candy. It is perfect for a sweet but strong canine.

  • Rusty — A great male dog name usually given to reddish-brown dogs. Most dogs called Rusty are handsome dogs with shy but affectionate personalities.

  • Scooby — We all love the Great Dane in Scooby Doo. Name your dog after him if he is awesome, funny, and surprisingly brave when it counts.

  • Sepia — This is a unique name for a reddish-brown canine

  • Snickers — Inspired by the tasty candy bar. This is a dog who is naturally optimistic. He has the power to turn even the sternest person into a happy being. He is the light of your life.

  • Toffee — Inspired by the hard red-brown candy that turns soft when chewed. If your dog is as sweet as toffee, you can give him this name. This name can also be given to a female dog.

  • Valentine – As you know, Valentine is synonymous with chocolate-giving. It’s the perfect name for your loving dog. Can be given to a female dog as well.

  • Woody — Perfect name for a dog who has a brown coat and loves to hunt. Want to know how to train your dog to become a hunting champion? Go to this page.

Wrap Up

light brown and dark brown labradors

Brown is a predominant color among dogs. It is a beautiful color, so many pet parents choose to focus on names that are inspired by the exact hue of their dog’s coat. Unfortunately, because of that, most color-inspired brown dog names are either way too common or stray too far off topic. But that’s nothing to worry about if you pick a name from our list.

We believe that our comprehensive list has given you the inspiration you need to land on the perfect name for your beautiful pooch. Whether you are looking for a unique name or a popular name for your brown dog, we’ve got your back!

Did you find the perfect name for your dog on our list? Do you have other brown dog names that we can add to this list? Let us know your views and suggestions in the comment section below. Is your brown dog a Dachshund? If yes, you should perhaps try our other article on Dachshund dog names.

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