Boxer Dog Names: Powerful Names for Your Champion

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Boxers are powerful German dogs that are great with kids, cats, and enjoy being a part of the family. They are masculine like the guard dogs they are, but this should not intimidate you. Boxer is a very friendly and beautiful dog breed. Since they embody so many wonderful traits, it’s no wonder that you have a difficult time choosing between the many available Boxer dog names out there.

No need to fear. We know the last thing you need is to browse through all the different name selections for your Boxer dog out there without a clear direction, and that’s why we have gathered all the best names here to make this article a one-stop-solution. Whether you’d like to underline your dog’s fierceness, protectiveness, or surprising gentleness, you’ll find the best name for him/her here.

In this guide, we categorize the names under different groups. First, we’ll suggest names for male dogs, then female dogs, and finally, some other unisex names that can reflect your dog’s unique character. The guide also provides the meaning behind each of the names. All you have to do is pick the name that sounds right for your dog. Let’s get started.

Boxer Dog Names by Gender

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Are you looking for a name for an intimidating male or a protective female? No matter which one it is, here you’ll find many great suggestions that will surely catch your—and everyone else’s for that matter—attention.

#1: Male Boxer Dog Names

Male Boxer dogs are excellent house guards. For a dog that’s meant to protect your house and your family, none but the fiercest—yet at the same time, meaningful—male Boxer dog names will suffice.

  • Albern — Boxers are from Germany. You might prefer to give yours a German name as a reminder of his/her origin. This is a German name that means ‘noble warrior.’ If your masculine Boxer is a fighter and is not afraid to face any opposition, give him this unique name.

  • Ali – You guessed it. We got this name from the famous Muhammad Ali—the legendary Boxer. A boxer’s name for a Boxer dog. Get it? Ahem. Anyway, Muhammad Ali was actually born as Cassius Clay, but he changed his name after he became a Muslim. “Cassius” or “Clay” also make great Boxer names.

  • Armond — This is a cool name that means ‘guardian’ in German. Boxers are guard dogs and will protect you and your family from harm. Give him this great name that is in line with his character.

  • Arnold — In German, Arnold means ‘eagle or powerful.’ The name is also a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Astro — Astro was the loveable goofy dog that was featured in the cartoon Jetsons. If your Boxer loves to get in your lap, then Astro might just be the perfect name for him.

  • Bambino — This is an Italian name that means ‘little boy.’ It’s an ironic name for a Boxer.

  • Beowulf -This is an English or Scandinavian name. It is related to an old tale. This an excellent name for your large Boxer dog—especially if he has warrior-like qualities.

  • Bernard — This is a German name, and it means ‘brave as a bear.’ This is for your brave Boxer who is not afraid to do what needs to be done. You can also call him Benno. The meaning is the same.

  • Blaz — A cool name that means ‘unwavering protector.’

  • Blitz — German name that means ‘sudden attack.’ If your male friend tends to attack without warning, Blitz is a perfect name for him. You might also want to read this article on how to stop aggressive behavior in dogs if your dog is prone to attack without provocation.

  • Bo or Beau — It means ‘living’ in Slavic, but in French, the name Beau means ‘handsome’ or ‘beautiful.’ It is often used as a slang term for someone who is loved.

  • Derick — A name straight from Germany that means ‘ruler of the people.’ If your Boxer is the alpha dog of the pack, give him this cool name. You can also call him Dieter. It also means the people’s ruler.

  • Donner — A word that means ‘thunder’ in German. What better way to describe your male dog companion whose strike is deadly and will leave your enemies scattering for safety?

  • Duke — A Latin name that means ‘leader.’ This is the perfect name for a Boxer male dog who is likable and strong. We know most Boxers are noble and are always victorious in battle.

  • Fido — A Latin name meaning ‘faithful or loyal.’ It is a great name, especially because Boxers are so loyal. It is also the name that Abraham Lincoln gave to his puppy.

  • Gideon — A Hebrew name that means ‘a mighty warrior.’ Call your Boxer by this name if he is not afraid to get into a fight to defend what is his.

  • Gromit — If your Boxer is far too intelligent for his own good, call him by this name. This name is coined from the Claymation series Wallace and Gromit where Gromit is a dog who is actually behind all the great ideas that are credited to his unreliable master.

  • Jaws — Boxers have jaws that are very strong.

  • Mojo — A great name for your masculine male friend. A dog named Mojo will not back down easily and knows how to charm the ladies. Most Boxer dogs are large and dominant. They are also in charge of the house—guarding and protecting it. This is why this name suits Boxers perfectly.

  • Rex — The origin of this name is Latin, and it means ‘king.’ This is a common dog name.

  • Ringo — This name refers to the arena in which boxing is conducted—the ring that is usually delineated with ropes. This is a unique name that describes your dog perfectly. Rather than simply calling him “Boxer,” call him by this name.

  • Rocky – Inspired by the famous boxer Rocky Balboa played by Sylvester Stallone. This name will reflect the strength of your Boxer dog.

  • Scout — Scout means ‘the first explorer.’ If your Boxer is adventurous and likes to be the leader of the pack, give him this name. Scout is also commonly used to refer to the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

  • Sonny — Sonny means ‘our son.’ If the dog is the only child in the house, this can be a good name choice. Alternatively, you can name him Sonny if you feel that he is as close to your heart as your real son.

  • Taser — A non-lethal weapon used by police officers for protection. It means that your Boxer can hurt although he might not kill.

  • Taurus — A Zodiac sign that has a bull symbol. This is a great name for your strong friend. You can also give this name to a Boxer who knows how to put up a show.

  • Teddy — The name can be equated to Theodore Roosevelt—the United States president known for his masculinity and energy. If your Boxer is a macho man with too much energy, call him Teddy. Football fans will also equate the name to the footballer Teddy Bruschi.

  • Tiny Tim — Tim itself means ‘to honor God.’ Tiny Tim is used as a reverence to the novel A Christmas Carol. The name best describes a dog is a survivor and has come out of near death situations on top.

  • Ulysses – The name of a general who was in the federal army in the civil war. He later became the president of the United States. If your Boxer takes charge in tough situations, this name is perfect for him.

  • Victor — Your male friend always emerges victorious, and he deserves this name. Let all the people who think that they can take on your Boxer know that they are likely to lose.

  • Winston — This name brings to mind the historical figure of Winston Churchill. He was a great leader in times of war. If your Boxer is strong-willed and loves to make his own decisions, this might be the right name for him.

#2: Female Boxer Dog Names

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Female Boxer dogs are no less reliable than the male, but we’re going to focus on recommending female Boxer dog names that also underline her beauty and feminine traits. Here we go:

  • Ellie — Coined from Disney Pixar’s movie Ellie and Carl. Ellie is a calm, levelheaded, and caring dog. If your Boxer has these traits and she is adventurous but always eager to return to you, give her this sweet name.

  • Gypsy — This is for a dog who is independent and is a beautiful warrior

  • Lexi — The perfect name for a female Boxer puppy who stands up for you. She is a ‘daring, brave’ dog.

  • Pebbles — The daughter of Fred and Wilma in The Flintstones. It is a good fit for a female Boxer who has a special bond with her male owner but also isn’t afraid to go after what she wants.

  • Piper — We all know the character Piper from Charmed. She is a strong female lead. If your puppy can’t keep still and leads the pack, then this name might be just it.

  • Queen — A name best given to female Boxers that are dominant like a queen and is always the center of attention.

  • Quest — A name that can be given to either gender. A Boxer who strives for excitement and is always on the move can be given this name.

  • Ruby — If you are a fan of the Wizard of Oz, you should be aware of ruby red slippers that Dorothy wore. Call your Boxer Ruby if she is a strong-willed and an adventurous puppy. Or you can just go for Dorothy.

  • Sadie — Sadie means ‘protective sister.’ Need we say more?

  • Sasha – ‘A helper and protector of men.’ This name is cool and fits your female Boxer perfectly.

  • Shortcake – Who says Boxers have to be fierce and intimidating? If your dog is the sweetest thing you have ever come across, give her this name. Shortcakes sure know how to bat their eyelashes to get what they want, but they can also be protective when the situation calls for it.

  • Stella — This is a good name for lovers of Tennessee Williams. If your Boxer has an independent side and is a levelheaded canine companion, do not hesitate to call her Stella. This is one of the most popular female dog names.

  • Sugar — Another sweet name for your female Boxer friend. This is a dog who knows how to get what she wants and might have you wrapped around her paw.

Other Badass Boxer Dog Names

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All of the names above are badass in their own right, but only if you take the time to convey to others the meaning or the inspiration behind the name. If you are looking for a name for your Boxer that straightforwardly describes his/her imposing figure or menacing looks without needing any explanation, we have put together a list of irrefutably badass Boxer dog names.

  • Bruiser — Refers to a large, heavyset man. If your Boxer is not afraid to bruise your enemies, call him by this badass name.

  • Caesar — Name your dog after Julius Caesar who was a Roman ruler. He was also a governor of Gaul.

  • Champ — This name is self-explanatory. People will always be aware that your Boxer is a champion who wins his battles.

  • Cujo — A dog in Stephen King’s novel that has the same title. The name instantly calls to mind an aggressive or unpredictable behavior. Let others know that they really shouldn’t mess with you or your dog.

  • Delilah — This is a Hebrew name. Delilah was the woman that cut off Samson’s hair—the source of his strength. If you have a bossy female Boxer who takes command over even the male Boxers or other dogs in the house, this is the perfect name for her. Anyone who knows the story of Delilah and Samson will need little explanation to conclude what Delilah is capable of.

  • Dozer – For a Boxer who can bulldoze everything that stands in his path.

  • Dragon — Give this name to a Boxer whose fearsomeness is practically legendary.

  • Fearless — Great name for Boxer dogs that will stand up against anything if it is to protect you.

  • General — A badass name for a Boxer dog who leads the pack. He is not afraid to face any danger, and he is always ready to attack.

  • Goliath – A great name for a gigantic Boxer. He is capable of destroying an army by himself.

  • Hamlet — The name is German, and it means ‘hero.’ If your friend has had heroic instances or has proved himself as your salvation, why not call him by this name?

  • Hannibal — You do not joke with a dog called Hannibal. He is a strong dog named after a general who invaded Italy. This name might also remind people of the prolific serial killer from the TV series that bears the same name.

  • Killer — Killer is a badass name that is self-explanatory.

  • Rambo – The name instantly calls to mind a fearless and valiant fighter.

  • Stinger — This is coined from Muhammad Ali’s quote that he floats like a butterfly but stings like a bee.

  • Tank — This is coined from the heavily armed combat vehicle. When playing online games, Tank also refers to a character class that’s responsible for taking and dealing damage due to their brute strength. What better way to describe your Boxer but by giving him a name that holds both offensive and defensive strength?

  • Tyson — A popular name for Boxer dogs. It means ‘son of a German’ and was popularized by Mike Tyson.

  • Warrior — Give your dog this name and make others know that he does not back down from a fight.

Wrap Up

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With their deep attachment to people and their amazing protective instinct, it is only natural that Boxer dogs need a unique and fabulous name that is in line with their personality. Keeping that in mind, while creating our definitive list, we’ve made sure to focus on strong-sounding and intimidating names.

However, Boxers may look like imposing dogs from afar, but when you get to know them, they can be the most playful and loving companions for your family. That’s why we’ve made sure to include other meaningful names as well. It’s all on the list. All you have to do is pick one that immediately reminds you of your dog.

You will call you Boxer dog a hundred or more times every week. Thus, it is good to ensure that you are pleased with the name you’ve chosen and that it suits your dog personality. You can try a few names and see which one he/she responds to best.

What do you think of our Boxer dog name suggestions? Did you find the perfect one for your dog? Do you have a name that you think we should add to the list? Place comments and suggestion in the section below. If your dog is a special kind of Boxer in that he/she is more like the butterfly than the bee in Muhammad Ali’s quote, check out this article on elegant dog names.

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