Border Collie Dog Names: Monikers for Your Bright & Charming Companion

Border Collie
Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

Did you know that Border Collies are some of the smartest dogs in the world? They were originally developed as working dogs used to herd sheep and livestock on the hilly borders of England and Scotland, so they have to be able to adapt to different situations. Aside from being smart and hardworking, they are also affectionate, which is why they make ideal pets and companions. So if you’re thinking about getting the dog for your farm or family, you’re probably thinking about Border Collie dog names.

Finding the right name for a pet or a dog can be an intimidating exercise, especially for this breed. You want something fun or sweet but also something that says a lot about their smartness and work ethic to preserve their dignity. This is probably the reason why Blackie or Doggo won’t do. Luckily, there is an easy way to find the perfect Border Collie dog name.

The Border Collie is a truly exceptional dog. They like to be challenged and to be kept busy. With these characteristics in mind, this article will focus on finding the perfect name for your dog. We have divided our name suggestions into different categories based on temperament, coat and eye color, personality, and there are also names inspired by famous Border Collies, their place of origin, as well as some punny names. Check out our extensive selection below.

Temperament & Character Names

Border Collie running

These are the traits, characteristics, and temperament of a typical Border Collie:

  • Smart and intelligent

  • Hardworking

  • Active and alert

  • Affectionate

  • Confident

  • Great leadership

Our name suggestions will be based on these characteristics and temperament to preserve your dog’s dignity and station as the world’s smartest dog breed. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ace – If dogs went to school, Border Collies were probably the Valedictorian.

  • Aida – “helpful” in Latin.

  • Alfred – an English name that means “elven” and “wise.”

  • Alyx – “helper” or “defender” in English.

  • Amigo – Spanish for “friend’.

  • Asta – Norwegian for “love.”

  • Athena – the goddess of wisdom in Greek Myth.

  • Aurelius – Marcus Aurelius was the last of the five good Roman Emperors.

  • Barak – for Barak Obama, USA’s 44th president.

  • Bertrand – a French name that means “glorious raven” and “intelligent.”

  • Boaz – Hebrew for “alert” and “strong.”

  • Bolt – after Jamaican runner and fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt.

  • Buzz – for astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

  • Cassidy – “clever” in Irish.

  • Cato – an ancient Roman name that means “wise.”

  • Chief – a tribute to the breed’s take charge attitude.

  • Cicero – one of Rome’s greatest orators.

  • Cleopatra – Egyptian ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom.

  • Cody – “helper” in Gaelic.

  • Colt – for the dog that’s always running.

  • Conan – Celtic for “wise.”

  • Dash – another fast runner.

  • Diana – was an ancient Roman divinity known for her swiftness and beauty. She is usually depicted as a hunter.

  • Diesel — the inventor of the Diesel Engine.

  • Einstein – for the genius Albert Einstein.

  • Ezra – “helper” in Hebrew.

  • Fenna – is a Dutch name meaning “guardian of the peace.”

  • Gaerwulf – “easy going” and “helpful” in Old English.

  • Galena – Spanish for “intelligent one.”

  • Garon – French for “guardian.”

  • Geronimo – famed medicine man of the Apaches.

  • Guardian – Border Collies also perform guard dog duties when working outdoors.

  • Halley – a famous American astronomer.

  • Hansuke – “helping companion” in Japanese.

  • Hawking – a reference to Stephen Hawking.

  • Hugo – English name meaning “intelligence.”

  • Jet – after jet engines that are faster compared to turbo props.

  • Joshua – Hebrew for “God’s help.”

  • Kacey or Casey – Irish for “alert.”

  • Kayla – Arabic for “wise child.”

  • Kenji – means “intelligent second son” in Japanese.

  • Kepler – after the German mathematician.

  • Khan – after Genghis Khan, the founder of the world’s largest contiguous empire—the Mongol Empire.

  • Koda – Native American name meaning “ally.”

  • Kodi – “helpful.”

  • Lucky – Border Collies never go out of style. Just like the name Lucky. It always sounds nice no matter what year it is.

  • Merry – “to remain happily alert.” Very apt don’t you think?

  • Michiko – means “beautiful and wise child” in Japanese. Predominantly given to females.

  • NASA – for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Only the best of the best can work there.

  • Olga – means “holy” and “alert” in Old Norse.

  • Ophelia – Greek for “help.”

  • Otto – after Otto The Great, German King and leader of the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Ranger – this name means “keeper of the park or forest.” While Border Collies are usually farm dogs, nowadays they do travel over a bigger area.

  • Rascal – a playful name for a stubborn and independent dog.

  • Sacha – “helper of mankind” in Greek.

  • Saffi – Greek for “wisdom.”

  • Sága – the Norse goddess of wisdom.

  • Sagan – in honor of the American astronomer.

  • Sage – meaning “wise.”

  • Saidi – African for “helper.”

  • Sanda – “defender” in Greek.

  • Sandra – in Greek it means “helper of humanity.”

  • Sasha – in Russian it means “helper and protector of mankind.”

  • Scout – this is somebody sent ahead to watch the scene and gather information. Scouts are always alert and aware.

  • Shaka Zulu – one of Zulu’s mightiest rulers.

  • Shep – a play on “shepherd,” because that’s what they basically do.

  • Sherwin – “swift and fast runner” in Persian.

  • Slim – “smart” in Dutch and “clever” in Afrikaans.

  • Sophia/Sophie – Greek name that means “wisdom’.

  • Sorcha – Irish for “intelligent.”

  • Titus – Holy Roman Emperor and leader.

  • Tomo – Japanese name that means “intelligent.” Predominantly used for males. You’ll like our article on Japanese dog names if you like this one.

  • Tracker – Border Collies are good at this.

  • Uso – an Italian name that stands for “intelligence.”

  • Vida – Latin for “dearly loved.”

  • Watcher – a good name for a dog that watches over your home or flock.

Color Names

brown Border Collie

Color-based names are great for dogs, including Border Collies. They come in a lot of colors including black, blue, blue merle, brindle, gold, lilac, sable, sable merle, white and black, white and blue, white and red, white and blue, slate, and red to name a few. Border Collies also have different colored markings.

Some good names based on colors include:

  • Amber – some Border Collies have amber colored eyes.

  • Beauty – remember the black horse in Black Beauty?

  • Bianca – an Italian name that translates to “white.”

  • Blue – can be for the dog’s coat or eye color.

  • Bruno – for dogs with brown coats. It means “brown one” in German.

  • Copper – for those with reddish brown coats.

  • Diablo – the Spanish word for “devil.” Perfect for a handsome devil.

  • Dunne – an English name that means “brown” or “dark.”

  • Ebony – refers to the dark wood of the Ebony tree.

  • Eclipse – good for dark colored dogs since the Earth is in a shadow when this happens.

  • Fiona – Gaelic word that means “white” or “fair.”

  • Gandalf — after JRR Tolkien’s Gandalf from the Lord of The Rings Series who was grey before he became a white wizard.

  • Grigio – Italian for “grey.”

  • Iris – means “colorful” in Greek.

  • Ivory – creamy white like the elephant’s tusks.

  • Lloyd – “one with grey hair” in Welsh.

  • Merle – means “blackbird” in French.

  • Onyx – after the black colored stone.

  • Oreo – everyone’s favorite snack is colored black and white.

  • Panther – after the beautiful black cats.

  • Patches – Border Collie coats are usually a combination of colors with some dominants and other appearing in patches around the body.

  • Pearl – a precious stone and a good name for a white colored dog.

  • Pepper – a great name for a black and white or sable and white dog.

  • Powder – another good alternative for white coated dogs.

  • Raven – meaning “dark-haired” in Middle English.

  • Roux – the French word for “red.”

  • Sable – means “black” in English.

  • Scarlet – a rich shade of red.

  • Sienna – an Italian word for “reddish brown.”

  • Slate – metamorphic rock with dark-grey coloration.

  • Smokey – good name for a black and grey dog.

  • Spot – a name that never gets old.

  • Stormy – for black and blue ones.

  • Tanner – refers to tan colors.

  • Vader – Luke Skywalker’s father and Star Wars baddie with a major fondness for black. Click here for many other Star Wars dog names.

  • Whitefang – a she-wolf and a character of the book with the same name.

  • Whitman – English word meaning “white-haired.”

  • Widow – for the black widow spider.

Famous Border Collies

Bandit Border Collie

Another good inspiration for Border Collie names would be other Collies—especially famous ones. Here are great examples to get you started.

  • Bandit was the stray Border Collie in the TV show Little House On The Prairie.

  • Chaser is a Border Collie that has a vocabulary of over 1,000 words.

  • Fly and Rex were herding dogs that starred in the movie Babe. Fly was the female and Rex the male. Rex also means “king” in Latin.

  • Jean or the Vitagraph Dog was considered as the first canine movie star.

  • Striker holds the Guinness World Record for “fastest car window opened by a dog” with an impressive 11.34 seconds.

Funny Names

Border Collie barking


Part of looking for dog names is having fun. While these names may be considered too goofy for your smart Border Collie, you can also consider them as options.

  • Arf – a play on the sound of their bark.

  • Barkley – a punny name for dogs. It means “birch tree meadow” in English.

  • Bones – their favorite snack.

  • Bowser – a Norman term for “fine sir.”

  • Jack the Ripper – a little training and he’ll grow out of it.

  • Rabid – you might not want to shout this loudly in a dog park though.

  • Rough – another play on their barking.

  • Sir Barks-a-Lot – very obvious but still funny.

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Place of Origins

Border Collie puppy

Border Collies can trace their place of origin in the Anglo-Scottish border. The word “collie” comes from an old Celtic name that means “useful.” Since this breed has Scottish and English origins, you can choose from some of our suggestions below to honor their heritage.

  • Alba – Gaelic for Scotland.

  • Andrew – an English name meaning “brave.” St. Andrew is Scotland’s patron saint.

  • Chip – what Brits call French Fries.

  • Darcy – can be a reference to English author Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

  • Dover – for the white cliffs of Dover in England.

  • Duke — a title for a Scottish ruler of a small estate.

  • George – means “farmer.” St. George slew the dragon and is the patron saint of England.

  • Harry – Prince Harry, perhaps?

  • Jack – a medieval alternative for John.

  • Jake – the medieval variant of Jack.

  • Kathy – “pure” or “purity” in English.

  • Laddie – what Scotts call young men.

  • Lassie – the Scottish equivalent for young women.

  • Leia – “meadow” in English.

  • Macbeth – Scottish duke and main character of one of Shakespeare’s play.

  • Nessie – Scotland’s famous monster in Loch Ness.

  • Sherlock – a detective character of Scottish writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  • Tattie – Scottish slang for potatoes.

  • Watson – can’t have Sherlock without a Watson.

  • Winston – after English statesman Winston Churchill.

Personality Names

happy Border Collie


Sometimes it’s best to observe your dog for a few days before giving him a name. Personality usually forms after a few weeks, so your dog’s quirks, likes, and dislikes are bound to show up during this time.

  • If he is regal or dignified in his bearing, perhaps you can choose royal sounding names such as Charles, William, Arthur, or Henry. You can also give titles as a name such as Earl, Price, or King and their feminine equivalents.

  • Border Collies have different personalities, and this will show even at a young age. For instance, if your dog does not seem to run out of steam, perhaps Rowdy, Bullet, Rascal, Rocket, Loki, Sunny, Bubbles, Gale, and Nova are good choices.

  • Dogs that like to explore can be Marco, Magellan, or Columbus. While happy dogs can be Max (happy and great), Teddy, Abby, or Nara.

  • Mischievous dogs can be Neutron, Flash, Cayenne, Storm, or Dancer.

Wrap Up

Border Collie and her puppy

The evolution of the Border Collie reflects their intelligence, stamina, and workaholic nature. Hundreds of years ago, they herded and protected sheep and other animals on the hills of England and Scotland. As time went by, their intelligence, affection, and energy were traits that became valuable to their human friends. Today, this breed is not only considered as a working dog by many, but a family member too.

Finding a name for your beloved dog does not need to be complicated. If you’re worried about giving them the wrong name, select a couple and try them out for a few weeks. This will give you time to select the most fitting name for your Border Collie. It will also give you time to observe the dog and find out which name they respond to best.

What do you think of our name suggestions? Do you think they are befitting the breed? Tell us by leaving your comments below. Now that you know what to call your new friend, you’ll want to know how to best care for them. Check out our article on best dog food for puppies to get you started.

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