Black and White Dog Names: For Your Sophisticated Pet

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Naming your dog may not be as big a deal as naming a child, but it’s still pretty stressful. Sure, there’s no chance that the other dogs will mock your puppy in the dog park for his or her funny name. There are no job opportunities that your dog will lose for a name such as “Butterfly” or “Storm.” But you still want a name that will suit your dog’s characteristics—in this case, you need black and white dog names for your black and white dog.

Black and white dogs are pretty popular. There are lots of characters—fictional or otherwise—that are closely associated with the colors black and white. After all, these colors give off a sophisticated feel that many try to emulate, but your dog was actually born with.

Due to the popularity of the colors black and white, there are millions of possibilities when it comes to naming options. But to help you out a bit, here are a few ideas—starting with names based on famous characters to names based on other animals, and down to food-based black and white names.

Names Based on Famous Black and White Dogs

To start with the obvious ones, here are some famous black and white dogs from pop culture. These names don’t shine with originality, but they do serve to represent some of the most iconic canine characters ever seen on screen or on the pages of a book. Maybe you’ll find a favorite name here that you would’ve otherwise forgotten about.

#1: Some of the dogs from 101 Dalmatians

Dalmatian lying on grass

We can’t possibly have a list with names for black and white dogs without mentioning the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. And since that’s the case, why not start with them?

Besides, the movie is kind of inspiring for people who struggle with their pup’s name; if someone managed to come up with 101 puppy names, surely naming one dog won’t be that difficult.

Obviously, we can’t name them all—there is 101 of them after all—but here are the names of the most popular dogs of the bunch:

  • Pongo – Pongo is the Dalmatian dad in the movie. As his name suggests, Pongo is laid back, carefree, and generally a pretty cool dad. And, like any good dad, Pongo is also very protective of his pups.

  • Perdita – Pongo’s partner. Perdita is the nurturing and ever so caring mom of the 101 Dalmatians. She’s warm, loving, and classy—as you can easily gather from her name.

  • Lucky – Lucky may not sound like a name for a black and white pup in particular, but he was everyone’s favorite in the movie. He’s called lucky because he had a horseshoe ring-shaped spot on his back. And because he barely made it alive in the movie.

  • Rolly – Do you have a black and white pup that always seems to be hungry? Meaning—more than the usual dog? Rolly in the movie was that dog, and his physique matched his culinary desires. “I’m hungry, mother, I really am!” is something kids yelled in Rolly’s voice for decades after the animated movie came out.

  • Penny – Is your Dalmatian or other black and white dog a sweet girl that you love as a daughter? Penny in the movie was the quintessential good daughter; she was sweet, faithful, and always by her dad’s side.

  • Pepper – Pepper may seem like a girl’s name, especially today, but Pepper was actually a boy in the movie. He was called that because he had “the smallest spots of all.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t call a girl puppy Pepper.

  • Patch – If you have a playful, rowdy, and tireless puppy at home, Patch was that kind of pup in the animated movie. Maybe this name is a good fit for your little rascal as well?

  • Freckles – This is an easy pick for a puppy that has a lot of small spots. In terms of character, Freckles was the kind of puppy that was always climbing all over his dad and wouldn’t leave him alone.

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#2: Some other famous fictional dogs that may resemble your black and white pup

black and white puppy on wood

Of course, the 101 Dalmatians may be our favorites, but they are far from the only black and white dogs in fiction.

  • Droopy If you black and white puppy has a funnily sad and drooping face, this cartoon character’s name is ripe for the taking. He might be from the 1940s, but this doesn’t make the name any less perfect.

  • Goofy – Kids nowadays may not be growing up with Mickey and Goofy, but Goofy is an iconic dog. As the, well, goofy sidekick of Mickey Mouse, his name would be great for your endearing pup.

  • Max – Speaking of Mickey and co. there is yet another famous dog in Mickey’s entourage: Goofy’s son, Max. Bet you didn’t know Goofy had a son.

  • Petey – If you remember the Little Rascals, Petey was the American Staffordshire Terrier.

  • Snoopy – The famous dog from Peanuts, Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s pet beagle. He is black and white and is an amazing character. Plus, the Peanuts movie wasn’t that long ago either.

#3: Some non-black & white fictional dogs that may nevertheless resemble your dog in spirit

black and white husky puppy

Of course, the fact that your dog is black and white doesn’t mean that he or she should definitely be named after a black and white fictional canine. There are lots of great dogs in movies and in the literature that your dog may resemble in spirit, if not in appearance, so why not consider one of their names?

  • Bolt – Bolt could have technically been listed as a “black and white dog” since he is almost fully white with a tiny black spot on him, but we still view him as a mostly white dog. Regardless, he is a pretty awesome dog, so if your black and white puppy resembles his character, maybe Bolt would be a good name.

  • Dodger – If you’ve watched Oliver & Company, you’d now that Dodger is a very cool and street-smart Jack Russell Terrier that any dog would be happy to be named after.

  • Lady – Another Disney classic about dogs, Lady and the Tramp is a timeless movie about two dogs falling in love. Lady herself is a refined and classy lady that any female dog would be happy to be named after.

  • Pluto – Goofy and Max aren’t the only dog friends of Mickey Mouse. In fact, Goofy is more of a humanoid than a dog, but Pluto is a dog through and through. And he is quite an awesome dog too!

  • Scamp – If your pup is the product of true canine love, you might call him Scamp—the son of Lady and Tramp.

  • Tramp – A laid back and chill romantic, Tramp was Lady’s true love in the Lady and the Tramp movie. He may not be much to look at, but he has a heart of gold.

Names Based on Other Black and White Animals

dog wearing panda costume

Canine or not, there are lots of real or fictional black and white animals that can make great namesakes for your black and white puppy.

  • Mickey – One of the most iconic animated characters of all time, Mickey Mouse (or in your case – Mickey Doggo) is a name that would suit a lot of dogs.

  • Minnie – If your pup is female instead of male, Minnie can be as great of a choice as Mickey.

  • Orca – Orcas’ other name—Killer Whale—may sound scary, but “Orca” is a pretty cool name in and of itself.

  • Panda – Do you have a black and white puppy that’s extra fluffy? He doesn’t need to eat bamboo to be called “Panda.”

  • Penguin – Penguins are one of the most famous black and white animals out there, and they are exceptionally cute.

  • Puffin – Not only does this sound like a very cute name, but the Puffin birds themselves are also quite awesome.

  • Shamu – Shamu is a very famous black and white SeaWorld whale. Plus, the name will fit well when your dog makes some mischief and watches you with shame from the corner.  

  • Skunk – Skunks may have a bad rep, but they are awesome and friendly animals. If that goes for your pup as well – or if he tends to be a little smelly – why not call him that?

  • Pepe Le Pew – Speaking of skunks, Pepe Le Pew is an iconic animated skunk character by Warner Bros. that is a famous romantic.

Food-Based Names

black and white dog

Your pup doesn’t need to be named after another dog, animal, or character. He or she doesn’t even need to be named after a living thing. Even something as simple as food can offer some great name ideas for a black and white puppy.

  • Cookie Most cookies tend to be a combination of lighter and darker colors, with the most obvious example being chocolate chip cookies.

  • Junior Mint – Perfect for small black and white pups, as this tiny candy is sweet and cute just like them.

  • Oreo Of course, we didn’t forget about Oreos. Not only are they iconic, but the term Oreo also makes for a cool name.

  • Pepper Saltman – Not a food per se, but pepper and salt are the two most favorite spices, and together they make for a great name for a black and white pet.

  • Peppermint Patty – A famous candy which is dark on the outside and white on the inside. This is a great name for female black and white dogs.

  • Sundae – Black, white, and sweet—perfect name for a black and white dog.

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Other Black and White Names

black and white dog's face

Just to sprinkle some more ideas, here are some names that didn’t fit into the categories above but are nevertheless awesome.

  • Charlie Chaplin – Pretty much any famous actor or actress from the black and white era of Hollywood can fit as a good name here, so let’s just suggest the biggest of them all: Charlie Chaplin.

  • Checkers Right after dominos, or maybe ahead of them for some people, checkers are also black and white and sound great as a dog’s name.

  • Cruella – The dogs from 101 Dalmatians aren’t the only characters from the movie whose name you can use—what about Cruella? She might have been the villain, but she wore black and white and was an iconic character.

  • Domino – Domino is one of the most famous board games out there and is exclusively black and white.

  • Dot Quite similar to Spot, Dot is also a cool and simple option.

  • Freckles We mentioned Freckles as one of the 101 Dalmatians, but this is a great name even on its own.

  • Inky – A great-sounding name that often matches the coloring of black and white dogs.

  • Jeeves An iconic fictional butler who always wore a stylish black and white tuxedo.

  • Tuxedo  Speaking of tuxedos, that’s a nice name in and of itself, isn’t it?

  • Keys No, not the door-opening kind, but piano keys. They also serve as a good black and white dog name.

  • Patches There was also one Dalmatian called “Patch,” but Patches is also a cool name if that’s what your dog’s coat resembles.

  • Spade – A cool word and the coolest type of playing card.

  • Spot – White dog with black spots or a more rare variant of a black dog with white spots? Either way, “Spot” is a great option for a name.

Wrap Up

black and white puppy on grass

Of course, there are lots of other great names for black and white puppies. There are no limits as to what you can name a cute little puppy. Still, we hope that these suggestions helped you decide on a cool name for your black and white pet. Whatever name you choose, as long as you keep loving your furry little friend, everything should be all right.

Did you choose a name from the list we prepared for you above? Did you come up with other cool black and white dog names? Do share them with us in the section below! If you haven’t found the perfect name, maybe our list of astronomy dog names can help. The starry night sky is one huge inspiration for black and white names.

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