Biblical Dog Names: Profound and Powerful Names Inspired by the Holy Scripture

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Wyatt Robinson
Written by Wyatt Robinson

You have recently decided to adopt a puppy. That’s an amazing decision that’s also an impressive act of love. Since your cause in adopting the dog is just, you should also give them a name that’s equally as meaningful—a name that will reflect your beliefs in life. No better way to achieve that goal than by choosing from a list of Biblical dog names.

The Bible—the Holy Book of the Christians—is a collection of testaments where one gets to read about the beginning of the world, the life of Jesus Christ, the prophets, and many others. The Bible tells the story of many amazing characters, who, despite the hardships they went through in life, ultimately triumphed and became a source of inspiration for millions of people that came after. By giving your dog a Biblical dog name, you can enjoy learning the word of God at the same time you pick a suitable name for your newest family member.

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We pieced this list together to make sure that you will find a name that will suit your new family member’s characteristics and your religious beliefs perfectly. We’ve come up with names that your dog would be glad to have, and you would also have no problem pronouncing. Even better, you will learn the significance of these words and names in the Bible.

Biblical Dog Names by Gender

The easiest way to go is to find a name for your dog based on their gender. Perhaps you are looking for a name that would suit your dog’s character, but if you’ve adopted a young pup, their personality trait might not be apparent just yet, or it could change as they grow up. On the other hand, you can never go wrong with gender.

Dog Names by Gender #1: Male

Biblical dog names male tend to have a deep, profound meaning that is closely related to the amazing life story of the characters as they journey under God’s careful guidance.

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We’ve handpicked a few that we consider to be particularly meaningful and suitable for your faithful canine companion:

  • Abel – Meaning “breathe.” It’s perfect for a pet who always seems to have so much energy. Abel was tragically murdered by his own brother, but he was faithful till the end.

  • Abijah – It means “the Lord is my father.” Perfect for an obedient pet. It’s also the name of a king in the Bible, so it would also suit a regal dog.

  • Adriel – It means “followers of God.” This name suits everyone because people and pets alike follow the Almighty.

  • Alexander – “Defending men.” Perfect for a guard dog.

  • Andreas/Andrew – A name that means “warrior.” Suits a dog with great hunting skills.

  • Asher – “Fortunate.” We trust that your dog is fortunate to have a master like you.

  • Balthasar – “God protects the king.” A name that is perfect for guard dogs.

  • Baruch/Benedict – If you feel that your dog is “a blessing,” let him know by giving him this name.

  • Ben – You can name your dog Ben if you treat him like “a son.”

  • Benjamin – “Son of my right hand.” A bit misleading…but Benjamin is a popular name, so it didn’t feel right to leave it out.

  • Boaz – A name that means “strength.” Boaz was the man who finally extended a helping hand to Ruth and Naomi. He became Ruth’s husband afterward.

  • Caleb – It literally means “dog.” Caleb was blessed by God for his unending faith. It’s a great and inspirational name.

  • Christian – “A follower of Christ.”

  • Dan – This is a name that means “the arbiter.” The name is perfect for peace-keeping dogs.

  • David – A suitable name for a “beloved” dog. It’s also a great pick for dogs that seem weak at first glance but are actually very brave.

  • Ebenezer – Since dogs are a great “help in the household,” this is perfect for your furry family member. Ebenezer refers to a stone monument that was erected by Samuel. It symbolizes victory.

  • Enoch – Literally meaning “devoted.” Few other words can describe a dog better. It’s also a term commonly associated with the heavenly host.

  • Ethan – This is a name that describes a “strong and impetuous” person or animal.

  • Ezra – It means “aid.” Perfect because having dogs makes life better.

  • Isaiah – “God is salvation.” Isaiah was a major prophet. Thus, this is a name that instantly inspires a feeling of respect and awe in people. Is your dog courageous and intelligent? Has he saved you from dangerous situations before?

  • Jaeger – A name that means “Huntsman.” No better name for a hunting dog.

  • Japheth – This name means “beautiful.”

  • Jaylen – It’s a name that perfectly describes your “calm and mature” dog.

  • Jebediah – A name you can give to a dog who is not just your pet, but also your “beloved friend.”

  • Jesse – Another name that means “gift.” We recommend quite a few name varieties with this meaning because every dog should be treated like the gift from above that they are.

  • Laban – A name that means “white.” A Samoyed would be able to wield this name with pride.

  • Seth – This name means “appointed” and is perfect for a dog that you leave in-charge of guarding the house.

  • Silas – A name that means “of the forest.” This one is perfect for a dog who enjoys the outdoors. Silas was also the name of a major figure that played a significant role in spreading God’s word during the early ages of Christianity.

  • Zilla – This one means “shadow.” It’s perfect for a black dog.

Dog Names by Gender #2: Female

Female dogs tend to be more inquisitive, loving, and elegant as compared to their male counterpart.

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Finding Biblical names for dogs female that would suit their loving nature is easy especially since the Bible has an abundance of characters that exude these traits as well.

  • Ada – A name that means “noble and kind.” This is a great name for a dog that is dedicated to her master.

  • Anna – Give this name to a female dog that you consider to be one of your “life’s greatest grace.”

  • Atara – It literally means “crown.”

  • Beata – This name means “blessed.”

  • Bernice – Do you think your pup is a “victory bringer?”

  • Candace – A word that means “fire-white.” You can give this name to a female Canaan dog. These dogs from the Promised Land tend to have orange-white fur.

  • Delilah – This name means “desired.” Delilah is famous for being the love of Samson’s life. She was a woman who could conquer the strongest man in the world.

  • Eden – Give this name to a canine who brings “delight” to your family.

  • Esther – Is your dog “the star” of your home? This name is perfect for those cheerful canines who always know how to steal the spotlight.

  • Naomi – This word means “beautiful.” Naomi was Ruth’s mother-in-law. Although fate wasn’t kind to her, in the end, she was able to hold on because she had Ruth.

  • Ruth – This name means “friend.” If your dog is kind and loyal like Ruth, she deserves this name.

  • Talitha – A name that means “little girl.”

Dog Names by Gender #3: Unisex

Perhaps you are not one to be confined to things such as gender. In that case, these unisex dog names might come in handy for you.

  • Abihu – A name that means “He is my Father.”

  • Angel – The messenger of God.

  • Carmel – It means “garden.”

  • Goliath – The name of a fearsome giant. You can give this name to a pup that belongs to a large breed.

  • Jarah – A name that means “one who gives sweetness.”

  • Salem – This word means “peace.”

Unusual and Unique Biblical Names

Biblical names such as David, Noah, Sarah, and Eve are very popular—so much so that they have arguably become common, even among pets.

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Some dog parents want to give their four-legged family member a unique name. If you are looking for a name that is both unique and biblical, you are in the right place.

  • Abra – The feminine form of Abraham. It should be given to someone who is “soft, sensitive, and feminine in form.”

  • Adriel – This name was not very popular, but it is starting to get noticed now. It’s the name of a man who married Saul’s daughter.

  • Asaiah – A name that is believed to be a substitute for Isaiah, this moniker is mentioned many times in the Old Testament.

  • Atarah – The name of a minor character in the Old Testament. It has a soft and pleasing sound to it.

  • Benoni – The original name of Rachel’s son in the Old Testament—at least until his name was changed by his father into Benjamin.

  • Esau – Jacob’s twin brother. A great hunter.

  • Hezekiah – The name of an influential king of Judah in the Old Testament.

  • Jorah – Has a nature-related meaning and is an alternative to the name Jordan.

  • Jubal – A name that is perfect for a musically-inclined family. This is an instrument that was invented along with the lyre, harp, flute, and organ.

  • Laban – An Old Testament name used by the Puritans. This name is a relative of other more common monikers such as Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel.

  • Linus – This charming name exudes a positive feel and has been made more popular by the Peanuts comic strip.

  • Malachi / Machi – The name of a prophet in the Old Testament. It means “the heavenly host.”

  • Micajah – This name can be used for both male and female dogs. Modern versions of the name include Michael, Michelle, and Micaela.

  • Obadiah – This old, charming name is a good alternative to Elijah and Josiah.

  • Zebedee – This is an adorable name which means “the gift of God.”

Biblical Names Based on Coat Color

You can also choose a name for your dog according to their color. The Bible also mentions different colors with great meanings.

  • Amber – It means “endurance and the glory of God.”

  • Scarlet – This intense red color symbolizes “royalty.” It also refers to the fine linen of the tabernacle.

  • Sapphire – This name means “divine revelation.”

  • Silver – The color silver symbolizes “divinity, purity, and the word of God.”

  • Gold – The color gold symbolizes “glory, divinity, and kingship.”

Wrap Up

Perhaps one of the many reasons why you are looking for a Biblical name for your pooch is because it is a Canaan breed. The relationship between dogs and the Jews was complicated, but because of these Canaan dogs’ kindness, they were revered in the Hebrew Bible and were even recently granted the bark mitzvahs.

This breed is known for being inquisitive, loving to their family, and loyal. This breed is also known for their athletic agility, which makes them amazing herding dogs. They are also known for being smart, responsive, quick, and enjoy activities that provide them with mental and physical challenges.

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If this is the dog that you have, it would not be surprising that you would want a name that truly reflects its breed. Even if your dog doesn’t belong to the Canaan breed, however, giving them a Biblical dog name is still a great idea.

There exists a series of studies meant to better understand how parents choose the name of their children and their household pets. According to these studies, people subconsciously develop expectations of their peers and co-workers according to their first names. Therefore, it is important to name your newly-adopted pup according to what kind of individual you want them to grow up to be.

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Biblical names have meanings that do not just reflect the word of God, but also the life story of characters from the scripture. These names contain a special power that could inspire your dog or other people who hear the name to live their lives in the same faithful ways those Biblical characters did.

Did you find a good name from the lists we’ve presented above? We know that these lists are by no means exhaustive; there are many other Biblical names that could serve to be a good inspiration for dog owners. If you have a name you think should have been included in this article, please share them with us and our readers in the comments section below!

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