Bernese Mountain Dog Names: Strong Names for a Strong Breed

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

So you’ve just adopted a Bernese Mountain dog. Congratulations on making a wise choice. The pup will soon grow up to become one of the most loyal and fiercest of protectors. He may look small and cute right now, but he’s going to grow up big and strong, so you should be careful about which Bernese Mountain dog names you consider for him.

You don’t want your dog to bear the brunt of body size jokes. To take that worry off of your hands, we have come up with some of the best Bernese Mountain dog names we are sure you will fall in love with. A name is more than just a word. A good name carries a meaning that you can associate with your dog. That is why we have chosen not only the names you will find most ideal but also those that have profound meanings behind them.

You should get a pen and a paper. Quite frankly, there is a very big chance that you will fall in love with more than one name, so you will want to remember what your options are before you make the final decision. Not to keep your dog waiting for his big christening, here are some amazing names for your big buddy.

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Bernese Mountain Dog Names by Gender

In this section, we will bring you some of the best names you can give your Bernese Mountain dog depending on their sex. As we all know, the personality traits of a newly-adopted pup may not be immediately apparent. That’s why the easiest way to name them is by using their gender as a reference.

Dog Names by Gender #1: Male

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Look below if you’ve got a male pup of this breed and you want to give him the best christening ever. Male Bernese Mountain dogs are rough and tough-looking, so most of the Bernese Mountain dog names male we’ve listed below reflect that trait.

  • Aladdin – There is no better pup to give this name to than one who is prone to mischief. If your pup often has you running after him by making a mess, doing something he shouldn’t have and the likes, you should go with this name

  • Baron – Used to refer to “a free man.” It also sounds like the name of a dangerous and tough person, so it’s a way to make people fear the might of your dog before they see him at all

  • Boomer – A very big kind of kangaroo that usually has a brown coat. This name is coined from the animal being frequently referred to as a baby boomer. Kangaroos are tough—almost as tough as your Bernese

  • Bruce – This one refers to the man behind the superhero known as Batman. The man is as tough as they come; he’s well-versed in all sorts of martial arts

  • Brutus – This name has a number of meanings, so you will want to pick it wisely. For one, you can use it to refer to a heavy dog. On the other hand, it is also suitable for a slow dog. If your dog likes to act silly at times, ‘Brutus’ is a loving way to call the dog just that. Despite the meaning, it sounds intimidating

  • Chunky – If you think your Bernese dog would have a unique build of muscle, this name works out just fine

  • Damien – Lovers of Batman could be tempted to name their dog after his son. You should recall that Damien is a highly skilled fighter and a formidable opponent—albeit a bit bad-tempered

  • Ebony – The suitability of the name is dependent on the coat color of the dog

  • Hercules – Herc for short, this guy is the son of Zeus. During his lifetime, he was recorded to have superhuman strength that allowed him to do extraordinary things

  • Mac – Dogs who bear this name tend to be leaders of their pack. It is also an ideal option for those who are loyal to the Apple line of devices. You can modify this later on in the life of your dog to other names such as Big Mac, Mackenzie, etc.

  • Max – Short for Maximum, this name is all shades of big, bold, and brave

  • Mc – This is an awesome prefix name for if you know the name of the parent(s) of the dog. Mac means ‘son of,’ so while picking up the dog from the breeder’s, you could ask them for the name of the dog’s parent and fix that in. Or you could just take a look at his certificate. As an alternative, the dog can borrow your name since you are his adoptive parent

  • Rocky – Inspired by the character of Sylvester Stallone in a movie with the same name. He is a strong-willed, determine, and disciplined badass

  • Sadie – For the watchdog. This is the kind of dog that does not try to dominate others and attract all the attention to himself. However, that does not make him less powerful or authoritative

  • Wayne – In case you prefer the surname of the Bat, or you feel that your dog might like to be a little English, this is what you should go for

  • Zeus – The name of the Greek god believed to hold control over all other gods. He wields thunder and is also the father of Hercules

Dog Names by Gender #2: Female

bernese girl in flower basket

It may be hard to tell if you judge them by their appearances only, but there are many cute females in this breed, too. Walk with us through some of the greatest options for Bernese Mountain dog female names we have put together for you.

  • Ada – This translates to “noble and kind”

  • Amore – A name that would fit a female pup that seems to have so much love to share well. In Italian, this means “love”

  • Bernadette – We know it is a mouthful, and that is why you can always use ‘Bern’ for short. The name is suitable for a “brave” pup

  • Choo-Choo – This name should remind you of something that is always on the move—a train. If you’ve got a dog that can never sit still, guess what she could be named?

  • Flora – For a dog that loves to hang around the gardens, play with the plants in the house, roll around on the grass, etc. Bernese Mountain dogs are famous for being a free spirit that loves the outdoors

  • Katie – Refers to something or someone that is “pure”

  • Maya – This is another name that could have a number of meanings, depending on where you take the translation from. In some places, the name translates to “mother.” In others, it is used to refer to “a great one”

  • Sassy – Ideal name for a female dog that is “lively and free-spirited”

  • Zia – It means “splendor or light”

Other Bernese Mountain Dog Names

Bernese running fast as flash

There are a lot of unique names for your dog out there that are too unique to fall into any one category. If you are looking for a widespread selection of names—with each of them carrying deep meanings—you should look at the list below:

  • Abu – This is an African word which means “nobility”

  • Alpha – The first word of the Greek alphabet. It is also used to refer to strong personalities, leaders, and take-charge kind of people. That makes it very suitable for your dog

  • Baxter – This is an old word for someone who bakes. It sounds surprisingly strong and badass, doesn’t it? Baking can be very strenuous; it takes a lot of strength to work a dough

  • Bear – This is an ideal name since the Bernese Mountain dog is a big and bulky breed

  • Boomer – A name that can be used on any kind of dog as long as he is big and of a very notable personality. That being said, we doubt just any kind of dog would be able to fit this description

  • Colt – Used to refer to “a young horse.” Ideal for a dog with exceptional energy reserve and speed

  • Deluxe – A term that is reserved for something exotic, classic, and luxurious

  • Duchess – A term used to refer to the wife of a duke. A very influential person

  • Duke – In old English times, the Duke was a high-ranking member of the nobility

  • Fang – Refers to the set of teeth in a snake. They are synonymous with deadliness and reliability

  • Flash – A character known to possess superhuman speed and has shown up a lot in DC comic series. Ideal for a very fast dog

  • Giant – The dog is going to be a big one. Why not name him something that resonates with that from early on?

  • Hoss – This is a cool-sounding name that translates to something even better. It is commonly used to refer to a “partner, friend” and the likes

  • Jaws – A dog’s jaws contain a scary amount of bone-crushing power. This term could also remind one of the scary shark movies

  • Juliet – There has to be something for a lover girl too, shouldn’t there?

  • Mabel – A female name that goes well with “loving” dogs. Which dog isn’t?

  • Moose – The moose is the biggest member of the deer family. They look very regal too with broad shoulders and large antlers

  • Morpheus – Inspired by the god of dreams and sleep. It makes for an ideal name if your dog likes to sleep all day too. ‘Morph’ is also a variant of the name that can be taken into consideration

  • Nero – One of the most popular emperors in Rome, and the last to have served in the Julio-Claudian dynasty

  • Otto – A German name which is given to signify “wealth”

  • Oxford – One of the most prestigious schools in England. Is your dog a combination of brains and brawn?

  • Pixie – A name that is usually given to small things. Great for dog parents who like to use the opposite naming system for their pets

  • Rex – Refers to the king of dinosaurs

  • Rolex – A luxury brand of watch that is only found in the most exquisite of gatherings. Your dog is very special, so you should give him a very special name

  • Romeo – Because your Bernese dog is so fine and has all the makings of a future lover boy

  • Samurai – A name reserved for members of the early-age Japanese military. They are also an elite set of people who are highly intelligent, trained, disciplined, and responsive to danger. Those sound like qualities shared with your Bernese

  • Spartacus – Known as the “Hero of Sparta” in some literature, Spartacus was the leader of slaves who waged war against the Roman Republic

  • Tank – No matter which meaning of this word you choose, it would still be suitable for your dog. While it could be seen as a large container for holding liquids, it could also mean the big war machine. Over the recent times, it has also been used to refer to defense-oriented online game characters

  • Tigers – They are known to be the biggest in the ranking of very big cats. Applies to your dog which also comes in a big body

  • Zoe – A beautiful name that simply translates to ‘”life”

bernese puppy with mouth open

Bernese Mountain Dog Names Inspired by Star Wars

Have you found a name that reflects your dog’s raw strength and physical prowess well? If the answer is “no” because your dog’s potential is immeasurable and out of this world, why not consider extraterrestrial names for them?

Let’s face it. Star Wars has been here for a long time. It appeals to almost every type of people out there. Be it romance, adventure, and most of all, science fiction, the series has it all covered. One thing you might not have considered was that it could also have your choice of dog name covered.

We have done the hard part. All you have to do is pick the name that best resonates with your dog.

  • Ackbar – If you hear “It’s a trap” and your mind automatically goes to anyone, it should be Ackbar. He is a military defense commander for the Alliance and is famous for that line

  • Admiral – One of the ranks used in the leadership structure of the Star Wars soldiers

  • Anakin – A very gifted Jedi who would go on to be known as Darth Vader

  • Boba – A bounty hunter with a very deadly reputation. The name is as feared as the man himself, if not more

  • Chewie – A friend and co-pilot to Han Solo, this is the name for a dog that likes to get everything in sight into their mouth

  • Falcon – You cannot talk about Han Solo and not talk about his ship

  • Fett – The last name of Boba

  • Finn – A stormtrooper who later joined forces with the Resistance

  • Han – Inspired by Han Solo, one of the most gifted pilots, fighters, smugglers, and ultimately, leader of the Alliance

  • Kenobi – Also known as Obi-Wan, he is famous for his knowledge in the ways of the Jedi. He trained both Luke and Anakin Skywalker

  • Luke – The son of Anakin

  • Skye – No, it’s not a character from the Star Wars franchise, but it is a short form of Skywalker

  • Wedge – The name of the pilot who flew alongside Luke Skywalker

Wrap Up

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Looking for a big dog? The Bernese Mountain dog sure checks all the right boxes. After picking up one from a breeder, then comes the problem of what name the dog should bear. You are aware that a dog can only bear one name, so you will want to choose something the both of you wouldn’t mind being stuck with for many years to come.

With so many names to choose from and their meaning to go with them, we believe it’s not easy to go through this article and not find something fitting for your little Bernese. When you do find it, we want to know what it is. Don’t forget to say hi and drop your best pick in the comments section. If we missed any good names, we urge you to share them with us.

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