Belgian Dog Names: Charming and Cool Names For Your Pet

Belgian Sheepdog
Anna Smith
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If you’ve got a Belgian Malinois, a Belgian Tervuren, or a Belgian Sheepdog, it would definitely be a great idea to give your pet one of the most charming Belgian dog names. Wouldn’t it be cool to honor your dog’s Belgian heritage?

In this article, we’ll make sure that you get to choose the best Belgian-inspired name for your puppy. Such a name will reflect not only your pet’s amazing characteristics but also their proud Belgian heritage. Belgian dogs are known to be handsome and hardworking, and we will provide you with a list of names that highlights those characteristics.

We’ll share with you an excellent list of names that are suitable for Belgian Malinois dogs, followed by great name choices for Belgian Tervurens, and then for Belgian Sheepdogs. Lastly, we’ll give you a short list of military-inspired names which will perfectly suit your Belgian dog’s personality.

Belgian Dog Breeds

Of the numerous lovely canine breeds from Belgium, the Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervuren, and Belgian Sheepdog are perhaps the most popular breeds, especially if you’re looking for an intelligent herding dog. Hence, we’ll first give you a brief overview of these three amazing dog breeds.

#1: The Belgian Malinois — A Smart and Hardworking Dog

Belgian Malinois

Medium-sized and muscular, the Belgian Malinois looks elegant with its short hair, triangular ears, and proud stance. The Belgian Malinois is known as a hardworking dog—smart, and confident. This breed is highly trainable and obedient. The Belgian Malinois loves human companionship and is highly people-oriented.

Mals, as they are often called, have an excellent work-drive, which is why they are sought after as military K-9 and police dogs. Mals are very active, so you’ll need to give them regular exercise. You can take them running, biking, or hiking, and they’ll love you for it.

#2: The Belgian Tervuren — A Highly Intelligent and Courageous Dog

The Belgian Tervuren

Another breed belonging to the herding group, the Belgian Tervuren is a medium-sized dog that’s also popular for being highly trainable, energetic, active, and hardworking.

Belgian Tervurens are quick-witted, intelligent, and devoted. They are excellent watchdogs and are very reserved with strangers but affectionate with their owners. The Tervuren has a muscular frame, and they’re known for their charming collarette of longer hair around the neck.

#3: The Belgian Sheepdog — A Versatile and Intelligent Herder

Belgian Sheepdog

Also known as the Groenendael, Chien de Berger Belge, or simply the Belgian Shepherd, this breed belongs to the herding group. Belgian Sheepdogs are popular for their versatility. You may have seen them working tirelessly as a police dog, service dog, soldier, watchdog, or as a search and rescue dog.

Highly trainable and very intelligent, Belgian Sheepdogs are always watchful and alert. They’re used to being outdoors, whether it’s for work, playing, or simply guarding your home. Yet, Belgian Sheepdogs are also very devoted and cheerful. They’re not afraid of working. They are very active and dynamic.

Excellent Names for the Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

Mals are extremely hardworking and intelligent—characteristics that make them perfect as military or police dogs. But they’re also very devoted, which makes them excellent pets. Here are some names you can choose from for your devoted Mal.

AgatheA Belgian name referring to a woman who is kind-natured
AmdtA unique Belgian name referring to someone who has an eagle's power
AndreIt refers to someone who's well-built and manly
AngelettaA Belgian name that means "little angel"
AniqueA Belgian name that means "grace" or "favor"
AudrickA Belgian name that means "a noble friend"; perfect for your devoted Belgian Malinois
BazAn excellent name for your Mal; it means "unwavering protector"
BernissIt refers to someone who brings victory
BriandAn Old English name meaning "strong"; perfect for your muscular and strong dog
BrunhildeIt means "battle armor"; a good name for a brave dog
CamilleiAn excellent name for independent dogs, it means "free born" or "noble"
CarlijnIt means "free man"; it is the Belgian form of Caroline
ChevalAn excellent name for a vigilant protector and watchdog; it means "knight" or "horseman"
DarcioA good name for a dark-coated Belgian Malinois; it means "dark"
DareauA name that refers to someone you dearly love; an excellent name for your beloved Belgian Malinois
DavetA variant form of David, the name means "beloved"; another good name for your beloved pet
DemanA great name for your affectionate Belgian Malinois; it means "tame"
DerrallA name that perfectly describes your pet, it means "dearly loved"
DerrickIt means "gifted ruler"; a good choice for your regal pet
Desarae or DesiraeA pretty name for your pet; it means "the one desired" or "long hoped for"
DrugiA charming name for your Belgian Malinois; it refers to someone who is powerful or strong
EdgartonIt means "a prosperous warrior"
GerdieA nice name for your female dog, it means "she who is protected by God"
GodeliefIt means "good life"; a charming name for your treasured pet
GudrunaIt means "one with a divine knowledge"; this name is perfect for intelligent dogs
HaduA great name for a brave pet; it refers to a vigorous battle maiden
HalfridaIt means "a peaceful heroine"; a name that perfectly describes your gentle pet
HedvigeA variant form of Hedwig which means fighter; a good name for a courageous dog
Holle or HuldeReferring to someone who everybody loves
IdaAn excellent name for your female Belgian Malinois; it refers to a hardworking woman
IdnaAnother name that perfectly describes any Belgian Malinois; it means "one who is active and agile"
IrmigardA perfect name for your warrior-like dog; the name refers to a war goddess in German mythology
IsoldaShe was the ruler of ice; a good name for your cool dog
Jan or JanezA good name for the pet that came to you like a gift from heaven
JulezIt means "youthful"; perfect for your playful and cheerful dog
PatrickIt refers to someone who is noble and regal
PierreAn excellent descriptive name for your dog; it means "one who is tough as a rock"
Porteur or PortierPerfect for any watchdog; it means "gatekeeper"
ReynartA charming name for your handsome pet; it means "a brave and strong man"
RikkertA variant form of Richard; it means "a powerful ruler"
SteinmetzA cool name for a tough dog; it means "stone" or "stonemason"
Veronike or VéroniqueA pretty name for your beloved dog; it means "one who brings victory"

Great Names For the Belgian Tervurens

Belgian Tervuren running

Belgian Tervurens are known for their mahogany-colored thick double coat. These richly-maned pets are energetic and eager to work. You can either name your pet based on these characteristics or choose a suitable Belgian moniker for your dog. Here are some excellent choices for you.

AdelynnA great name for a playful puppy; it means "good humor"
AimeePerfect for your dear pet; it means "beloved"
AlairA cute name for your jolly pet; it means "cheerful"
AliciaPerfect for affectionate dogs; it means "sweet"
ArvinIt means "friend to all"; a fitting name for Belgian Tervurens because they are friendly and affectionate to the people that they know
BeallIt means "handsome"
BertholdIt means "bright ruler"; a good name for Belgian Tervurens, a breed that's known for their intelligence
BertrandIt means "intelligent"; a name that perfectly describes your smart dog
ChestnutA good descriptive name for Tervurens with mahogany-colored coats
EldwinIt means "old friend"; a good name for any loyal canine companion
Emelia or EmeraIt means "industrious" or "eager"; a great way to name your hardworking pet
Faunia or FawnaA pretty name for fawn-colored Tervurens
FremontIt means "noble protector"; a name that perfectly describes your noble and devoted watchdog
GerdieIt means "protected"; because your pet always makes you feel protected
HarbinA good name for elegant and regal-looking Tervurens; it means "glorious warrior"
HarimannIt means "protective"; a handsome name for your protective pet
HelmuttIt means "brave"; because your canine pet is nothing if not courageous
HildeIt means "noble"; a pretty name for your noble pet
IdoniaA name that perfectly suits your pet; it means "industrious"
JoleighIt means "cheerful" or "pretty"; a nice name for your beautiful Tervuren
KaraIn Irish, it means "friend"; a pretty name for your loyal canine friend
Karcsi or KarlIt means "strong" or "manly"; perfectly describes your male Belgian Tervuren
RenaudIt means "brave one"; a good name for your courageous and fearless dog
ThrishaIt means "intellectual"; a pretty name for a smart dog
VerenaIt means "protector"; a beautiful name for your favorite watchdog
ViauIt means "lively"; a name that perfectly describes your playful and cheerful pet
WareineIt means "guardian"; a name that is very suitable for any watchdog

Cool and Tough Names For the Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian Sheepdog puppies

Devoted, alert, smart, observant, and brave, Belgian Sheepdogs are the perfect watchdogs. They do well as police dogs and military K-9. They’re tough and yet also affectionate towards family members. Here are some of the best name choices for your cool and tough pet.

AdalricIt means "noble friend"; an excellent name for your affectionate and devoted pet
Adlar or AhrenIt means "eagle"; a great name for your ever observant and eagle-eyed pet
AloysiusIt means "warrior"; a good name for your brave dog
AmeyAnother pretty name that means "eagle"; a great choice for your female Belgian Sheepdog
BaldricIt means "bold" or "brave"; a good name for your courageous pet
BamardIt means "brave as a bear"; a name that perfectly describes your Belgian Sheepdog
BlazIt means "unwavering protector"; a name with a beautiful meaning
BrighamIt means "soldier"; a good name for a military K-9
BruneBelgian Sheepdogs are almost always black; this name which means "of the dark hair" perfectly suits your pet
CorbenIt means "raven-haired"; a great descriptive name for your pet
Corbett or CorwanIt means "black hair" or "raven"; another excellent name that perfectly describes your Belgian Sheepdog's beautiful coat
Darcel or DarceyIt means "dark"; another good name for dark-coated dogs
DelmaIt means "noble protector"; a beautiful name for your devoted watchdog
GeraldIt means "spear warrior"; a cool name for your warrior-like pet
GerdaIt means "protection"; a pretty name for your beloved watchdog
GunnelIt means "battle maiden"; a cool name for your female Belgian Sheepdog
HerbstIt means "soldier"; an excellent name for a military K-9
JeniIt means "knowledge"; a pretty name for your intelligent pet
JolieIt means "beautiful"
Karleen or KarleighIt means "womanly strength"; a cool name for your female Belgian Sheepdog
KylerIt means "archer"; another great name for police dogs or military K-9s
LennardIt means "brave as a lion"
LievenIt means "dear friend"; a sweet name for your devoted and affectionate pet
LoringIt means "warrior"
MalloryIt means "war counselor"; a great name for intelligent military K-9s
MathildeIt means "powerful in battle"; a beautiful name for a Belgian Sheepdog
MaudeIt means "strength for battle"; a pretty name for your pet
MayneIt means "powerful"; a cool name for your dog
RaymondIt refers to “one who guards wisely”; a charming name for your treasured pet
SaskiaIt means "protector of mankind"; a beautiful name for your alert watchdog
SearleIt means "manly"; a tough name for your cool pet
SelmaIt means "divine protector"; a pretty name for Belgian Sheepdogs
SerildaIt means "armed maiden of war"
TearlachIt also means "manly"; another tough name for your brave pet
TheoIt means "the boldest"; a cool name for your courageous dog
Valeray or ValereIt means "brave"; a pretty name for your brave dog
VernerIt means "defending army"; a charming name that perfectly suits Belgian Sheepdogs
WilmetIt means "protector"; a tough name with a beautiful meaning

Military-Inspired Names For Your Tough Pet

Belgian Malinois in the field

Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Tervurens, and Belgian Malinois dogs are often employed as police dogs and military K-9s because they’re highly trainable, alert, intelligent, brave, and hardworking. Here are some tough military-inspired names for your pet.

AlphaPhonetic code for the letter "A," it can also refer to your alpha dog
AmmoShort for ammunition
BulletBecause your pet can be as fast as a bullet
CaptainA popular name for dogs based on the military rank
CharliePhonetic code for the letter "C"
ChiefBecause sometimes your pet seems like your boss
ColtInspired by the popular firearms manufacturer
DaggerA tough name for your tough dog
DeltaPhonetic code for the letter "D," it can also refer to "Delta Force"
G.I.From G.I. Joe, it literally means "government issue"
GunnerAn infantry weapons officer
JulietPhonetic code for the letter "J"; a pretty name for your pet
KevlarBecause your pet protects you as Kevlar does
LaserBecause your pet is as keen as a laser
MagnumAnother popular firearms manufacturer
MajorIt can refer to the military rank, or maybe just because your pet is a major source of happiness
MusketA cool weapons-inspired name for your pet
PrivateThe lowest enlisted grade in the army
RangerA graduate of the elite US Army Rangers School
RemmyShort for Remington, the popular rifle manufacturer
Sarge or SergeantBecause your pet barks like a drill sergeant
ScoutBecause your pet always scouts ahead
SniperA cool name for your eagle-eyed dog
StrikerA perfectly tough name for your tough pet

Wrap Up

Belgian Tervuren puppy

What’s your favorite Belgian name for your dog? If you have an idea for an excellent Belgian-inspired name for dogs, or you would like to know more about other Belgian dog breeds, please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us.

Next, check out our article on off-leash dog training. Your smart Belgian dog was bred to herd, and it wouldn’t be fair to keep them on a leash all the time if you live in an urban area.

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