Beagle Dog Names: For Your Brave Little Hunter

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Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

Beagles are smart, well-tempered dogs gifted with a great hunting instinct. There are many good features of theirs that we can highlight. Since Beagle dog names are varied and creative, it is often difficult to pick just one. Do you have a new Beagle pup you are eager to name? Then this is the right article for you!

Thanks to their undeniable list of good qualities, the Beagle is a popular dog breed that makes wonderful pets and companions. That’s why choosing the appropriate name for your doggy is so important; it’s the way your Beagle will present themselves in the world, and it sets them apart from the rest. If you are in search of the perfect name for a Beagle, you will find it here.

In this article, we will help you pick the best name for your beloved companion from a wide selection. From female to male dog names, as well as unique, funny, and food-inspired names, we have created a compilation of monikers inspired by the Beagle’s looks, personality, and characteristics.

Beagle Dog Names by Gender

One easy way to start picking a name for your Beagle is to choose it based on your pup’s gender. Take a look at these amazing lists of male and female Beagle dog names. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your new baby Beagle.

#1: Female Beagle Dog Names

beagle with flowers

  • Abby: Abby is a name of Hebrew origin which means “my father is rejoicing.” Our beautiful and intelligent dogs make us feel like proud parents!

  • Agatha: Agatha is a Greek name that means “good.” Beagles are extremely good-natured dogs that are good with kids and families.

  • Belle: If you have a gorgeous-looking pup, then this cute name derived from the Latin word Bella (beautiful), is the best for your female Beagle!

  • Daisy (or Margaret): Both Daisy and Margaret are fancy flower names. An extravagant way to call these flowery, cheerful pups!

  • Flora: Maybe you’d like a name for a beautiful and charming Beagle? Flora is a name derived from the Latin word “flos” meaning «flower.» Flora was also the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.

  • Ginger: Ginger is originally a nickname for someone with red hair and can be a good reference to your dog’s coat color. Another meaning of the name Ginger is “pure,” adequate for a wholesome breed such as the Beagle.

  • Lilly: Another popular flower name, the name Lilly is also connected with innocence and purity—two characteristics with which Beagles are normally associated. Check out our article on flower dog names if you like this name.

  • Lola: Lola means “princess of all things”; for us, this name sounds like it will suit a strong pack leader!

  • Misty: Foggy and unique, this name was very popular among 70’s and 80’s girls. Mischievous pups will find the name very fitting.

  • Molly: Molly is a common name for female Beagles. If you’re curious about the significance of the name, Molly means “a wished-for child.” Pretty fitting for a dear pup, isn’t it?

  • Rosie: Rosie is a diminutive form of the English given name Rose, which is of Latin origin. Short and sweet, this name fits adorable female Beagles.

  • Sadie: A nickname for Sarah (meaning «princess»). Beagles named Sadie are popular and noble, much like real-life princesses.

  • Sam: Short for “Samantha” (meaning “listener” in the Aramaic language); this is a simple name for those dogs that are always there listening to us!

  • Zoey: Zoey is a Greek name meaning “life” (Zoe). Beagles are dogs that are full of life and energy.

#2: Male Beagle Dog Names

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  • Alf: Alfred is the short form of the name “Alfred,” which means “wise counselor.” Sometimes we feel like our dogs are our counselors; they listen so well.

  • Benji: A tender diminutive of “Benjamin.” Benji means “son of my right hand.” Aren’t our dogs like our right hand sometimes? If your Beagle is always by your side, then Benji is a nice choice.

  • Bobby: A short form of “Robert,” Bobby is a name of German origin that means “bright, shining.” An all-time favorite, Bobby is easy to pronounce and to remember.

  • Bruce: Bruce is an English name that means “thick brush.” This immediately makes us think of our Beagles’ tails and the way they wiggle when they’re happy!

  • Brutus: “Brutus” means “heavy” in Latin. If your doggie is kind of weighty or bulky, then Brutus will be a suitable nickname for him!

  • Buster: Buster is a popular dog’s name, which means “to smash.” Buster is specifically tailored for those Beagles who like to run around breaking stuff!

  • Cody: This old Irish Gaelic name is thought to mean “wealthy,” and it’s a good throwback to the medieval origin of the Beagle breed.

  • Jack: Jack is a name derived from the name “John,” and it means “God is gracious.” This name is also a popular dog name that we immediately associate with Beagles thanks to their adorable, non-threatening appearance.

  • Max: A fun and happy name for proud puppies, “Max” is the short form of the Latin name “Maximillian,” which in turn means “the greatest.” With this name, your Beagle will truly be the number one!

  • Ollie: Ollie is the short form of Oliver, which means “peaceful,” just as the Beagles are!

  • Otto: Otto is a masculine German given name meaning «wealthy.» That’s why this name makes us think of lazy, spoiled pups!

  • Ralf: Ralf is a name derived from the Old Norse “Rathulfr,” a compound name which means both “counsel” and “wolf.” Ralf makes a great name for friendly, brave dogs.

  • Toby: “Toby” is the short form of “Tobias,” which translates to “God is good.” If your dog is devoted and protective, then this name will fit your Beagle perfectly.

Beagle Dog Names Inspired by the Media

beagle playing with a stick

If you want names inspired by famous characters from TV shows, films, or books, then scroll down our list of Beagle dog names inspired by the media!

  • Athos: This interesting name is directly taken from Alexandre Dumas’s historical novel “The Three Musketeers”; a cool choice for a valiant pup, such as the Musketeers were!

  • Brady: This Gaelic name of unclear meaning became extremely famous as a dog name thanks to the ’70s sitcom The Brady Bunch. Also, if your dog is as athletic as the football player Tom Brady, pick this name!

  • Cooper: Cooper is one of the main characters of Disney’s classic animated film “The Fox and the Hound.” If your pup is as stubborn and brave as Cooper, then don’t hesitate to pick this name!

  • Dante: Dante is an Italian name that means “enduring.” Inspired by the Italian writer Dante Alighieri, we selected this name for dog-owners with a thing for classics of literature like The Divine Comedy.

  • Frodo: Taken from one of the main characters of the famous fantasy books saga “The Lord of The Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien, this name is fitting for small, yet courageous male Beagles.

  • Hulk: With all the hype there is around the Marvel Universe, Hulk can be a fine name for those doggies that can change from absolute angels to mischievous forces of nature! Don’t forget to check out our list of superhero names for dogs.

  • Leia: We all love a good Star Wars reference. Maybe your doggie is royalty like Princess Leia, and she’s no less valiant and audacious.

  • Lilo: Maybe you’d like a Disney name for a change? Then Lilo, like the sweet girl from the film “Lilo & Stitch” is a good choice for your good-natured female Beagle.

  • Pluto: Not only is this the name of a planet, Pluto is also how Disney’s Mickey Mouse called his friendly pet dog.

  • Sheldon: Sheldon is an English name which means “from the shield farm,” or “flat-topped hill.” However, we took this name from our favorite TV nerd and scientist, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and it’s perfect for smart dogs.

  • Simba: A very popular dog name inspired by the Disney classic “The Lion King,” Simba makes a splendid name for heroic doggies.

  • Snoopy: Snoopy is the name of the classic character created by Charles Schulz, featured in the comic strip “Peanuts.” Snoopy also happens to be a Beagle, so it’s a perfect name for a pup of this breed.

Funny Beagle Dog Names

beagle smelling something

Do you want a name that makes everybody laugh when said out loud? Then take a look at this collection of funny Beagle dog names, created just for you:

  • Bootsie: A cool name that makes a reference to your dog’s markings!

  • Casanova: This name was inspired by the legendary Italian heartthrob adventurer and writer Giacomo Casanova. If your male doggie is popular with the girls, then he’s a Casanova!

  • Euro: Give your dog a name that references wealth and maybe some fortune will come your way! Euro brings to mind feisty, lively doggies.

  • Freckles: Not very creative, but this funny name might refer to your dog’s color or markings.

  • Hunter: Beagles are known as amazing scent hounds. That means they’re the perfect breed for hunting hare. If your dog is fast and sporty, then picking the name Hunter will be a cool reference to the breed’s origin.

  • Ninja: Beagles are masters of detection—a characteristic shared by the famous Japanese ninjas.

  • Pulgas (or Pulgoso): Pulgas means “fleas” in the Spanish language, just as “Pulgoso” means “flea-infested.” This male name is also a common way to address dogs in Spanish-speaking countries in an endearing, cheeky manner. Check out our article on flea and tick prevention for dogs, so the name doesn’t become a literal reference.

  • Rebel: For pups of a rebellious or stubborn nature, this name is the perfect fit.

  • Sniffy: Sniffy is a funny nod to your Beagle’s innate hunting capabilities and amazing sense of smell!

  • Ukelele: Name your dog after everybody’s favorite musical instrument—the happy-sounding Ukelele. If your dog is always cheering you up, then Ukelele is a fitting name.

Cute Beagle Dog Names

beagle playing with a toy

Beagles are adorable, cuddly dogs. Why not give your pup a cute name?

  • Bibi: Bibi means “lady” in Persian, and it is a name that screams “I want to be cuddled!”

  • Bubbles: A perfect match for friendly and outgoing pups, which can be used for female and male Beagles alike.

  • Cotton: For fluffy, gentle doggies. Cotton is a unisex name that fits all Beagles effortlessly.

  • Cutie: For endearing Beagles with sweet personalities.

  • Doggo: It might not be a very original name, but you can’t deny that “Doggo” is an extremely cute way to call your Beagle. A simple name that fits every dog, no matter their personality!

  • Fairy: If your dog is as playful as fairies, then name your Beagle after this creature from the folktales!

  • Floppy: Floppy makes a nice reference to the Beagles’ floppy, soft ears

  • Honey: A cute moniker that might refer to your Beagle’s coat color.

  • Lady: For vivacious and spoiled female Beagles; a Lady deserves to be treated like a queen!

  • Rainbow: Sappy and silly, Rainbow is a tender name for sociable dogs like the Beagles.

  • Snowflake: Cute, easy to recall, and sweet. Remember, all snowflakes are different from each other, just as every dog has their own characteristics and personality.

  • Star: Maybe you want your pup to be a Star? Then try this name and bring forth your doggie’s diva-like characteristics!

  • Teddy: If your pet is loving and affectionate, why not try naming them after something as cute as a teddy bear?

Unique Beagle Dog Names

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Sometimes we just want something different in our lives. If you want to stand out from the rest and are in need of unique Beagle dog names, have a look at the ones we picked for you:

  • Beretta: Beretta is an old and famous Italian gun company. This name is a fierce, daring name that makes a thought-provoking throwback to the breed’s hunting origins.

  • Cattleya: This exotic flower which is part of the Orchid family is an exuberant yet creative way to name an extravagant and cool female Beagle.

  • Dakota: Beagles make awesome friends and companions; that’s why we picked this name which means «allies or friends» in the native Dakota language.

  • Harley: In English, the meaning of the name Harley comes from Old English harewood (or meadow). It can also refer to the famous Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

  • Shadow: This badass name will be most adequate for brave, strong pups.

  • Stormy: Is your dog sometimes so energetic that they sweep over you like a storm? Then this unisex name is for them!

  • Venus: If you have a loveable Beagle, we recommend to you the name “Venus.” This is the name of the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.

  • Zephyr: Do you think your dog is free like the wind? Then think of the name Zephyr, which is a Greek name that means “of the west wind.”

Food-Inspired Beagle Dog Names

beagle eating

Food is always a vast source of inspiration when it comes to names for dogs. Most of the time, food-inspired names are unisex, and they tend to be composed of two or three syllables at most. That’s why they are easy choices when it comes to pup-naming.

If you want original yet endearing names, here are our favorite food-inspired names for Beagles:

  • Bagel: Bonus points for this name that sounds like Beagle! If you look at your dog and think they are so sweet you could eat them, then maybe Bagel isn’t a bad name for them after all!

  • Biscuit: Fun and versatile, the name Biscuit is fitting for both male and female Beagles.

  • Chocolate: Chocolate can be a sweet and tasty way to reference the color of your dog’s coat.

  • Cola: This name could be a way to make reference to a brown Beagle’s coat. Likewise, Cola is fitting for dogs with effervescent personalities.

  • Cupcake: Add some sweetness into your life by naming your pup Cupcake. It’s a good female and male Beagle dog name.

  • Nutella: A delicious name for brown-colored pups. Nutella makes us think of sweet, quiet dogs.

  • Oreo: Inspired by the delicious cookies, Oreo is a great name for doggies with black and white markings.

  • Pistachio: Unique and foreign-sounding, Pistachio makes an interesting and original name choice for smart, loyal Beagles.

  • Pork Chop: A funny name for a witty male Beagle who likes to play and sleep a lot!

  • Strawberry: Maybe your four-legged pal is as sassy as this fruit? Then Strawberry might be the name for your Beagle!

Wrap Up

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It is important to carefully think about the name we give to our dogs because that’s the way we will call our dear friends forever. So it’s essential to pick a name both you and your canine companion feel comfortable with.

We hope that after reading our complete selection of Beagle dog names, you could get some ideas to trigger your creativity when it comes to puppy-naming. Remember that no matter the name you choose, your friend will love you unconditionally.

Did you like our selection of the best Beagle dog names? Leave us a comment down below with your favorite choices. Do you think we should add another name to our list? Let us know in the comment section! Now that you have a good name for your new pup, check out our article on how much exercise does a puppy need so you can start properly taking care of them.

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