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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Batman, sometimes known as the Caped Crusader or the Dark Knight, is one of the most popular comic book characters today. He first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939 and was originally called Bat-man. He is referred to as the World’s Greatest Detective. Today, Batman is still one of the most popular superheroes with his movies grossing over a billion dollars worldwide. His popularity is one of the reasons why many people are looking for Batman dog names.

It’s hard to ignore Batman in pop culture because kids from different generations are fans of the superhero. Your grandpa probably read the DC comics while dad watched the original Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. Aside from this, Batman is idolized not only for his intelligence but also for his wealth. Who doesn’t want to be rich and own fantastic gadgets and be friends with Alfred and Robin? That last one is especially relevant because you want your dog to be as trusty of an ally to you as Robin is to Batman.

Batman’s universe is full of good guys and bad guys. This is why looking for a Batman-inspired name is fun. You can showcase your love for the comic and franchise by giving your beloved best friend a Batman-inspired name. If you think it’s hard, we have some suggestions for you.

Male Dog Names

Robin dog

The world of Batman has many great male characters you can draw dog naming inspiration from. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Aaron – Aaron Eckhart plays Harvey Dent also known as Two-Face.

  • Ace the Bathound – is Batman’s adopted dog. Ace is a German Shepherd that was originally owned by engraver John Wilker.

  • Adam – Adam West was the original TV Batman.

  • Alan – Bruce’s great-great-grandfather and first to be born in Gotham.

  • Alfred – in honor of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler and friend.

  • Anarky – the abnormally intelligent Batman villain.

  • Azrael – is a member of a group of assassins that was created by the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas.

  • Bale – in honor of Christian Bale.

  • Bane – a Batman character who is sometimes villain, other times ally.

  • Batarang – the bat-shaped boomerang in the comic and movies.

  • Ben – for Ben Affleck who currently plays Batman in the movies.

  • Bennett – Ethan Bennett is a Gotham City detective before he was turned insane by The Joker. Ethan is also a good choice for a dog.

  • Bozo – one of The Joker’s aliases.

  • Bruce – Batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne.

  • Bruno — for Bruno Mannheim, leader of a crime organization called Intergang.

  • Burton – for Tim Burton who directed a Batman adaptation.

  • Carmine – Carmine “The Roman” Falcon is a sworn enemy of Batman and a friend of the Wayne family.

  • Caspian – socialite by day, vigilante by night.

  • Chechen – is a drug lord in charge of Gotham City’s drug trafficking operations.

  • Chill – a minor movie seen at the beginning of the Dark Knight Trilogy.

  • Chris – for Christopher Nolan who directed the Dark Knight Trilogy.

  • Chuckles – one of those clowns during the start of the Dark Knight.

  • Clay – for Clayface, one of Batman’s adversaries.

  • Colonel Blimp – one of Batman’s foes. A cute name for a small dog.

  • Crane – Jonathon Crane is a corrupt psychiatrist who later becomes The Scarecrow.

  • Damian – Did you know that Batman has a son? Damian’s mother is Talia al Ghul. Damian is short-tempered and ruthless—perfect name for a guard dog.

  • Danny – Danny de Vito played the Penguin.

  • Darius – in honor of Darius Wayne who built the Wayne Manor.

  • David – after David Goyer who wrote a screenplay for the trilogy.

  • Dawes – Rachel Dawes is one of Batman’s love interests in the Dark Knight series.

  • Deadshot – worked closely with Commissioner Gordon during Batman’s absence. He became popular enough to replace Gotham’s Bat signal with his own.

  • Drake – another one of Batman’s adopted son. He became the third Robin in the Batman comics. His first name is Timothy, and he’s very smart—perfect for dogs that pick up tricks quickly.

  • Ducard – Henri Ducard leads Batman to the League of Shadows.

  • Floyd – Floyd Lawton is Deadshot.

  • Gambol – Gotham City’s mob boss.

  • Garcia — Anthony Garcia is Gotham’s Mayor. Tony and Anthony also make good alternatives.

  • Gary – after Gary Oldman who plays Commissioner Gordon.

  • Gavin – Orpheus’ real name. Your dog can also be called King.

  • Gordon – Jim Gordon is Gotham City’s police commissioner. Alternatively, you can name your dog Jim.

  • Gotham – as in Batman’s city.

  • Grayson – after Dick Grayson who was the first Robin and then became Nightwing. He’s very friendly and cheerful—for dogs that always know how to make you smile.

  • Hans – in honor of Hans Zimmer who wrote the soundtrack for the movie.

  • Hardac – the evil supercomputer that was created by Dr. Carl Rossum.

  • Harvey Dent – was a Gotham City DA but turned baddie.

  • Heath – in honor of Heath Ledger who also played The Joker.

  • Hugo – Dr. Hugo Strange is one of Batman’s first recurring villains.

  • Hush – one of the most terrifying villains in the Batman universe.

  • Jai – after Michael Jai White who played Gambol in the movie series.

  • Jason – Batman originally trained Jason Todd to be the second Robin. He was brutally murdered by The Joker. He is now a villain in the comic book series, sometimes reluctant ally. Todd is also a good Batman inspired dog name.

  • Jazz – a.k.a Jimmy Peake. Jazzman is a Gotham City gangster.

  • Joe Chill – the person who shot Bruce’s parents.

  • Knight – The White Knight; the roles of Batman and Joker are reversed with Batman (White Knight) as the bad guy.

  • Knox – for Alexander Knox, a reporter from Gotham Globe. Alternatively, you can name your dog Alex or Alexander.

  • Lau – the Chinese accountant in The Dark Knight who hides the mob’s money.

  • Leto – Jared Leto is one of the actors to suit up for the role of The Joker. Jared is also a good name.

  • Lucius – Lucius Fox designs some of Batman’s equipment.

  • Mike — for Michael Keaton who played Batman in the Tim Burton series.

  • Mite – Batmite is one of Batman’s good friends.

  • Mojo – one of Batman actor Christian Bale’s dogs.

  • Morgan – after Morgan Freeman who played Lucius Fox who helped Batman take down The Riddler.

  • Morrison – Grant Morrison is a writer of graphic novels including those for Batman.

  • Murcielago – Bruce Wayne drives a Murcielago in the trilogy. It is also Spanish for “bat.” It’s like the Bruce Wayne version of the Batmobile.

  • Murphy – after Cillian Murphy who played The Scarecrow.

  • Nick – in honor of Jack Nicholson who played The Joker in one of the films.

  • Nightwing – he is Batman’s adopted son and heir to the Batman title, better known as the first Robin or Dick Grayson. He grew up as a circus acrobat; for a dog who knows a trick or two.

  • Nygma – also known as The Riddler.

  • Orpheus – is a crime fighter Batman uses to infiltrate street gangs and take them down from within. His real name is Gavin King.

  • Oswald – The Penguin was originally named Oswald Cobblepot.

  • Pierce – Judson Pierce is an ageing crime lord who had a grudge against Martha Wayne and her son. Judson also sounds like a unique name for a dog.

  • Prince – The Joker is also known as the Crown Prince of Crime.

  • Ra – the leader of the League of Shadows is Ra’s Al Ghul.

  • Ramone – Christian Bale’s dog.

  • Red Hood – the name of a main character associated with villains in the Batman universe.

  • Reese – Coleman Reese works for the Wayne Enterprises.

  • Richard – Dick Grayson’s real name is Richard John Grayson.

  • Riddler – one of Batman’s nemeses.

  • Robin – Batman’s faithful friend and sidekick. Kinda like you and your dog!

  • Romero – in honor of Cesar Romero who played Batman in an early adaptation of the comic.

  • Ryder – also known as The Creeper. He is an outspoken TV reporter from a Gotham TV station. His full name is Jack Ryder so you can also call your dog Jack.

  • Salvatore – Salvatore “Sal” Maroni is a mobster and one of Batman’s earliest foes.

  • Shadow – after the League of Shadows

  • Silas – an interesting Wayne ancestor.

  • Talon – is a group of assassins in Batman.

  • Thomas – can be shortened to Tom. Bruce’s dad.

  • Titus – Damian’s Great Dane.

  • Tumbler – The bat signal’s original name.

  • Ubu – Ra’s Al Ghul’s bodyguard.

  • Victor – Mr. Freeze’s name was originally Victor Fries.

  • Vigilante – after our favorite vigilante bat.

  • Zsasz – Victor Zsasz is a serial killer and Batman’s nemesis.

Female Dog Names

Wonder Woman dog

The Batman universe has many kickass female characters too. Check them out below:

  • Ankh – also known as Leigh Carson, one of Batman’s sexiest foes.

  • Barbara – also known as Batgirl, Oracle, and Barbara Gordon.

  • Betty – Betty Kane was introduced as a love interest for Robin. She later filled in as Batgirl.

  • Candy – for Candyman, the biggest crime boss in the Gotham of the future.

  • Carrie – Carrie Kelley is the female equivalent of Robin. She becomes the new Robin in The Dark Knight Returns.

  • Cassie – Cassandra Cain is Batgirl.

  • Charise – supervillain Nightfall Charise Carnes.

  • Charlie — Charlotte «Charlie» Gage-Radcliffe filled in as the new Batgirl after Cassandra Cain abandoned the role.

  • Diana – also known as Wonder Woman, Diana Prince is a major member of the Justice League with Batman and Superman.

  • Dinah – for the Black Canary, Dinah Lance. Her father was a police officer while her mother was the original Black Canary.

  • Duela – she has a more sinister backstory than The Joker. Duela Dent was first introduced as “The Joker’s Daughter.”

  • Frances – Harley Quinn’s middle name.

  • Gal – Gal Gadot portrays Wonder Woman.

  • Halle — in the 2004 Catwoman movie, she was portrayed by Halle Berry.

  • Harley – Harley Quinn is one of Batman’s most intriguing villains. Quinn is also a good choice.

  • Harper – female Robin who went on to become Bluebird.

  • Harriet – is Dick Grayson’s sweet loveable aunt who has no idea about Batman and Robin’s secret identity.

  • Helena – The Huntress, also known as Helena Wayne.

  • Huntress – is a tough girl vigilante who fills in for Batgirl sometimes.

  • Irena – Catwoman’s alias.

  • Isley – Pamela Lillian Isley is also known as Poison Ivy. You can also call her Pamela or Lillian.

  • Ivy – Poison Ivy is one of Batman’s nemeses.

  • Jaina – is a socialite named Jaina Hudson and sometimes also known as the criminal White Rabbit.

  • Jessica – works for the Wayne Enterprises as a secretary.

  • Julie – fierce detective Julie Madison is a detective and one of Bruce’s love interests.

  • Karen – in honor of Karen Bright who is an influential comic book writer.

  • Kate – for Kate Kane, the Batwoman.

  • Kate Kane – was originally devised as a love interest for Batman. She is also known as Batwoman.

  • Keysi – the fighting style used in the Batman Begins film.

  • Kitty – for Kittyhawk, Catwoman’s sidekick.

  • Lady Shiva – complicated villain but sometimes also a hero.

  • Leslie – Dr. Leslie Thompkins is a doctor and friend of Batman’s.

  • Louise – Louise Bale played Martha Wayne in a 2003 short.

  • Maggie – Rachel Dawes is portrayed by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

  • Martha – Bruce’s mother.

  • Michelle – Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman opposite Michael Keaton.

  • Nicole – for Nicole Kidman who played Batman’s brainy love interest in Batman Forever.

  • Oracle – a superhero who lends a hand to Batman from time to time.

  • Paula – Poison Ivy’s alias.

  • Phantasm – also known as Andrea Beaumont, she is Batman’s first real love.

  • Renee – Renee Montoya is one of Gotham’s police officers. She was used as an unfortunate pawn by the Children of Arkham.

  • Sasha – Sasha Bordeaux, one of Bruce’s bodyguards.

  • Selina – Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle. If your dog likes to make friends with cats, this is the name for her.

  • Shauna – also known as Shauna Belzer or the Ventriloquist.

  • Silver – for Silver St. Cloud who dated Batman and knows about his secret identity.

  • Sofia – Sofia Falcone ran one of Gotham City’s mobs for a long time.

  • Stephanie – has multiple superhero roles as the Batgirl and sometimes Spoiler. Her real name is Stephanie Brown.

  • Talia – Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter and Damian’s mother.

  • Vesper – is a TV and radio reporter who dated Bruce Wayne.

  • Vicki – Vicki Vale is a photojournalist working to uncover Batman’s real identity.

  • Yvonne – in honor of Yvonne Craig who played Batgirl on TV.

  • Zatanna – superhero and magician.

Wrap Up

batman bulldog

Batman is undoubtedly one of the biggest superheroes in the comic and movie world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a comic, TV, or movie fan. Naming your dog after one of the characters in the franchise will let your inner-fan shine.

Don’t worry; it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Batman is clearly a classic with old school and modern appeal. We all admire him for his dedication to making Gotham a better place to live.

Batman is a comic book icon that leaped into the screens. The fact that he and other characters have been portrayed by many actors is a testament to his staying power. Trust us, Batman names for dogs will never get old with hero and archnemesis names popular across generations.

Do you have more suggestions? Did you like our Batman dog name choices? Tell us by leaving your comments below. Most Batman dog names sound strong and intimidating—perfect for guard dogs, so you might want to check out our article on personal protection dog training next.

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