Australian Cattle Dog Names: Fun and Exciting Names for Your Pet

Australian Cattle puppy
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Now that you’ve gotten yourself a cute Australian Cattle Dog, you must be wondering what you should name your pet. Whether you’ve got a smart dog of Australian breed or you’ve got Australian heritage yourself, won’t it be great to show your passion for the Land Down Under by giving your pet one of the most amazing Australian Cattle dog names?

When you give your pet an Australian-themed name, it’s a great way to honor your pet’s heritage. And because Australia is such a wild and beautiful country with an extremely rich cultural heritage, it can give you so much inspiration for your pet’s moniker.

In this article, we’ll first talk about Australian Cattle Dogs so we can find out how incredible this breed is. We’ll then give you a great list of Aboriginal-inspired names for your male canine companion, as well as for your female dog. And to add to the fun, we also include an excellent list of fun Australian-inspired names for your canine companion.

The Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle dog with blue collar

Known to have a pleasant personality, the Australian Cattle Dog belongs to the herding group of canines. This breed is also sometimes referred to as the Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, or the Queensland Heeler. They’re also known to be very intelligent, loyal, and alert.

Australian Cattle Dogs can grow up to 50 pounds and 20 inches, and their life expectancy can extend up to 16 years. Australian Cattle Dogs are very muscular, despite their compact bodies.

What’s distinctive about the Australian Cattle Dog is that as they grow, their white coat turns red or blue-gray, with a mottled or speckled pattern. Australian Cattle Dogs are very energetic, and they’re excellent at herding, hunting, and chasing.

They’re also known to be sturdy, strong, and agile. If you want to keep your pet fit and entertained, take them with you when you go for your morning run.

Aboriginal-Inspired Male Dog Names

Australian Cattle dog standing

The Aborigines are recognized not only for being the indigenous peoples of Australia, but also for their colorful culture and history. Here are excellent names for your pet based on the Aborigine culture.

BanjoA cute, musical name for your pet; the banjo is actually a widely used musical instrument among the aboriginals
BouddiIn the Darkinyung language, it means "heart"; an adorable name for the pet that stole your heart
CobaltA shade of blue; an excellent name for blue-mottled Australian Cattle Dogs
CrocIf you want to name your pet after an animal that's common in Australia, this one would be a good fit
DakuA cool South Australian name, it means "sand hill"; a short but cute name that's great for cream or brown-colored dogs
DarwinA popular Northwest Territory city
DjaluIt means "lightning"; a charming and unique name for your lightning-fast dog
EmuA huge flightless bird that's native to Australia; a fitting name for huge dogs
FraserInspired by the famous Fraser Island; a great name for your nature-loving pet
HobartThe capital city of Tasmania
IllukaIn the Bndajalong language, it means "near the sea" and is pronounced as i-loo-ka; this one's a charming name for dogs that love playing in the water
JarliIn the Jiwarli language, it means "barn owl"; a funny name for dogs with huge, round eyes, but it's also extremely fitting for smart and wise canine pets like the Australian Cattle Dog
JarrahA Eucalyptus species common in Australia; a unique nature-inspired name for your pet
JiembaIt means "laughing star"; a perfectly cute name for your adorable and cheerful pet
KoaIn the Kaurna language, it means "crow"; another excellent Aborigine-inspired name for dark-colored dogs. If you wish to use its Hawaiian meaning, it means "warrior", which will work well for your smart and brave Australian Cattle Dog.
KoalaAnother Australian animal-inspired name for your pet; this is truly fitting if your pet loves to sleep for the most part of the day
KuparrIn the Ngiyampaa language, it means "red earth"; an excellent name for red-colored Australian Cattle Dogs
LueIt means "chain of waterholes" and it's also the name of a South Wales village; a short but unique name for your dog
MateSimply because your beloved pet is your “best friend”
MiroIn the Nyungar language, it refers to a type of spear; a great name for an excellent hunting dog
MontiIt means "black-necked stork", which makes it perfect for black-necked dogs
TarkaIt means "eggshell" in the Kaurna language; a fun name for your delicate pet, it's also great for white-colored dogs
TauA trendy three-lettered name for your pet; you can use its Greek alphabet meaning or its Kaurna meaning, which is "dusk" or "twilight"
WarrinIf your pet was born in winter, this would make a great name for him.
WombatA marsupial belonging to the same family as the kangaroo; a fun name for your furry and cute pet

Aboriginal-Inspired Female Dog Names

Australian Cattle puppies

The numerous languages of the Aborigines are rich sources of inspiration for beautiful pet names. Here’s a list of pretty and meaningful names for your female dog.

AlintaIt means "flame"; a beautiful name for your red-speckled female Australian Cattle Dog
AlliraIt means "clear crystal quartz"; a pretty name, especially for your jewel-like pet
AlloraIt's the name of a Queensland town, and it's definitely pretty enough for your female dog
BindiIt means "little girl" and also "butterfly"; a pretty name for your beautiful pet
CardiniaIt's the name of a town in Victoria, and it's also a great Australian-inspired feminine name for your pet
DaranaA deity in the aboriginal legends; a charming name for your treasured pet
EllinIt means "wish"; a perfectly beautiful name for the pet that you fervently wished for
InalaIt means "place of peace"; a pretty name with an equally beautiful meaning
JannaliIt means "moon"; a unique and poetic-sounding name for your pet
JeddaA name that connotes femininity and strength, it actually means "little wild goose"; it's also the title of a popular Australian movie with Aboriginal actors
KalinaA truly beautiful name, it means "love and affection"; a perfect name to describe how you feel towards your pet
KareelaIt refers to a Brisbane suburb, but it can also be a great name for your Australian Cattle Dog
KarriAn Australian Aboriginal word that refers to the Eucalyptus tree; it makes for a pretty name for a female dog of Australian breed
KirraIn the Yugambeh language, it means "leaf", while in the Murri dialect, it means "to live"; whichever meaning you choose, it's sure to be a pretty great name for your pet
Koori or KorrieIt means "people" in the aboriginal languages; a pretty name that reflects the beauty of the Aboriginal people and culture
LenahIt actually means "kangaroo" in the Palawan language; it's a great way to honor your pet's Australian heritage
LowannaIt means "woman" in Tasmanian; a nice name for your pretty pet
MarleeThe name of a South Wales town, it also means "elderberry tree" in Biripi; this one's a really cute Australian-inspired moniker for your dog
MaroochyIn the Kabi language, it means "black swan"; a beautiful name for black-coated pets
MayaIn the Kiwari language, it means "home"; because home is where your beloved pet is
MerindahIt means "beautiful"; a truly fitting name for your pretty pet
MerriIt means "very rocky"; a feminine-sounding yet strong name for sturdy dogs like the Australian Cattle Dog
MiaIn the Nyungar language, it means "month" or "moon"; a short but pretty name for your pet
MyareeIt means "foliage"; an excellent nature-inspired moniker for your female Australian Cattle Dog
RiannaIn the Palawan language, it means "caterpillar"; if you're still waiting for your pet to transform into the beauty that she is, this would be a great nickname for her
TaliaA South Australian coastal town; it also means "near waters"—a good name for a water-loving female dog
TarniA popular name for Australian baby girls, it's also used to describe the sound of the surf; if you want to name your pet a trendy Australian name, this one's a good choice

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Fun Names Inspired By Everything Down Under

Australian Cattle dog walking

If you’re looking for a not-so-serious and yet exciting name for your pet, here’s a list of humorous, trendy names inspired by everything Australian.

AmarinaIt means "rain"; a meaningful nature-inspired name for your dog
ArvoAustralian slang for "afternoon"; a fun name for the dog that loves to take an afternoon nap
Aussie or OzzieSlang for a person from Australia; an excellent name for your Australian Cattle Dog
BarbieAustralian slang for "barbecue"; a cute and fun name to give your female Australian dog
BazInspired by Baz Luhrmann, the famous Australian producer, writer, and director
BikkieAustralian slang for cookie or biscuit
BitzerAustralian word that refers to a mixed-breed dog
BondiA popular beach in Sydney; an excellent Australian-inspired name for water-loving pets
BonzerSlang for "great"; a fun name for your amazing pet
BoomerShort form of “boomerang”, it also refers to a large male kangaroo
BrizzieAustralian slang for Brisbane, the most populous city and capital of Queensland, Australia
BrumbyAustralian slang for “wild horse”; a fun but cute name for your pet
CateInspired by Cate Blanchett, the famous actress from Melbourne, Victoria
CoorahIt's an aboriginal word that means "woman"; a unique name for a female dog
CrikeyA common Australian expression of surprise; a fun name for the pet that came to you as a surprise
DagAustralian slang for a humorous person; a cute name for your funny pet
DiggerAustralian slang for “soldier”; perfect for your watchdog
DundeeInspired by the 1986 comedy Crocodile Dundee
DuxAustralian slang that means “top of the class"; because your pet is simply the best
EckoAustralian slang that means "street-savvy"; an excellent name for your smart pet
GrommetAustralian slang for a young surfer or extreme sports athlete; a great name for your athletic dog
HughInspired by Hugh Jackman of Wolverine fame
JoeyBecause your pet is as cute as a baby kangaroo
KalindaInspired by the famous author Kalinda Ashton
KiahIt means “from the beautiful place”; because your pet reminds you of one
KiwiWhat Australians call a person from New Zealand; a fun and cute name for your dog
KolyaIt means "winter"; an excellent name for a winter-born pet, or if your dog has a snow-like coat
KoraIt means "a companion"; a beautiful name for your loyal canine companion
KylieInspired by the famous Australian-British singer Kylie Minogue
ManduInspired by the popular Mandu Mandu Gorge in Exmouth, Australia; it also means "the sun"; a great name for your nature-loving dog
MikiYou can name your female Australian Cattle Dog Mandu and your male pet Miki, which means "the moon"
NiokaIt means "green hills"; another pretty nature-inspired Australian name
NipperIn reference to the Australian Cattle Dog’s herding method
RooShort for kangaroo; a cute and fitting name for a dog of Australian breed
SheilaAustralian slang for "woman"; a pretty name for a female dog
SheppsAustralian slang for "relative" or "close friend"; because your pet is just like one
SookyIt refers to an animal that's easily tamed; an excellent name for your friendly dog
TallaraAnother name that means "rain"; a poetic Australian-inspired name for your pet
TazInspired by the famous cartoon character; perfect for a mischievous pet
WallyAustralian slang for someone who always makes mistakes; a fun name for a clumsy pet

Wrap Up

Australian Cattle dog in autumn leaves

Australia is definitely a beautiful and culturally-rich country, and it’s no wonder it’s such an excellent source of inspiration for pet names, especially for Australian Cattle Dogs and other Australian breeds.

Do you have a favorite Australian-inspired name? Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us. You may also find some more inspiration from our article from Australian dog names.

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