Astronomy Dog Names: Going Above and Beyond

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Wyatt Robinson
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Selecting the right name for your dog can be quite the task. We want the best name for our pups, but what do you do when there are so many names to choose from? Simple: By focusing on one category, you can become creative with choosing the name and go in depth with the origins. Speaking about origins, astronomy dog names are perfect because they are closely tied with the origin of all beings.

Astronomy names have an atmospheric flavor to them which will certainly make your dog stand out. You could have a favorite star, love the origins behind a specific name, or just like the way that they sound. It doesn’t really matter why you like astronomy names—what matters is that this name should make you smile and feel warm while also perfectly describing the personality of your pup.

We’re going to show you some astronomy names and their meaning for both female and males dogs—categories that will make it easier for you to scroll through. Whether you’re a fan of astronomy or love the history behind the names, you can be guaranteed that they’ll feel larger than life.

Male Astronomy Dog Names

white dog in space

Usually, we have this assumption that astronomy names are female in nature, but that’s not true. In fact, there are so many male astronomy names for you to choose from for all types of dogs. Some names are soft and gentle while others are more alpha in nature.

  • Aries: you may know this as a horoscope, but there’s more to it than that. Aries is a constellation, but it’s named after the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology. Do you have a herding dog? Then this is the perfect name for him.

  • Atom: if you have a lapdog or a giant dog that thinks he’s a lapdog, then why not name him Atom? Atom is the smallest particle of any element. Cute, right?

  • Axis: the Axis is the imaginary line that exists when an object is rotating. For example, Earth has an axis which it rotates around. Does your dog like to chase after his own tail and go round and round?

  • Comet: definitely a popular astronomy name for male dogs. Comet is a celestial object which is made completely out of ice and gas. It forms a tail that points away from the sun.

  • Crater: if a meteor hits Earth or, really, any object, it makes an impression. This is a bowl-shaped impression that is formed by contact with either a meteor or asteroid. If your dog has a powerful personality, then this is his name.

  • Doppler: maybe you’ve heard of the Doppler Effect which is when wavelengths change to either sound or light depending on the person’s position to them. Maybe your dog loves barking or is always observing.

  • Equinox: if your dog has a bright and sunny personality, then Equinox is the perfect name. The Equinox is the point where the sun crosses the celestial equator.

  • Extraterrestrial: well, we all know what an extraterrestrial is—it’s anything that doesn’t originate from Earth. Your dog may look like a dog, but maybe you feel that he isn’t from this planet. An alien, maybe?

  • Hermes: no one sees your dog when he is running because he’s lightning fast. Hermes was an 800-meter asteroid which passed by the Earth back in 1937, however, was never seen again.

  • Hubble: is your dog a fast runner? One that isn’t so easy to catch? Hubble’s Law is when the farther a galaxy is away from us, the faster it’s moving away from us. So metaphorical.

  • Jupiter: it’s the fifth planet from the sun and the largest in our solar system. It’s also named after the leader of the Roman gods. It’s a great name for a strong alpha male. It would be even better if he has a red coat or patches of red on him.

  • Kepler: Named after one of the most memorable scientists, Johannes Kepler, who discovered the laws of orbit, areas, and periods. This is called the Kepler’s Laws. A pretty noble person to be named after, don’t you think?

  • Kirkwood: these are gaps in the asteroid belt caused by Jupiter. Your dog could have a specific quirk about him or was the runt of the litter. Check out our article on how to fatten up a dog if you think your pup is too skinny.

  • Meteor: we all have seen those dramatic movies where a meteor is about to destroy the world. If your dog has a hyper and destructive side, why not name him Meteor?

  • Orbit: maybe your dog loves to chase his tail; well, then Orbit is a great name for him. An orbit is a curved path of an object around either a planet, a star, or a moon.

  • Pluto: a great name for a quirky dog. Pluto is a dwarf planet in our solar system. It’s named after the god of the underworld in Greek mythology.

  • Syzygy: now, the science behind this name is a little complex, but if your dog is full of complexities, then this will fit him perfectly. Just make sure you can properly pronounce it. A Syzygy is the opposition of a celestial object if it forms a straight line with both the Sun and the Earth.

  • Terminator: you could be an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan or a fan of astronomy or both! A terminator is a line on the moon or planet which divides the lit area from the shadow area.

  • Transit: No, we’re not talking about buses or taxis. A Transit, in astronomy, is the passage of a celestial body across the area of a larger celestial body.

  • Trojan: the Trojan asteroids actually circle the sun, right behind Jupiter. It’s a strong, masculine name for a dog that’s the man of the house.

  • Umbra: maybe your dog is the mysterious type—one that prefers to observe in the background, watching everyone else. An Umbra is the area of darkness and shadow that’s caused by an eclipse. Mysterious and dark enough for you?

Female Astronomy Dog Names

dog lying on the moon

Does your dog seem to have an airy and elegant way about her? Or a personality that’s courageous and brave? Astronomy is rich in history with names originating from all walks of life. Some names may be more feminine while others are more assertive, but, regardless of the names, there’s one for each pup out there.

  • Aurora: the Roman goddess of dawn; this name is perfect for a dog with creamy fur or eyes you can get lost in.

  • Cassiopeia: this is the northern constellation which represents the queen. It’s named after the Greek goddess Cassiopeia. Perfect for a dog who thinks she’s the queen of the universe.

  • Chasma: if your dog has a long, slim, and elegant body shape, then why not name her Chasma? Chasma is a planetary feature which is a long and narrow impression with steep edges.

  • Eclipse: most of us will stay up late just to witness the beauty and mystery of an Eclipse. An Eclipse is either the complete or partial blockage of another celestial body. Perfect for a dog that holds an air of mystery behind her beauty.

  • Elara: maybe you have a male dog as well, and they seem to love each other already. Elara is a moon of Jupiter, but it’s also one of Zeus’s lovers. Hopefully, you named your male dog Zeus! Check out our list of Greek mythology names for dogs if you like this one.

  • Flare: your dog is full of life; in fact, you can’t seem to control her energy. Walking isn’t enough, and she’s hyper the minute you come home. You could say she’s like a flare, right? A flare is a red star with surface explosions, changing its brightness.

  • Halley: it’s the only known comet that was visible to the human eye from the Earth. If your dog is in your face, so you can’t ignore her, this is perfect.

  • Ida: this was a well-known asteroid because it had its own moon. It was seen in 1994 when images of Galileo were flying by Earth. If your dog isn’t the loudest dog in the group, but rather, is poised, this is the perfect name for her.

  • Jet: if your dog is quick on her feet and you’re also a fan of rock ’n roll, then you’re going to love the name Jet. It’s a narrow beam of matter that’s ejected from a certain astronomical phenomenon. They’re rare and one-of-a-kind.

  • Juliet: this is one of Uranus’s moons and is also a sweet and endearing name for a girl that loves to be cuddled.

  • Kuiper: Kuiper is an unusual name but so is its origins. A Kuiper is a belt made of ice which orbits past Neptune. This name is perfect for a dog with ice blue eyes.

  • Luna: this is the Latin word for Moon. It’s also the Roman goddess who personifies the moon. It’s a beautiful and gentle name for a dog, especially if your dog has light or silver fur.

  • Nova: maybe your dog is known to be somewhat calm, however, every now and then, has a burst of wild energy. Nova is basically that. It’s a star that temporarily flares up, making itself extra large in size.

  • Pallas: if you’ve had a dog before—one that was full of life—then Pallas is a great name for your second dog. It’s the second asteroid to be discovered as well as the second asteroid known in existence.

  • Star: your girl is just full of life. Her personality is wild, and she’s like no other dog you’ve ever met. A star is a giant ball of energy and light. The sun is also a star. You love your furry friend’s energy, but maybe you think she should calm down a bit. Check out our article on how to calm down a dog.

  • Stellar: this is a magical name for a magical girl. Stellar is a word that is used to describe anything that connects with the stars. Romantic, isn’t it?

  • Sunspot: maybe your dog has a spot around her eye or a specific patch of hair that’s different than the rest. A sunspot is a dark patch that’s visible on the sun’s surface.

  • Tektite: your dog may be tiny, but she has a powerful personality with tons of life in her. A Tektite is a small and glassy object that is formed during meteor impacts.

  • Twilight: I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not based on the movie Twilight. Twilight is actually the time after the sun has set or just before the sun rises in the morning. This is when it’s neither dark nor light outside. Maybe your dog is moody or has a dark creamy coat.

  • Ultraviolet: maybe your dog has a magnetic energy, so why not name her ultraviolet. Her nickname can be Violet; it’s cute.

  • Virgo: of course, it’s a horoscope sign, but it also represents more than that. A Virgo cluster is a group of over 2000 galaxies that are found near the Virgo constellation. Impressive, right?

  • Zenith: your dog always stays close to home, in fact, she never goes far from your side. A Zenith is a point in the sky that’s right over the top of you.

Wrap Up

dog in space

Whoever said choosing a name for your pet was going to be easy? There are so many beautiful names which have the potential to fit perfectly with your dog’s personality.

So, after reading this list, look at the names which you were immediately drawn to. Make sure that these are names that you’ll be able to say easily because you’re going to be saying this name constantly, especially during puppyhood.

Hopefully, this article gave you some great ideas about all the different astronomy dog names that are usable. Why name them something ordinary when their name could be taken from the stars?

Which name did you settle on? We’d love to talk about it with you! Plus, if you have other astronomy dog names that aren’t on the list, we’d love it if you shared them with us! Leave us your feedback in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out our list of movie dog names for your shining star of a canine companion.

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