Alcohol Names for Dogs: Fun Names for Your Pup

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Wyatt Robinson
Written by Wyatt Robinson

Not many of us think of alcohol names for dogs when getting a new puppy. But let’s face it: we all want our furry friends to have cool and unique names, and alcohol names hit all the right notes.

Alcohol has been with us humans for thousands of years, and the same can be said for dogs. Dog names inspired by our favorite drinks have been around for ages. They’re a great way to celebrate our love of alcohol, short of actually drinking it! And as some might say, alcohol and dogs are man’s best friends!

In this article, we will help you decide the best alcohol names for dogs by showing you our top alcohol-inspired names for female and male pups. But before we get into drinks titles, here are some basic dog-naming recommendations.

Before Naming Your Dog

We can all agree that naming your dog can be quite a task. The art of dog naming (if it can be called like that) is a fairly serious business, and there are many things to have in mind while choosing how to call your dog:

  • Does your choice fit the pooch accordingly?

  • Is the name suitable for the dog’s personality?

  • Is the name easy to remember?

  • Can it be pronounced easily?

  • Will it age appropriately? You don’t want your adult dog to be stuck with a pup-sounding name, don’t you?

  • And most importantly: will it catch your pup’s attention?

If you take all of these into account, a lot of alcohol names for dogs fit the standards. Alcohol names tend to be short (but not that short), original, and are difficult to forget. So why not try them instead of the same old boring names?

If you are in need of a unique and slightly daring name for your four-legged companion, then this complete selection of alcohol names for dogs is perfect for you. Step out of the ordinary and check out our list of the top alcohol names for dogs!

Female Alcohol Names for Dogs

puppy drinking alcohol

Here are our top picks for female dog names inspired by alcohol. Naming your doggie after these drinks is extremely an original idea, so bear with us if any of them sounds weird to you at first! We’re certain you’ll like them in the long run.

  • Abita: If you want your puppy to have a name inspired by beer, then Abita will do the trick!

  • Appletini: Apple martini, or Appletini for short, is a well-known vodka-based apple cocktail we all love. If you’re hunting for a daring name, then Appletini is the one for you!

  • Bacardi: Bacardi is the name of a very old and famous brand of rum, with a feminine and fun ring to it. Bacardi makes a great name for smaller breeds. We think it’s a particularly beautiful name for a plucky Dachshund!

  • Baily: Not only we are naming our dogs Baily, but this liqueur name is also a popular girl’s name! Our top choice for an adorable Golden or Labrador Retriever.

  • Belvedere: Do you want a vodka-inspired name? Try naming your doggie Belvedere. It fits all types of dogs, from small to big-sized breeds and it’s easy to pronounce and remember!

  • Brandy: Short, cute, and unique—that’s what we like about this name. Also, it’s a perfect fit for small-sized breeds like Pomeranians.

  • Burgundy: Burgundy is another kind of wine we love. While also being the name of a color, Burgundy is apt for brown, furry doggies like Labradoodles, for example.

  • Corona: Corona is a very famous Mexican beer, and the name also means “crown” in Spanish. This alcohol name for dogs is extremely appropriate for “elegant-looking” breeds such as Shih Tzus, Greyhounds, and Salukies.

  • Daiquiri: Name your puppy after this family of summer drinks made from rum, citrus juice, sugar, and other sweeteners. We suggest this name for Bichon Frisés, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Papillons.

  • Ginger: Short for ginger ale or beer, Ginger is a popular, yet distinctive name for dogs.

  • Hennessy: This female-sounding name comes from a popular cognac, a type of brandy.

  • Margarita: This delicious cocktail made from tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice makes the perfect name for a spunky, small dog with an attitude.

  • Martini: Martini has become one of the best-known mixed alcoholic drinks ever. Made with gin and vermouth, garnished with olive or lemon twist, the name Martini makes us think of classy breeds like Dalmatians, Irish Setters, Poodles, and Cocker Spaniels.

  • Merlot: Merlot is a type of grape from which a soft-flavored wine is made, and it’s a great name for intelligent and sassy pooches.

  • Mimosa: Who hasn’t googled a recipe for Mimosa cocktail before? If you are one who loves champagne-based drinks, then Mimosa is a top choice for your dog! This feminine name is both pretty and distinctive, so why not give it a try?

  • Moonshine: Moonshine, in the alcohol context, has many meanings. From un-aged whiskey to illegally instilled beverages, no one can contest that Moonshine is an awesome name for a female puppy.

  • Morgan: Short for a rum brand called Captain Morgan. Even though the full name sounds a bit masculine, Morgan is a more gender-neutral choice.

  • Noir: Short for pinot noir, a red wine grape variety. While mysterious and enigmatic, we can imagine a Tibetan Mastiff and other “rare” dog breeds being called Noir.

  • Paloma: Paloma is a traditional beverage made with tequila, and it is also the Spanish word for pigeon or dove. If your doggie has bird-like characteristics, then Paloma is the name for her!

  • Sherry: Sherry is a type of wine made from white grapes. This Spanish drink has a name which is both beautiful and alluring at the same time and is our best choice for dogs like Chow Chows.

  • Shirley: Who doesn’t know the Shirley Temple drink? If your pup has coiled fur like the Pumi or the Portuguese Water Dog, then choose Shirley, and you’re good to go!

  • Skyy: Skyy Vodka is an American alcoholic beverage. Modern, eclectic, and exclusive, Skyy is a fine name for Corgies and Yorkies. Pick this refreshing name for your doggie—you won’t regret it!

  • Stella: Another name inspired by a lager beer. Stella is a classic human name, but who says we can’t call our pooches like that? It’s very easy to imagine an Afghan Hound or a Border Collie named after this beer!

  • Tequila: This well-known drink is beloved by many. Let us tell you something: If you don’t name your female Chihuahua “Tequila,” then you’re doing something wrong!

  • Vodka: Short, concise, and very brave. That’s what we think the name “Vodka” sounds. If you’re daring enough, Vodka is a something of a weird, yet compelling choice for alcohol name for a dog.

Male Alcohol Names for Dogs

dogs drinking whisky

Now it’s time to turn to our dear male pups. Take a look at our suggestions—some are pretty traditional, and some others will leave you amazed!

  • Bourbon: A type of whiskey, Bourbon is one name which is difficult to forget, and easy to learn. Try calling your dog Bourbon and see how he reacts to the name!

  • Bud: Short for Budweiser. A short, classic, yet discreet alcohol name for dogs.

  • Cosmo (Cosmopolitan): This cocktail is made from vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice. Also known as Cosmo, for short, Cosmopolitan is a strong-sounding, original name.

  • Crown: Short for Crown Lager, a brand of Australian beer. Dogs are kings, and we know it. If your pooch is as spoiled as the royals, the name Crown will be a suitable match for him!

  • Cuervo: Derived from “Jose Cuervo Especial,” a brand of tequila. Interestingly, the word Cuervo means “crow” in Spanish, making it the best name for black-haired doggies.

  • Fireball: When we hear the name “Fireball,” what comes to our minds isn’t a type of whiskey, but a big, funny, and strong dog. If you ask us, Fireball is the perfect name for any dog that is as fiery as this drink.

  • Foster: Another top pick that originates from beer. This laid-back name makes us think of an English Bulldog or even a French Bulldog.

  • Grey: Short for Grey Goose (yep, the vodka!), it’s a tame choice for a dog appropriately colored. Imagine how cool it would be to name your Siberian Husky like that?

  • Guinness: This popular Irish stout beer is the perfect fit for large-sized breeds like Great Danes, and if you want bonus point for originality, you can give the name a twist and call your small-breed dog like this!

  • Heineken: This world-class famous Dutch beer is also a good pup name. If you’re a beer lover, don’t pass the opportunity on this cool name! Also, we think a Jack Russell Terrier called Heineken would be really cute.

  • Hooch: This name comes from a slang term used to describe hard or illicit alcohol. Bonus points for its similarity to the word “pooch,” Hooch is best fitted for cool dogs like the German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans.

  • Jack: Derived from “Jack Daniel’s,” the world-famous whiskey brand, Jack is a more traditional name for a doggie. If you ask us, we’d call our Beagles and Boxers “Jack.”

  • Jager: Jager, short for Jagermeister, is a bittersweet liqueur that makes a great name for hunting breeds.

  • Jameson: This Irish whiskey inspired name is fun and suggestive of the native breeds of Ireland like the Irish Terrier and many more.

  • Jose: Derived from Jose Cuervo Especial, a brand of tequila. Jose is a human-sounding, funny name that fits any male dog.

  • Kamikaze: Kamikaze is a blend made from vodka, triple sec, and lime juice, served in a neat cocktail glass. Perfect for its unique combination of sounds that make it stand out from background noise, Kamikaze will get your dog’s attention in a matter of seconds!

  • Napoleon: In 1910, the Napoleon Courvoisier Cognac was created—and it also gave us a regal-sounding name for our dogs.

  • Sake: Sake is an alcoholic drink from Japan, made from fermented rice. It also happens to be a cool name (yet a little obvious) name for Japanese breeds such as the Shiba Inu.

  • Scotch: Short for Scotch Whiskey, Scotch is another name you’ve might have heard around. It is pretty common, but this name is still apt, especially for Scottish breeds or just if you’d like to have a toast for your homeland.

  • Spike (or Spiked): This is a term that is used to describe a situation when an alcoholic drink is mixed with another, non-alcoholic one. However, this doesn’t make the name any less of an awesome one for a dog.

  • Spirit: The term spirit can refer to many different drinks. Nonetheless, it’s still a cool name for dogs.

  • Tito: Derived from Tito’s Handmade Vodka, this is a cool choice for all dog breeds. This is a very well-known brand of American vodka, but the name is still quite unusual.

  • Zombie: Is cocktail made from fruit juices and liqueurs. This is a spooky-sounding, entertaining name. If your dog keeps you up at night with his barking and makes you look like a zombie, then this is the perfect name for him.

Wrap Up

dogs drinking beer

Naming your dog doesn’t have to be a boring, tedious task. It should also fun! No matter the name you picked, what’s most important is that it needs to catch your dog’s attention. Remember that we need to meet their needs first and foremost!

We hope we sparked your imagination with our top picks of alcohol names for dogs. We assure you that whatever the name you chose from the list above, it will be original!

So what do you think about our list of alcohol names for dogs? Do you have a pup named after a drink you like? Or do you know any dog with a unique and bold alcohol name we don’t know of?

Leave us a comment down below and let us know what you think! Once you’ve decided on a name for your dog, you need to start caring for them, so check out our article on best dog food for puppies.

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