Alaskan Dog Names: Super Cool Names for Any Dog

Alaskan Dog in the snow
John Walton
Written by John Walton

You just got a new best friend—a furry one at that—and you don’t have any idea what name to give to him/her. Naturally, you want a cool name—after all, your best friend deserves the best of everything, even names. Then the inspiration strikes. What’s cooler than Alaska? Why, it’s only the biggest, most naturally bountiful, and the coldest (or cool; excuse the pun) state of America! Alaskan dog names it is!

But then, precisely because of how vast Alaska is, naming options inspired by that particular state is practically limitless. But don’t worry. We know how tough picking an Alaskan dog name might be for the new parent, so we are determined to help you get out of that rut.

Alaskan Malamute on a hill

We have scoured and compiled a list of some of the best Alaskan dog names that not only sound cool, but are also quite crisp and easy to pronounce. Your dog doesn’t have to be an Alaskan breed to deserve an Alaskan name. No matter which part of the world your dog comes from, he/she will be able to bear one of our suggested names with pride.

We have taken different aspects and categories of Alaska into consideration when coming up with this list. We’ve divided the names by gender, those inspired by the Alaskan geography, and those inspired by the climate. Rest assured that you will have a very diverse name collection to pick from.

Alaskan Dog Names by Gender

We will start with dog names categorized by gender since it’s one of the first things you’ll know for sure about your dog, even before their personality becomes apparent. Don’t forget to get a pen and a jotting pad. There’s a high chance you fall in love with more than one name on this list.

Alaskan Names by Gender #1: Male

Male Alaskan dog names don’t just sound cool, but they also complement your dog’s handsome outward appearance and hardworking inner trait.

 Alaskan Malamute Puppies

We’ve made sure to enlist names that are easy to pronounce and short. Don’t hesitate to pick one of these unique names for your dog.

  • Aatag – This name translates to ‘father’

  • Akiak – A sweet name for a ‘brave’ dog. There is no discrimination as to the sex of dog that the name can be used for

  • Amak – This would be an ideal name for a very ‘playful’ dog

  • Arrluk – If your dog is very aggressive or is fond of chasing little animals for game, you could name him after the ‘killer whale’

  • Atka – This name should be reserved for the noblest of dogs. It means ‘king’

  • Balto – Remember this famous dog? There’s a movie about him set in Alaska

  • Cupun – For a dog that has an abundance of white in his coat, you can play a joke on him by using a name that is of the opposite color, say ‘coal’

  • Hey – This word doubles as both an English and Alaskan word. It actually means ‘winter’

  • Kanook – The wolf is a respected animal in Alaska. So deep is their respect for these majestic creatures that the Alaskan believe there is something called ‘the spirit of the wolf,’ or Kanook in the local language

  • Kanut – A name that supports the majority of Alaskan dogs with their white coat. The name translates to ‘white geese’

  • Kapik – Apt for chocolate/light-black colored dogs. This name translates to ‘chocolate’

  • Kayuh – The ‘mountains’ are an integral part of the Alaska geography

  • Koko – Another great way to use opposites on your dog. If he’s white, ‘chocolate’ is a funny name for the dog. If he sports a dark-colored coat, then the name might strike close to home

  • Max – The name of a Husky that was featured the movie Eight Below

  • Moose – Alaska is home to many of these animals. It is apt for big dog breeds

  • Nanook – Not to be confused with the same-sounding word that means ‘polar bear,’ this name can be used to address a dog that is ‘cute’

  • Nanuk – ‘Polar bears’ are not exactly strangers to Alaska. Is your dog as big and strong as a bear?

  • Pukak – An awesome name for a ‘snow smart’ dog

  • Pukiq – The name you should use when you have a ‘smart’ dog on your hands

  • Qilaq – Translates to either of ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’

  • Suka – For a ‘fast’ dog

  • Suluk – Meaning ‘feather,’ we expect a small dog that’s light on his feet to rock this name

  • Tiquana – It means ‘adopted son’

  • Togo – Another name inspired by a famous Alaskan sled dog

  • Tonrar – Scare the other dogs away by letting them know that yours is the ‘devil’

  • Tupit – Been looking for a way to name a dog with markings on his face? How about something that literally translates to ‘one with tattoo lines on his face?’

  • Uglu – This short and sweet word translates to ‘a single hole in the ice.’ Talk about being brief yet meaningful

Alaskan Names by Gender #2: Female

Fear not if your dog is a female; we’re not done with the name recommendations yet.

two alaskan husky

While male Alaskan names tend to sound strong, sharp, and can be quite intimidating, the female names are softer, less severe, yet they sound quite crisp as well.

  • Aanaq – It means ‘mother’

  • Akna – It means ‘goddess’

  • Attu – The name translates to ‘island—something Alaska happens to have more than a handful of

  • Eska – The word means ‘creek’ in Alaska

  • Imalik – This name translates ‘wet falling snow’

  • Imnek – It translates to ‘cliff’

  • Mauja – No matter how tough females are, they still have a special soft side. That makes them gentle like the ‘soft, deep snow’

  • Miki – A unisex option, this name is best used to describe a ‘little’ dog

  • Miska – Because not all dogs are big enough to be referred to as polar bears, here is a provision for one that looks like a ‘little bear’

  • Nilak – Because your white dog might not just be a chip off the old block, but a piece of ‘chipped ice’

  • Nuka – A word that means ‘baby’ in the local language

  • Panik – This name is ideal for a female dog as it means ‘daughter’

  • Pinga – Pinga is the Alaskan goddess of fertility and the hunt

  • Sesi – ‘Snow’ is a common feature in Alaska. Let your dog remember that of her home. Actually, this name can be used on males too

  • Ulva – Some dog breeds are blessed with a body structure that makes them look like a ‘wolf.’ This name was tailor-made for them. It’s a unisex name, so don’t hesitate to give it to your male wolf-like friend as well

Alaskan Dog Names Inspired by the Geography

No matter how you look at it, Alaska is a very beautiful place. Even though it might be too cold for comfort to some, the snowy white landscape gives the place a ‘cool’ look—no pun intended.

Alaskan-Malamute- and a Siberian-Husky

If you have an Alaskan dog or you live in Alaska, giving them a name based on the Alaskan geography should help them better connect with their home. Even if your dog isn’t from Alaska, you should still consider these names—perhaps just because you like to be reminded of the mysterious frozen tundra that exists somewhere on the other side of the globe.  What do you say we whip out some of the hottest names that correlate with Alaska, whether your dog is from there or not?

  • Alaska – A very obvious choice but we are adding it in anyway, simply because it sounds cool. This name is actually quite meaningful. It translates to ‘a glorious, vast land’

  • Alpine – The Alps may exist in Europe whereas Alaska is in the United States, but this name is still apt, don’t you think?

  • Anchorage – It has to be the most popular city in Alaska. If you feel the name is too long to roll off your tongue, ‘Anchor’ is a great short version of it

  • Aspen – Inspired by the tree that flourishes in the mountains. In the fall, the leaves change colors in quite a number of beautiful shades

  • Denali – You might remember this place from when it was still called Mount McKinley. The location represents the highest mountain peak in North America

  • Eska – Inspired by the natural beauty of Eska Falls

  • Eskimo – A tribe of indigenous people that inhabits the northern Canada region. They live very close to Alaska and—maybe like your dog—they feel very much at home in the cold

  • Fairbanks – Situated deep in Alaska, Fairbanks is one of the largest cities there

  • Frontier – Alaska is the furthest part of the United States. That geographical positioning gave the country ‘The Last Frontier’ moniker

  • Hubbard – Hubbard is a part of Yukon in Canada. It is a giant glacier located in the eastern parts of Alaska.

  • Igloo – A special kind of building that is usually characterized by a unique dome shape. It is made of ice and is a fine example of the Alaskan architecture

  • Juneau – If you are one who feels that carrying the weight of an entire state might be too much for your dog, consider using the name of the main hubbub instead

  • Juno – The name is a wordplay on the capital city Juneau

  • Kodiak – Not a modification of the famous camera brand’s name. Instead, this name refers to a city in Alaska, which also happens to be located on an island

  • Laska – Because we feel you might not want to roll off ‘Alaska’ every time

  • Nuka – While heading for the northern Gulf of Alaska, one cannot miss Nuka Island

  • Sitka – Sitka is the name of a popular national park in Alaska

  • Tongass – People who have been to Alaska might recognize this as the name of a famous national park

  • Valdez – A city in the Alaskan region. It also doubles as a commercial fishing port in the country

  • Yukon – Yukon is the river that flows all the way from Canada into Alaska. It is also a name closely associated with gold mining, so if your dog has a glorious golden coat, don’t hesitate to give them this name

Alaskan Dog Names Inspired by the Climate

It would not be right to discuss names that come from Alaska and not take the weather into consideration.

Alaskan Malamute in a warm climate

Speaking of the weather, you will almost always get ‘It’s very cold’ as an answer when you ask someone about the weather. Since the cold is so synonymous with the region, here are some Alaskan dog names inspired by unrelenting climate:

  • Arctic – Not in Alaska, but a very cold region nonetheless

  • Aurora – The famous northern lights that symbolize ethereal beauty

  • Avalanche – In Eskimo, an avalanche is called ‘Aput’

  • Blizzard — In Eskimo, a blizzard is called ‘Pircir

  • Chilly – This one is quite straightforward

  • Chinook – Refers to a warm wind that blows across the regions seasonally

  • Flakes – Inspired by ‘snowflakes’

  • Freeze – For something to turn into solid from liquid state as a result of extreme cold

  • Frosty – It’s a simple but catchy name

  • Glacier – Refers to a huge mound of ice that is moving slowly

  • Ice – Solid blocks that form below the freezing temperature of water. Ice usually comes naturally with snow

  • January – This name could be possibly shortened to ‘Jan.’ Inspired by the usually cold, snowy month of the year

  • Snowy – It is said that the Inuit have many words to describe snow—a few of which are ‘Aniu,’ ‘Kaner,’ ‘Pirta,’ and many more

  • Winter – While Alaska has other seasons as well, it is best known for its wintry landscape

Wrap Up

Alaska is a big place, so it makes sense that Alaskan dog names span many categories, and all you have to do is pick one. Having too many options can sometimes be a bad thing, though. We know that, which is why we’ve done all the legwork for you and collected some of the best names hailing from the land of ice and snow.

Common words and names from Alaska are not at all common in other parts of the world, so that should make it easy for you to give your dog a unique name. Above that, you get to learn an interesting new word for yourself. Gingered up already, are we?

glacier-dog-sledding-seward in -alaska

If you’ve gone through the lists above and settled on a name, please let us share the joy of celebrating the arrival of your new pup by letting us know about the name you picked in the comments box. If you don’t think Alaskan dog names are quite right, how about going east instead and choosing a Korean name for your dog?

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