Akita Dog Names: Handles for Your Smart, Loyal Pet

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Anna Smith
Written by Anna Smith

Japanese dog breeds are slowly becoming more and more popular in the west, especially in the United States. The Akita stands out as being one of the most popular because it is known for being loyal to its owner. If you’ve just adopted an Akita pup or you will be sometime soon, our article on Akita dog names is for you.

In Japan, the Akita is considered as a national treasure. The Akita is also a symbol of good luck, good health, and success. The Akita was brought to the United States by Helen Keller in 1937. Nowadays the Akita is being bred all around the country. They are known for being alert, intelligent, and brave. In fact, the ancestors of the Akita were used to hunt bears, wild boars, and deer.

Perhaps the most well-known Akita is Hachiko owned by Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor at the University of Tokyo. They would walk to the train station every day and Hachiko would return to the station to greet his owner in the afternoon. Unaware of Ueno’s passing, Hachiko waited at the station for 9 years, 9 months, and 15 days. The amazing story of Hachiko’s loyalty became legendary, and a statue of the dog was erected at the Shibuya Station in his honor.

No wonder Akita popularity is rising. If you’re thinking about getting this breed, you will need names to call your pup. Here are our Akita dog names suggestions. We’ve separated our suggestions into names by gender, names inspired by the geography of Japan, and names inspired by Japanese food.

Akita Dog Names by Gender

Have you just adopted a male or female Akita pup? We have a list for each, so check them out below. The perfect name for your loyal canine companion is waiting to be discovered!

#1: Male Dog Names

akita puppy in field

  • Aki – means “bright” or “autumn.”

  • Akihiro – means “bright” or “large.”

  • Akio – means “bright boy.”

  • Akira – means «sunlight and moonlight.”

  • Arata – means “new” or “fresh.”

  • Astro – titular character in the anime Astro Boy. If you’ve got a cheerful and brave dog, this is the name for him.

  • Atsushi – means “pure ambition.”

  • Ayumuaya means “walk” while mu means “vision.”

  • Chūsetsuna – Japanese word for “loyal.”

  • Dai – means “great” or “large.”

  • Daisuke – means “big help.”

  • Eiji – means “second born son.”

  • Fumio – means “scholarly hero.”

  • Haru – means “spring.”

  • Haruki – means “clear weather” or “light.”

  • Harutoharu means “light” while to means “flying.”

  • Hayate – means «fresh breeze.”

  • Hibiki – means “sound” or “echo.”

  • Hidekihide is “excellent” while ki is “trees.”

  • Hideo – means “excellent male child.”

  • Hikaru – means «to shine.”

  • Hinata – means “facing towards the sun.”

  • Hiraku – means “support.”

  • Hiro – means “abundant” or “prosperous.”

  • Hiroaki – means “tender.”

  • Hirokihiro means “big” while ki is “brightness” or “tree.”

  • Hiroyuki – means “peace” or “harmony.”

  • Hitoshi – means “benevolent”

  • Hogosha – Japanese word for “guardian.”

  • Ichiro – means “first son.”

  • Isamu – means “brave” or “courageous.”

  • Itsuki – means “tree.”

  • Jiro – means “second son.”

  • Jun – means “obedient” in Japanese.

  • Junichi – means “obedient first son.”

  • Kaede – means “maple leaf.” A poetic and melodious name, don’t you think?

  • Kaitokai means “ocean” while to is “to cross.” Kaito in itself can also mean “thief.” Perfect for a guard dog.

  • Kaoru – means “fragrant.” Love this name? Check out our list of flower names for dogs.

  • Katashi – means “hard” or “firm.”

  • Katsu – means “victory.”

  • Kenichi – means “wise first son.”

  • Kenji – means “healthy second son.”

  • Kenshin – means “humble” or “modest.”

  • Kenta – means “healthy” or “strong.”

  • Kichiro – means “lucky son.”

  • Kiyoshi – means “pure.”

  • Kouta – means “great peace.”

  • Kuro – “black” in Japanese.

  • Kyo – means “cooperation.”

  • Makoto – means “sincerity.”

  • Masa – means “just” or “true.”

  • Masaaki – means “pleasing brightness.”

  • Masaki – it is usually written with the kanji for “correct” and “tree.”

  • Masaru – means “victory.”

  • Masashi – means “commander” or “general.”

  • Masato – means “true man” or “holy man.”

  • Masayoshi – means “righteous” or “honorable.”

  • Masayuki – means “righteous blessing.”

  • Masumi – means “increasing beauty.”

  • Michi – means “path.”

  • Michio – means “man with strength of three thousand.”

  • Mitsuo – means “shining man.”

  • Mitsuru – means «full, fulfill, satisfy.”

  • Nao – means “honest.”

  • Noboru – means “ascend” or “rise.”

  • Nori – means “belief.”

  • Norio – means “man of principles.”

  • Okami – means “wolf.”

  • Osamu – means “discipline.” The Akita is nothing if not disciplined.

  • Ren – means “lotus” or “love” depending on the kanji used.

  • Ryo – means “refreshing” or “cool.”

  • Ryoichi – means “good first son.”

  • Ryotaryou means “cool” or refreshing” while ta means “big.”

  • Ryu – means “dragon.”

  • Samurai – a cool name for your cool, capable dog.

  • Satoshi – means “wise” or “fast learner.”

  • Seiko – it’s not the watch brand; it means “force” in Japanese.

  • Shinji – means “true second son.”

  • Shinobu – means “endurance.”

  • Shiro – “white” in Japanese.

  • Sho – means to “soar” or “fly.”

  • Shogun – means “leader.”

  • Shouta – means “soar” or “glide.”

  • Sora – means “sky.”

  • Susumo – means “to advance” or “proceed.”

  • Tadao – means “satisfied.”

  • Tadashi – means “loyal” or “faithful.”

  • Taichi – means “large first son.”

  • Taikitai means “great” while ki is “brightness.” A name full of positive connotations!

  • Takahirotaka means “valuable” while hiro means “great” or “big.”

  • Takashi – means “noble” or “prosperous.”

  • Takayuki – means “noble journey.”

  • Takeo – means “warrior hero.”

  • Tamotsu – means “protector” or “keeper.”

  • Taro – literally means «eldest son.”

  • Tomodachi – Japanese word for “friend.”

  • Toshi – means “wise.”

  • Toshiaki – means “bright” or “alert.”

  • Toshio – means “sagacious man”

  • Tsuyoshi – means “strong.”

  • Uki – means “big.”

  • Yamato – means “great harmony.”

  • Yasu – means “peaceful.”

  • Yasushi – means “quietly faithful.”

  • Yori – means “reliable.”

  • Yoshi – means «good luck.”

  • Yoshio – means “righteous man.”

  • Yoshiro – means “righteous son.”

  • Yoshito – means “upright man.”

  • Yuichi – means “the kind one.”

  • Yuji – means “brave son.”

  • Yuki – means “happiness” or “snow.”

  • Yuudai – means “great hero.”

#2: Female Dog Names

akita standing in water

  • Aiko – means “child of love.”

  • Akemi – means “bright” or “beautiful.”

  • Asami – means “morning beauty.”

  • Asuka – means “perfume” or “fragrance.”

  • Ayame – means “iris.”

  • Chieko – means “child of intelligence.” The Akita is known for being one of the smartest dog breeds. Check out our article on clicker dog training to bring out your dog’s potential.

  • Chikachi means “thousand” while ka means “flower.”

  • Chou – means “butterfly.”

  • Eiko – means “child of splendor.”

  • Emi – means “beautiful blessing.”

  • Eri – means “blessed prize.”

  • Etsuko – means “child of joy.”

  • Fumiko – means “child of abundant beauty.”

  • Hana – means “flower.”

  • Hanako – means “flower child.”

  • Haruko – means “spring child.”

  • Haruna – means “clear weather.”

  • Hikari – means “light” or “radiance.”

  • Hina – means “sun.”

  • Hiromi – means “generous beauty.”

  • Hisako – means “child of long life.”

  • Hitomihito means “history” while mi means “beauty.”

  • Honokahono means “harmony” and ka is “flower.”

  • Hoshi – Japanese word that means “star.”

  • Hotaru – means “firefly.”

  • Izumi – means «spring» or “fountain.”

  • Junko – means “pure and genuine child.”

  • Katsumi – means “victorious beauty.”

  • Kazukokazu means “peace” and ko means “child.”

  • Kazumikazu means “peace” and mi means “beauty.”

  • Keiko – means «lucky/blessed child.”

  • Kiko – means “be glad.”

  • Kimi – means “noble.”

  • Kimiko – means “empress.”

  • Kin – means “gold.”

  • Kiyomi – “pure beauty.”

  • Kyoko – means “respectful child.”

  • Mai – means “to dance.”

  • Maiko – means “child of dance.”

  • Maki – means “true hope.”

  • Mami – means “true beauty.”

  • Mana – means “love.”

  • Manami – means “beautiful.”

  • Maoma means “real” while o means “cherry blossom.”

  • Mariko – means “the truth» or «ten thousand miles.”

  • Masa – means “just” or “true.”

  • Masumi – means “true clarity.”

  • Mayu – means “gentle.”

  • Mayumi – means “true gentle beauty.”

  • Megumi – means “blessing.”

  • Mi – means “beautiful.”

  • Michiko – means “beautiful wise child.”

  • Midori – meaning “green.” Akitas love to roam the great outdoors and to sniff the flowers, but make sure you know about poisonous plants for dogs, so she doesn’t accidentally ingest something dangerous.

  • Mieko – means “child blessed with beauty.”

  • Miho – means “protect.”

  • Mika – means “beautiful fragrance.”

  • Miki – means “beautiful princess.”

  • Miko – means “beautiful daughter.”

  • Miku – means “beautiful sky.”

  • Minako – means “beautiful child.”

  • Minori – means “truth.”

  • Mio – means “beautiful cherry blossom.”

  • Misaki – from mi meaning “beautiful” and ki meaning “blossom.”

  • Mitsuko – means “child of light.”

  • Mitsuru – means “to satisfy or “full.”

  • Miwami means “beauty” while wa is “peace.”

  • Miyako – means “beautiful night child.”

  • Miyu – means “beautiful, gentle.”

  • Miyuki – means “beautiful blessing.”

  • Momo – means “peach.”

  • Momoka – means “a hundred flowers.”

  • Moriko – means “child of the forest.”

  • Nanami – means “seven seas.”

  • Nao – means “honest.”

  • Naoko – meaning “honest child.”

  • Naomi – means “honest and beautiful.”

  • Natsuki – “summer hope.”

  • Natsumi – for natsu meaning “summer” and mi for “beautiful.”

  • Nobuko – means “faithful or trustworthy child.”

  • Noriko – means “lawful child.”

  • Rei – means “lovely.”

  • Ren – means “lotus” or “love.”

  • Rika – means “true fragrance.”

  • Riko – means “child of truth.”

  • Rin – means “dignity.”

  • Rina – means “jasmine.”

  • Rio – means “village cherry blossom.”

  • Ryoko – means “refreshing child.”

  • Saki – means “blossom of hope.”

  • Sakura – is Japanese for “cherry blossom.”

  • Satoko – means “wise child.”

  • Satomi – means “beautiful and wise.”

  • Shigeko – means “growing child.”

  • Shika – Japanese for “deer.” Perfect for a hunting dog, as Akitas of the old were bred to be.

  • Shiki – means “four seasons.”

  • Shinju – is Japanese for “pearl.”

  • Shiori – from shi meaning “poem” and ori for “weave.”

  • Shizuka – means “quiet summer.”

  • Shizuko – from shizu meaning “quiet” and ko meaning “child.”

  • Sumiko – means “child of clarity.”

  • Suzu – means “bell.”

  • Suzume – means “sparrow.”

  • Takako – means “noble child.”

  • Takara – means “treasure.”

  • Tamiko – means “child of many beauties.”

  • Teruko –means “shining child.”

  • Tomiko – means “wealth” or “abundance.”

  • Tomomi – means «wisdom, intellect.”

  • Toshiko – means “clever child.”

  • Umeko – means “plum child.”

  • Wakana – means “harmonious music.”

  • Yasu – means “peace.”

  • Yasuko – means “peaceful child.”

  • Yazuki – means “gentle moon.”

  • Yoko – means “child of sunlight.”

  • Yoshi – means “lucky” or “righteous.”

  • Yoshie – means “good branch.”

  • Yoshiko – means “child of goodness.”

  • Yua – means “binding love.”

  • Yuiyu means “excellent” and i means “garment.”

  • Yuina – means “superior.”

  • Yukayuu means “excellence, superiority, gentleness» while ka means “flower.”

  • Yukari – means “beautiful pear tree.”

  • Yuko – means “gentle child.”

  • Yumiyu means “friend” and mi for “beautiful.”

  • Yumiko – same meaning as Yumi.

  • Yuri – is Japanese for “lily.”

  • Yuriko – means “lily child.”

  • Yuuna – means “gentle.”

  • Zuki – means “moon.”

Akita Dog Names Inspired by Japanese Geographical Areas

akita in flowers

These names can be given to either sex. They are inspired by Japanese geography.

  • Ashi – for Lake Ashi—a scenic lake located in the Hakone area of Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • Fuji – the snow-capped mountain—the pride and joy of Japan.

  • Fushimi – a shrine in Tokyo, famous for worshipping a fox goddess.

  • Kawasaki – a city between Tokyo and Yokohama.

  • Kobe – the 6th largest cities in Japan. It’s located near Osaka. Famous for producing high-quality beef. If your dog loves to eat, then this is the perfect name for them.

  • Kyoto – a city near Tokyo famous for still upholding ancient traditions today.

  • Meiji – for Meiji Jingu Shrine, one of Tokyo’s most famous shrines.

  • Oki – for Okinawa, a chain of islands in the East China Sea.

  • Osaka – one of the country’s major cities. This city is pretty quirky. For curious and inquisitive dogs.

  • Sapporo – Japan’s 5th largest city.

  • Tokyo – most populous city and capital of Japan. For hardworking dogs that can’t stand still.

Akita Dog Names Inspired by Japanese Food

akita eating meat

Japanese food is both delicious and refined. Japanese cuisine has spread to different corners of the world, and here are some of the most prominent ones.

  • Manju – Sweets made with flour, rice powder, kudzu, buckwheat and filled with anko. For cute, chubby pups.

  • Ramen – a Japanese dish consisting of noodles and broth. For dogs you can’t do without!

  • Ryokucha – a type of Japanese green tea. For calm and quaint dogs.

  • Sake – alcoholic Japanese beverage.

  • Sashimi – raw fish or meat sliced thinly and usually eaten with soy sauce. For elegant dogs—but don’t go feeding your dog raw fish!

  • Tempura – a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried.

  • Udon – Japanese noodles made from wheat and flour. A healthy food. Perfect for fit and healthy dogs.

Wrap Up

akita in snow

Hachiko is a very famous Akita indeed. There are films and manga (comics) dedicated to his honor. The films Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and Hachiko Monogatari all pay homage to this loyal dog. Hachiko’s tale lives on, and so does the surging popularity of this Japanese dog breed.

Akitas feature prominently in Japanese culture. In the Japanese film Snow Prince, an Akita named Chibi is the protagonist. Clearly, the Akita is a Japanese national treasure.

Giving an Akita a Japanese name is a great way to ensure that no other pups will have the same name in the dog park. These are amazing and one-of-a-kind dogs indeed. Not only will they give you good luck, health, and success, but they will also give you many long years filled with fun and love.

What do you think of our Akita dog name suggestions? Are you considering any of them for your pet? Tell us by leaving your comments below. Are you looking for a non-Japanese name for your Akita? Then you might want to check out our article on tough dog names. After all, the Akita is a hardy, proud breed!

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