Music for Dogs: Calming and Relaxing Tunes for Your Pets

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Wyatt Robinson
Written by Wyatt Robinson

Who let the dogs out? Nobody, because you’re not home. When we have to go to work, our dog has nobody to play with and get bored waiting for you to get home. Dogs that are left at home sometimes experience separation anxiety and this pent-up emotion can cause them distress which leads to chewing, barking and other bad behavior. We all want to calm our pets, but not all of us know how. You may never have thought that music for dogs could be the solution.

As the saying goes, music has charms to soothe a savage beast, and it can do the same thing for your beloved pooch. Like humans, our pet’s emotions are stirred by music. According to experts, music has a calming influence on your dog when you’re away. It also slows down heart rate and respiration. Music can even speed up recovery in convalescent dogs and elevate endorphin levels which contribute to their good mood. Lastly, music helps boost the immune system to help keep diseases away.

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But how do we know which music to leave on, and most importantly how is it possible to choose from the many different music genres available today? This article will help you choose the most suitable music for your dog. These tunes can be downloaded or streamed so that your dog feels calm and relaxed while you’re not at home. We will feature a detailed review of the top music for dogs so that you can be assured in your decision.

Product NameArtist NameFormatTotal LengthPrice
While You Are Gone: Music Dogs LoveBradley JosephAudio CD, streaming MP30:70:00Check price on Amazon
Classical Music for Dogs: Calming Pet MusicRobbins Island Music ArtistsMP3, streaming1:16:02Check price on Amazon
Gentle Songs: Calming Music for PetsNot specifiedMP3, streaming1:05:57Check price on Amazon
Relaxation Songs Dogs Love: Music for PetsMusic for Pets SpecialistsMP3, streaming2:50:56Check price on Amazon
Relaxation Music: To Calm DogsRelaxMyDogAudio CD, streaming MP30:71:00Check price on Amazon
Relax Your Dog and Reduce Anxiety Vol.1: White NoiseZen DogAudio CD, streaming MP31:00:00Check price on Amazon
For Cats, Dogs, and Their Owners: Relaxing MusicVarious ArtistsAudio CD, MP30:66:00Check price on Amazon

Things to consider before buying

If you want your pets to truly benefit from music, you need to pick the right one. According to studies, pets who listen to calm and relaxing music also become calm and relaxed. So before you turn on your MP3 player or put in a random CD, here are some factors that you should consider when choosing music for your dogs.


The days of vinyl and cassette are long gone, so your old records are probably useless. The format is important because aside from the need to steer clear of old technology (unless you’re a collector, of course), the format you choose for your dog’s music can make it more convenient for you to carry or control.

Image showing an Mp3 player on a wooden table

Nowadays, music is usually streamed or downloaded and played by an MP3 player. Audio CDs are also available. Technically speaking, streamed and downloaded music is more convenient to play and purchase. You just need to buy the music through stores like Amazon. You can then access the music directly. You can put them in a loop so that they can play continuously.

Audio CDs can also be bought online but this type of format is getting phased out, and not all people have CD players at home anymore since consumers are favoring MP3 players and their phones due to portability.


The total length of the album you buy is also very important. Most dog owners who put on music for their pets usually choose albums with good length. Try to find albums with a total length of over 60 minutes with more than ten songs in them.

Image showing a dog sleeping while is listenin music on a set of ears

It can get tiring to listen to the same tune over and over again. If you get bored listening to the same song the whole day, you can bet the same thing for your dog.  Even if the album is lengthy, if it’s broken down into several songs, your dog won’t get bored listening to the same tunes all day long.

You can also program your MP3 player to play multiple albums so that your dog can listen to more music. People who use CD players can also program their devices to play multiple CDs on shuffle. This will also give your dogs a variety of music to listen to and prevent boredom.


According to studies, people who listen to rock or metal music tend to run faster compared to runners who listen to pop or classical music. This is because rock and metal music makes the heart beat faster, causing you to run more quickly.

Cyrus hugging his iCalm, a portable device that plays calming music for dogs

The same is true for dogs. Rock and metal music can make them more energetic which may lead to destructive behavior. Choose calming and relaxing music. Remember, you want a calm and relaxed dog at home. Classical, instrumental, nature sounds and new age music can help calm your dog to deter bad behavior such as barking, chewing and howling.


Money can be tight sometimes, so you also want to consider your budget. In some cases, streaming is more affordable than downloading a song especially if you already have an internet connection. However, with that option, you cannot play the song if you don’t have internet. If your connection is not stable, Audio CDs and downloaded content are more practical.

A dog laying on a cover outside and listening music on some ears

Consider the cost so that you can squeeze in music for your dog into your budget. Music can be expensive, but so is replacing chewed slippers or sofas or torn books and magazines.


Not all dogs respond to music right away. Some of them will hate it while some of them will take to it like a duck to water. Consider your dog’s temperament. It might take time for them to respond to the music so don’t get discouraged. Try different kinds of music and try to see which genre they respond to best.

Dr Karen Phillips is using music alongside hypnotherapy to cure dogs with anxiety.

Some dogs like to mimic their owner’s behavior. If you’re relaxed while music is playing, they tend to relax too. If you want your dogs to get used to relaxing while music is playing, lay on the couch and close your eyes so that your dog will follow you and get used to the action. Hopefully, they will repeat it once the music is on and stay calm even when you’re out.

Best Products on Today’s Market

Now that we know how to select the best relaxing music for dogs, it’s time to go over some of the products you should consider buying. Check out these featured products and their reviews:

While You Are Gone: Music Dogs Love While You Are Gone Music Dogs Love

Price: approx. $13.42 (Audio CD)

Artist: Bradley Joseph

Length: 0:70:00

Specific Features: audio CD, streaming MP3 format

Best Use: mature dogs that won’t get excited by other dogs barking

Description: While You Are Gone: Music Dogs Love is a collection of calming and soothing music you can leave on for your dogs while you’re at work. It is over 1 hour of soothing instrumental music with soft nature sounds and short stories designed to create a peaceful environment for your dog.

The piano music is rich and varied in tone and tune so your dog will not get bored even if it is played on a loop. There are also wonderful effects that can be heard throughout the album. The voices of nature and animal sounds give it variety and a bit of excitement, so your dog has “other company” aside from the piano music.

Overall, this product has many positive reviews with many buyers happy with their purchase. While not all dogs like it, there are also many who said that they saw an improvement in their dogs when they were left listening to this music.  It runs for more than 1 hour and is priced at around $13.42 for the audio CD version, but you can save more money by streaming or buying the MP3 version of the album.


  • Soothing and calming
  • Solid piano performance with sound effects for variation
  • Lots of format options


  • The animal sounds (especially dogs barking) can excite your dog

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Classical Music for Dogs: Calming Pet Music Classical Music for Dogs Calming Pet Music

Price: approx. $8.99 (MP3)

Artist: Robbins Island Music Artists

Length: 1:16:02

Specific Features: MP3, streaming format

Best Use: bonding with your dog, calming your dog while you’re away

Description: Classical Music for Dogs: Calming Pet Music is a good choice for dog owners who are looking for classical music for dogs. The album is over 1 hour of classical piano goodness. All of the songs in this album are piano-based with varying tones and tempo so your dog can have variety.

This album includes classical favorites like Fur Elise by Mozart which you and your dog will love. Other great songs in the album include the dramatic Minuet, Spring Song, and Sonata.

Download purchase for MP3 for this album is approximately $8.99 and features 15 songs. You can opt for Amazon’s streaming option at a lower price so that you can stream this album at a lower price for three months.

Overall, this is a good choice if you and your dog love classical music. It’s a good bonding album you can listen to with your pet if you too need some relaxation. You can also use it as something to calm your dog with when you’re away.


  • Soothing classical music
  • Affordable MP3 price
  • Streaming option available and more affordable


  • Piano only, no other instrument to make it enjoyable or more dramatic

Related: Classical music is good entertainment but so are toys. Try the Kong Classic Dog Toy to stimulate and satisfy your dog’s instinctual needs mentally. Your dog can play with his Kong while listening to soothing classical music for hours of fun and entertainment.

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Gentle Songs: Calming Music for Pets Gentle Songs Calming Music for Pets

Price: approx. $8.99 (MP3)

Artist: Not specified

Length: 1:05:57

Specific Features: MP3, streaming format

Best Use: dogs that love the sounds of nature

Description: Gentle Songs: Calming Music for Pets is an amazing collection of easy music to listen to. These calm compositions are a good fusion of nature sounds and different instruments.

This album features different kinds of instruments so your dog will not be stuck with hearing just 1 type. Your pets will love the variety included on the album as well as the nature sounds that accompany the pieces in the background.

Guitar, harp, piano, and other instruments play alongside the sound of ocean waves, streams, and forest ambiance that create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere for your pets. Most of the tunes in this album are very relaxing and can even put you to sleep. However, some of the tunes are more aggravating compared to others.

Track no. 5, for example, is a fusion of ocean waves and the Tibetan Bowls. While this instrument is used for meditation by many people, the sharp sounding notes and the buzzing sound in the background can be very annoying even for humans.


  • Good blend of instruments and nature sounds
  • Different kinds of instruments being played
  • Good length


  • Some tracks can be aggravating

Related: If your dog still finds it hard to relax or sleep, try NaturVet Quiet Moments Plus Melatonin. It contains dog-safe ingredients that will help cure your dog’s insomnia. You should carefully abide by the recommended dosage, though, to avoid any unwanted incidents.

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Relaxation Songs Dogs Love: Music for Pets Relaxation Songs Dogs Love Music for Pets

Price: approx. $6.99 (MP3)

Artist: Music for Pets Specialists

Length: 2:50:56

Specific Features: MP3, streaming format

Best Use: dogs with high energy levels

Description: Considering Relaxation Songs Dogs Love: Music for Pets is over 2 hours long, the price it’s listed at is quite reasonable. This album has 26 tracks of instrumental and new age music designed specifically to relax your pet.

This is a good choice for owners of dogs with high energy levels since the soothing sounds will calm and lull your dog. Some people even say that their dogs are able to sleep while listening to the tracks, which makes this album a good source of sleep music for dogs.

Aside from the length, another good thing about this album is that the tracks have different tempo and tones, which is great for owners who are looking for variety. Some tracks (like track #5) are dramatic without being too exciting, but most of the tracks are slow and soothing.

Overall this is a good album to buy for dogs that can’t sleep, are restless, or have high energy levels. This is also a good choice for owners who are looking for relaxing songs for their dogs at an affordable price or those looking for a trial album to see how their pets respond.


  • Good length
  • Nice combination of new age and classical tracks
  • Very soothing and relaxing


  • Mostly piano instrumentation only

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Relaxation Music: To Calm Dogs Relaxation Music To Calm Dogs

Price: approx. $19.98 (audio CD)

Artist: RelaxMyDog

Length: 0:71:00

Specific Features: audio CD, streaming MP3 format

Best Use: for flighty dogs

Description:  Relaxation Music: To Calm Dogs is an 8-track album in streaming, MP3, and audio CD format so you can choose which form is most convenient for you and your dogs. The tracks are instrumental with a slow tempo so your dog can relax and de-stress quickly.

This album is a good fusion of piano, instrumental music, and new age genre. The alarm-like tone in the background at the start of each track sounds weird but is actually included to catch your dog’s attention. It’s like a signal for them to start listening which is really handy especially if your dog is not used to listening to music or is new to this kind of therapy.

Overall, this is a good purchase for people looking for soothing and relaxing music for their dogs. While the album has good length at over 1 hour, there are only eight tracks in it. However, it does offer a good variety of instruments and new age genre, so it’s still a good product to try.


  • Different formats available
  • An alarm-like tone gets the dog’s attention
  • Good fusion of instruments and new age genre


  • Good album length but only eight tracks

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Relax Your Dog and Reduce Anxiety Vol.1: White Noise Relax Your Dog and Reduce Anxiety Vol.1 White Noise

Price: approx. $14.99 (audio CD)

Artist: Zen Dog

Length: 1:00:00

Specific Features: audio CD, streaming MP3 format

Best Use: easily agitated dogs, anxious dogs

Description:  Relax Your Dog and Reduce Anxiety Vol.1: White Noise is a collection of 9 tracks with white noise designed to calm agitated pets. Not all dogs respond to soothing music even if it’s classical. Unlike music which can be a stimulant to some dogs, white noise is actually therapeutic which is why many people sleep with a white noise machine.

White noise is designed to block out other sounds and create a soothing environment so your dog can relax when you’re at work. White noise can prevent separation anxiety, so your dog is not barking, howling, chewing or engaging in other bad behavior.

This album is a mixture of the sound of waves, rain, echoes, dripping water, and others that are designed for doggie relaxation. This album is definitely a good alternative for dogs who don’t respond to music.

This album has good length at 1 hour and has nine tracks with varying white noise backgrounds. Although the price is a bit high for the audio CD format, MP3 and streaming options are available and also more affordable. You can buy this album together with other instrumental track albums to give your dog lots of sound variety to prevent boredom.


  • Good alternative for dogs that don’t respond to music
  • Good length
  • Different white noise sounds in the album


  • Should have more tracks or longer total length at the price range

Related: Aside from relaxing white noise, give your dog Plano Paws Calm Treats, designed to help dogs with separation anxiety. It is a blend of advanced calming formula and the best ingredients to help calm and relax your dog. This supplement comes as a tasty flavorful treat your dog will love.

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For Cats, Dogs, and Their Owners: Relaxing Music For Cats, Dogs, and Their Owners Relaxing Music

Price: approx. $13.99 (audio CD)

Artist: Various Artists

Length: 0:66:00

Specific Features: audio CD, streaming MP3 format

Best Use: during bonding time

Description: Dog owners can now relax with their pets by listening to For Cats, Dogs, and Their Owners: Relaxing Music. The album contains 12 tracks of music that are compiled and recorded specifically to help you and your friends relax and de-stress.

The tracks are a good blend of instrumental music. It is a good fusion of different sounds which can be relaxing and entertaining for your dogs. The sounds of wind, rain, birds, and insects create a soothing vibration that allows you and your pet to relax and unwind. Listening to this album will lead to a good relaxation and bonding moment for you and your pet.

The album contains approximately 66 minutes of soothing sounds and instrumental music. Track #18 is very relaxing and can lull you and your dog to sleep while track 9 is a good combination of harp strings and the sound of songbirds.

You can buy the album in audio CD, MP3 and streaming format. The songs are very cohesive and do not contain jarring changes or disruptive breaks so your dog can enjoy continuous soothing music.


  • Good fusion of instrumental and nature sounds
  • Good length
  • Different formats


  • Some instruments in the track like the flute have high notes that are too sharp to the ears

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Wrap up

We know how you feel. Our dogs give us unconditional love and companionship especially when we need it. Leaving your dogs at home while you go to work can make you feel very guilty. To erase that guilt, make sure your dog has something to entertain himself with while you’re away.

Leaving music for your dogs to listen to has many benefits. Music can be very beneficial to aggressive dogs as it helps to calm and relax them. Dogs who listen to music while their owners are away are redirected from activities like chasing, barking and other behaviors where they are constantly stressed.

A dog sitting next to a Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes Speaker for Dogs

According to research, dogs can be entertained through music so that their internal pulse matches the periodic external rhythm of their heart rate, brain wave, and respiration. This means that the simpler the music or sound, the better the relaxation.

Playing music for your dogs might decrease their separation anxiety enough to calm them or deter destructive behavior. Even though music cannot replace physical companionship, leaving the music on might actually help both owners and dogs relax and calm down.

A dog listening to the radio with earphones, whilst smoking a pipe, 1929

As owners, it is our responsibility not only to take care of our pets physically but mentally as well. Hopefully leaving soothing and relaxing music playing while you’re out can help your dog calm down so that their anxiety is reduced and they are well rested so that you can entertain each other again when you get back to your best friend.

Have you tried playing classical music for your pets? How did they respond when you played them a track in any of the featured products? Did we miss you and your dog’s favorite music? Tell us by leaving your comment below.

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