Jolly Ball for Dogs: Indestructible Dog Toys for Avid Chewers

Image of a dog playing with a Jolly Ball for Dogs
Written by David Jones

Some dogs are chasers or retrievers while others love to cuddle with soft toys. Each dog is different, but there is a common trait that connects them all: They all love to play with balls. But the balls available in sports stores aren’t designed with the capacity to withstand dog bites, so they tend to be ruined after only a few uses. Buying another ball after every few days can leave you with a dent in your wallet, so you might want to consider buying something that’s really designed with dogs in mind: jolly ball for dogs.

These balls are constructed of a strong and durable material that hardly deflates. Even if it gets punctured after a forceful mouthing session, your dog can still continue with his fetching games. Other than their amazing durability, jolly balls are also made of a special type of plastic that is non-toxic to dogs. You won’t have to worry about him getting sick after carrying the toy everywhere with him in his mouth. Some will even clean your dog’s teeth as he plays with it.

Image of a dog and a Jolly Ball for Dogs for Dogs

Picking the best out of so many options available in dog stores can be an overwhelming experience. To save you from any confusion, here we bring a comprehensive buyer’s guide to the best jolly balls for dogs. We have not only reviewed multiple high-quality dog products, but we have also added some additional info regarding the things you need to take into consideration while choosing a jolly ball for dogs. Scroll down to read about this and a lot more.

Product NameAvailable SizesDefining FeatureHandlesPrice
Jolly Pet Teaser BallXS (4.5 inches), S (6 inches), M (8 inches), L (10 inches)Has a small ball insideNoCheck price on Amazon
Jolly Pets 8” Soccer BallOne size (8 inches)Really bouncyNoCheck price on Amazon
Jolly Pets Bounce N Play Dog ToyS (4.5 inches), M (6 inches), L (8 inches)Puncture-resistantNoCheck price on Amazon
Jolly Pets Tug n Toss Chew BallOne size (6 inches)Easy to grab thanks to the handleYesCheck price on Amazon
Jolly Pet Jolly Egg BallM (8 inches) and L (12 inches)Unique shapeNoCheck price on Amazon
Jolly Ball Teaser Dog ToyM (6 inches) and L (10 inches)Has a small ball insideNoCheck price on Amazon

Things to consider before buying

The purpose of this article is to guide you in buying the best dog toy for your four-legged friend. Here are a few key points that you must keep in mind before picking a jolly ball for your dog.


Jolly balls are available in different sizes. When choosing between the small, medium, and large-sized jolly balls, you must keep in view your dog’s size. You would not like your teacup-sized poodle to play with a jolly ball the size of a volleyball, would you?

A dog looking at a Jolly Ball for Dogs

Similarly, it would be unsafe if your large-sized dog plays with a small jolly ball. A small-sized ball is always a choking hazard for large pets. Following the right size not only makes it easy for your pet to grab the ball firmly, but it also ensures the safety of the pet.

The Dog’s Age

Many of you must be thinking, why would the dog’s age matter? Age plays an important part. Young dogs are more hyperactive, aggressive, and energetic. They love chewing and chasing things for hours.

Two dogs playing with a Jolly Ball for Dogs

Contrary to that, older dogs come with a diminished ability to chase or chew on a dog toy. So, before you shop for one, make certain that it would be of use to your dog. No need to buy a jolly ball with too many extra features if you plan to give it to an older dog. Rather, pick one made from materials that can clean your dog’s teeth. On the other hand, for a younger dog, a fun little extra feature can go a long way.

The Dog’s Lifestyle

The place where your dog spends most of the hours in a day is equally important. For instance, a laidback dog that spends his days lying down on your living room’s floor would not be interested in a sporty dog toy.

A dpg playing with The Zeus Bomber toy in the snow

On the other side, a playful dog who spends his time outdoors or in a large indoor playing area would definitely welcome an enticing dog toy.

Best products on today’s market

Exploring the market, you will find multiple jolly balls and other dog toys. Finalizing one is not an easy task, but our in-house experts of canine products have picked out the best options on the market to make it easier for you. Scroll down to read about some of the best jolly balls on today’s market with all the pros and cons.

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Jolly Pets Teaser Ball 10-Inch

Price: approx. $17

Weight: 1.8 pounds

Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches

Specific Features: ball inside a ball, holes in the balls, constructed of durable plastic

Best Use: swimming, training, chewing, rough play

Description: Pet parents who wish to keep their dogs on the edge of their seat should try Jolly Pets Teaser Ball. It is not just a ball; it is an item that will stimulate your dog’s mind by creating a sense of curiosity in him.

This ball has got another ball inside it. Watching a smaller ball inside a bigger one roll around will drive your dog bonkers, and he will try his best to get the inner ball out. But he will never be able to do that.

Even when you are not around, this ball will keep your pooch occupied, and he would not feel bored or lonely. Constructed of ultra special plastic, it promises hours of fun and entertainment for your dog. The ball wobbles and rolls amazingly to excite your dog.

This jolly ball is the best option if you have some summer fun time in the pool in mind. The holes on the ball keep the ball floating on the surface of the water.

This product is available in multiple sizes. So, it is quite easy to determine a size for your dog. A standard sized ball of 10 inches is recommended for a dog weighing 80lbs or more.


  • Durable

  • Floats in water

  • Stimulating


  • The inner ball gets worn thin with time

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Jolly Pets 8″ Soccer Ball Jolly Pets 8 Soccer Ball

Price: approx. $17

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches

Specific Features: durable, lightweight, multiple colors and sizes

Best Use: playing fetch, training in the water

Description:  Jolly Pets 8″ Soccer Ball is a product for dog owners who understand the worth of exercising and training their dogs. With this ball, you can give your dog entertainment on land as well as in water.

Manufactured in the USA, the makers claim that this product is very durable and perfectly safe for the pooch.

After we’ve tested it, we found that it is durable, yes. However, really aggressive dogs will still find a way to chew a hole into it. Still, the construction is so good that the ball will not deflate no matter how roughly your dog plays with it.

It is made of non-toxic materials that are perfectly safe for your dog. The ball is bouncier than most of the others available in the market, so you are going to have some fun time playing fetch with your pup (or pups). It comes in three playful colors—ocean blue, orange, and green.


  • Does not deflate

  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes

  • Provides great physical activity


  • Aggressive dogs can chew hole in it

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Jolly Pets Bounce n Play Dog Toy Jolly Pets Bounce n Play Dog Toy

Price: approx. $15

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches

Specific Features: non-toxic, durable, scented material

Best Use: rolling, swimming, fetching

Description: The more a ball bounces, the more enticed a dog feels. As the name suggests, Jolly Pets Bounce n Play Dog Toy is a cool bouncing ball. It not just bounces when your dog kicks it, but it floats in the water as well. So you can have a great swimming session with your dog.

Manufactured in the USA, this wonderful jolly ball is made of a perfectly safe material for your dog. The polyethylene plastic used in the making of this ball is purely non-toxic.

This product is durable enough to bear many rough playing sessions with your dog. It might end up with bite marks all over it, but its puncture-resistant quality keeps the ball going for months.

According to the makers, this ball will not deflate no matter how many holes your dog manages to chew into it. The indestructible and long-lasting material of the ball makes it a favorite of most dog owners today.


  • Puncture-resistant

  • Durable

  • Safe and non-toxic

  • Scented


  • Does not bounce as much as claimed by the makers

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Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Chew Ball Jolly Pets Tug n Toss Chew Ball

Price: approx. $14

Weight: 0.85 pound

Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 12 inches

Specific Features: safe, durable, comes with a handle to grab

Best Use: playing fetch, suitable for swimming session, recommended for indoor and outdoor use

Description: Jolly Pets Tug n Toss Chew Ball is yet another amazing product that ensures fun and exercise for your pup. The 6-inch ball is best given to a medium-sized dog. This ball is specially designed with yours and your pet’s safety in mind.

This jolly ball comes with a handle that makes it easy for the dog to fetch and retrieve the ball. Although, the handle isn’t very durable and could get ripped off quickly if your dog is really rough with it, so be careful with that.

The ball is made from a sturdy material; your dog can puncture it, but it won’t deflate. So, your dog can happily proceed with his fetching game. We recommend it for indoor and outdoor usage. As the ball does not bounce too much, it is quite safe to be used during indoor playtime. This ball can also be used to train your pooch for swimming as it floats in water perfectly.


  • The handle makes it easy to grab

  • Durable

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas


  • The handle can easily be ripped off.

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Jolly Pets Jolly Egg Ball Jolly Pets Jolly Egg Dog Toy

Price: approx. $15

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 12 inches

Specific Features: egg-shaped, made of tough material

Best Use: rolling, pushing, fetching

Description:  Jolly Pets Jolly Egg Ball is a unique egg-shaped jolly ball for dogs. This ball is specially designed to give a constant erratic motion to entice and excite your dog. This egg-shaped ball is best for the dogs who love to chase, push, and herd.

Manufactured in the USA, the hard plastic ball is durable and long-lasting. It would be hard for your dog to deflate it even if he manages to wear a hole through it, which he wouldn’t be able to do easily. Due to its unique shape, the ball tends to roll out of the dog’s mouth continuously, so the chase can go on, giving your dog hours of physical activity and fun time.

This jolly ball comes in three different hues—red, yellow, and purple. As far as size is concerned, it comes in medium (8 inches) and large (12 inches). With so many choices on your end, pick the ball that suits your pooch the best.


  • Fun shape

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Variety of colors and sizes


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

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Jolly Ball Teaser Dog Toy Jolly Ball Teaser Dog Toy 

Price: approx. $26

Weight: Not specified

Dimensions: Not specified

Specific Features: ball with holes, ball inside a ball, non-toxic

Best Use: floating, fun, stimulates the dog’s mind

Description: Jolly Ball Teaser Dog Toy is yet another amazingly shaped ball that is enough to keep your canine curious and active. The ball has large holes that display another smaller ball inside.

The ball inside the ball rolls erratically, leaving the dog baffled. Dogs try their best to get the smaller ball out, which keeps them busy and occupied.

This particular design is best for fun in the water. The ball floats perfectly, and you can have some fun playtime during the summer.

The amazing jolly ball is available in two different shades—red and blue. The ball comes in two sizes—6 inches and 10 inches. Pick the size that your dog can manage to grab and play with easily.

Made from a sturdy material, it’s a durable ball that cannot be chewed up easily. Even if your dog shreds parts of it, its non-toxic material would keep him safe (although, your supervision is still required).


  • Non-toxic

  • Durable

  • Best in water


  • The inner ball can be shredded easily

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Wrap up

Every canine is different, and that is why we have endless options for buying dog toys for them, but finding a durable dog ball is not an easy task. Investing in a dog ball only for it to be ruined after few uses is a common concern among pet parents. We believe jolly balls are the real solution. Why so?

Jolly balls are a great concept for giving your aggressive buddies something nearly indestructible to play with. They won’t deflate even after your dog has managed to bite holes into it.

A dog playing with a blue jolly dog ball

In this article, we have tried our best to give detailed reviews of the best jolly balls for dogs available on the market. Hopefully, our article made it easier for you to pick the best product for your furry friend. We advise you to supervise your pet still while playing even though these balls are durable. Even a small shredded part can be a choking hazard.

Have you ever bought a jolly ball for your dog? If yes, how long-lasting and durable did you find it to be? Do you think there is some other jolly ball that should have made it on this list? If yes, share it in the comment section below.

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