How to Make an Origami Dog: A Fun Step By Step Guide

Image showing an orange origami dog on a table
Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

Origami can be a fun activity to do. All you need is just a piece of paper, a hard surface to fold on, and a bit of creativity. Most people know how to fold a plane or a bird out of origami, but an origami dog is a different matter entirely. It’s not very common, so not many know the steps on how to make an origami dog. But that’s precisely what we’re here for. Making an origami dog can be as easy as 1, 2, three once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

Origami dogs can be used as cute decorations for crafting projects, scrapbook pages, or as fun toys for children. You can even create something in the shape of your precious dog. Your dog might not be able to play with it lest he destroys the origami dog with sheer excitement, but he’ll surely be glad to know that you love him enough to put effort into this. Plus, you might be surprised to discover you have such talent in doing origami.

Image showing three origami dogs on a white table

In this article, we are going to guide you through the process of making an origami dog. There are eight steps in total, and following them will cost you about 5 to 25 depending on your creativity level. Just in case you’re not yet convinced that you should set aside that much time to make an origami dog, we’re going to explain how it may benefit you in the section below.

Benefits of Making an Origami Dog

Admittedly, origami isn’t something many people do as a hobby. It takes quite a bit of patience and persistence. So why should you attempt to make an origami dog? What are some of the many benefits of doing origami? Simply put, making an origami dog is:


Origami is widely taught in preschool or elementary as part of the curriculum. Everyone can do it as long as they have a piece of origami paper and a surface to fold on. It’s perfect for kids because of how simple it is. But this simple thing can have a huge impact on the kids.

Image showing kids in class room working with paper

Transforming a simple piece of paper into something else is truly rewarding. By teaching them to use their hands to create, it is hoped that children will learn about the fun and joy of being creative.

So why should you teach them to make origami dogs instead of a plane or a bird? If you have a dog at home, teaching them to make origami dogs will help your children be more aware of their surroundings and better appreciate what they have.


If you are a parent, folding origami gives you the chance to sit down with your kids and bond with them. No need for you to turn on the television or your kids’ video games. Just you and your kid interacting with each other while creating something.

Image showing a group of kids with origami in their hands

If you are a dog parent, our point stands. Your dog may not be able to participate in the folding process since he doesn’t have opposable thumbs, but dogs are smart, so he’ll surely understand that you’re doing this because you love him.

So, are you ready to unleash the inner origami artist in you? We’ve got you all covered. Below are some of the easy breezy steps on how to make an origami dog.

Let’s Begin Making an Origami Dog!

Here we have listed the instructions you need to follow starting from the basic beginning folds, creating the body of the dog, and even the finishing touches.

Step 1: Make a Square Using an Origami Paper

To start with, you can choose any color of origami paper you want. Blue, red, orange, brown, and black are some of the typical colors used in making a dog origami. However, you can use almost any color depending on the breed of the dog you want to make.

A sqaure made of paper

Although most origami papers already come in the shape of a square, you can also create your own square using a regular paper. In creating a square, all you have to do is fold the top corner over to the opposite side of your paper. Check whether the top edge is in line with its side, forming a triangle. Afterwards, cut around the triangle and then open it up. You now have a square-shaped paper.

Step 2: Create a Triangle by Folding Your Paper

In case your paper does not have a crease down the diagonal line, create one. To do this, take the top left corner of your paper. Meet it with the bottom right corner and line up both sides of the triangle.

Image showing the second step on making an origami dog

Afterwards, make a crease along the diagonal sides of the triangle. Unfold the paper back into its original square form and then repeat on the opposite side. After unfolding your paper back into the square, you should now have two diagonal lines across your paper. The diagonals should intersect in the middle.

Step 3: Fold the Bottom of the Paper Up to the Middle Crease

To do this, flip around the square until it creates a diamond shape with a top and bottom point plus its two side points. Fold the bottom point upwards until it reaches the middle crease in the diamond.

Step 4. Turn the Diamond

After creating the first fold of your diamond, turn the diamond to the left so that you have another bottom point. Then, fold that point into the middle crease. Turn the diamond to the left again and then fold that point inwards. When you get to the last point of the diamond, do not fold it. Just flip the shape over.

Step 5. Flip the Shape Over and Make Creases in the Small Triangles

To do this, turn the shape to the left. Make sure that the largest diamond is on top and the smallest one is pointing towards you. Then, just above your largest diamond, you should be able to see two little triangles on each side. Each angle of these little triangles is 90 degree. Open up the top right triangle of your paper so that its top point meets the very edge of your shape. Once you’ve opened up your triangle, you will have to fold along the crease.

Flip the Shape Over and Make Creases in the Small Triangles to make and origami dog

While folding along the crease, you should check if the top side of your triangle—which is in line with the top edge of your bigger shape—will line up on its left and right side. Once your shape is all lined up, you can now create a crease.  Repeat this step on the other side.

Step 6: Create Folds

Open up your shape’s largest diamond and then create folds. Pull the right side of the large diamond upwards by its outer point. That diamond should be able to create a triangular shape. On that triangle, you should see that one crease down its middle and the other one on its left side. Pull the triangle up, making sure that the left side of the crease folds on top of the diamond instead of underneath. Afterwards, line up the crease just like where it was before.

Image showing another step on making an origami dog

Repeat this step on the opposite side. After doing this, you will still have the shape of a large diamond, but its top point must look like an inverted V. Above your diamond shape, you should see two tiny squares on each side.

Step 7: Fold the Top Side Over

The two tiny squares should be folded into triangles. Take the top edge of your shape and then fold it over. Do this until the shape’s outer sides meet, creating a long upside down shape of a trapezoid.

Step 8. Flip Over the Shape and then Flip the Top Flap Up

To do this, turn over your shape, so you see a long rectangle with a triangular shape pointing downwards at its bottom. Flip the triangle upwards, making the top point up instead of down.

Step 9. Create a Rectangular Shape by Folding Over the Wings

First, take the outer part of the paper’s right wing. Fold it over so that the outer point of the right wing meets with its left wing. While folding it over, ensure that the rest of your paper’s shape follow with it, creating a crease along with the long fold.

Create a Rectangular Shape by Folding Over the Wings on making an origami dog

Next, unfold that fold. You should be able to create a rectangle as you fold it over. Repeat the step on the other side. Take the outer point of the left wing then fold it over to the top right point. Line up the sides and then create a crease along with the fold. After doing so, unfold it.

Step 10. Fold Your Paper’s Wings Back Over at the Same Time

Make sure to do it at the same time, for this will cause your paper to come together and create a shape that looks like the front of an airplane. After that, fold the airplane over on its right side so that its bottom will be parallel to the flat surface. This will create the final form of your dog.

Step 11. Fold Your Paper Airplane Underneath Your Shape

To do this, fold your airplane underneath the shape after you’ve folded it to the side. Your shape should be upside down.

Fold Your Paper Airplane Underneath Your Shape on making an origrami dog

Afterwards, fold your paper’s front shape so that it’s right triangular point meet with its left point. Then create a crease at that fold.

Step 12. Open Up Your Airplane to See Three Triangles in it

Out of the three triangles, take the middle one. Fold it so that the triangle’s base meets with the rest of your shape. Flip it over and then repeat the steps on the opposite side. Essentially, you should take your triangle’s bottom right corner and then bring it towards the paper’s top point. You will not be able to reach the top point, but it should only be about an inch off depending on the size of your paper.

Step 13. Creating Your Dog’s Head

To do this, flip back over your shape so that the airplane is pointing upwards on the right side. After that, take the middle triangle of the airplane and then fold it. You should be able to see that the middle comes in line with the top of the airplane. Then, flip the shape over and repeat the same step on the other side.

Step 14. Finishing Up

After making all of your folds, turn your shape to make it look like a dog. You may also use a marker or a pen to draw its nose, eyes, and mouth.

Image showing a kid holding and origami dog

Congratulations on finishing your first origami dog!

Wrap Up

The method above is just one of many. Origami is an art which includes folding papers and creating different forms and shapes based on the folded papers. Since origami paper can be folded in all manner of ways, there’s practically no limit to the shapes you can make.

Therefore, if you are now ready to take your origami skills to the next level, you can keep challenging yourself with shaping different kinds of dog breed out of origami. There are many forms and variations of origami dog to choose from, so it won’t get boring. For example, you can make a corgi, Boston terriers, Border collies, dachshund, Chihuahuas, and even a bulldog origami.

Image showing an origami dog on a table

What breed is your dog? If you don’t feel like you’re up to the task of mastering different kinds of origami dogs from scratch, you can just make simple adjustments to the basic shape, so it looks like your dog.

That’s it! We hope we were able to help you make an origami dog. Wasn’t that fun? Don’t hesitate to post a picture of your creation it in the comment section below. We would love to see it and to hear from you. If you’re an origami veteran and you know simpler ways to fold an origami dog, please share the tips and tricks with the rest of the class!

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