Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers: Creative Ways to Make A Dog Owner Happy

Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers
Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

Every dog owner likes to surprise his or her furry friend from time to time. It may be a birthday gift or a surprise present in order to show your pet how much you love and appreciate him. You will probably agree that dogs adore the gifts related to food and treats and they also like toys. But if you are looking for a gift that is for your friend who is a dog lover and has a pet, you can take a look at some of the ideas here.

If you find most of the pet gifts boring and you would like to give something more creative and interesting, you can check out this article and scroll through some of the ideas and links.

Some of the best gifts for dog lovers

This article will provide you with some of the most interesting gifts that are suitable for dog lovers, mostly because they are convenient or simply fun to have.

Dog gifts infographic

These gifts can be great help for pet owners and they can at the same time make their dogs happy.

Books and guides

Books, guides and encyclopedias are always a great choice because they are informative and special. You can choose whether you would like to purchase a guide or encyclopedia, if you wish for the content to be more informative, or you can go for more fun and fiction books. If you would like to go for the first choice, make sure to check out ASPCA complete guide to dogs.

This is basically the ultimate source for all dog lovers and it is a great guide on how to care and take care of your dog. The main focus in this book is on mixed dogs breeds, which is a big difference from all the other dog guides.

This amazing book has almost over 500 pages of informative and interesting facts and more than 650 illustrations and photos of dogs. It covers everything from how a dog owner should take care of his or her dog to how to bath, groom, feed and train your pet.

It was released in 1999 and since then it has been a trustworthy guide for all canine fans, and if you decide to purchase this as a gift for a dog lover, your friend will not be disappointed.

The dog encyclopedia by DK Publishing is an illustrated encyclopedia of all things related to canine. It is visually beautiful and you can see more than 400 dog breeds and the texts that cover their origin, care, health and training. It is another great informative guide for all people who love dogs and it is therefore a great gift, not to mention that it is also a great addition to a collection of dog lovers who collect books.

The dog encyclopedia by DK Publishing

However, if you would like to buy a book that belongs to the genre of fiction and literature, then take a look at the popular A dog’s purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. This novel is a story about a dog’s quest for his purpose over the course of several lives and identities that he acquires.

It is touching, fun and charming and it is also universal quest for an answer that is bothering us all – ‘Why are we here?’

A Dog's Purpose

It follows the lives of a puppy that is reborn again and again and wonders will he ever find his purpose among the people that care for him. Another great novel is The racing in the rain by Garth Stein.It is a story about family, love and compassion from the dog’s perspective.

Both novels are the real tearjerkers that remind us that all living creatures have a purpose in life and they all deserve love, respect and affection.

Pet supplies

These kinds of gifts would make any pet owner happy since they are convenient and practical. Check out the Dogbrella or the Dog Umbrella. It keeps your dog dry and comfortable in a rain or snow when you need to take him out for a walk. If that is not convenient, then what it is?

We humans are used to protecting ourselves and sometimes we forget that not all dogs are fond of getting soaked in the rain, they can get a cold too. And that is why this product is so amazing; it is made especially for pets with the measurements of 25 and 29 inches when opened.


Another great invention is the dog pet water fountain. It enables a constant availability of fresh water for your dog and it features an easy to press pad for a water release. This is a great device that encourages your dog to drink fresh water whenever he feels like it.

It also has a heavy gauge steel for durability. You should know how important water is not only for you, but your dog too. During the scorching summer days, you should enable your pet to have a continuous flow of fresh water in case you are not there or busy.

PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

If a friend of yours has a house and a fence, or a confined place for a dog, then take a look at the Pet Peek. This device helps a dog not to feel too confined within a space or yard. It alleviates his curiosity since this is a special window that he can look through it.

It is made of durable acrylic dome of 9.5 inches in diameter. It is easy to clean and it also prevents curious dogs from jumping over the fences or simply injuring themselves in the process of doing that.

You are aware that dogs are very curious animals and they simply love to know what is happening around them. You should allow them to have a peek because that will calm them down instead of aggravating them more. Some other ideas for installing the Dog Peek may include dog kennels or playhouses.

Dog vehicle restraint

A dog lover who owns a car and a dog will surely like an idea of a leash and vehicle restraint. Actually, this is a must for all dog lovers who have dogs but not the proper equipment for them in the cars.

In that case you can go for Dog vehicle restraint that can be attached to any two fixed points in the vehicle (two seatbelts, side ceiling handles, or in cargo area of an SUV). This kind of device keeps a dog from jumping out of the car and it also keeps him safe in case of an accident. It also prevents any distraction that a dog can cause in a car.

Kurgo Leash and Zipline Dog Vehicle Restraint

The package includes a zip line and an adjustable leash/tether.

Dog toys

Pet toys are also a great choice, especially if they are creative and unique. They are special because they create a bond between an owner and his furry friend – they play, exercise and train together. In that way, they get to understand each other and learn more about themselves.

Depending on the dog’s breed and personality, you can choose the appropriate toy but now you can take a look at some of the most interesting pet toys out there.

The ball dog toy by Gringz may look like your usual ball that comes in bright colors, but what makes it interesting is the design – the teeth are printed over it so when your dog takes it in his mouth, it is as if he is grinning widely. This fun ball toy is soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth but firm enough to bounce and float on the surface of the water so your dog can easily fetch it.

Rogz Grinz Dog Toy Ball to Hide Treats

It is also a treat ball – you can stuff your dog’s favorite treats into the ball for hours before you decide to treat your furry friend. All you need to do is choose your favorite color and watch the dog smiling.

Another great dog ball gift would be the Led dog ball which enables you and your dog to play during the night. You can switch it on and off easily and it is also water resistant. This is great because the ball cannot be lost in the dark.

Mental exercise is important and always welcome, and Nina Ottosson wooden dog enables a pet owner and dog exactly that.  You should know that these puzzles are used for the interactive play only – which means that your dog cannot play it by himself, and he should not. These puzzles are currently the only ones on the market that meet the strict health and environmental standards.

They are made in Sweden and the rules are simple – a dog must slide the wooden block through the channel in order to get to the treats that are placed under them. A dog must think in order to lift the pegs and get his rewards. This kind of game stimulates his brain and natural need for solving the tasks and most importantly, it creates a bond between the owner and his pet.

Nina Ottosson wooden dog

Another great gift for smaller dog lovers and children is definitely Doggie Doo. This is for small dog lovers of age 4 to 15 who are learning to be respectable and responsible dog owners. The game consists of one plastic dog and it can be played by more than one person. The batteries are not required.

A child must feed, walk and clean after his pup. The dog also makes hilarious sounds if the leash is squeezed and the first player who cleans three times after his pup is a winner.

Doggie Doo - The Famous Dog Poop Game

This game is amazing because it is important for children to understand that dogs are not toys but living creatures that need to be cared for and not be tossed away when they become difficult or bored. If you want to see whether your child is ready to be a pet owner, this is a perfect start to test that.

Pet jewelry

Jewelry has always been among most popular gifts and whether it is means for the owner or the dog it can be a great memory. Pesp necklaces are meant for dogs and they are Led which means that they glow in the night which is very cool. It is also amazing because you cannot lose your dog out of your sight if it happens that he manages to run off in the darkness.

Pesp® Pet Dog Colorful Leopard Flash Necklace LED Light

They are adjustable and they come in a variety of designs and colors so you can pick and choose according to your taste and your dog’s size and appearance.

You can also get a pendant necklace with a dog motif meant for a dog lover. Depending on your friend’s taste, you can decide on the material and design of the necklace. It can be in the shape of a dog or carry a message such as ‘I love my dog’ etc. It does not have to be a necklace, it can be a ring, bracelet, earring, an arm cuff or anything that you believe is suitable.

To sum up, there are many things that can be considered a gift for a dog lover. That gift can be meant for an owner himself/herself, a dog, or even better – both. We covered some of the ideas in this article, and it is up to you to decide whether a particular gift is suitable for you or your friend.

Novels, guides and encyclopedias are always great for bookworms and collectors because they are both informative and special, not to mention that they can change the people’s view of life completely.

Then there are more convenient presents such as dog balls that glow in the light, vehicle restraints that can save your pet’s life, the water fountains that keep your dog’s supply of fresh water available all the time.

Then there is jewelry, the universal gift that can be meaningful and memorable. The gifts that can make the bond between the owner and pet more stable are the best since they engage both of them at the same time. However, it is up to you to choose the most suitable gift and see that both the owner and the dog are happy and satisfied.

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