Get Dog Hair Off Couch: Easy Solution to a Tricky Problem

Get Dog Hair off Couch
Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

If you are reading this article, it is obvious that you really want to learn the best way to get dog hair off couch. We are sure you’ll agree when we say that having pets is one of the greatest pleasures in life. And if that pet is a dog, that’s all the better. After all, there is no animal quite as faithful, or as friendly as a dog. It is rightly said that a dog is a man’s best friend; your canine friend will always be there for you no matter what.

But while owning dogs offers many joys and benefits, it comes with its own set of challenges as well. Anyone who has ever owned a dog will agree with us when we say that shed dog hair is a huge problem, and cleaning all of them up is next to impossible.

Dogs lose hair, just like humans do, and these hairs can get stuck in all sorts of places. Carpets, , rugs, tiles; you name it and you’ll find shed dog fur there. The worst, though, is getting these hairs on your couch. They are extremely difficult to remove, as they get stuck in the upholstery and under the cushions.

Dog at The Couch

A lot of times, you can’t even see the hair unless you actually sit on a few and they get stuck to your clothes. Additionally, these shed hairs are also an allergen and are terrible for anyone who has a breathing problem. Not to mention having stray hairs on your couch can look rather gross, especially if you have someone over and they notice it.

What, then, should you do? Picking all loose hairs off the couch is not an easy task, but you need to do something to get rid of them.

Well, we have good news! Today we are going to talk about a few very good methods to get rid of those stray hairs on the couch. Follow the steps and you will have clean, hair-free couches in no time! These methods are simple and easy to follow, and don’t even take up much time. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to get rid of your nasty hairy problem!

How To Get Rid Of Dog Hair From Your Couch

The exact method depends on the type of sofa you own. Leather, fabric and wooden sofas all have different methods through which they should be cleaned. Of course, you can use a single method on all of them but for effective treatment, it is best to specialize your method depending on the type of sofa.

Dog On The Couch

Getting pet hair off leather and wooden couches is rather easy, while getting them off fabric ones can be a bit of a nightmare.

Let’s get the difficult stuff out of the way first. Of course, most people own fabric couches so getting hair off them is the commonest issue.

Remove Pet Hair from Fabric Couches

Hairs can stick to fabric rather easily, so that it can get very difficult trying to remove them. Maybe you’ve tried using wet cloth or a brush, to no avail. Well, here are some ways with which you can get rid of those pesky hair.

Using Rubber Gloves

This is a time-tested method, and is quite easy as well. Of course, you need to have a pair of leather gloves for this trick to work. Put on the gloves and run your hands under a tap to make the gloves a little wet. They don’t need to be dripping; a little dampness is fine.

Then, run your hands over the sofa in the areas where you want to remove hair. Shed hairs will stick to the surface of the leather gloves because of friction produced between the gloves and sofa fabric. Once you are done, simply rinse off the gloves and they will be clean, ready for next use.

An Old Toothbrush

The toothbrush is truly an amazing item. Other than cleaning teeth, which it was made for in the first place, you can use it to clean many other things, sofas being one of them!

If you have an old, useless toothbrush lying around, you can use it to get rid of pet hair from your couch. Keep in mind, though, that this method is useful only if there are a few shed hairs on a small portion of the sofa. After all, you don’t want to spend the whole day scrubbing at your sofa with a toothbrush, do you?

Cleaning The Couch With An Old Toothbrush

Using a dry toothbrush is a good idea as it creates friction with the fabric which makes hair stick to the bristles of the brush. Once you are done, rinse out the brush, but keep it specifically for this purpose only as all the hairs might not be removed from the bristles.


Using tape to clean off hairs is a great, inexpensive idea. All you need to do is take some tape and make it stick to the furniture. Wait for a few seconds and then pull it off; dog hairs will stick to the tape and come off the fabric. You can then throw the tape away.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you are using this method. It can get a little time consuming, particularly if you are planning to do the whole couch, or multiple couches. To speed things up a little, use broad tape so you cover greater area in lesser time.

Scotch tape

Scotch tape is good because it will not damage your sofa fabric, and it comes off rather easily. However, it won’t remove all the hairs in one go, as it is not extremely sticky. In fact, some stubborn hair will stay in place no matter how many times you try removing them with Scotch tape.

Duct tape is another option, and a more effective one as it sticks better. You won’t have to repeat the process too many times with duct tape. The downside is that if you use this method very often, your sofa fabric might get damaged or discolored over time.

Lint Roller

Lint rollers are great for picking shed hairs. Simply roll it over your sofa, and hair will be removed. The best thing is that the material of a lint roller is sticky enough to pick up hairs, yet not so sticky that it will damage your upholstery.

You can create your own lint roller too, with tape, if you want to save some money. Lint rollers aren’t too expensive themselves but ultimately you will have to buy replacement sheets for them, and the added cost can amount to be a bit much.

Cleaning The Couch With Tape

Instead, take duct or any other tape and roll it in a circle around your hand, with the sticky side facing outside. Move your hand over the sofa so the tape flattens against it, and then rip it off to get rid of the hairs. This method is quicker than using individual strips of tape, and cheaper than using a store bought lint roller.

Rubber Broom or Brush

Rubbing a rubber brush against a fabric sofa to remove shed hairs works very well because the bristles of the brush produce an electric charge, which attracts the hair. They will then stick to the brush and you can easily remove them.

Keep in mind, though, that removing all the hair from the bristles of the brush can be a tricky task. Therefore it is best if you keep a particular brush for this purpose only and use it to remove dog hair from all sorts of surfaces.

You can use rubber soles too, and the effect is similar. However, using a brush is more effective than using a rubber sole, as it not only produces an electric charge but also produces friction. Also, using a brush is more hygienic than using a rubber sole, as no one likes having shoes on sofas!

Pro Tip: Use Fabric Softener

If you don’t clean the hairs off your couch often enough, they can become quite difficult to remove once you get down to the task. Even after going at them for quite a while, you will still find a few hairs here and there. What should you do about those stubborn shed fur that just refuses to come off?

Fabric Softener

Before you start removing pet hairs by any of the method we mentioned above, pre-condition the area with a fabric softener. To do this, mix a little fabric softener with some water and spray it on the surface of the sofa so it becomes moist. Once that is done, you will see that the hairs will come off much more quickly, and easily.

Best Way to Get Hair off Leather Couches

If you own a leather couch, good for you! Picking hair off these couches is much easier, as the hair does not stick to leather quite as much as it sticks to fabric. Leather couches are rather expensive, though, so not a lot of people own them.

But if you are one of the lucky ones who do, read on to find out how to remove shed dog hairs from your precious couch.

Using a Dishcloth

Take a dishcloth and dampen it with a little water; it only needs to be damp and not soaking wet. Now run the dishcloth over your couch. All the shed hairs will stick to the cloth and thus gather in one place. You can then pick them up and throw them away.

Cleaning Leather Couch With Dishcloth

At the end, rinse the dishcloth to remove any hairs which are still sticking to it, so you can use the cloth again. This method can also be used on fabric sofas as well but is not very effective on them.

Using a Balloon

This is an inexpensive (and fun!) way of picking up shed hair. Inflate a balloon and then run it across your couch. The surface of the balloon will develop a static charge, and your dog’s shed hairs will get attracted to it and come off the couch. If you move the balloon in only one direction, you can get the hairs to accumulate in one place and then pick them up.

Removing Dog Hair With Balloon

Once you’re done, deflate the balloon and keep it with you for using it another time, or perhaps even for a party!


Using a vacuum on a leather sofa may sound weird to you, but it totally works. If you own a small, hand held one, that is even better. Just keep in mind that if there is a large amount of fur, you are better off not using the vacuum cleaner as the fur can end up clogging its pipes.

The best thing about this method is that it is very fast. Your couch cleaning session will be done in no time!

Getting Dog Hair Off Wooden Sofas

Getting shed dog hairs off wooden furniture is the easiest, as the hair does not stick quite so badly. It will just be lying there, and all you have to do is pick it up and throw it away.

Dog On Wooden Sofa

You can dampen a piece of cloth and run it over the sofa to get rid of all those pesky hairs. If your sofa has cushions, simply use any of the methods we mentioned in the fabric sofa section.

Vacuuming also works well in this case, and is a quicker option. Again, make sure there isn’t too much fur before you start vacuuming.

Prevention Is Always Better!

Removing dog hair from sofas is entirely possible, but is somewhat cumbersome. What if the hairs don’t get on the sofa in the first place? Won’t that be amazing? We mean, why should you have to spend ages removing those hairs and cleaning your couches, when you can just stop the hair from sticking to the couch at all?

Dog On Sofa

Sounds good, right? Well, they rightly say that prevention is always better, so here are a few ways through which you can prevent your dog’s hairs from falling on the couch and sticking to it.

Keep Your Sofa Covered

The best way to keep your couch clean is if you keep it covered. Spread a sheet on the part of the couch where your dog likes to lay. That way, even if the hair do fall down, which they will, they will fall on the sheet and not the sofa.

Covered Sofa

You can get a nice, colorful cloth or even a blanket which will look good on the sofa, and which your dog will soon realize is meant for him. There, problem solved!

Removing Shed Hair From The Dog

If your dog has big, shaggy hair, a haircut may not be such a bad idea. Just get it once a month and don’t overdo it. You should also brush your dog’s hair a few times a week. That way, loose hair will come off and stick to the brush, rather than falling all over your couch.

There are grooming gloves available in the market. All you have to do is put them on and then pet your dog with it. Shed hair will stick to the glove and you can then throw them away.

Shed Dog Hair Should No Longer Be A Problem!

Everyone loves dogs; no one loves the mess they make on the couch. Shed hair sure do look ugly and can ruin the entire look of your nice, pretty couch. Not to mention sitting on a couch with dog hair sticking to it can be rather disgusting.

Brushing The Dog

But now you know about all the methods through which you can get rid of those annoying, stubborn hair. What a relief, right? You can use any of these methods, and restore your couch to its original, hair-free state.

Just keep in mind that cleanliness starts from the animal itself and there is nothing comparable to grooming your dog. And if at all you feel like your dog is shedding far too much hair, take it to see a vet just to make sure that nothing serious is going on.

Do you have any trick you know about through which you can safely and effectively get rid of dog hair from couches? If you do, let us know in the comments section!

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