Best Heated Dog Mat: As Warm as a Dog’s Pure Love

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

I think we can all agree that even though dogs are warm and bubbly by nature, they get cold, too. Especially during the long cold winter nights when they only have their normal beds to keep them warm. Dogs never fail to dedicate their love and loyalty to us. That is why we in turn should strive to make them feel as loved and comfortable as possible. One way to do this is by allowing them to sleep on the best heated dog mat.

I also think we can all agree that choosing the best heated dog mat is not easy given the number of products offered today. We recognize this predicament and we want to help you find the best heated dog mat. Although your loving embrace is still the best source of warmth for your dog, with a heated dog mat you will be able to keep your dog warm even while you’re away.

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We have compiled some of the best products currently available on the market. We are going to review their features, best use, and approximate price to name a few. These heated dog mats will make sure that your dog is warm during cold nights and comfortable enough during regular days. So just sit back and take your pick.

Product NameWattageBest UseSpecial FeaturesPrice
K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated Bed40 wattsIdeal for sheds, garages, barns or sheltered areasSoft orthopedic foam, waterproofCheck price on Amazon
Milliard Heated Pet Pad30 wattsGreat for dog houses, kennels, indoor/outdoor areaPVC covered cord chew-resistant, automatic internal thermostatCheck price on Amazon
Farm Innovators Heated Pet Mat100 wattsIndoor/outdoor use, hard flat surface, doghouse, garage, kennelWeather-resistant, anti-chew cordCheck price on Amazon
K&H Manufacturing Heated Pet Pad80 wattsIdeal for sheds, garages, barns or sheltered areasRugged ABS plastic, automatic internal thermostatCheck price on Amazon
APlus Heating Pet Pads12 wattsSuitable for senior, arthritic, new born, pregnant/ill petsVisible LED temperature display, 7 levels temperature adjustmentCheck price on Amazon
K&H Thermo-Pet Mat6 wattsIndoor useDual thermostat, removable heaterCheck price on Amazon
Yeme Dog Waterproof Electric Heating Mat Warming Pad20 wattsSuitable for dogs with arthritis, new born, pregnant/ill petsDurable waterproof fabric, anti-bite tubeCheck price on Amazon
Eiison Pet Dog Cat Heating Pad13 wattsSuitable for dogs with arthritis, new born, pregnant/ill pets, puppiesAnti-bite tube, waterproofCheck price on Amazon

Things to consider before buying

Choosing the best heated dog mat can be tedious work. With all the options available, you could easily be confused about which product is the best for your dog. But do not fret. Like all major decisions in life, you just have to consider all the important factors a product should have for it to be considered as the best. Here are some of the factors you should consider:


With all the products available today, you should carefully choose the heated mat that fits your usage. This means that you should take into account two things: your pet’s situation and where you plan to use it. Considering your pet’s situation entails thinking about your pet’s health or temperament. If your pet has some health issues—let’s say if your dog is arthritic or weak—it is best to find heated mats that are suited for that.

A dog laying down in an Orthopedic Cozy Cave™ Dog Bed

Another thing is where you plan to place it. If you let your dog sleep indoors, where the surface is flat, there are heated mats best suited for that. However, if you let your dog sleep or rest outdoors, say in a barn or where it could be more exposed to the elements, there are also heated mats made exactly for that.

Energy Consumption

Heated mats require energy as they maintain a specific temperature for your dog. Thus, when choosing the best heated dog mat, you have to choose the one whose features are balanced with its energy consumption.

The Arf Pets Heating Mat has a soft polyethylene foam core that works well to reflect your pet's heat back to them

With this, you have to consider the product’s capability to heat up properly without consuming too much energy. This is important because a product’s energy consumption can affect your economy. Since this is electrically operated, your electric bill could spike if your heated mat consumes too much energy.


Like any major expense, you should also take into consideration your budget for this one. This will enable you to have an acceptable level of purchase or price threshold. By doing this, you immediately dwindle down your choices, thereby removing a little bit of the confusion.

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Having a budget also means bringing a sense of knowing what to expect in a product. This means when you choose a product, you are willing to give your money’s worth equivalent to the product’s features and usage.

Safety and Durability

Heated dog mats are electric in nature. They use electricity to regulate the temperature for your dog. Thus, it’s equally important to be at ease about the safety of your beloved dog. Even if the product has some awesome features, if it’s not safe, you shouldn’t buy it.

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Thus, it’s important that the heated mat is durable. Some dogs can sometimes be volatile and can chew pretty much on anything. If your dog is anything like that, you should choose a product that’s chew-resistant. Otherwise, it could be dangerous for your dog. It’s also important to choose a product that’s waterproof since it’s electric in nature. If your dog urinates on the mat and it’s not waterproof, there could be serious repercussions. All in all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Best products on today’s market

One way to find the best heated dog mat is to carefully read the product’s reviews. This could aid you in identifying the suitability, energy consumption, and other features of the product. Without further ado, here are the heated dog mats you should consider:

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated Bed K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated Bed

Price: approximately $53

Weight: 2.8 pounds

Dimensions: 19” x 24”

Specific Features: thermostatically controlled, soft orthopedic foam, waterproof and durable PVC material

Best Use: ideal for sheds, garages, barns or sheltered areas

Description: K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated Bed is made up of a soft orthopedic foam material that ensures the comfort of your beloved dog. It is best suited for doghouses, barns, sheds, porches or any outdoor areas. To ensure the safety of your pet, it is made of a soft yet durable material. It is also economical when it comes to energy consumption—having an extremely low wattage.

The product works by using an internal thermostat to keep the temperature of the mat stable. It will never exceed the body temperature of your pet. It also comes with a free washable fleece cover to ensure maximum heat and comfort for your pet.

This product is easy to clean. You can do it by simply wiping it with a damp rag. But before using it again, make sure to let it dry completely first. It’s also to be noted that if your pet is destructive—meaning they often chew on things—this heated dog mat may not be the one for you.


  • Soft material
  • Low wattage and economical
  • With free fleece cover


  • Not for destructive dogs

Related:  For you to maximize the usage of this product, you can purchase Farm Innovators Thermo Cube. It’s a thermostatically controlled outlet you can use for indoor or outdoor places. It adjusts the heat automatically according to outside air temperature.

Check the price on Amazon

Milliard Heated Pet Pad Milliard Heated Pet Pad

Price: approximately $33

Weight: 3.8 pounds

Dimensions: 18” x 18”

Specific Features: extremely durable ABS plastic, energy efficient, chew resistant

Best Use: great for dog houses, kennels, indoor/outdoor area

Description: Milliard Heated Pet Pad is the perfect heating pad for your dog during cold days or nights. With its heating system, it provides a cozy, warm, and safe haven for your pet. Its ABS plastic housing ensures the safety of your dog when used indoors or outdoors. As an added comfort, the product includes a fitted fleece mat.

The heating system works by having an internal thermostat that regulates the temperature of the pad around 102° F. It is also extremely energy efficient with only 40 watts energy requirement. This product features durability and comfort in the right mix.

The ABS plastic housing makes it durable and reliable. It also has a 6 foot long non-toxic PVC cord that’s chew resistant. You don’t have to worry about your dog being chew-happy. It also includes a soft and comfortable cushion for your pet’s welfare. With a mixture of durability and comfort, your pet will be able to rest comfortably any time of the day.


  • Durable
  • Chew-resistant PVC cord
  • Energy-efficient


  • Not waterproof

Related: If you plan to place the mat outdoors, you can purchase Farm Innovators Model CC-2 Cord to lock the extension cord to your mat’s PVC cord. This will provide a secure, water-tight connection. You won’t have to worry about it being disconnected.

Check the price on Amazon

Farm Innovators Heated Pet Mat Farm Innovators Heated Pet Mat

Price: approximately $67

Weight: 9 pounds

Dimensions: 24” x 29”

Specific Features: weather-resistant, anti-chew cord, red indicator light

Best Use: indoor/outdoor use, hard flat surface, doghouse, garage, kennel

Description: The Farm Innovators Heated Pet Mat is an extremely durable yet comfortable heated pet mat. It is made of a weather resistant high impact ABS plastic, thus making it suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

It is capable of automatic heating by adhering to the natural body temperature of your dog through its thermostat controls. This will give your dog the warmth it craves during the cold season. In addition, the unit will heat up whether your dog is on it or not.

As a plus, it has a red-light indicator that turns on when the unit is operating. If your dog is the chewy type, its heavy duty anti-chew cord can withstand your pet’s chewing. The product’s energy consumption level is around 100 watts.

With its rigid design and structure, this heated mat is perfect for your garage, dog house or kennel. You can be assured however that despite its heavy duty structure, it’s comfortable for your dog.


  • Anti-chew cord
  • Weather-resistant ABS plastic
  • With red-light indicator


  • Suitable only for flat surfaces

Related: For your dog’s extra comfort, you can purchase iPrimio Extra Thick Micro Fiber Pet Mat. You can place this above the Heated Pet Mat. It will allow your dog to sleep better during long cold nights.

Check the price on Amazon

K&H Manufacturing Heated Pet Pad K&H Manufacturing Heated Pet Pad

Price: approximately $65

Weight: 6.4 pounds

Dimensions: 22.5” x 28.5”

Specific Features: rugged ABS plastic, automatic internal thermostat, low wattage

Best Use: ideal for sheds, garages, barns or sheltered areas

Description: The K&H Manufacturing Heated Pet Pad is a unique heated pad that has been used by veterinarians, breeders and pet owners for almost 40 years now. It keeps your dog warm even in the coldest season whether indoors or outdoors.

It is housed in a tough ABS plastic material and a 5.5-foot steel-wrapped cord, making the pad durable and resistant to your pet’s chewing. It also ensures the safety of your dog.

The heating system works through its internal thermostat controls that automatically heats in accordance to your dog’s body temperature. This will turn on or off on an “as needed” basis. Thus, if your pet is not on the pad, the heat will dissipate into the air. You don’t have to worry about it overheating.

As an added feature, it comes with a fleece cover that is washable and durable. The product has been tested and certified by MET labs, meaning that the manufacturing process has been found to strictly adhere to electric standards, making it safe for your dog.


  • Durable ABS plastic material
  • Automatic thermostat controls
  • Certified by MET labs as electrically safe


  • Ideal only for sheltered areas

Related: If you want the freedom of being able to control the heat on the pad, you can purchase the K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Temp Control. It allows you to adjust the warmth of the pad as you wish. That makes it very ideal for new-born puppies.

Check the price on Amazon

APlus Heating Pet Pads APlus Heating Pet Pads

Price: approximately $21

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Dimensions: 12” (diameter)

Specific Features: visible LED temperature display, 7 levels temperature adjustment, durable and fireproof PVC material

Best Use: suitable for senior, arthritic, new born, pregnant/ill pets

Description: The APlus Heating Pet Pads is a safe and effective heating pet mat that is made with a durable and fireproof PVC material. It has a removable cover that can be cleaned through machine wash or hand wash. It has a chew-resistant cord that could be an important feature if your dog likes to chew on things.

The mat also has a visible LED indicator display that shows the temperature of the pad. It’s thermostatically controlled, thus making sure that your dog is kept warm while lying on the pad. It also has 7 levels of adjustment to the temperature with a 131-degree thermal protector.

This heating pad is best for seniors, arthritic dogs, newborn pups, and pregnant or ill pets. The pad generates a 102-degree cozy heat for your pet. It is safe and economical and only consumes 12 watts.

Overall, this heating pad is made for fragile dogs that need the warmth of your love on cold nights or any time of the day. You can also be assured that it is safe for your beloved dog.


  • Durable, fireproof material
  • Visible LED temperature indicator
  • Economical


  • Not suitable for large dogs

Related: You can also purchase an AC Adapter Switching Power Supply Adapter since the heating pad has a LED power indicator. This will give your heating pad more power supply for your benefit.

Check the price on Amazon

K&H Thermo-Pet Mat K&H Thermo-Pet Mat

Price: approximately $23

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Dimensions: 14” x 28”

Specific Features: dual thermostat, removable heater

Best Use: indoor use

Description: The K&H Thermo-Pet Mat is a heated pet mat that is a combination of both comfort and affordability. It is made up of a soft foam bed with a dual thermostat heater. It is extremely economical as it uses only 6 watts.

The cover is removable for washing purposes. The cover is made of plush faux lambskin. The heater can also be removed for washing. This pet mat is intended for indoor use. The heating system operates 12 to 15 degrees above the ambient air temperature when your pet is not on it.

Once your pet lies on the bed, it will warm up to about 102°F. This is approximately the normal body temperature of your dog.

For additional instructions, when cleaning the mat, you have to unplug and first remove the internal pet bed warmer. Wash it gently with cold water and afterward, you can line-dry it or use the no-heat cycle on your dryer. This mat is made for soft, furry small dogs. You can be sure that they are well taken-cared of when they sleep.


  • Removable heater
  • Extremely economical
  • Dual thermostat controls


  • For indoor use only
  • Not for large dogs

Related: In cleaning this mat or the paws of your dog, you can purchase Spotless Paw Cleaning and Grooming Glove. It helps you clean this mat and your dog’s paws without hassle. It’s also convenient and is washer and dryer friendly.

Check the price on Amazon

Yeme Dog Waterproof Electric Heating Mat Warming Pad Dog Waterproof Electric Heating Mat Warming Pad with Anti Bite Tube 110V

Price: approximately $16

Weight: 0.95 pounds

Dimensions: 17.7” x 17.7”

Specific Features: durable waterproof fabric, anti-bite tube

Best Use: suitable for arthritic, new born, pregnant/ill pets

Description: Yeme Dog Waterproof Electrical Heating Mat Warming Pad is an electric warming pad that comes with a durable waterproof fabric. It can be placed under your dog’s mat. Basically, it is a heating pad with anti-bite tubes made for pets that like to chew on things.

Its voltage is 110V and its rated energy consumption is 20 watts. This electrical heating mat warming pad is suitable for pets that are considered arthritic, new-born, pregnant or ill. It is extremely light weight and very comfortable for your pets. If your pet is in a sensitive condition, you can be sure this heating mat warming pad will promote the safety and coziness of your pet.

As a word of caution, this heating mat warming pad must be turned off when not in use. This pad also should not be washed, folded or used when wet. If you take care of this mat properly, it will, in turn, take care of your pet.


  • Durable, waterproof fabric
  • Lightweight
  • For sensitive pets


  • Not automatic
  • Must not be folded or washed

Related: Since this product is placed underneath your pet’s mat, you can purchase My Doggy Place Microfiber Mat to complement it. It is ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, and washable. It is resistant to mud or dirt.

Check the price on Amazon

Eiison Pet Dog Cat Heating Pad Eiison Pet Dog Cat Heating Pad

Price: approximately $16

Weight: 0.8 pounds

Dimensions: 17.71” x 17.71”

Specific Features: anti-bite tube, waterproof

Best Use: suitable for arthritic, new born, pregnant/ill pets, and puppies

Description: Eiison Pet Dog Cat Heating Pad is an electric pad best suited for senior, arthritic, new-born, pregnant or ill pets. It has a high or low-level temperature control and can be adjusted up to 40 degrees centigrade.

It is water-resistant and easy to clean. It also comes with an anti-bite tube, thus it is perfect for pets that like to chew on things. It is considered safe for young puppies as well.

For additional instructions on how to use this pad, first, keep the pad flat and do not place it on a soft sheet. This is for safety purposes. Also, please make sure to turn off the heating mat when not in use.

Keep this mat away from children. Also, keep in mind not to fold the sheet. Finally, do not use this heating mat when wet. Aside from the facts mentioned above, this heating mat is easy to use and will definitely keep your dog warm and safe during the cold season.


  • Water-resistant
  • Suited for sensitive pets
  • With anti-bite tube


  • Not for folding/ washing
  • Not automatic

Related: Since this mat cannot be washed the traditional way, you can purchase this Lesypet Small Dog Crate Cotton Mat to keep unwanted stains off. You can place this above the heating pad. This will make your dog more comfortable and you can also wash the cotton mat if need be.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap up

Finding the best heated dog mat is your only option. Your dog deserves nothing less when it comes to their comfort and safety. No matter how difficult it may be given the variety of products available on the market today, always consider the suitability of the product, its safety features, its price, and above all your dog’s welfare. All in all, the decision is up to you, since you know what’s best for your pet.

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What do you think about the products mentioned in this review? Do you have any suggestions for other products that you think should be included here? Post your comment below.

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