Best Electric Dog Fence: Because Your Dog Deserves Nothing Less

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Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

Do you all agree that your pets are not just “pets” in the simplest sense but are already considered a part of your family? With that regard, we agree with you completely and we want them to experience love, freedom and most of all safety. If you want them to be able to play in your backyard without wandering off, the best electric dog fence will help you with that.

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We understand how difficult it is to choose the right fence with all the products offered on the market today. Thus, we have compiled below some of the best electric dog fence options that will suit your needs for the right price. You can rest assured that it will keep your dog safe. Not only does this best electric dog fence ensure safety, it also caters to the well-being of your dog by making them feel comfortable and loved.

Product NameCoverageBest UseOther FeaturesPrice
eXtreme Dog Fence Second GenerationCovers up to 10 acres1-dog systemWaterproof and submersible collar receiver, lightning protection.Check price on Amazon
PetSafe YardMax In-Ground FenceCovers up to 1/3 of an acre expandable to 10 acres upon purchase of additional wiresDogs and cats over 5 lbs (6 – 26 inches neck sizes of pets);Rechargeable and waterproof collar receiver.Check price on Amazon
SportDOG In-Ground Fence1000 feet enclosing 2/3 to 1 acreDogs 10 lbs and upBuilt-in lightning protection.Check price on Amazon
Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence500 feet of wire covering 1/3 of an acreSmaller dogs 5 lbs and moreWaterproof collar receiver, built-in lightning protection.Check price on Amazon
PetSafe Wireless FenceCovers up to ½ acreIdeal for flat yards (pet suitability not specified)Wireless,
Portable, waterproof.
Check price on Amazon
Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select FenceCovers up to 11 acresDogs weighing 8 lbs (medium to large) with neck sizes of 14 to 26 inches (contains up to 2 dogs)Wireless, waterproof collars.Check price on Amazon
Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Gauge Wire50 ft 20 gauge wire and 20 ft gauge twisted wireDogs prone to skin irritationWaterproof collar receiver, comfort contact collar, lighting protector.Check price on Amazon
PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence1/3 of an acre expandable up to 5 acres upon purchase of additional wiresDogs over 8 lbs with neck sizes from 6 to 26 inchesAdjustable, waterproof receiver collar.Check price on Amazon

Things to consider before buying

In order to find the best electric dog fence for your dog, you must consider first the needs of your pet and yours. What are your preferences and training style? Are your pets considered small, medium or large? Thus, consider the features that are best suited for you and your pet. Also, consider whether the product offers the right value for your money.


Before deciding what product you should buy, it is necessary to determine the size and number of your pets or what type of an electric dog fence suits you. First, consider your yard. What type is it? Is it flat? Or does it have some bumps? What type of soil does your yard fall into? Will it hold the bars for a wired electric fence? Or would you prefer wireless ones? These things should be considered in order to determine the best electric dog fence.

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Secondly, you should consider your dog. There are a lot of electric dog fences out there but only a few will suit your dog’s size and weight and also the number of dogs you have. Since this dog fence will guard your dog and allow it to roam around your yard freely, it is best to put these things in mind.


Since the basic purpose of having an electric fence is for your dogs to freely roam around your backyard without you holding their leash or being worried that they might get lost, an electric fence’s coverage is quite important.  This will go hand in hand with both your pet and backyard’s suitability.

Image showing a woman and her dog inside an Electric-Dog-Fence

To elaborate, if your dog is considered small or you only have one dog, an electric dog fence with a smaller coverage would suffice. However, for a greater number of dogs, an electric dog fence with greater coverage should be chosen.


One purpose of having an electric dog fence is to ensure our dogs’ safety. Thus, we should consider the safety features of the product. Is the product dog-friendly? Will the product’s features cause harm to your dog? Do you trust the product to guard your dogs without you fearing for their safety?

Image showing the sign of an electric-dog-fence

Since an electric fence is obviously electric in nature, you should consider whether the product is waterproof or lightning protected since these features could potentially harm your pet. In addition to that, some products offer collars as well so you must make sure that the collars fit your dog’s neck without causing harm or discomfort.

Value for Money

Let’s be honest, we all want the best for our dogs but it won’t make sense if we cannot afford it. Thus, it’s quite important to consider whether the product’s value is worth your money or not. Ask yourself: how much are you willing to pay? What is your monetary threshold?

Image showing a dog enjoying the freedom of using a dog fencing system

When choosing the best electric dog fence, consider the balance between the quality of the product and its price. The basic premise would be this: a durable, reliable product would cost more than an average one. An electric dog fence with more features and a wider coverage would generally cost more than a basic one.

Best products on today’s market

Let’s face it. When determining the best electric dog fence, it’s hard to choose which one is the “best” due to the variety of electric dog fences the market offers today. Thus, it would definitely help if you could spare some time to read our product reviews. Here are electric dog fences you should consider:

eXtreme Dog Fence Second Generation eXtreme Dog Fence Second Generation

Price: approximately $369

Coverage: covers up to 10 acres

Weight: 27.1 pounds

Specific Features: waterproof and submersible collar receiver, customizable layout, comes with a 10-year warranty, power surge and lightning protection

Best Use: 1-dog system

Description: The eXtreme Dog Fence Second Generation is a DIY pet containment system you could easily install that covers up to 10 acres. The most important part of this product is its transmitter. The product’s transmitter accommodates up to 10 acres including the ability to adjust its radio frequency to ensure that it won’t interfere with your next door’s dog fence.

In addition, you can establish the boundaries of your fence with respect to your yard’s space. The diameter could reach up to 32 feet. This product contains built in electronic systems that ensure your boundary remains stable in case of temperature fluctuations.

In addition to the transmitter, this electric dog fence includes a collar receiver that is one of the smallest and lightest as compared to other products in the market today. It weighs approximately 1.1 oz. It will snugly fit a dog weighing 8 pounds.

This collar receiver is also completely waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet deep. As mentioned earlier, the comfort of your dog is important in choosing the best electric dog fence. This product’s collar has 2 different contact points that accommodate dogs with short furs or long neck hairs. It also comes with comfort covers that will be very helpful for long periods of use.


  • Waterproof and completely submersible in water
  • Power surge and lightning protection
  • Comes with a temperature check and wire check
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Heavier gauge wire

Related: With the heavy and long gauge wires, this product would best serve its purpose if purchased together with the eXtreme Dog Fence Sod Staples. These staples are perfect for any type of soil thus will complement your eXtreme electric dog fence perfectly once installed.

Check the price on Amazon

PetSafe YardMax In-Ground Fence PetSafe YardMax In-Ground Fence 

Price:  approximately $299

Coverage: covers up to 1/3 of an acre and expandable to 10 acres upon purchase of additional wires

Weight: 5.8 pounds

Specific Features: rechargeable and waterproof collar receiver, surge protector, 2 modes available, compatible with PawzAway

Best Use: dogs over 5 pounds (6 – 26 inches neck sizes)

Description: The PetSafe YardMax In-Ground Fence is a rechargeable in-ground fence that gives your dog more space to play around your yard. It can be customized according to the unique shape of your yard with its reliable and advanced in-ground fence system. T

This system ensures that your dog is secured by the use of a transmitter and buried wire. It’s also great for training since YardMax comes with a receiver collar. It emits a subtle warning tone after which a safe, static correction will be felt by your pet once it gets near to the boundary you have erected. Your dog will then understand its boundaries easily and enjoy playing around your yard freely.

This electric dog fence has 2 modes available. These 2 modes are the Traditional Mode and the YardMax mode. On the Traditional Mode, the warning zone begins on the buried wire and the collar emits a tone before your dog reaches where the buried wire is located. Once your dog crosses the wire, the static correction is emitted however it does not continue indefinitely.

On the YardMax Mode, the warning zone begins past the boundary wire. The static correction continues indefinitely past the warning zone until your dog returns inside your yard area. The safety time-out will activate after 15 seconds for your dog’s welfare. This is also compatible with Pawz Away if you wish to create areas in your home that your dog will learn to avoid.


  • Wider coverage
  • Rechargeable and waterproof collar
  • Compatible with Pawz Away


  • Need to purchase additional wire to cover 10 acres
  • Longer planning needed to decide whether to go for Traditional or YardMax mode

Related: If you are planning to house more than 1 dog, you can buy the PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Receivable Collar. This will work hand in hand with your transmitter and your YardMax in-ground fence.

Check the price on Amazon

SportDOG In-Ground Fence SportDOG In-Ground Fence

Price: approximately $275

Coverage: 1000 feet enclosing 2/3 to 1 acre

Weight: 15.8 pounds

Specific Features: built-in lightning protection, heavy duty 18 gauge wire

Best Use: dogs 10 pounds and up

Description: The SportDOG In-Ground Fence is a heavy duty 18 gauge wire fence that suits dogs over 10 pounds. It is a system that even the professionals use. Despite it being heavy duty, it is considered safe and comfortable for your dogs.

The product works by producing radio signal through the Boundary Wire, and the signal would then be transmitted using the Fence Transmitter. You can choose whether to bury or attach the Boundary Wire to a particular object. For training, you can temporarily place Boundary Flags for your dog to determine its boundaries.

In addition, your dog will wear a Collar Receiver and Contact Points. Upon the end of training, your dog can freely roam around the boundary area. Upon reaching the Warning Zone, the Collar Receiver will emit a warning beep. If your dog still goes beyond the warning zone, a safe stimulation will be delivered through the aid of the Contact Points to get him to come back to the Boundary area.


  • Durable
  • For heavier dogs
  • Can be buried in or above ground


  • Heavier wires

Related: You can also purchase SportDOG Field Trainer Training e-Collar that will help you train your dogs in the yard or for hunting. This can be used on up to 3 dogs and will work hand in hand with your SportDOG In-Ground Fence.

Check the price on Amazon

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

Price: approximately $209

Coverage: 500 feet of wire covering 1/3 of an acre

Weight: 7.3 pounds

Specific Features: waterproof collar receiver, built-in lightning protection, 4 levels of static correction

Best Use: smaller dogs weighing around 5 pounds

Description: The Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence is made exactly for the tiny creature who holds your heart. This in-ground fence system is built for petite dogs. What makes this electric dog fence stand out is that it’s so easy to install that you can do it all by yourself.

This electric dog fence system involves outlining your yard to set up the boundary wire. You will bury the wire about 1 to 3 inches beneath the ground. Afterwards, you will mount the transmitter to a dry, fixed surface or post. The wire acts as an antenna by carrying the signal to the collar receiver your dog will wear around its throat.

The collar emits an audible tone and if the dog continues further, a low-grade electronic pulse is emitted. This emission will feel like a mild tickle to your dog on the lowest level. To aid your dog’s training, boundary flags will act as a guide and thus help your dog stay inside the boundary area. In addition, the transmitter is surge protected to keep your dog safe in case of storms.

The receiver collar is waterproof, adjustable and comfortable enough for your petite dog. With a 4-level static correction collar, you will be able to choose the level of correction fit for your dog’s well-being. It also features a battery indicator so you’ll know exactly if it’s time to change the battery.


  • 4 level static correction receiver collar
  • Waterproof and surge protected
  • Easy installation


  • Transmitter must be kept dry

Related: If you own more than one dog, you can buy the Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence Receiver CollarElite Little Dog In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar in addition to the one included in this product. This will work perfectly with the Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence and makes sure all your dogs are well-trained and kept safe.

Check the price on Amazon

PetSafe Wireless Fence PetSafe Wireless Fence

Price: approximately $262

Coverage: covers up to ½ acre

Weight: 6.9 pounds

Specific Features: wireless, portable, waterproof receiver collar, adjustable levels of correction

Best Use: ideal for flat yards (pet suitability not specified)

Description: The PetSafe Wireless Fence is a wireless and portable electric fence made for your dogs without the hassle of the heavy wires. You just have to plug a cord and an instant fence is installed. This electric dog fence does not need poles or any wires for you to bury under the ground.

A “stay zone” is created by a radio signal emitted by the instant fence. When your dog leaves the area, a mild correction is emitted until your dog returns to the stay zone or after 35 seconds. This system is ideal for flat yards.

The receiver collar is waterproof. It uses a 6-volt battery module. In case of power outage, you need not worry. Included in the package are 50 training flags for your use. The wireless fence is portable thus you can carry it anywhere you want to go. You don’t have to stress about making the layout for a fixed boundary while keeping your dog safe and free.


  • Wireless and portable
  • Adjustable levels of correction
  • Easy installation


  • Not good for sloped yards

Related: You can also purchase PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System Receiver Collar so you can contain more pets in your PetSafe Wireless Fence. This product is waterproof and comes with a tone and static correction system. It also has a battery level indicator.

Check the price on Amazon

Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence

Price: approximately $217

Coverage: covers up to 11 acres

Weight: 3.4 pounds

Specific Features: wireless, waterproof receiver collar, tighter trigger zones

Best Use: dogs weighing 8 pounds (medium to large) with neck sizes of 14 to 26 inches (contains up to 2 dogs)

Description: The Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence is a wireless fence system that comes with an all-new collar and controller for better protection. This results in tighter trigger zones approximately 3 to 6 feet. This fence forms a circular dimension covering 40 to 400 feet in all directions completely wireless.

The set-up process takes an hour. You should first think of your boundary distance. Afterwards, you can program the collar’s level of correction based on your dog’s temperament while setting up the boundary flags.

The system connects to your dog’s collar, thereby tracking your dog’s location. It also alerts you if your dog has left the boundary. The collar will then correct your dog in a form of a tone or static correction that eventually times out after 30 seconds have passed. For a wireless fence, it is essential to train your dog. Included in the product is an instruction manual on how to train your dog in knowing where the boundary is.


  • Wireless
  • Tighter trigger zones
  • Adjustable levels of correction


  • Does not work if your home has aluminum sidings or metal outbuildings
  • Yard must have minimal landscaping and scope

Related: If you wish to train more dogs, you can purchase the Havahart Wireless Waterproof Collar. It works with the Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence, thus enabling all your dogs to be trained. You will be assured that your dogs can roam your yard freely and be safe.

Check the price on Amazon

Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Gauge Wire Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Gauge Wire Fence

Price: approximately $212

Coverage: 50 feet gauge wire and 20 feet gauge twisted wire

Weight: 8.5 pounds

Specific Features: waterproof collar receiver, comfort contact collar, lighting protector

Best Use: dogs prone to skin irritation

Description: The Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Gauge Wire Fence is a thoughtfully designed fence for dogs that are prone to skin irritation caused by receiver collars. This product offers comfort contact cushions to your pets in the form of a soft rubber, unlike other steel collars.

This fence also gives you the freedom to change the frequency of your fence. It also gives you the flexibility to change stimulations for your dog’s correction. Each collar is programmed at a specific correction level that will be effective in training your dog.

This wire fence also has a temperature check that adjusts itself in case of temperature fluctuations. The wire also has a wire check feature that ensures the boundary remains intact by adjusting signal power. The receiver collar monitors battery status every 2 hours and is completely waterproof. The collar is also lightning protected to ensure your dog’s safety in case of power surges.


  • Comfortable and waterproof collar
  • Temperature check feature
  • Automatic wire check signal adjustment


  • System fails if the wire is cut

Related: If you wish to train more dogs, you can purchase the Comfort Contact Extra Receivable Collar. With the same features included in the fence, you can be sure that all your dogs are comfortable and safe inside your yard.

Check the price on Amazon

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence

Price: approximately $94

Coverage: 1/3 of an acre expandable up to 5 acres upon purchase of additional wires

Weight: 4.84 pounds

Specific Features: adjustable, waterproof receiver collar, low battery indicator in collar

Best Use: dogs over 8 pounds with neck sizes from 6 to 26 inches

Description: The PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence is a dog containment system that ensures the safety of your dog in your yard. The fence covers up to 5 acres with the purchase of additional wires. You can set up the perimeter or boundary by fixing the transmitter and burying the wire under your yard.

You can place boundary flags that will aid your dog in recognizing where the boundary is. In just 2 weeks, you can teach your dog to stay inside the boundary area.

If your dog is close to the boundary area, the waterproof receiver collar emits a warning signal in a form of a beeping sound. It is then followed by a safe and gentle static correction if the dog continues to go further. You can also create keep-out areas in your home. The receiver collar is surge protected and waterproof. It’s also lightweight and has a low battery indicator.


  • Low battery indicator in collar
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Create keep-out areas in your home


  • Need to purchase additional wires for greater coverage

Related: For greater coverage, you can purchase the PetSafe Boundary Wire. This will give more room for your dogs to roam around your yard freely and safely.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap up

In ensuring the safety and well-being of your dogs, finding the best electric fence is made possible through careful thinking and weighing both the pros and cons of each product offered in the market today.

When going through a product’s review, you can easily identify that there are some electric fences that work best on certain yards and certain types of dogs. With this, you can then identify the essential points to consider prior to your purchase.

Image showing a dog inside a dog fencing system

Do you agree with the points written in this review? Which one of the electric dog fences we’ve mentioned above captured your fancy? Do you have any suggestions for us? Post your comment below.

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